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How to Edit and correct a WhatsApp message that’s already sent

How to Edit Messages in WhatsApp tio make corrections
WhatsApp now allows users to edit an already sent message and make corrections. You don't need to delete and re-send a message anymore. Just edit it!

WhatsApp is still adding more features to the app to bring convenience to millions of its users. One of the newest additions to WhatsApp is the ability to edit a message that’s already been sent. This means WhatsApp users can make corrections and fix typos or wrong characters by simply editing the message. In the past, the only way was to copy the message to the clipboard, delete it, and finally send a new message after making corrections.

How to use the Edit feature in WhatsApp (Android users)

The placement of the Edit feature in WhatsApp is not the easiest to access, but it serves the purpose when needed. Follow the steps below to edit a sent message.

  1. Open the WhatsApp conversation in which you want to make an edit.
  2. Tap and hold on to the message that you want to edit.
  3. Tap on the three dots () at the top right.
    SSteps to edit message in WhatsApp
  4. Click Edit.
    Edit message button in WhatsApp
  5. Make the changes to the message and tap the check button (✅︎) to finish.
    Finish editing the message and send it

The message will be uploaded to the WhatsApp server and instantly change for the receiver, as long as the receiver is still connected to the internet. If he/she is no longer connected, the edit will appear when they reconnect to the internet.

iPhone users: Tap and hold on to the message and then tap on Edit.

WhatsApp Desktop users: Right-click the message and click on Edit.

WhatsApp Web users: Hover over the message, click Menu (˅), and choose Edit.

FAQs about the Edit feature on WhatsApp

For how long is the Edit button available?

The edit message option is available for up to 15 minutes after sending the message. You cannot edit or correct the messages sent for longer than that.

Will the other person get to know if I edit a message?

Yes, edited messages show the Edited label to you and the receiver of the message. So, yes, they will get to know that you have made an edit.

Can I check the Edit history of WhatsApp messages?

No, it is not possible to check the edit history. The sender or the viewer cannot see the original message once it is edited.

Is the Edit feature available in WhatsApp for Business?

Yes, it is also available in W4B. You can edit a message following the same steps as WhatsApp’s regular version.

Can I edit a message sent from a different device on a different device?

You can only edit messages from the same device. So, if you have used your phone to send a message, then you can only use the same phone to edit it. You cannot make the edit using WhatsApp Web or Desktop.


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