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How to get the new Reddit profile and add your name, bio & avatar

New Reddit profile with Bio

Have you noticed your fellow Redditors with a custom name, avatar a short bio? I was in a similar boat a while back. I dug through all the settings/preferences, to no gain. There was just no edit profile section anywhere. At last, I started searching. Here’s what I found.

The new user profiles are a beta feature. New profiles are enabled for new users who signup at Reddit. However, for old users, it is still an ongoing task. Some users have already received the new profiles while the others will receive it later at some point because the change is irreversible and permanent.

Enable & customize Reddit profile pages on your old account

If you can’t wait for the change to happen automatically. Then there’s a way to get the new profiles right now and write down your bio with a custom profile picture! Here’s how:

  1. In your web browser, open –
  2. The webpage will tell you all about the new profiles. Read that, agree to the change by checking the checkbox, and then click on the Give me the New Profile button.
    Activate Reddit profile pages
  3. The very next page (customize profile) will give you the options to setup your profile. You can specify the following:
    1. Displayed name
    2. About or Bio (200 characters)
    3. Upload custom avatar and header image (like Twitter)
    4. NSFW tag (just in case you will be posting NSFW content to your profile)

    Customize the Reddit profile

  4. There is no save button on the Customize Profile page. So, just wait for a few seconds till the changes made reflect on the preview on the right side. You can leave the page after that.

That’s it! Your new Reddit profile page is now live and kicking.

To make changes to your profile: Follow the More Options button under your profile info.

You can also make edits to your profile using the Reddit app on Android and iPhone.



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  • Well it lets me add a bio like in your photo, but the avatar and header never update and act like they weren’t uploaded if I refresh the page. Guess there’s still some kinks and bugs to work out.

    • Works well for me. If I go to profile settings and I upload a custom header image, it takes the input and automatically saves the changes. And the changes are visible on the next reload of the profile.

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