Remove “Hello Jio” Virtual Assistant Button from the My Jio App

MyJio app now comes with the "Hello Jio" virtual assistant. Here's how to get rid of the annoying button sticking to the screen every time you use the app.

New versions of My Jio app come with the “Hello Jio” virtual assistant. Hello Jio quickly addresses your queries about your Jio number, such as the plan validity or data usage. It is definitely useful to get quick help, but its implementation is annoying. The overlay button stays there for unintentional presses making the assistant pop-up randomly, even when My Jio app is closed.

I’d rather choose to disable the Hello Jio assistant than having to remove the button every time I use the My Jio app. Also, I am yet to encounter a Jio customer who needs such continuous access to account info that he is happy with the button staying on the screen. So, if you are boarding the same train of annoyance, then here’s how to disable the Jio virtual assistant.

How to Disable Jio’s Virtual Assistant – Hello Jio

Desable HelloJio Assistant from the Jio App

Reliance Jio has been good enough that an option to disable Jio Hello is provided. Please follow the few steps below to get rid of the ugly Hello Jio button from sticking to your screen.

  1. Open My Jio app.
  2. Head to the settings by tapping on the menu () and choosing Settings.
  3. Tap on App Settings.
  4. Tap on HelloJio and then tap on the toggle to change its state to Disabled. Press the save button when done.

That’s it. The HelloJio button will be removed immediately from within the app. It will also stay hidden when you close or minimize the My Jio app.

You can still access HelloJio

Disabling HelloJio from the MyJio app settings doesn’t mean that it is all gone. It is just that the floating button is disabled. You can continue to use HelloJio by tapping on the microphone icon ().

That is all it takes to get rid of the annoying HelloJio overlay button. You can still continue to use HelloJio when needed without a disturbing button sticking on your screen. Sometimes the solution is very simple, you just have to start looking for it. Isn’t it? 😉


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