Nothing Phone 2a official case, charger & accessories (India)

Nothing 2a official accessories

Nothing Phone (2a) is the third smartphone launched by the company. And just like its predecessors, the Phone 2a does not come with any accessories out of the box. You only get the Phone and a USB cable in the box with a pre-installed TPU screen protector.

So, if you have purchased a Nothing Phone (2a) or are planning to do so, you must be on the lookout for some accessories to charge the phone, listen to audio, or just add some protection. Even though the Phone (2a) doesn’t come with any accessories in the box, Nothing has designed and manufactured various accessories accompanying this and other phones from Nothing.

The official Nothing Phone 2A accessories include a tempered glass screen protector, a bumper back case, and a wall charger (adapter). Nothing also sells audio products and smartwatches, which go well with your shiny new Nothing phone.

The following is the list of available accessories and the direct links to buy them from the official resellers in India. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to search and find the official products on Flipkart platform. That’s why we are sharing the links to the listing of products along with the details.

1. Official Nothing bumper back case for Phone 2a

The Phone 2a is made of plastic, so it will easily pick up scratches on the body and back panel. So, a back case is one of the most important accessories to prolong the look and feel of your brand-new phone.

The official Nothing bumper case for Phone 2a is being sold for ₹699 in India. The MRP is quite high at ₹2,999. The case is available from Flipkart, the official reseller of Nothing products in India. The back case is made out of TPU and polycarbonate material wherein the sides are TPU, which provides for a soft grip, while the back is transparent polycarbonate, which protects the case against yellowing while still displaying the transparent look of the phone.

One thing that makes the official case stand out from the other cases available in the market is that it fully covers the camera decoration. That is, only the glass camera lenses are exposed. The rest of the module is covered by the case, which will help keep the camera decoration free from scratches. The module is very likely to pick up scratches if left unprotected.

2. Nothing tempered glass screen protector for Phone 2a

It has been seen under scratch tests that the screen on the Phone 2a is easier to scratch compared to other devices in the segment. In any case, protection on the screen is important as sand particles still easily scratch the display glass on all smartphones, irrespective of their scratch-resistant coating.

The Phone 2a comes with a TPU film screen protector pre-applied. But if you remove it or want to feel the glass, you can consider a tempered glass screen protector. The official protector is available in India at a price of ₹599, which might be a little high. You can also consider screen protectors from other brands which may be available at a lower price. But if you want the perfect and official fit, Nothing has made it for you. Buy it from Flipkart at the link below.

3. Official Nothing charger for Phone 2a

The Nothing Phone 2a supports fast charging at up to 45 watts. Nothing sells chargers under the Nothing brand and the cmf brand. The Nothing branded 45-watt charger is currently unavailable for purchase. So, if you are you are looking for an official charger, you should go with the cmf one.

The cm 65W adapter costs ₹3,000. However, you will likely find a deal wherein it is available for ₹2000.

cmf 65 GaN adapter by Nothing

4. Audio – TWS Earbuds & Neckband

Nothing’s first product was a pair of earphones dubbed Ear (1). Thus, Nothing has a range of Bluetooth audio accessories that you can buy to complement your Phone 2a. The “Nothing X” management app comes pre-installed on the Nothing phones, making pairing and managing Nothing audio products a lot easier.

You can choose any of the following accessories depending on your style and budget.

5. Official smartwatch from Nothing

Nothing has also forayed into the smartwatch market. However, as of now, the watch is only offered under their affordable cmf brand rather than the Nothing brand. Nevertheless, if you want a smartwatch made by Nothing to complement your Phone 2a, then the cmf Watch Pro makes the perfect sense.

You can purchase the smartwatch from Flipkart at the link below for a price of ₹3,499.

Which accessories did you buy for the Nothing Phone 2a? Let us know in the comments below.


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