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Indian Debit Cards which Work on PayPal & Google Wallet

India is a fast growing global economy and global growth implies global transactions. Besides that, there are a lot of smartphone users who would be willing to buy apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. So while it is sad that a lot of Indian Debit and Credit cards (e.g SBI) will not work on PayPal (or Google Wallet) due to the Verified by Visa PIN being required at all times, luckily there are some banks (eg. ICICI) which do support making payments through payment systems that have not yet implemented the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication. Here I have tried to list and compare some of those.

Indian Cards working on PayPal & other Non-VBV Sites

Update: There’s some news about a new RBI circular making the 2-factor authentication compulsory. But that’s only for when the seller is located in India. More in this comment.

Because there are a number of banks in India with each one offering a lot of different types of cards, it is impossible for me to check all of them. So, I want input from you, dear visitors on whether your Debit/Credit card works or not.
Card Issuer (Bank Name)
[EMV Chip based cards ONLY]
Debit Card Credit Card
PayPal Google Wallet PayPal Google Wallet
Kotak Mahindra Bank
including Kotak 811
South Indian Bank YES YES YES YES
State Bank of India
(Visa Global Card)
Union Bank Digipurse Wallet (Virtual)
Bank of Baroda (Visa) Yes Yes YES? YES?
Indian Overseas Bank YES YES YES? YES?
Karur Vysya Bank NO NO NO NO
Oriental Bank of Commerce (OBC) NO NO NO NO
Punjab National Bank NO NO NO NO
Union Bank of India (UBI) NO NO NO NO
ย Vijaya Bank NO NO NO NO

* The above table is made from data collected and/or contributed by visitors. I donโ€™t claim it to be fully authentic.

Please do note that banks issue different type of cards and there will be some which will work and some which will not. So, it would also be nice if you consult your bank in advance and opt for that particular card only if you’re going to open a new bank account. Also make sure that you opt for a Global card and not the one which is valid for India, Nepal and Bhutan only.

axis icici debit cards

Activation Procedure

Mentioned below are the additional details which would be helpful in activating the international usage on the cards. Your bank’s support needs to be helpful for the success.

Axis Bank – I’ve personally used a Debit Card issued by Axis Bank and it went in smooth. I was able to make a payment minutes after getting my card activated. I opted for an Axis Prime card and got the VBV/3D passcode set up and then called up the helpline to enable International Usage (can be done easily using the IVR or via the NetBanking as well). To activate using new net banking interface, go to Accounts> My debit cards> More Services> Change Usage Preferences.

ICICI Bank – ICICI Bank customers just need to call up the helpline and speak to a live representative to ask for the activation of International Payment on their cards. It takes around 24 hours to get activated and thereafter you can use your card on all the shopping ports including PayPal and Google Wallet. You can also send an SMS in the form INTL <space> last four digit of your debit card number to 5676766 to enable international transactions.

Kotak Mahindra Bank – I’ve myself tried with Kotak Jifi account which comes with EMV Chip based international debit card (visa). All that was needed to be done was to use Debit Card at any ATM to activate it and it immediately started working on PayPal and other sites.
Others have confirmed that other debit cards from Kotak Mahindra Bank also work fine. If international usage is not enabled on your card, login to Net banking and enable the same.

Bank of Baroda – Make sure you have an International Chip based card. Call the helpline or enable international transactions or do it via the NetBanking and wait for 24 hours before starting to use your card internationally.

Union Bank of India – As reported by Niraj Bathwar in the comments, he can use his UBI Card on PayPal pretty easily. All he did was to call the helpline and opt for activation of international usage.

State Bank of India – Thanks to many who commented below to inform about the SBI cards. I’ve also personally tested it and it works. If you have an International Visa card from SBI, you can activate international usage by going to –ย  NetBanking > e-Services > ATM Card services (from left sidebar) > ATM card limit/channel/usage change > Change usage type > International Usage > Enable.

* The above data comes from what others have mentioned or contributed. I don’t claim it to be fully authentic.

But.. My Debit Card is an International Card!

Sure, almost all of the banks do issue international debit card these days and whilst they can be used internationally for withdrawing cash via ATMs or at POS, they will not work when using them for an online transaction. This is because the banks have made it mandatory to authenticate every transaction using the MasterCard or Visa 3D PIN. So unless the shopping website or its payment intermediary implements the 3D code authentication, your card will not work.

So why do some cards work?

Basically that’s dependent on the individual bank and its policies. Some say that RBI has given out guidelines that VBV authorization is compulsory, but because some banks do work, it seems that the statement is not fully true.

Listed below are some of the FAQs that I’ve come across. If you have something to ask or contribute, please leave that in the comments section below ๐Ÿ™‚

Can my card be automatically charged again?

The cards which work without the 3D authentication can be charged multiple times and hence it is the responsibility of the users to cancel their subscriptions in advance before their renewal comes close.

What happens on sites with VBV Implementation?

If you have a Debit/Credit card from one of the working banks (as stated above) and come across a website/payment intermediary which has already implemented the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication, you cannot make a payment unless you setup VBV/3D code and enter the 3D code on the respective authentication page. In short, although these cards do work on websites which have not implemented 3D authentication, they will require the 3D code on the websites which have it implemented.

Thanks to:

  • Thiruberg for providing the SMS short code for ICICI Bank
  • Niraj Bathwar for confirming UBI cards to be working on PayPal
  • Thanks surya for mentioning SBIinTouch cards and providing the application form.
  • Rupanjan, Samir and others for updating about the SBIinTouch card not working anymore
  • Sunilย Pande for confirming that Baroda cards are not workingย 
  • Arif basha for informing about karur vysya visa cards not working
  • Sammy for re-confirming that Indian Bank EMV Mastercard is working
  • Jayamurali for informing that South Indian Bank cards are working


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  • I have an ubi rupay card which is international usage enabled, but when i am paying in dollars it isnt supported. I have visa card of idbi bank and i enabled international usage on it, but it still doesnt works!!!

  • I have a SBI global VISA card. Its international usage is enabled. Still i am unable to use the card for international online payments. The online portal keeps asking me to contact the bank. The bank denies saying it is enabled from our end and the card is also working so they don’t know why this is happening. What to do?

    • I have andhra bank debite card ky mai ise card ko paypal m use krke dusre country main balance transfer kr skta hu ya ni

  • My Axis Bank Prime Titanium Rewards Master Card used to work with Paypal.From this month, my debit card is not working.I can add it to paypal without any problem but when it comes to payment I get the message that ” Transaction is declined by the bank blah blah blah”.

    Which card you using?

  • Bank of Baroda debit supports Paypal and I am using it for one last year. Just give them an application to give you an international debit card, they charged me 175 at the end of the year.

    I have used it to make Payment overseas and no merchant declined my card.

    • i using bob rupay debit card but dose not work on paypal can you say which bob card you use ?

      can you please give repay to this insta id : lili_sister._

    • Hi Soumyajit, Rupay cards are not supported by PayPal. You will need a Visa or MasterCard. However, in that case too, I don’t think Bandhan Bank’s Visa/MasterCard will be supported by PayPal.

      • I have a Master card it is classic, but still it is not working. In the corner of card it is writtent that valid only in india. Can you please suggest exact card of SBI for paypal?

  • Indian Bank EMV Mastercard World works flawless across all international payment sites like Paypal & everything else mentioned in the article as well as user comments. You just have to select Debit card payment if you come across a card options page OR certain sites where i’m donating (like adblock) or subscribing (like Google music), the OTP verification is not even needed and the payment happens instantaneously (like between 2003 and 2006 where we did not have to enter ATM Pin at Swiping machines at restaurants/stores ๐Ÿ™‚ ) after entering card just the card details. It doesn’t require activation of international usage and works out of the box. I’ve donated to ad-block and it worked like a credit card without even OTP being recieved which is a bonus.

  • I linked my AXIS bank debit card to my PayPal account. It did not work.
    I called the customer care. They told me AXIS bank cards don’t work with PayPal.

      • Yes, my card does have a chip amd international usage is active. Still I was unable to make international online payment using paypal. Anyways, the customer care guy told that it won’t work with paypal. I will confirm once again.

      • Though the card is activated for e-commerce,the payment has not gone through.The reason they (Customer service of card issuer) said is that- Paypal is not a VBV site…???

        • Which card are you using? Yes PayPal does not use VBV and unless your card allows such transactions, it won’t go through.

  • Union Bank International Debit Card Works on Paypal but only when the card is first (Verified by Visa) procedure is completed through Bank’s website link as below

    In the above website there is one link at the bottom for Verified by Visa which takes you to this site as below

    So I think Unless the Card are Verified by Visa they will not work for Paypal.
    All the Major Banks have some where links for Verified by Visa. So its better to verify the card & then Try.

    I have successfully added my Union bank International Debit Card to Paypal

    Hope this useful for all

  • I have paypal account but here not connected my state bank of india account and debit card so pls tell me wht i do??

  • One more thing accepting card in PayPal is not a big deal, only if u r able to conduct a successful money transaction, then we can say that it is working.

  • I use kotak 811 zero balance account I Am able to use my virtual card everywhere tested in Google pay, aliexpress, Amazon USA.
    From my experience kotak is the only bank which provides international transaction on all debit cards. The most interesting part is that you can active and deactivate international transaction in 5 min through its Mobile app.

  • Today I linked smoothly my BANK OF INDIA classic visa debit card to PayPal. So I think Bank Of India starts supporting PayPal. But when I tried on Google Play Store it says invalid card details.

  • Guys is SBI Visa Global card (with evm chip) still working fine on paypal and play store ? I want to apply for it so just want to know if its still working or not.

      • could you please confirm if you have send any payment using your card? i have silver card which added to paypal but cannot send any money with it always shows

        “There seems to be a problem

        Your payment method isnโ€™t working. Do you want to try again with another card or bank?

        If you continue to encounter problems, please contact customer service.”

  • Ok here’s my input.

    I was looking to buy a course on udemy. As for note udemy only supports 2 types of payment modes as listed below
    (1) International Credit / Debit Card
    (2) Paypal

    So i have to go with debit card mode / paypal as i don’t have credit card and it doesn’t support netbanking
    At first i tried to buy that course using “Bank Of Baroda Debit Card – Activated with Verified By Visa”. But didn’t work. then i tried to link the same card to paypal account but again it didn’t work.

    So i started researching on which Indian debit cards supports online transaction through paypal ? And stumble upon your article. And found “HDFC Debit Card” in working list.

    So first i activated my debit card for international usage through HDFC netbanking.
    You can also do the same using following step

    Note:- You will be asked for otp verification on your registered mobile number.

    (1) Login to your hdfc netbanking and click on “cards” tab besides “Billpay & recharge tab”

    (2) Then on left side you will see sidebar with different option
    Go to
    Debit Card -> Request
    -> Set International / Domestic Usage
    -> Select your card
    -> Select “card to be enabled for international & domestic usage”
    -> Save it.

    That’s it after that i tried to link it to paypal and it worked like a charm. So from my experience i can tell you that HDFC Debit card is 100% working with paypal !

  • hey visa SBI global card is better or State Bank Platinum International for PayPal and Payoneer.actually, I want to buy hosting from ehost and they accept debit cards also as which debit cards are accepted by them

  • Very informative article about PayPal. I just read that PayPal will shortly stop serving Turkey due to regulatory restrictions.

  • could you confirm this, i have got a Axis bank Prime debit card, can international transactions be enabled in that card. usually on international cards its written ‘international debit card’ but i dont see this written in my card. its a EMV chip card though .

    • If u r saying about axis bank card , then I don’t know about this card.but I think u have activate it manually for international transaction.
      But for further assistance u need to go ur axis bank Branch.

  • Heyyy friends today I got my visa SBI global card.
    It’s confirmed by me that it’s works with PayPal.
    I have just ordered 3 things through PayPal from GearBest .Com.
    It’s done and I am very happy.

