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How to Use Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE SIM in Intex Aqua Fish (Sailfish)

Intex’s Aqua Fish running Sailfish OS won’t have many takers, but the some that do would certainly want to enjoy the free Jio welcome offer on their devices. The Aqua Fish is certainly 4G enabled, and Jio SIM can work on the device. Sailfish OS doesn’t support VoLTE natively, hence making calls is a problem while data services do work seamlessly. The ideal setup is to use Jio for free 4G data service while using your other SIM card to make calls.

Setup to use Jio 4G Internet Data on Intex Aqua Fish

To use Jio internet on your phone, you need to set it as the default data SIM. You then need to set up correct APN (Access Point Name) so that the data connection can be made. Here’s how to do that step by step. Do note that you cannot make voice calls as Sailfish OS does not support VoLTE. The Jio 4G Voice app also fails to work.

  1. Insert the Jio SIM in your phone. We’re using Jio in the SIM1 slot in this tutorial, but you can use any.
  2. Open Settings > Cellular Network.
  3. Tap on Use SIM card and select SIM 1. Skip this step if you only have 1 SIM inserted into your phone.
  4. Tap on Data Access Point and enter the following settings:
    Connection name – Jio Internet (You can name it anything as per your convenience).
    Access point name – jionet
    Protocol – Dual
    Leave username and password blank. Entered data is saved instantly. Swipe from left to go to the previous screen.

    Jio APN Settings Sailfish
    Jio APN Settings
  5. Tap on network mode and choose Prefer 4G.
  6. Finally, tap on Jio Internet at the top (unless you used a different name for connection name) to connect to the internet using your Jio SIM card.

You can now launch the Sailfish browser and start browsing the internet using Jio SIM card. In case the connection isn’t working and your device has no signal, please confirm that Jio service is available in your vicinity and that you have set the network mode to Prefer 4G. Do a manual scan for networks if it still doesn’t receive any network.

How is your experience with using Jio SIM on the Intex Aqua Fish? Please do share your experience in the comments section below 🙂

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