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Introducing the New OS for Desktop and Mobile: Lovi OS – version 2.0

Update (7th Feb): Added Nokia XL Patch. It fixes all bugs even camera. 😀 Now Enjoy Bug free Lovi OS on your Nokia XL. All credit goes to YSH ALSAGER from Xda for his efforts. 🙂
Update: Lovi OS 2.0 Update 1 Available.
Update: CM11 All Sensor Fix updated. WiFi Issue Solved.
Today, TFK Project will be introducing about their new product, Lovi OS. Lovi OS is an Operating System which is Linux based. It’s is available for Desktop and Mobile* platform. We will tell you about the short development journey of Lovi.

If we see, the Lovi OS seem like bringing Windows 10 like concept as follows: ” One experience ” . Yes, that’s true. The development of Lovi OS is divided into two modes , first for Desktop PC’s and the second for Mobile*. The stable release on Lovi OS development stage has a build RC6. From this build team goes hard working and directly pursue the final target at the end of the month . And finally TFK Project introduces the Final build of Lovi OS.

Introducing: Lovi 2.0 for Desktop PC

Lovi 2.0 with GNOME 3.0 – Lovi 2.0 is available for x86 only, but don’t worry we  are working for x64 also.
Same with the various version, Lovi brings the Windows Core (include WINE) so you can run Windows Apps or run a Windows Game, see our preview in here:

Features Of Lovi OS Desktop

    1. Windows Core by WINE
    2. Include driver for newer machine
    3. Come with some pre-installed apps for perfect productivity
    4. Compact UIX inter-platform release (Desktop, Mobile, and Theme for Windows)
    5. Lovi come with ‘Kingsoft WPS office’ for perfect office productivity

Introducing: Lovi 2.0 for Mobile*

This might void your warranty. Please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM before flashing it! You are choosing to make these modifications by your own.

Lovi Mobile 2.0 with Action 3.0 – Lovi 2.0 also comes for Mobile Device*. Lovi 2.0 for mobile is built on top of Android. It’s born from Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and it’s the remake of CyanogenMod based ROM.

Features of Lovi Mobile

    1. Android Core by CM
    2. Comes with some pre-installed apps for perfect mobile productivity
    3. Compact UIX inter-platform release (Mobile and Desktop)
    4. Lovi Mobile also comes with ‘Kingsoft WPS office for Android’ for perfect mobile office productivity.

Download Lovi OS for Mobile

Lovi for Nokia X2 Lovi OS for Nokia X Lovi Os for Nokia XL Patch For Nokia XL

Thanks to YSH ALSAGER from Xda to test the ROM on Nokia XL and making Sensor fix and the patch. 🙂

Introducting: Lovi 2.0 theme for Windows

By this time, we are also bringing the Lovi for our fans who don’t want to format their PC’s at this momnet. So we have made a litte theme for Windows users – Lovi 2.0 theme for Windows.

Features Of Lovi 2.0 Windows Theme

    1. Lovi 2.0 logon background
    2. Lovi 2.0 wallpaper with slideshow
    3. Two Start Orb available to use, one for top taskbar and the other for bottom Taskbar.


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