    • When did you applied for SBI global debit card? What type of account you have with SBI and what is the minimum balance required for that account opening? I got worst service from Bank Of India they issued me RuPay debit card only and refused to issue VISA debit card. So I am seeking to switch to SBI as it`s VISA global debit card is reported to be working on PayPal and google play store!

      • Go to SBI branch and open normal SB account.
        And apply for this card and also told him to provide only this card.

        • Also apply for Internet banking.u can apply this card through internet banking without going to branch.its very easy.

    • Yes, my EMV chip based card works fine on PayPal. Just activate the international usage via netbanking.

      • So what should be the minimum balance a customer has to keep to get an international debit card from Axis bank which can be used in PayPal?

        • That differs from region to region actually. My account requires a balance of 10,000.
          But this is not regarding international card. They usually will not open a zero balance account for you. If you manage to get one, somebody here mentioned that he was able to request for an international EMV card after paying the required charges of the card.

  • Is Indian Bank Debit Card Accept With PayPal for Purchase online from abroad/out of India???
    If yes.then is it confirmed?If yes then I will go for it.

  • I can confirm that my STATE BANK OF INDIA GLOBAL DEBIT CARD (VISA) is now working on paypal and play store. I just bought an app on play store and also got instant refund on my debit card. Also i donated freemake video converter using my debit card through paypal.

    • Is the global SBI MasterCard will work with PayPal?If yes , then can u pls tell me that if I have to activate it for international transaction or not by manually??

      • You have to enable international transaction via or contacting the branch. My sbi visa global debit card is working fine with play store and PayPal since yesterday and i believe mastercard will work too.

      • I always kept trying it for many days. But from yesterday my card is working on play store and PayPal also. I myself couldn’t believe it but now it is working and also if i ask for app refund it is instantly credited back to my account. Donations through PayPal are working. I donated to freemake and it went smoothly. Also Aliexpress is not asking for any otp (before it used to). But if I am transacting om indian websites, otp is required. My international Transaction is enabled for months now but it required otp before but no otp required now.

          • Just to confirm again

            Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card XXXXXXXXX for a purchase worth Rs19 on POS 248934066603177 at GOOGLE *Vertumus txn# 707987124686.

              • No extra charges just the amount i entered got debited. No other specific mention of any charge on my bank account statement.

            • I see. I just had a friend to try it out and it worked for Play Store. For PayPal and others, the charge is debited and then instantly reversed back. So the transaction keeps failing.

              I’ll check with another friend later today.

              • I am happy that mine works on paypal.That’s all i can say. This message is for the money i donated via PayPal using my debit card.

                Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card XXXXXXXXX for a purchase worth Rs71 on POS 000638021618999 at PAYPAL *DIGITALWAVE txn# 700783765115.

                Also i added my debit card to PayPal before transacting and it just debited and Refunded Re. 1 for confirming instead of 1 dollar.

                • I have an SBI global Debit card and is a master card. I tried adding with my PayPal account, but while confirming the card PayPal says the card is not accepted. So only visa global card works with PayPal ?

                  • The reason it says card not accepted is that it is not credit card. Only credit cards can be verified because paypal can put money on hold on credit card only not debit card. But you can carry out transactions usimg PayPal since debit card is already added.

                    • @ Narender singh, yes i did turn on the international usage via net banking. Since its a mastercard , is there a chance for getting rejected? Piyush was mentioning about Visa global cards before.

                      @Piyush, i was trying to make payment via Paypal only. i will have to talk with paypal customer care to find the issue.

                    • The only thing I know is that RBI’s notification says that only EMV-chip embedded cards be allowed for international usage. Earlier anybody who used the card internationally was forcefully issued an EMV card. Just confirming if you happen to have a non-EMV chip-based card?
                      I’m checking with a few friends right now if somebody has a MasterCard. Visa gold card worked for one. Talking of PayPal support, I can bet that they will not provide you with any positive answer.

                      @Piyush – I’ve had my Axis Bank debit card verified on PayPal. Authorizations/holds can be made on debit cards as well ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Just confirmed. A friends’s MasterCard does not work on PayPal, works only on Google Play. So, seems like MasterCard will not work ๐Ÿ˜

  • I Hava obc visa electron international debit card..
    So can i use this card in Nepal?
    If yes in which bank?
    And how much will be charges?

  • Even I faced similar issues with Central Bank of India debit card. Of course they didn’t have any idea about it, unless I opt for netbanking I won’t be able to buy from Google Play. When can we expect any changes? Especially after demonetisation.

  • I am interested to know that What is the procedure of activation of HDFC debit card for international online transactions?
    And which hdfc debit card will work fine.

  • They were State Bank Of India, Bank Of India, Bank Of Maharashtra, Bank of Baroda. Out of that I have continued with Bank Of India only, I have closed remaining accounts. I just applied for Bank Of India`s International VISA debit card, but the bank authority said that they have mentioned VISA card specifically on my application. Monthly average bank balance is also greater than 10,000 Rs, and it is “Regular Saving Account” not the “Zero Balance Account”. But the card department would dispatch RuPay card only. By the way, that card will arriving soon in the next week. Hope so it will be International VISA debit card!
    Thank you for information, Your blog is so smart since it is up-to-date with latest updates.
    I would like to go through your blog daily.

  • Actually I want to register for Google Play Developer console, for that purpose Google won`t provide facility of Internet banking. They demand credit or debit cards only.
    Another thing I want to confirm that, Does private sector banks like ICICI, HDFC etc issues VISA debit cards? Because I gone through many public sector banks, they just stopped “RuPay” debit card i my hand and told me that their banks has discontinued to issue VISA debit cards. Their so called swadeshi “RuPay” debit card is totally useless for online transactions, many sites dose`t support RuPay platform. I just blame them and closed accounts with PSU banks. An finally I am seeking to go with ICICI.

    • Oh? Which bank was it? The customers are free to choose the card they need and it was just about a week ago when I applied for a Visa card with Oriental Bank of Commerce (PSU Bank). There might be some guidelines to stress more on RuPay cards, but somebody who needs for international usage should be allowed to take the Visa/MasterCard options. RuPay is good though because you end up paying lesser as commission to Visa or MasterCard. Having more RuPay cards in the market will definitely force all Indian merchants to accept them ๐Ÿ™‚
      Private Banks continue to offer Visa Cards. You just need to strictly mention to them about the card you will be needing at the time of account opening. Avoiding insta kits and waiting for a card sent via post is also a better option.

  • I just read a news that RBI has relaxed 2 tier authentication process such as Vbv, 3D Secure PIN, OTP etc for debit card payments upto Rs 2000.
    So will these desicion made indian debit cards to work on play store for payment upto Rs 2000?

  • Can anyone tell me how i can add fund in PAYZA in USD ?I tried to add through my SBI DEBIT CARD but in payza it shows in INR .

    • To what I know, you will need an international credit/debit card from the banks mentioned in the post and choose to be billed in USD. Else you can exchange INR to USD as needed.

  • Great article. Been sharing this with my customers.

    I’m a U.S based merchant. Running into issues accepting payment via PayPal.

    How do I go about accepting Indian based debit cards?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for the nice words. Coming to your query, I don’t think there is an Indian gateway which you can make use of without having a local bank account in India and fulfilling the other formalities of the gateway.
      Your best way out should be to implement a gateway which makes use of 3D authentication via VBV or MSC. Many intentional websites have started supporting this advanced card protection. Also, majority of the Indian cards are international and will work fine if you use a gateway which can do 3D authentication.

  • i called UBI customer care, but they refuse . and said that bank is not linked with pay pal. so cant transact online.

  • Confirming that Standard Chartered Bank no longer offers support for PayPal as of October 2016.

    Puzzling decision from their end, I (and I’m sure 90% of online shoppers) will be closing their accounts there…

    • That’s pretty crazy. I wonder why did they do that if it was working earlier? Is there a press release or something where they announced that? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello sir i have sbi debit card(silver) my card gets declined whenever i try to buy something through paypal (overseas) pls tell me how to activate the card for the same, thankyou

      • hello sir mera axis bank master card paypal se payment nahi horaha hai kyu.

        ussme bata raha hai your master is not activated for international usased

        konsa lena bank se reply

  • Can anybody tell me, if I deposit from my indianbank mastercard world debit card. 5000 inr to Neteller account. Then how much bank charges for this, while Neteller charges is 1.9%. if anybody uses before please tell me total charges for that.
    Please anybody tell. I should be very grateful if anybody will tell.

  • Excellent service !!
    Dial * 99# to do basic Banking instantly. One can check balance for accounts, mini statement where the mobile number is registered & no internet required. Below are the direct codes for banks::
    * 99* 41#-State Bank of India
    * 99* 42#- Punjab National Bank
    * 99* 43#-HDFC Bank
    * 99* 44#-ICICI Bank
    * 99* 45#-AXIS Bank
    * 99* 46#-Canara Bank
    * 99* 47#- Bank Of India
    * 99* 48#-Bank of Baroda
    * 99* 49#-IDBI Bank
    * 99* 50#-Union Bank of India
    * 99* 51#-Central Bank of India
    * 99* 52#-India Overseas Bank
    * 99* 53#-Oriental Bank of Commerce
    * 99* 54#-Allahabad Bank
    * 99* 55#-Syndicate Bank
    * 99* 56#-UCO Bank
    * 99* 57#-Corporation Bank
    * 99* 58#- Indian Bank
    * 99* 59#-Andhra Bank
    * 99* 60#- State Bank Of Hyderabad
    * 99* 61#- Bank of Maharashtra
    * 99* 62#- State Bank of Patiala
    * 99* 63#- United Bank of India
    * 99* 64#-Vijaya Bank
    * 99* 65#-Dena Bank
    * 99* 66#-Yes Bank
    * 99* 67#-State Bank of Travancore
    * 99* 68#-Kotak Mahindra Bank
    * 99* 69#-IndusInd Bank
    * 99* 70#- State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur
    * 99* 71#- Punjab and Sind Bank
    * 99* 72#-Federal Bank
    * 99* 73#-State Bank of Mysore
    * 99* 74#-South Indian Bank
    * 99* 75#-Karur Vysya Bank
    * 99* 76#-Karnataka Bank
    * 99* 77#-Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
    * 99* 78#-DCB Bank
    * 99* 79#- Ratnakar Bank
    * 99* 80#-Nainital Bank
    * 99* 81#-Janata Sahakari Bank
    * 99* 82#-Mehsana Urban Co-Operative Bank
    * 99* 83#-NKGSB Bank
    * 99* 84#-Saraswat Bank
    * 99* 85#-Apna Sahakari Bank
    * 99* 86#-Bhartiya Mahila Bank
    * 99* 87#- Abhyudaya Co-Operative Bank
    * 99* 88#-Punjab & Maharashtra Co-operative Bank
    * 99* 89#-Hasti Co-Operative Bank
    * 99* 90#- Gujarat State Co-Operative Bank
    * 99* 91#- Kalupur Commercial Co-Operative Bank

    Also u can dial * 99* 99# to know your Aadhaar linking and OverDraft Status.

  • Can anybody tell me, if I deposit from my indianbank mastercard world debit card. 5000 inr to Neteller account. Then how much bank charges for this, while Neteller charges is 1.9%. if anybody uses before please tell me total charges for that.

  • Do the Indian Overseas Bank debit cards work? I did read that the platinum cards work but I was wondering whether the regular savings bank account cards work too. This would most likely be an internationally activated (classic?) debit card.

    I tried setting up a Netflix account with my SBI Intouch debit card but it failed. Please do try setting up a Netflix account with your regular IOB debit card and let me know if that works. It’s free for a month and you won’t get charged.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hello sir I always deposit to my Neteller account through my Baroda platinum international debit card visa. And everytime it gets charged 1.9% but today I deposited it charges around 11% from my bank account
    Suppose I deposit to Neteller 5k then overall charges is 95rs only and now it’s was 513.85rs charges on deposit of 5k Neteller. Can u tell me what to do next..

