Edit MP3 Metadata (ID3 Tags) on Lumia/Windows Phone

tag editor wp logoID3 tags contain the metadata information for an MP3 file which is read by the music player to list the various properties such as the Track Name, Artist Name, Album Name, Genre; etc. If you own a Windows Phone device and want to change the properties of some MP3 files (because they are either incorrect or useless info is added alongside the important), you can easily do that using the app Tag Editor available in the store.

Editing MP3 Properties (ID3 Tags) using Tag Editor

Tag Editor (download details at the end of post) is a free app a

vailable in the Windows Phone store which can be used to edit the ID3 tags of MP3 files stored on the phone. The info which is available for editing includes Album Art (cover logo), track title, album name, song artist, album artists, genres and year. For editing the album art, you get the choice of choosing any image from the picture library or clicking one instantly using the camera. The app also lets you compare the properties against the ones available on xbox music or
Below are quick instructions on using Tag Editor.

  1. Download and Install from the Windows phone store.
  2. Open app and either choose the entire Music library or else a specific folder where the MP3 files are stored.
  3. Open the folder/Music library and select the MP3 file to edit. You can also bulk select the MP3 files.
  4. Make the required changes.Tag Editor App WP
    1. To edit album art, tap on the current image and choose a new one from the library.
    2. To edit all other details, just tap the appropriate field and make the changes as needed
  5. Tap the Save icon when done.

In some cases, Xbox Music app on the phone may not show the updated details as it continues to read the same from the cache. In such a case, you might be needed to delete and re-add the track so that it is read by the player as a new file. Other players such as Listen will update the details just after editing.

Download Tag Editor App

Alternative app:

Pocket File Manager is also able to edit the ID3 tags, but it is a paid application.  However, it comes with a lot of features and can be worth buying if the other features interest you.

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