    • You should contact BOB regarding the difference in the amounts. Maybe currency fluctuation has caused that.

    • Dont add anything with INTL , just let it be sent alone and your card will be activated within 48 hours.
      I tried sending INTL with last 4 digit but didn’t work for me and got error msg from icici that the ketword was wrong.
      Then I searched icici website and found that we no need to add anything with INTL.

    • Did you try – SMS in the form INTL last four digit of your debit card number to 5676766 to enable international transactions.

  • My UBI (Union Bank of India) card was successfully added to PayPal and I saw the temporary PayPal charge on my bank statement (About 65 rupees). But when I try to make payments, it is getting declined. I contacted senior staff at UBI and they informed me that PayPal is only sending the CVV number while adding the card but it is not sending the CVV on subsequent transactions and hence it is getting declined as the CVV number is mandatory for all transactions. The UBI staff has contacted PayPal but PayPal is not willing to cooperate. I contacted PayPal customer care and they just copy/paste the same answer each time asking me to call the bank.
    They did not even read the mail I sent them.

    • That can be very well possible since Amazon does the same as well. For credit cards, the companies not presenting CVV bear additional risk as in the case of a stolen card, they are penalized. But that’s how their setup is. PayPal still verifies the CVV; probably doesn’t even ask for one. And it is highly unlikely that they will change their system anyways. So your last resort is using one of the supported banks.

      • Okay, that makes sense. What is your opinion about Citibank cards? They have a higher barrier to entry (1 Lakh opening balance) but can I expect it to work on a whole bunch of other international sites as well since it’s a much bigger bank than the others?

        Between VISA and Mastercard, is there any reason to prefer one from the other? PayPal recently made a major deal with Mastercard so should I just go with that or does that not really matter?

        • I haven’t had the bank balance to even check out Citibank, but considering that they are a global bank with presence almost everywhere, it is highly likely that the facility to make seamless international payments would be available. At least in the way other private banks in India are doing – by providing a card with international usage deactivated, but giving you an option to activate the same when needed.
          I’m of the opinion that Mastercard and Visa are essentially the same for an end user. Since the way PayPal processes the payments is still the same, they will push the same information (no CVV2) while processing a payment, you’ll have equal luck going with either.
          The same article links to a previous deal which PayPal signed with Visa. For me, they only differentiate with some exclusive offers, other than that, both have worked more or less the same way for me.

    • same thing is happening with my hdfc plantinum chip card ,the card is linked and confirmed on paypal and yet when i tried to pay using paypal it declines ,but its working on amazon and aliexpress and gets declined on other usa sites ,when contacted the bank,they told me everything seems fine with the card ,and it should work

  • Hi sir, can you please tell which of the following bank accounts(not cards) will PayPal accept— Union Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Hdfc??

  • Hello,

    Iโ€™m currently in USA & Iโ€™ve Indian Bank World Master card which I want to use to withdraw money in US via ATM.

    1. If I use this card to withdraw cash at ATM in US, how much fees in dollars that ATM will charge to this card?
    2. Apart from above fees, will there be any other additional fees charged as well like currency conversion or service fee, etc?

    I want to find an ATM which charges minimal fees. Can someone share their experience?


    • The charges differ from bank to bank and I’m not sure how much Indian Bank will charge. You should consult the bank support team to enquire about the exact charges.
      If you find an Indian Bank ATM (which is highly unlikely), you’ll probably encounter lesser charges.
      Standard setup for most banks is –
      Fixed charge of 100~150 (plus service tax)
      Currency conversion charge of 3.5% (plus service tax).

      All ATMs will ideally charge the same fees since these charges are the standard bank charges for a Visa/MasterCard transaction happening outside India.

  • Hi Mr. Narinder,

    Seeing your post, I applied for an Indian Bank account and pestered them for an EMV world Master card. I received the card Just now. The bank guy said that since I already received the PIN my card will work from tomorrow. Will try to do a withdrawal tomorrow to check and see.

    My primary use of this card will be on Google playstore and Ali Express along with some international sites.
    Is there anything I need to do like call up their helpline number and opt for any thing or the card works straight away at these sites.

    I will be using my other SBI International debit card for Indian based sites like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

    Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and best regards

    Praveen Das

    • Hello Parveen

      Actually, I haven’t personally tried cards from Indian Bank, but others in this comments thread have suggested that it works. From those comments, nobody mentioned any activation, so it probably works out of the box without doing anything. Just make 1 transaction on an ATM to activate the card and then try using it on PayPal.
      In fact, your SBI card (if it is international) should work on AliExpress since AliExpresss supports VBV/MSC authentication.

    • It might work. We have received a mixed response, so you need to try it to find out. Make sure that International usage is enabled by contacting the bank.

  • I also tried IDBI BANK emv VISA DEBIT CARD on paypal but it doesn’t works ,please tell me the nationalised banks which card works on paypal, I m getting rid off ๐Ÿ™ no card is working

    • The banks confirmed to be working are already listed, buddy. You should go with one of them for smooth international transactions.

  • U mean it doesn’t work sbi global debit card right ??
    I have account in Indian Bank, which debit card will accept the payment .
    Thanking you

    • Any international debit card from Indian Bank will work. Go with MasterCard powered one as others have reported it to be working.

  • My sbi intouch debit card working in paypal and google play storeโ€ฆ.i just go to internet banking and activate to CN channel and international transaction.. its really workingโ€ฆ

    • Both will work. But Jifi Saver will require an AMB of โ‚น10000. Whereas Jifi will require 0 AMB.

        • No. You need to maintain a minimum of 10,000 in the account. If you fell short, you need to add more so that the average of 30 days is equal to or more than 10,000. Else you will be charged a fine.

  • somehow my sbi global debit card is not working when i linked to it my bank account in paypal. On top of it, i lost 68.15 rupees thrice ( i dont know why).can someone explain my situation?
    i asked help centre butthey didnt give me proper answer

    • Only possible answer could be that the card is not supported on PayPal. The charge deducted from your card should get refunded in the next 30 days. That said, I’ve not seen anybody (recently) conducting a successful transaction on PayPal using a SBI Card.

  • Digipurse stopped working with Paypal and Entropay. Digipurse customer care said they have disabled intenational transactions.

  • Hi, I got my Indian Bank EMV master card 2 days ago. I linked this card with paypal without any problem, they didnot even send money to my card to verify, but they verified using PAN CARD(Its a must for PayPal). Then I made a transaction, it worked perfectly fine. Out of curiosity, I tried to add it on my google play account. it got instantly added. So Indian Bank EMV MasterCrad works perfectly and is also the best because you need just 500rs/- to open an acc in Indan Bank. But you will have problem in asking the manager to issue you MasterCard( In my case, the ASS.Manager(:p) didnโ€™t even know that they issue a masterCard, He was stunned on seeing the masterCard image i showed him). there will be lot questions, but you have to be stubborn.
    TIP: tell them that you are working as a freelancer and you have to make international transactions regularly to pay your clients. you are opening account in the bank mainly for the purpose of international transactions since sbi cards are not accepted.

    It takes about 20 for the card to arrive at your branch. and 24 or 72 hours to get activated

    • I also have indian bank master card it works fine for international payments,but for verifying card in paypal 4-digit code is not showing in the statement.And another problem if any refunds is there to your card there will be a problem recieving the funds..and for getting the refunds you have to contact the branch because i faced this problem 3 times..

      • can you elaborate what type of problem you faced and how you rectified them ? as I am expecting a refund and I added my Indian bank account as Primary Account on PayPal . thank in advance .

    • How can you create an account with 500rs and issue a ATM cum International Debit Card / Global Credit Card ?

    • While it is still working, I’ll mark them as not working since many have said that it does not work for them. Thanks for your input too, Gowthamraj.

  • I am using ICICI Bank Expression Debit Card to link my PayPal account. It working fine with PayPal. Only require to active card for International transaction before linking to PaPal.

      • Hi Kuruba. ICICI Bank Expression debit card is Chip based VISA card. Its working for international transactions. It can get with opening new regular saving ac in ICICI Bank or already have ac apply for it. Current annual fee is 499 plus service taxes.

    • as far as credit cards are concerned all of them will work, make sure u activate international transactions on them, i think u r talking about central bank aspire credit card, for that u will have to do a fd of min 20k for 1 year i guess.

      • I have strong doubts on your saying that all credit cards will work, but I’ll give you the benefit of doubt.

        • frankly i havent used any credit card myself, so i would advise to first make 100% sure whether a credit card is working or not.

          • Most of us Indians don’t have credit cards, so I believe this won’t be relevant to most of the blog visitors. Anyways, you’ve just completed 25 comments on the blog and I’m sending a small appreciation in you email mailbox ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for being helpful!

            • @Narender. hey thanks a lot for the token bro, kudos to u for making such a informative site and helping everyone regarding international payment options in India

  • Thanks Mr. Perfect for clarification. Sammy, do you use indian bank debit card with paypal?

    • no bro i havent yet tried it wit paypal, i dont use pay pal much, i wanted a card for origin , steam and only so i use the card directly.

  • No card from sbi works with paypal, so dont waste ur time. Either go with indian bank mastercard (cheap solution ) OR go with ICICI bank, icici has zero balacnec a/c also but they will issue rupay card but if u convince them they can issue visa card also

  • Hi,
    I found sbi is offering chip based evm cards like global dc, silver dc, platinum and gold dc. Will these work with paypal?

      • Dear Narinder Singh,
        My PNB providing me the International Debit Card by Mastercard(CHIP) with new account. may i know it will work for google playstore or facebook ads? because bankers are saying it will work. But I was realized that they are not confident about it. so lil bit confused

        • I’m 99.9% confident that it will not work because PNB forces the 3D authentication. You can still give it a try if you wanna try for the 0.1% possibility ๐Ÿ™‚

    • There is nothing like rupay MasterCard. MasterCard , visa and rupay are three different service providers for debit and credit card. Mastercard and visa are international ones while rupay is domestic only. Rupay is an entirely different company not related to mastercard or visa.

      • today i got my Indian bank evm master card global i went to atm and activated it by doing transaction(any atm would do not necessarily Indian bank). then i went to origin in shipping address i entered my address exactly as on passbook. and then i added my card and it worked. origin accepted my card just like credit card i could even purchase origin access. this is the best international card one can get for international transactions. and minimum avg bal for Indian bank is only rs250 (without cheque book) and 500(with chequebook)

        • and it works on steam too just bought gta5 using same, for every transaction they carge rs 30, so if u r buying from steam or origin first of all add all the games that u want to buy to cart and then proceed to pay. otherwise u will be carged rs30 for each game

          • OK so let me clarify charges. Just now I saw my account details. And looks like I was not charged a single rupee by steam. Verification or processing fees were not charged by steam. But when I registered with origin it charged me with rs 65 probably for verification.

            • Yes, one-time card verification charges would be charged by nearly every payment processor. And these are usually refunded within a week or 30 days at max.

          • That’s great. So finally we have a bank which works everywhere without having those high balance requirements. Great! Will update the chart in the post.

            • yes bro actually u already have Indian bank evm master card listed in ur chart that was the reason is went for it thanks a ton man

              • Yes, but I wasn’t aware that it had low balance requirement. I was of the view that even it will be the same 10,000 ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Hi,
                please tell me how do you get emv card as most of the bank managers refuse to issue emv vard. And in indian bank website although they are showing emv card, on clicking this it redirects to mastercard platinum card Are they both same?

                • @Narendra. Ah ok no bro its public bank. Even other public bank like SBI n Bob have minimum aqb of 1k but this one is just 250.
                  @chako. No bro the card that u see while clicking the link doesn’t exist. Actually Indian bank has only one master card and it is the blue one that appears on the site when u open debit card section. That is the card u would be getting. I don’t think they will refuse to issue it bro. I went to them and showed the pic on internet that I want the very same card international evm. They said do u hv adhar n pan card I said yes. They said OK we will arrange that for u. Probably u got to have adhar or pan card atleast to get that card. I don’t know for sure. But keep ur docs ready and there won’t be any problem. BTW what did they tell u, the reason behind not issuing it? I think every savings account holder is eligible for it. If they are creating prob then contact branch manage tell him that u want to go abroad for travel that’s y u need it. He will sort thins out for u definetly.

                • I opened an a/c for just 500rs, but take 1000rs in ur hand as he was demanding 1000rs for emv card. After arguing at last he wrote mastercard on the a/c opening form, now i doubt which card they will issue normal mastercard or emv mastercard

                  • yes bro they have only two master card variants one is evm master card world and other is simple master card but that is for senior citizens(for pensioners). so if they have written mastercard then u will surely get the evm world mastercard relax. other than that they have rupay only.
                    Edit: ok that card for pensioners is mastero and not master card, so yes they have only one master card variant the evm global, that is what u will be getting. dont worry

                    • 14days, they will send u a message that ur debit card has been despatched, 4-7 days after that ur card will come at bank

        • Hi Sammy, today 4 hours ago I got my Indian bank emv mastercard, but when I go to atm to make some transaction to active it, it says unauthorized access. does it need 24 hours to get activated? just curious did you try your mastercard as soon as you got it?

          • yes even i got this error on the very same day i got the card, next day i called their customer care , they asked me my card no only they told me that my card is live and it should work now, i went to atm in morning and it worked. i suggest you to try again tomorrow morning it should work by then, if not just call the customer care they will activate it.

            • Just adding in, for my Axis Bank, somebody from the customer service called me to confirm if I’ve received the welcome kit (with the card) as soon the courier marked it as delivered and then it worked all well when I went to ATM. Maybe it is normal for the banks to activate the card only when user confirms that it is received by them.
              Good Luck, Puttraj ๐Ÿ™‚

              • Yes bro. May be they want to get confirmation that card has it is the customer who has got the card ๐Ÿ™‚

          • ohh Thats great bro’s . Maybe I am unlucky. My debit card and netbanking both are still not activated. I have already visited the branch 4 times, they just tell me it will activated this evening or tomorrow like that. It also took around 23 days for the debit card to arrive at the branch. Currently having bad experience with Indian Bank ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Also, I think Indian Bank employers are not that advanced. They don’t have much knowledge about paypal international transactions vcc etc. Also when I asked them to issue me mastercard instead of rupay, the ass.manager was like “whats the mastercard”? It seemed like he hasn’t seen one in his whole career :D. He asked me questions like ‘ which international country are you going to?’ and also told ‘we don’t have supply of this kind of cards, the color seem different’ lol. lucky there was a gal who understood a bit of what i was saying and why i need the card and approved to issue me mastercard..:D I like ICICI bank more in customer service although I don’t have an account there. I for ICICI bank account online and they were calling me like 3 times a day to meet the employee in person. And when I met him he knew everything about international transactions paypal google..

                • @puttraj same here bro, i too went to icici told them to open me a zerobal account, they said it is not possible , i showed them the icici edge account mentioned on their site, which says any one can open a zerobal account at any branch, but they were hellbent on opening regular savings account with 10k min bal.
                  Since Indian bank is gov bank i dont think their authorites would know any thing except deposit and withdrawl of money. try contacting debit card customer care toll free 180042500000. this no is written on your card, it will be of more help. Where do u live btw if u live in metrocities u can give icici b2 account a try, it is an online zero bal account by icici, and also dbs bank, it is a singapore bank now it has come to India heard they were giving free zero bal account with international debit card and rs 200 initial bal for free, all u need to do is install digibank app from playstore register on that app and submit your adhar card no, then do a biometric verification at nearest ccd or call an agent he would come at your house and open an account for you. I wanted to make any account in that but it is limited to some big cities only.

                  • No bro, I don’t live in a mertocity :(. but this indian bank emv card is working perfectly fine on international platforms..

  • Thanks for the help bro. But I am interested in buying multiple games so I will have to find permanent solution. BTW now origin has stopped accepting PayPal now only cc and selected DC works. Btw u were talking about entropay or Indian bank DC?

    • I was only talking about Entropay, buddy. I have no idea about Indian Bank. I will just hope that Indian Bank supports transactions not authenticated using a 3D code.
      Yes, I checked my Origin account and while PayPal does show under payment methods, it does not show up when I proceed to checkout. So, it seems Origin has stopped accepting PayPal for Indian customers.

  • just tried digipurse wallet with origin and to my surprise it worked, i wanted to get origin access but couldnt get it as digi vcc is recognized as prepaid card by origin and prepaid cards cannot be used to buy subscriptions, so i tried to buy bf3 game and payment went through. rs 50 was deducted extra on order for verifications of card, make sure u save the card details otherwise origin will charge u rs 50 for each order

    • That’s good to hear ๐Ÿ™‚ The extra deduction should be refunded back to the card immediately. If not, within 30 days.

      • well i wont mind if they didnt refund it, atleast i didnt have to make new acc with icici, bf1 here i come ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Please do take a note of where money from your DigiWallet is spent because I used it and now I forgot where i spent it. Some doubts that I’m overcharged. So better to keep notes. And BTW, do you play Hitman? Playing that these days ๐Ÿ™‚

          • yes bro but i have played till blood money , still wainting for some deal on new one. yes i will keep track of my funds, actually i dont buy all the time, i wait for sales, so will load it at time of sale, at the moment origin sale is on dude u should get bf4 if u dnt hv already its only for 374

            • I have BF3 (got it in some sale as well), but I don’t play that. Seems like FPS isn’t much of my interest. Hitman has always been my addiction so played it from Codename 47 to all the way till Hitman 2016. I got it for 999 and since they keep on adding new locations, escalations, elusive targets and other things, I think it was worth what I paid. ๐Ÿ™‚
              Happy playing buddy!

              • hey bro i m trying to add funds to digipurse via debit card but it says denied by risk error 17, has any one faced issue like this, i tried to load it using my pockets vcc but it failed, after that even my sbi dc which i used earlier is giving me error. i will try netbanking after few days

                • Please don’t load it at all, unless you’re ready to risk the 500 rupees. As others commented, their support is pretty much non-existent and if they block your account, you’ll be in loss.

                    • btw i have applied for an Indian bank evm master card world will let u know wheter it works or not, when i get it.

                    • Yes it should work on Origin. I’ve used it on Origin via PayPal and not directly, if I’m not wrong. If you only want to make a one-time purchase, maybe we can find an alternative where I pay for you and you deposit to my bank.

  • I am using icici debit visa international card for paypal it works for sending money but requesting money it is not working

  • ICICI ATM is working fine . But the atm you get from branch will not work but the atm which you get by post is working fine.

    • They should work on Entropay since VBV is supported there. As of Google Play, no information and because the debit cards are said to be not working, we’ve maked credit cards as non working as well, because for majority of the banks, both work the same way.

  • I read this article. But what about union bank (india)’s Visa/Mastercard credit card? Can i use it to buy apps from google play? Or in entropay? Please please reply.

    • Nobody confirmed that they were working, so I can’t make a statement about whether they work or not.

        • Sorry. My bad. What I meant was that everybody who mentioned UBI here said that his card was not working on PayPal. So, from the present information, they do not work. I haven’t personally tried though.

          • Even credit cards (platinum with intl support)? Coz i contacted UBI Credit card support
            1800 22 32 22
            He said that it can be used on GPlay

  • Iโ€™ve been using my SBI Silver mastercard debit card for the past 2+ years to fund my entropay acoount without any problems, but since May I am getting transaction failed error when I try to fund my entropay account. Money is debiting from my SBI account during the process and after a couple of minutes the money is credited back to my SBI account. I donโ€™t know what is causing the problem. Any one experiencing the same ?.

    • Sometimes there are problems with the Entropay transaction system. Trying again later fixes them off.

      • I’ve been trying it for the past 2 weeks and it’s not working.

        All those going to open an Indian Bank account needs to aware that they are not issuing Master Cards any more. Make an enquiry in your branch before opening an account. When I went to open an account, the bank officer told me that they have some issues with customers not receiving Master Card Debit cards. When they enquire about it with their head office, they got a reply like there is some RBI Circular to not issue Master Card Debit cards. They only issue Rupay card as of now.

        Also digipurse virtual card is working fine with entropy. When making payment you need to create a Visa 3D secure password. I think after creating a 3D secure password it won’t work with google wallet and other services which do not use the 3D secure service.

        • Thanks for your input, Rajesh. However it will continue to work on Google Play even when you’ve set the Visa 3D PIN.

    • Dear Friends, I am Nilesh Patel and going to explain how to add credit card to Google Play And Blackberry Appworld to purchase apps. It is purely in Indian context.ย 

      Download GigiPurse of Union bank from Google Play And load Rs. 1000 which will be reflected after 24 hours in your wallet.

      DigiPurse Debit card can be used for purchasing on international sites. It is purely an International Debit Card. Your ATM PIN is the one which is your Transaction PIN in your wallet.

      After loading funds, go to Union Bank online internet banking website and create your new account for verified by Visa transactions. You have to create your 3D secure PIN here and OTP will be sent to your registered number.ย 

      After 24 hours when your funds will be reflected into your DigiPurse, add DigiPurse Debit Card To Google Play. It will cost you Rs. 50. After that purchase any small amount app from Google Play. That’s it. Enjoy…..

      For purchasing apps from Blackberry Appworld, you have to create Entropy virtual Credit Card. Sign up and create Entropay account. After that create virtual credit card by just clicking “create virtual card” tab. Then, add funds from your DigiPurse Debit Card. I have added $6. DigiPurse Debit card is acceptable for loading funds into your Entropay account. When you will have funded into your virtual card, you will be provided Entropy credit card Number, and CVV and other details required.ย 

      That’s it. Use your Entropay Credit Card Into Blackberry Appworld and purchasing will be done smoothly.ย 

      Because of Blackberry Commerce policy, it do not follow RBI’s guidelines for 3D secure PIN. So all cards from Indian banks will be rejected. Only those cards will work which do not follow 3D secure payment gateway.ย 

      So friends enjoy purchasing apps from Google Play And Blackberry Appworld by following my guidelines.ย 

      Happy Purchasing!!!

  • I’m gonna have a axis bank debit card. Is it good for online shopping? Pls state me it’s pro’s and cons… Or if it is not good suggest an alternative one

  • PNB Global VISA credit card can be used with PayPal, but International Transaction has to be activate first by calling the customer care helpline of the bank.It takes 24 hours for this service to get activated, post that PayPal can be used with PNB Global Visa Credit Card.

    • hey thats amazing news, please can u confirm if they work on steam, origin and and which chip based card exactly do u have? premium , business, expressions? from what i saw at icici site expressions doesnt seem to be a chip card

  • Thanks a lot for this. I was suppose to buy an app from play store. I wanted to buy thru debit card only. all bank cards rejected by playstore saying “invalid card”. I was confused. finally chip based ICICI debit card worked. Nobody gave detailed info except your website.


    • Does union bank digipurse still work?
      I have created a virtual card and transfered rs500 but still balance shows rs0.

    • Dear Friends, I am Nilesh Patel and going to explain how to add credit card to Google Play And Blackberry Appworld to purchase apps. It is purely in Indian context.ย 

      Download GigiPurse of Union bank from Google Play And load Rs. 1000 which will be reflected after 24 hours in your wallet.

      DigiPurse Debit card can be used for purchasing on international sites. It is purely an International Debit Card. Your ATM PIN is the one which is your Transaction PIN in your wallet.

      After loading funds, go to Union Bank online internet banking website and create your new account for verified by Visa transactions. You have to create your 3D secure PIN here and OTP will be sent to your registered number.ย 

      After 24 hours when your funds will be reflected into your DigiPurse, add DigiPurse Debit Card To Google Play. It will cost you Rs. 50. After that purchase any small amount app from Google Play. That’s it. Enjoy…..

      For purchasing apps from Blackberry Appworld, you have to create Entropy virtual Credit Card. Sign up and create Entropay account. After that create virtual credit card by just clicking “create virtual card” tab. Then, add funds from your DigiPurse Debit Card. I have added $6. DigiPurse Debit card is acceptable for loading funds into your Entropay account. When you will have funded into your virtual card, you will be provided Entropy credit card Number, and CVV and other details required.ย 

      That’s it. Use your Entropay Credit Card Into Blackberry Appworld and purchasing will be done smoothly.ย 

      Because of Blackberry Commerce policy, it do not follow RBI’s guidelines for 3D secure PIN. So all cards from Indian banks will be rejected. Only those cards will work which do not follow 3D secure payment gateway.ย 

      So friends enjoy purchasing apps from Google Play And Blackberry Appworld by following my guidelines.ย 

      Happy Purchasing!!!

      • But why not use digipurse directly for blackberry appworld? and also have u tried it on steam , origin, please let me know because they are my top priorites. I have downloaded the app but have not funded it yet. if it works then please confirm

    • Thank you, buddy. Now I will add it to the list above. I can refund you the amount spent on the app. Please email me your bank details ๐Ÿ™‚ Otherwise its okay. Thank you so much.

  • Hi
    i have a south indian bank silver saving account and visa classic emv international shopping debit card which is give with silver savings account 5000 monthly balance but all bank atm withdrawal fee, just used it on paypal its working fine,i feel it will work fine with google store as well like iob visa debit cards

    • Hi Jayamurali
      Thank you for the information. Can you please try it on Google Play Store as well by purchasing a cheap app/game around โ‚น100. I’ll credit your account with the amount you’ll spend on this testing.
      Please mail me at [email protected] if you’re willing to help ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you

  • hello sir .can you make a payment on paypal by your account? i have no account? i will give you money via airtel money or etc. plz help me.

  • Narender sir,

    Thank u for this post.
    I am thinking of applying for saving a/c in ICICI bank so that I can get the debit card which I will try to link with paypal. But before that I would like to ask u something,, Suppose I have 50k balance in my new a/c and I have linked my Icici debit card to paypal and international usage is also activated, Will I be Able to purchase an item( worth rs 35000)in USD through Paypal without any problem.?? Will I be able to make payment through my debit card in Paypal ??

    • Hi Vivek. It should just work out if you get a EMV chip based card and have your international purchase (not cash withdrawal) limit set anywhere above 35 thousands. I myself have made the highest payment of $350 using my Axis Bank card and it finished without any issues. Only the bank’s support contacted me to confirm if it was really me who made that payment.

  • Hi , I need to recieve payment from abroad for Freelance work I only have Union Bank account. I don’t have pan card .is it possible to add Union Bank to PayPal to recieve money without adding pan card. ? I only want t recieve money not for purchasing online

        • I’ve received over $150 via Payoneer and they did not ask for a PAN card back then. I’m unsure if that is still the case.
          However, why don’t you just get a PAN card as well? It is useful at a lot of areas besides serving as an ID proof and the application process is easy as well ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Pan card will take 2 weeks to recieve. I need to recieve money before that. Is it possible to add only Union Bank account to PayPal then after recieving pan card transfer money to bank account. Or is it possible to receive money on digipurse app if I link to PayPal ??

            • PayPal holds your balance and will not let you withdraw it to your bank or use it unless you add a PAN to your account. So if you get a payment now, it will be received, but put on hold till you submit the PAN details. When you provide the PAN, the hold will be removed and your funds will be auto-withdrawn to your primary bank account.
              You can try adding only the Union Bank account now, but I’m really not aware if PayPal allows new account creation without PAN. If you already have an account, it will just work.

  • Well you can’t use Axis Prime card in paypal, but you can do international transaction using that.

    • You actually can use the Axis Prime card on PayPal if it comes with the EMV chip and has International Usage enabled.

  • My IDBI debit card is working fine with Apple ITunes Store, though sometimes will face authorization issue. But works fine for past 4 months.

    • Axis bank are not allowing for paypal, if you do so it will give some error “This card is not valid, try other one”. But you can easily use your card for shopping or any other international transaction.
      For that you need to activate your International usage using your net banking.

  • Sbi credit card works but not debit card I m using it from last 4 years on paypal and 2 years on Google

  • sir,I have a emv chip debit card trough uco bank.can I using this international other currencies payment?

  • Hello Sir,

    I have HDFC bank account and its debit and credit card. But paypal is not accepting any of them. I am a designer and starting my freelance work so i need paypal account to link to my bank account or debit or credit card. Can you please guide in same..

  • My sbi card I linked.
    Then I transfer money to paypal.

    Dear customer,your transaction at POS 00000001 declined due to authentication failure. Please try after some time.
    Send me this massage from sbi bank.
    What I do.. plz help me.

  • Does the indian overseas banj work with paypal…as it mention above ..if it doez than which typ of atm card i must ask from the bank ?????

  • which credit & debit cards are liable to pay in currencies other than inr…

    is there a possibility that sbi credit card can be used for dollar payment..

    plzz reply as fasst as possiblee

  • Hello Narender Sir,

    thanks for help, my icici โ€˜smart shopperโ€™ icici bank debit card visa platinum,works fine with paypal and google wallet.
    again thanks for all your greatfull help.

  • hello, techmesto.

    i have account with icici bank,and i got a ‘smart shopper’ icici bank debit card visa platinum.

    so it can accept by paypal or i need a different card, please suggest me.


    • A quick Google search reveals that the card does not come with an EMV chip. So as per RBI guidelines, it should not work. But you can still try activating international usage on your card and it might just work out ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Yes it does. But if I refer others in comments, ICICI has allowed non-EMV chip based cards to be used as well. So you should try your luck by requesting the activation of International Usage on your current card. If it works, you do not need the EMV one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Eh.. This is the first time I’m hearing about a SBI card working on PayPal. Will check it further buddy..

  • Sir can you please tell me whether indian bank supports paypal..
    As its near to my home am aiming at this bank ..

  • I’m using union bank digipurse wallet for play store. I created account successfully & trying to adding 500 rupees by sbi virtual debit card. On proceeding wallet shows payment successful & returned to home page but it shows zero balance. I refreshing it many times, view transaction statement but it shows zero balance. While I got a sms from sbi to succeed transaction of 500 rupees. I check my bank statement & it clearly shows transaction of 500 rupees. But digipurse still showing zero balance. Trying to contact union bank customer care but no response. Pls help. How can I get refund of my money.

    • If you have not received a credit to your Union Bank, your refund will (in most cases) be processed automatically and returned back to your SBI account. If you still don’t receive it in the 5-7 days after transaction, you will be needed to reach out to Union Bank only to get the charge settled. You can send them email and/or question on Twitter.

      • I do all possible things(union Bank of India twitter, customer care call, union Bank of India branch. Email to digipurse care @union bank of India.Com.) it was 20/01/2016 when my balence deduced from account but not loaded in digipurse wallet & not returned to my bank account till date(11/02/2016) union Bank & digipurse customers care never give any reply. What can I do now? Pls help.

    i am a freelancer and need to transfer my cash from paypal { which was sent from USA} to my
    Bank account{ Axis }. i am opting to open an Axis bank account . please do tel me , which axis
    DEBIT CARD { due to new titanium debit cards published }will make me able to transfer money
    from paypal to my axis bank account so that i could withdraw it .

    yes the transaction is online and international and i want that card to get
    verified /confirmed on paypal as well .
    please reply me as soon as possible. thanks for help.
    { sorry for my language , i am Newbie , and have less financial IQ}

    • Hello manan, you can add your bank account number to PayPal account. They will make a small deposits in your bank account. Which takes usually 3 to 4 working days to appear in your axis account. You need to provide that amount in your PayPal. This is to confirm your account is accurate. Once your account is accepted PayPal automatically transfer all balances to your bank account or you can withdraw. But remember you need to give your pancard to PayPal so that you will not have any limitations of transactions.

  • I want to pay entorpay for top up vcc. i tried sbi international debit card it is sending otp but transaction is not complete showing message that ”your request amount exceed withdrawal amount” . tell me what is problem, and suggest me a proper debit card to pay entropay.

          • Ok one more thing I wanna ask if you pls reply sir

            I want to buy something from, US Amazon, which will be shipped to India

            When paying in dollars, will my sbi debit card work ? I am not sure if my classic visa debit card will work or not, it’s not international but just classic one

            I asked Amazon and they said that it will work because it’s visa

            But I doubt this

            • Because SBI cards do not allow you to pay without providing the 3D Security code (the Verified by Visa PIN or OTP), they just don’t work on Amazon (US) because Amazon does not support any methods of 3D authentication. For them, your card should be allowed to accept a charge with Just card number and expiry date.

        • All ICICI cards work on google play and support international transactions. But you have to activate it using imobile app by selecting card services or customer care. If you are using chip based card, no need to activate for international transactions as it came pre activated.

  • Is Indian bank emv chip master card working with paypal ?

    I mean is this possible to buy something using that card through paypal ? Transactions working ?

  • Hello. Thank you so much for this post! I was wondering does the SBI global card also not work in PayPal? I have applied for one. Also, SBI did tie up with PayPal recently right?

      • Sir if i apply for pradhamantri jan dhan yojna on ICICI, which is zero balance savings account

        But you get a rupay debit card

        Can I replace that rupay card with visa debit card after opening the account ?

        And will it work with paypal than ?

  • sir, i want to know which bank debit card work well in indian paypal, as im very worry caused i’m confuse and i don’t wanna open defferent bank account again and again it caused me much so sir if you help me what kind of debit card and which type of card please
    i’ll be thankfull

  • Hi sir, i am indrakumar, i have completed 80% of paypal account. But still i cannot to complete the task link debit card. Because i am having rupay card. How to iam link my card to my paypal account. Please give me a solution.

  • I can’t make account on ICICI bank pockets zero saving account because now we should have to maintain minimum 5000/- balance. Please tell me about Standard Chartered Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank ( all type of cards work or any particular? ). Is there any way to get an international transaction activated debit card with minimum balance zero?

    • You really need to talk to the bank in this regard, buddy. Bank officials are just always unwilling to have a customer with Zero balance account. So, I don’t think it’s gonna be easy.

    • Sorry to hear about that ! but we will help you out .

      First of all ,Make sure that you have activated international transaction on your card also wait for 24 hours after activation of international transaction on your card then do a ATM transaction on your card .

      You card should work perfectly fine then ๐Ÿ™‚

  • m using Master Debit card to make a small payment and every time i make a payment transaction is declined .Bank is CANARA BANK.

    am calling bank they say its paypal problem

    paypal says its bank problem

    i donot know who is to be blamed .Am sick now

    • Never heard of Bank of Canara working with Paypal but lets do some troubleshoot through.

      1) Did you activate international transactions on your card ?

      2) Did you wait for at least 24 hours after activation of international transaction on your card?

      3) Did you did a ATM transaction ?

  • Hi,
    Im having INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK account debit card and pan card….. And im doing online services……. Can i do transactions (from dollars to rupees) through paypal India…. Then what is the minimum amount to do transactions and how it will charge….. Please kindly reply me….


    • I suppose there is no minimum amount to do transaction and about the charges : Cross currency charges will apply that might range from 3.6 to 3.9 ,Depending on your bank.


    • I am sorry to hear that ,As per the recent comments : The BOB card is stop working for few already .

      I advice to you open a Zero saving account of ICICI bank for paypal etc ,Since it works really fine.

  • I have applied for new icici savings account they offer me non emv based card .
    can I use this card for PayPal?

    Please guys help me by guiding because I am stuck in this issue since 1year.

    • For sure the card will work with paypal but make sure that once you receive the card ,You activate international transaction by calling the customer care and then doing one ATM transaction .

  • I want to accept payments from paypal and skrill. So, should i apply for the credit cards or the debit cards will do that????

    • Sorry, but still not. So common for PayPal support to provide incorrect information. Ask them about the debit cards which work, answer will be none.

  • i want to confirm you that credit card of every bank are supoorted to paypal.but debit card are only work of few banks.

  • Indian Overseas bank debit card is confirmed to be supported by paypal. Their credit card is as well
    supported too. I personally could perform transactions with the debit card.

  • Brother.. I am going to open an account on Axis, can u tell me Which type of card of Axis bank should work internationally (PayPal etc) and what is the minimum amount for opening Axis bank’s account ?

    • My International Axis Bank Prime Visa Debit Card works fine on PayPal. My account requires a minimum of 10,000 as the balance, but you can try contacting the branch if they have better options for you.

    • Hi!

      My wife has an Axis Bank zero-balance BASIC Savings Account (under PMJDY scheme), and she got only the RUPAY debit card, which cannot be used on Paypal, or on Google Play. In fact, the bank personnel told me that all the zero balance accounts under the PMJDY (zero balance) savings accounts will get only the RUPAY debit card, so you can’t use that on Paypal, Play Google etc. international ecommerce websites.

      You will need to open a normal savings account in Axis Bank with minimum Rs 10,000 balance and maintain it compulsorily (or pay fine), and doing so you’ll get a Chip and Pin debit card. Again I am not aware whether it can be used or not directly on those international websites, or if you still need to further activate the card for usage on international ecommerce sites by calling the bank’s customer care.

      • Hi!
        In the NetBanking interface, do you see an option to Replace/Upgrade card under the My Debit Cards section? If so, can you check what other cards are listed there?

  • I want to open a new icici account at zero balances will it possible ? If yes how we will do this ? And want a emv debit card at the opening of new account ?if i get card what we will need to do before using it on paypal ?

    • I believe all of them work, not discriminated by type as long as they are EMV chip based and international.

  • This is a really nice informing post. I was looking for this from days that why my debit card of PNB is being rejected by PayPal to receive funds on Freelancing websites. I think time to switch bank. :]

    • Govt banks aren’t for Freelancers ๐Ÿ˜› Hah! I just hate the high minimum balance requirements of private banks.

  • Hello friend, kya aap bta skte ho ki icici bank ka kon sa debit card paypal me support krta hai… Qki jab mai bank gya to unhone puchha ki aap ko con sa card chahiye.. Mai confused ho gya… So plz aap meri help kr do..

      • Now, many cards are not working on Pay Pal, not just for me, for most of them I know. But , the strange thing is that bank officials are saying that the cards are very much active and the transaction says, get it checked, there is an error. TOTALLY CONFUSED !!!

    • Which type of Axis account do you have ? And please tell me debit card name of axis ? and tell me same of indian bank ?i will going to opening a new bank account so tell me clearly we need your help ?

      • While we wait for him to reply, I’d like to add that I have an Axis SBEZY account with a EMV Chip based debit card called Axis Bank Prime. It works fine on PayPal and Google Play.

  • I cant use my UBI VISA Debit card to google wallet even I call to helpline and activated for international transaction. I think you should change UBI information.

  • sir, apka mobile number ya email id muje diji ye muje ye problem ka solution lana hain plz i need you help sir please

  • dear sir,
    payment bhejo to hota hain lekin jab payment receive karne ne ke liye me request karta hu to paypal ka email ata hain “your PayPal transaction was declined โ€“ here’s what to do” or vo dobar card add karne ke liye kehta hain esa kyu hota hain?

  • dear sir,
    mera visa card confirm hogaya hain. or paypal ne deye gaye “PP” code bhi dala or confirm kiya paypal ne sms diya tha congratulation your card successfully added or jese bank account add hota he to use par likha hota hain ki “auto-withdrawal” vese hi kard par likha hua tha “ready to use” lekin maine dobara login kiya to ab card par esa ku6 likha hua nahi ata hain. to card confirm hogay hain ya koi error hain. or iski vajah se muje payment bheje ne me or receive karne me koi problem to nahi hogi na?please help me sir…

    • Bhai ek baar koi small payment send karke dekhlo. Pata chal jayega k theek se ho gya hai ya nahi. Vaise card par aisa ready to use show nahi karta. Just jab add karo tabhi ata hai ek baar.

  • Hello Admin,

    pls note that…. Bank of baroda chip based visa card also not working with paypal….so pls keep that one in NO list…
    i have clear contact with bank of baroda they said NO they have not any tie up with Gooogle play , Paypal & amazon…


  • sir i opened a paypal account and i want to attach my card … the card which i am using that belongs to icici .. s whenever i trying to attach paypal telling me Sorry, we can’t link this card. Please try linking a different card to your account. plzz help me out with this issue…

      • dont know exactly … i called up my bank as well but they are telling call here and there call to nri number … and if not than what should i do

        • Check if international is written on the face or back of your card. If it is, you might be able to activate international usage by sending the SMS as mentioned in the post.

  • dear sir,
    hdfc bank ka netbanking account me login karne ke bad debit card ke liye international transaction choose karna padta he ki nahi? agar karna padta hain to vo service kitne time ke bad suru hogi means kitna time wait karna padta hain?

  • dear sir,
    agar platinum chip debit card โ€œvisaโ€ company ka hi hona chahi ye ya โ€œmastercardโ€ company ka hoga to chal jayega na?
    and debit card ka 3D secure pin registration karva na padega ya without registration paypal me add hoga?

    • Either should work buddy, but I’ve only conformed with Visa as of now.
      Registration for 3D code might be needed.

  • dear sir .
    maine hdfc bank ka (Platinum Chip Debit Card) afford karvaya hai to vo paypal main work karega ki nahi ?

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for writing to us at State bank Customer Service.

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    With reference to your grievance, we would like to inform you that PayPal is not participating in 3D Secure which is mandatory for State Bank Group debit cards for doing e-commerce transactions. Therefore transactions done at PayPal are declined at our ATM Switch for State Bank Group debit cards.


  • I would to know which debit card should i choose in the order to use it for online international transaction atleast as I am planning to open a regular saving account in icici bank but confused since there are bunch of debit cards in the list, Guys, help me to pick up the best debit card and let me is regular saving account going to be okay for my purpose? And if any of you will suggest any debit card then kindly, let me know about its annual charges and benefits too.

    India gives nothing but damn pain in the a… Nothing is easy here.

  • Come on guys. I applied for pocket saving account of icici bank and I just received it. And its not working for international transaction. Its a magnetic strip card not emv chip but I talked with pocket customer care and I was told there is no facility given by them for international transaction as its only for domestic use. And also, there is only one type of physical card and thats magnetic which means there is no emv chip card provided by icici even by default or on request.

    Now, i am wondering how come people are speaking about enabling their international transaction option on pocket saving account?

    • You sure you have a Pockets saving account card ? Does it says ” Visa Platinum” on bottom ? and If you called Pockets customer care they will only have the knowledge of the Prepaid card and they will say that as that pockets prepaid card can only be used for Domestic purpose only ,Since you have a account number now : Call the ICICI customer care and not the pockets customer care or use Imobile ,Verify your card and use the chat option there and enable for international transaction and don’t forget to wait for 2 days after activation and do a balance transaction from a icici bank ATM ,It should than work properly for International Transaction .

      Coming to other point You can apply for EMV card ,Expression card .

  • I want to link debit card on paypal .please tell me with full details which bank are currently supported to paypal to use debit cards ?

      • ok i have read all the post and listed bank are you sure the above listed bank are working with paypal and the above information is correct ?
        Axis BanK,HDFC Bank,ICICI Bank ,Indian BankKotak Mahindra Bank,bank of Baroda (Visa),Indian Overseas Bank .
        Ok i need a debit card that work with paypal because i do not have account any of the bank that you have listed tell me how we will get debit card from above bank that listed and what we need to say to bank that they provide a working cards.?
        And i tell to you the Sbi & subsidiaries and Pnb debit card are not working i have already confirmed . ok ,………………

        • Okay. As mentioned in the post as well, the above information is collected from different mediums and not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. I’ve personally tried HDFC, Axis and Kotak Mahindra bank, which do work fine on PayPal.
          You need to opt in for a International Debit Card (preferably Visa) from the banks mentioned to be working, which is EMV Chip enabled. If you get that, there’s high confidence that it will work fine on PayPal. I recommend Axis Bank here as I’m using it for a while already.

            • Just ask for it when you go to open the account. Tell them that you’ll be shopping internationally and hence to provide an international card.

  • 3 din pahle ke chuka tha our waha Confirmation message maang Raha tha bhai maney Waha kuch dusra amount kuch 5-6 baar daala tha osske baad sai account phir maang rha hai mari help kijeye please mai Kariib 2 months sai PayPal account bana rahi hun mager narinder BHAI mujhse banta hi nahi You are my last hope to solve these problem please BHAI replay zarur kijeyega
    HERA ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • bhai pleseeee help kijeye mai himmat haar rahi hun ab bas Aaphi ek ummid Hain Narinder bhai Ab much iss tarha ka message aaraha hai “Sorry We Couldn’t conferm The bank account its no longer In wallet you’ll get an email or what do not .please contact customer service

  • Just on a side note : Kindly do a PIN change and a balance check transaction before trying out the card ,It goes for every card.

    PIN Change is not necessary(Recommenced to do it) but Balance Check is necessary .

  • Please Help kijeye Ab Sayad International Usage Activate Ho Chuka hai lakin Narinder bhai Paypal phir nahi le raha Ab jab mai Paypal par Apna account details daal Rahi hun to Dusra Message aaraha “Dear Customer Transaction On has Axis Bank **** Has been Declined Fund In your Account” Yani Le hi nahi raha Hai Dabit card Details please Help kijeye ….
    Hera ๐Ÿ™

    • “Dear Customer Transaction On has Axis Bank **** Has been Declined Fund In your Account” ise padh kar to aisa lag raha hai k apke bank account me funds kam hai is wajeh se usne decline kar diya hai. Please ek baar balance check kar lo.

  • Narinder bhai please ye bataiye ke ye VBV/3D Passcode hota kya hai mujhe please details mai bataiye

    Our maaf kijeyega mujhe English nahi aati Aapse Ummid Hai ki aap Replay zarur karege

    Hera 112

    • VBV or 3D Passcode ek extra security layer hai. Jo sites ise support karti hai unpar card details dalne k baad ek extra password puchte hai paise katne se pehle. If aap wo passcode nahi jante to paise nahi kate jayenge.
      Lekin iski dikkat ye hai k jo sites VBV/3D support nahi karti, waha par zyadatar Indian banks k card chalte hi nahi. Banks ne ise strict par send kia hua hai.

      • Narinder bhai please mari help kijeye Maine Axis bank mai account kholaya hai Jab mujhe axis Priam dabit card mila to Maine Apna internet Usage Activate Karwaya 24 hour Ke baad jab mai Paypal mai apna account number daal rahi hun To Mere phone Par message Aaya “Your Transection Was Declined As your Axis Bank card**** Is not Activated For International Use. Please Help kejeye

        • Dear, toh International usage abhi activate nahi hua hoga. Netbanking me login karke ek baar use fir se activate karo and then try karo.

            • Apke pass NetBanking ki userid aur password detail hai? Agar hai toh par jakar login kijiye, ho jayega and then Accounts> My debit cards> More Services> Change Usage Preferences par ja kar International usage activate kar lijiye.
              Agar NetBanking detail nahi hai to apko Bank Branch se baat karni padegi and netbanking password dubara issue karwana padega.

    • Are you sure about that? Which card did you try? Was it chip based with international transactions enabled?

          • Thanks for reply,
            I have 2 question.. 1. If i open icici saving account through pocket app with zero Balance then can i getget EVM chip based debit card?
            2. My friend have axis bank debit card, its normal visa or master card without evm chip based. If i do activate international transaction then can i able to buy app from google playstore?
            Please tell me.. i don’t have any other way. I have bank of india and sbi debit card.
            Help me..

            • Let me try to answer your questions:
              1. If the user above was speaking the truth (no point of him lying), yes you will get an EMV Chip based card. Actually they will ask you your requirements and if you tell them your International needs, they will give you chip card only.
              2. RBI guidelines state that any user who uses his debit card for international purchases should get a Chip based card. So, it’s hard to convince Axis bank to enable international transactions on a standard debit card, but you surely can try. If they enable it, it will work fine on Google Play.

            • Coming to you’re question : 1) You won’t get a EMV chip card by default ,You will get a Magnetic card and you can get a EMV chip card but its costly of ICICI bank since its under Signature category .

              2)I am getting reports that Axis banks card are stopped working with Paypal and so but i am trying to get a confirmed details whether whats happening .

              Mr.Narender hope you don’t mind me answering people questions .

              • Nah I don’t and instead appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚ My Axis bank card (EMV Chip) still works fine with PayPal so I’m unsure why would it stop working for others?

  • Admin,will all axix bank chip based card will work? & my union bank debit card is not working with paypal,why?


      • Nobody here has reported that his/her Axis Bank card didn’t work. So, I assume here that all EMV Chip Based cards from Axis bank work fine on PayPal.
        As about UBI, its just the same as it is with other banks. To avoid possible frauds, they have restricted all payments to gateways which do not have 3D authentication enabled.

  • Alright , ICICI pockets saving account debit card is fully working with Paypal ,Google store and so on and the benefit is its zero saving account! So better to go ahead with this account if you just wanna do some international transactions plus its a great account too !

    • Is that Prepaid card? So, far I understand we download app then create account then it provides us prepaid card number of 16 digits just like normal debit card and also offers physical prepaid card on the request. So, my question is: can I use that prepaid card number provided on “pocket” app to link my card on the paypal ? I just want to make sure if that the same card you referred as debit card here. Kindly, give more details as you already linked it on the paypal as soon as possible. Thanks.

      • Not that Prepaid card,That card can be only used for shopping or recharge and is only valid in india and no ATM usage too ,I am talking about their saving bank account(Pockets zero saving account) Steps to apply for that account :

        1)Open the pockets application and login with your user id and password

        2)Now you will see card with your visa number (its prepaid) ,Now turn that card and you will see another card saying saving.

        3)Click on that card and click on apply for savings account(it will ask you for some details )

        4)Once done ,You will get a call from the branch you selected for opening the account(It might take few days to get a call)

        5)Once you get the call ,The executive will fix an appointment to visit to your residence and collect the document (No need for xerox or so ,Its digital and if the executive ask you for 10k cheque as a opening deposit then try to lower it else ask him to show where it is written about the same else call the customer care ,Note: there is no opening deposit fee for it ,They just wanna finished off with their targets).

        6)Once the documents are submitted ,You’re account should be opened within 7 to 10 days and your Debit card & cheque book will be deliver at your residence within 7 days after opening of the account .

        7) Once you get the debit card ,Call the customer care and ask them to activate international transaction on your card .

        8)Wait for 1 to 2 days and then go to any near ICICI bank atm ,Do a pin change and a balance view transaction .

        9)Now you can use that on paypal ,Google play and so on !

        I am here if you need any further help on the same,And if you need urgently and ready to pay 10k then just open a normal saving account from ICICI bank since you get an instant debit card and cheque book and account number too and it gets activated within 7 days too .

        Note: Its a normal saving account with zero balance and you need to work a little hard at times to get this account but then its fully worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hi, Thanks for this wonderful update, dear. I have one question for you. Like you said in “7) Once you get the debit card ,Call the customer care and ask them to activate international transaction on your card .” As i gathered from this article, for any international transaction to take place, a card has to be an EVM chip based card, which is authenticated by VBV (verified by Visa) OR Master card Secure Code. This code is generated by user at bank’s website and has to be entered before completing a transaction online (at-least where these authentications are necessary) So have you got any such code for this debit card? I am interested to work a card on and + google wallet, paypal. I have already tried cards from SBI and HDFC bank which did not work so i must confirm things before i go on with any other bank. I have been trying for 2 years now. No luck ๐Ÿ˜€ Any help is appreciated.

          • While waiting for him to reply, which HDFC card did you try? I’ve myself used a EMV Chip based debit card from HDFC and it worked fine on both non-vbv and vbv sites.

            • I used a credit card from HDFC, borrowed it from a friend. It could not work. We also called customer care asking the reason why. They confirmed that their credit cards won’t work on these websites. Not sure about debit card coz i couldn’t try it.

              • Actually, my Credit Card from HDFC did work as well. And about the customer service, they barely know about these websites and literally all banks say that the card won’t work, but they do work from some banks.
                Anyways, if yous is a one-time requirement, I can get you a virtual card (which can be used ONLY once) and you pay me for the same into my bank. Just trying to help ๐Ÿ™‚

                • That’s so very generous of you. You have already helped a lot by putting together this much information for people like me. But mine is on-going purchasing requirement from these websites, so i must get something on my own. I have confirmed about Indian bank’s customer care, their EMV world master card will work on these websites. I will go for it if pockets’ information remains unavailable. ๐Ÿ™‚

                  • That’s okay ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the nice words.
                    Actually, Pockets or any other ICICI bank account will work fine as long as you opt for an EMV Chip Based International card. So only advantage you’re getting with Pockets is the ZERO balance account.
                    I’ll try to answer your query, but you sure can wait for him to add more to it.
                    So, by default these cards are only activated to work on domestic websites and you need to get the International Usage activated by reaching out to the support helpline. That’s all about it. You’ll also be able to achieve the same using NetBanking of ICICI.
                    The card will then start working on International sites which DO NOT support VBV/MSC authentication, but when you try to shop on a domestic or international website which DOES support VBV/MSC, you’ll be forced to register for the VBV/MSC service (unless it is OTP based, which requires no extra registration). After that you’ll be able to use the card on both types of websites.

                    On Indian websites, it is a strict RBI guideline that all payment processors SHOULD ask for the VBV/MSC and hence all Indian cards DO support these.

                    • Thank you so much for making clear the big picture. I can actually try Pockets and Indian bank card at the same time. Dono mein se koi to chalega ๐Ÿ˜€

                    • Hah! You’re very much welcome, buddy. Hoping that dono me se koi to chalega ๐Ÿ˜›

                • sir can u plz used me ur virtual card just for one time and can i transfer money account plzzz sir it urgent.

          • Hey there,

            Sorry for my delay in reply,Since i am really busy with stuff and so on but anyways coming to you’re question : You don’t need a EMV chip card for that or any chip card.

            You will receive a normal magnetic card with the pockets account and it should work just fine with paypal and so ,I recommend you to first put your debit card details on paypal ,google play etc the sites you want to use and about the 3rd secure pin well as far as my research goes even you registered for verified by the visa ,You’re card should work and the reason is that ICICI cards supports both Verified by visa and non verified by visa too.

            What happens if I try to make a purchase at a merchant that doesn’t participate in the Verified by Visa service?

            The only difference is that you will not see the Visa payment window prompting you for your 3D Secure PIN โ€“ the purchase will proceed just as it did before you registered your Card with Verified by Visa . Of course, by shopping at participating Verified by Visa merchants, you have the extra security of confirming your identity with your 3D Secure PIN.

            The above is said by ICICI bank on their website and coming to HDFC bank cards well they work fine too.

            I prefer you go for pockets account rather than Indian bank since they don’t have much knowledge about paypal or even 3d secure pin stuff .

            Do not hesitate to reply me or ask me more questions ๐Ÿ™‚

            • I thank you for being here and helping others out and I do appreciate your input, but I still feel that he must opt for an EMV Chip Based card to make a safe investment. RBI has already passed multiple circulars and asked banks to start issuing only Chip Cards for both domestic as well as international usage. Only international was initially proposed, but RBI later decided to include Domestic as well. If ICICI is allowing international transactions over Magnetic cards, that is already a breach of RBI guideline.

              • I do understand you’re concern but the EMV chip card for ICICI bank is way to expensive , Its around 499 plus tax if i am not wrong for a year but its up to the individual too ๐Ÿ™‚ Well i guess its not mandatory yet ,Since i see many banks are still proving magnetic chip card for international usage too .

                I will have a check on the same sooner.

        • I have questions:-

          Are debit card and cheque book both free of cost? I already have pocket card which I received recently for domestic use. I paid like Rs 114 and got it via courier. I dont have any account in the icici bank but could I still be able to open up pocket zero savings account without any deposit? Actually, I have an account in the sbi bank but never used cheque book but net banking only and my cheque book is in my other home at different state. thats why I am wondering if cheque book is the only way to deposit amount and if its “must” to deposit?


          • Hey There ,Thanks for you’re question.

            Yes Debit card will be charged and about Cheque book i am not charged yet so i suppose no charge for that and yes you don’t need to pay any amount to open a account of Pockets saving and the ways to deposit : you can deposit cash at their branches and using cash deposit machine and do note if you want to deposit more than 50k then you need to have you’re PAN card registered with them .

            Kindly reply back if you have any more questions or so and I be more than happy to help . ๐Ÿ™‚

        • hi please tell me what type of icici account do you have account and debit card ? i would going to open new icici accout and want to get a new debit card that work with Paypal ?

  • Admin, what you have to say about it. So many people followed your article and now all are stuck. Please remove this card from the list so as to avoid future failures.

    • Yep just did that ๐Ÿ™ I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      Surya confirmed that the SBI card was working. Unfortunately it seems that it stopped working at a later stage.

  • Friends, same problem here. My SBI in touch is also not working on Google Wallet it says โ€ your transaction at POS Null declined due to Authentication Failure. any solution?

    • hey sbi does not allow you to use their debit/credit cards on paypal and other sites which does not require verified by visa 3d secure code authentication.

    • SBI touch card will not work on International transactions, Any SBI debit card will not/never work 100 % sure . they use OTP , which is a layer of security , same time fails the International transactions.

      • SBI in touch was working when it was initially introduced. They later made the alterations and it stopped working ๐Ÿ™

  • Whoever got the SBIintouch card working please tell me what procedure u followed coz my card is getting declined

  • i have an account with SBBJ , i went for an sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go debit card , seems like its not available for the associate banks as of now ๐Ÿ™ …..

  • HDFC debit card is not working.
    I check with HDFC customer care HDFC debit card is not linked with paypal.In above sheet it is given “yes”.
    HDFC credit card will work.

  • my sbiintouch on google play :: your transaction at POS null declined due to authentication failure . what can i do ????

  • i have already a sbiintouch (NFC) debit card but not accepted PayPal account
    PayPal ask : “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please
    contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any
    questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue”

  • SBI in touch is also not working on Google Wallet it says โ€ your transaction at POs Null decline due to Authentication Failure. I Contacted bank but they told every thing is ok.. what can i do

  • dear all user’s paypal any problem to contact for paypal tool free no. get 100% rissole it .

    debit card not add in paypal so call your bank costumer care number and “ad international payment” option get 100% ad paypal no any errors

  • I could purchase domain names from GoDaddy through netbanking with ccavenue india as mediary. But I cannot use sbi classic debit card on google wallet or paypal.

    I complained on google wallet why my card was not accepted. In 5 minutes I got a phone call from google u.s. office. they explained that they are not participating in vbv n that may be the reason. Actually my card is registered on sbi website for vbv.

    It is surprising why google doesnt keep some mediary for depositing to wallet thru net banking, if not thru card.

    It has far more potential on play store compared to godaddy, I think.

  • Hellow friends,

    Even we Import from china.
    My question is, If you are importing from china through aliexpress via current account debit card or credit card, how do you submit form 15CA & 15CB to bank? Bank only accepts these forms if payment are wire transferred or TT via bank. Dont forget that form 15CA and form 15CB are Compulasary for import from outside India. And heavy fine is leved for non submission.
    please advise.

  • I have UBI Visa debit card and wanted to link with Paypal account. I managed to link successfully but while paying UBI declines to pay. I called customer support and said I want to link my card with Paypal but he was unaware what Paypal is! again, I said I want to purchase and pay Internationally , He doubted if I could use my debit card for international transaction . I couldn’t get any help from CC UBI.

  • SBI in touch is also not working on Google Wallet it says ” your transaction at POs Null decline due to Authentication Failure. I Contacted bank but they told every thing is ok..

  • I dont live in any of the metro cities listed on SBI InTouch website.
    Can i still apply for the card at my branch in Varanasi?
    How many days does it take to issue the card???

  • does paypal accept bank of baroda EMV chip based international visa debit card???tell me if it work with paypal i will issue a new debit card.

  • Hello, i have icici international debit card which is master card, if i try to add it says “The bank that issued your card didnโ€™t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuerโ€™s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.” this card is not chip based and it is already enabled for international transactions, i also generated mastercard 3d security pin. please help!!!

    • that is in paypal. if i try to pay with it in entropay, it promotes to site where they ask 3d security pin, after entering 3d pin, it returns to entropay site and show some error.

    • My information reminds me of an RBI guideline asking banks to force a chip based card if the customer wants to transact internationally. So you’ll really be needed to take a chip based card for PayPal usage. Also consider looking for VISA cards rather than MasterCards, just cause I’ve had more favorable experience using Visa than MasterCard.
      As for Entropay, that is a known issue. Sometimes it would take you as high as 30 attempts before you manage to successfully upload money to Entropay VCC. Same with me as well. my Axis card takes like 20 tries before a successful payment to Entropay.

      • Thankyou very much, I guess I figured why my debit card is not working on PayPal. I have heard that PayPal do not support 3d security and so, we need to link the card before generating 3d pin. I have an iob classic visa debit card which is blocked previously due to entering incorrect 3d security pin, I tried to add that card and it worked. I even made transcations from PayPal with that card. Thanks again for reply.

        • Sorry but generating the 3D (VBV/MSC) code doesn’t do any wrong there. If your card is to work, it will work even if it has the 3D PIN generated.

          • I was able to link my axis bank chip based debit card in paypal before generating 3d pin. Also card got verified and initial cost got deducted and again got refunded back as paypal policy. Later when I generated 3d secure pin for the same card. the transaction in paypal started getting error messages. Not working now and cant delete 3d genrated pin only option to change the card and keep minimum amount and dont generate 3d pin I suppose.

  • dear sir,,,,,,,
    i have icici bank account
    international debit visa card.
    paypal dosโ€™t accepted โ€ฆโ€ฆ.
    gives a error:-โ€œThe bank that issued your card didnโ€™t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuerโ€™s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.โ€

    • Did you try sending the text message in the format as described in the post to enable International Transactions? Also, is your debit card chip based?

  • Bank of Baroda visa electron card works only on steam website for games and dlc. Bob chip based visa international debit card doesn’t work on PayPal, Google wallet. It worked only once on iTunes store and the authorization hold charge โ‚น60 is not credited to your account automatically and you have to lodge a complaint with customer care to recover it. This card also work on steam site. There is no option in internet banking to enable international transactions on this card and customer support people have no idea how to do it.

  • Bank of Baroda VISA Electron Card didn’t worked with paypal & google wallet. It is already activated for online transactions. But though it not worked.

  • I had no problems with using iob bank – linking it to paypal or any other supports all online transactions.

  • Hello friends!!!
    This is great news for SBI users. SBI launch new SBIinTouch tap n go card which is fine working in PayPal n hopefully that it also work in others payment getaway.

  • I have a chip based international visa debit card of Bank of Baroda but I am unable to make enable international transactions through Bank of Baroda call centre.

  • Earlier I was using Union Bank of India Non Chip based card internationally,but now its not working.Called customer care and they said everything is OK from their side.

    Does Chip based Debit card of the same bank works with Paypal?

    Anybody tried?

  • dear sir,
    which type of State bank international debit card can paypal accepts, following below

    State Bank Gold International Debit Card

    State Bank Global International Debit Card

    State Bank Platinum International Debit Card

    please suggest me

    Nandha Kumar

    • I don’t think State Bank Cards work on PayPal. Although there was an announcement about a collab, I don’t see any fruit so far.

  • Sir ,I hv to make payment for my netteler account .But as soon i deposit d money filling my details… It says payment declined. I hv Bnk of broda-Visa electron card…..dnt know wts d problm.Cn u plz help me…..

  • Hai, Narender Singh i have one dout, i am worked online job in neobux, i am using online bank paypal, i am intrested and

    investment in neobux , the paypal does not accepted my debit card, the debit accept only ,i will be

    transfer the money in neobux ,why what is the problem ,please help me ,

    what can i do .

  • Hi Narender

    I have an International Debit card of Axis Bank (I applied it after reading your article, Thanks for this article) and it is working fine with the Paypal payment but my problem is i can’t make payment on the Indian websites like Airtel Recharge. It always ask me to register for the MasterCard Secure Registration.

    I want to know that if i will register in the MasterCard secure Registration then will my card work with the Paypal transaction? or should i use my other bank card for the Indian Websites.

    Please reply soon.

    Thanks and Regards

    Suraj Soni

    • You can go ahead and register for the MSC 3D authentication. That should make no difference on how it works internationally. My Visa card has Visa3D authentication enabled and works both inside India and outside.

  • Agreed Sir! I tried making a google play app purchase worth Rs. 10 & a paypal donation worth $1.25 (using the same card) today & both the purchases were declined . Called customer care to enquire if “international usage” was enabled/ if I should go for a mastercard that reportedly works. She put my call on a breif hold & confirmed after a few seconds that paypal & google wallet are insecure gateways & therefore they don’t support it!

    When I try to make a purchase, Google & Paypal both tell me to use a different card & that the purchase cannot be made from this

    I had never imagined this would happen! Cards got linked, even authenciation charge was reversed successfully but purchases can’t be made.

    I will just close this account now as it will serve no purpose.

    • AXIS and ICICI are two banks which should work at most of the places. So consider going there if you are looking to open a new account.

  • [Update] I just called IDBi phone banking number to enquire. The person on the other end told that IDBI does not support Paypal for certain security reasons adhering to certain non-disclosable policies. He told that except paypal, other channels of international payment will work.

    Can anybody please explain this? will my card no longer work on paypal. I tried to send a paypal donation today & the transaction did not go through. paypal asked me to use a different card (though my card could be linked to it). Similarly the debit for the request of 4 digit code also did not happen. Thus, I am not able to make any purchases using my IDBI card despite being able to add/link it there.

    • If it doesn’t work, it just won’t work. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to tweak with how our cards work. Banks make their own rules, no matter what the customer wants.

  • Sir, I can confirm that my IDBI international (being me account) visa debit card got successfuly linked into paypal & google wallet. Both charged me Rs.66.80 & Rs. 50 authenciation charge respectively & immediately revesed it as well. But Sir, when I try to request that 4 digit (PP*XXXX) verification code to confirm my debit card , it always gives me an error in the next page

    “The Credit Card Verification System used by PayPal is currently unavailable. Please try to add your credit card at a later time. We apologize for this inconvenience”

    What is the cause of this? How do i bypass this to be able to confirm my card?

  • Does Google Wallet suppprts IDBI Visa says Your card ending xxxx is declined. please try another payment method..?

  • I have sbi atm cum debit card it doesn’t work with Google wallet, planning to open my account in axis bank… Will basic debit work with Google wallet/paypal etc ?

      • Hi, i also have sbi atm debit card- it doesn’t work with any online transaction- not on paypal/ google wallet. As you are saying abt getting intl chip based card. I contacted my local branch, told them the same thing but those bald uncles don’t know anything about the problem. I don’t know why do they get these jobs !! Also contacted on a toll-free customer support number, could not get any reply. Can you direct me who to contact or any other bank should i opt for ? Any help is very appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i have a. indian bank debit card and I have tried my level best to link it to my paypal account but it always says โ€ฆโ€invalid credit cardโ€. Can u pls let me know email ID [email protected] reply now
    Thank you

      • Even I have the EMV Visa International from Bank of India. It doesn’t work. And offcourse the Domestic master card also doesn’t work. The problem is after repeted emails from Bank of India Technical team, I got the response that Google doesn’t accept any indian debit cards.

    • Help please: Which banks visa card is working for you? Is it a debit card? Does it have a chip? Also please inform what type of card (like premium, premium plus, platinum etc)

  • I have BOB platinum chip based visa debit card and I am unable to apply for enable international transactions . No one knows what is this enable international transaction even branch people`s and don`t even costumer care . Please help me to allow international transaction

    • Same thing happened with me..

      i have been contacting with bank since from January ’15 , But No reply from them.

  • So please tell me that what was the name of bank debit card who work better than this bank of card.

  • I want to deposit money on neteller,skrill,and entropay . But all time I have face same problem that your transaction was declined.
    I have SBI MASTER CARD AND UNION BANK OF INDIA VISA CARD both are debit card. Plz help me

    • As per my experience and the feedback from others, both these cards will not work on these sites. however, please do contact UBI helpline and check if International Usage is activated.

  • Hello,

    I would like to addon that i tried with my friend’s old South Indian Bank classic visa card, which is a basic card worked in google play. Havnt checked another sites though.

    Secondly, as said Axis Bank Cards ( pin based) , HDFC platinum credit cards worked for me, but rarely the HDFC fails in some currency other than USD and for large amounts.

    And lastly, the card which I havnt faced any issue at all is American Express Credit Card ( Platinum ). It works for any amount, any currency, any site, u name it. Awesome !!!

    I heard that Cards from Standard Chartered Nd Barclays also work flawlessly, but havnt verified it personally.

    To conclude if yoy have frequent transactions, in some wierd utopian currency, i suggest you American Express ( AMEX ) cards.

    • Thanks for the interesting feedback. I have known about AMEX, but I wanted to keep it to banks which have both Debit and Credit card offerings. For the other banks you mentioned, I have no idea, but because you feel so sure, I’ll go ahead and add South Indian Bank and Standard Chartered (have some feedback about this) to the post. Maybe it will make somebody’s day. It is however sad that our mainstream public sector banks are out of this.

  • @Narender Singh : Sir, Are you sure (unlike BOB & IOB) ,Union Bank debit card works on google wallet & paypal? which one should i get? EMV/non EMV? VISA/MasterCard?

  • Hello sir,

    I was trying to make a payment with paypal using my ICICI debit card but I was getting your card is not accepting and please consult your card authentication provider.

    Please let me know, how to make my debit card paypal acceptable?

    Thanks in advance.

    • ICICI โ€“ ICICI Bank customers just need to call up the helpline and speak to a live representative to ask for the activation of International Payment on their cards. It takes around 24 hours to get activated and thereafter you can use your card on all the shopping ports including PayPal and Google Wallet. You can also send an SMS in the form INTL last four digit of your debit card number to 5676766 to enable international transactions.
      Just get ICICI customer Care and talk with their Executives and tell about activating card

  • I have a. Canara bank debit card and I have tried my level best to link it to my Google acc but it always says …”invalid credit card”. Can u pls let me know why.
    Thank you

    • If it is an international card, most probable reason is because it does not authorize payments to gateways which don’t have 3D Security enabled.

  • But Axis Bank’s Which one..Visa or master card.
    and Global Or classic.Please give me more information.

      • Hello above the given information which are government bank??? And which do allow transaction from the issue of the card???I mean it terrible pH them ,they say do mail and bla bla bla,,,
        Please name a government bank like ICICI and Axis allows transaction,,, I need it for make a developer account in play store,, By providing Google a fee of $25

        • I don’t have any clear information about a government bank supporting that. I guess there are none.

          • Okkk sir,,Private bank minimum balance is too much in saving account,, I know Axis minimum 10000(ten thousand).
            Ten thousand is too much pressure for me,,, And If balance goes less than 10000 they stated deducting Rs 250/months its is unjustic,,
            My friend told me Bank of Baroda and Over seas are government bank???After I read your post I asked them

            • Yes that’s true. My Axis has a minimum balance of 10k, but you can get a relief if you go for a salary account (just if you are employed though).
              IOB and Baroda are Public Sector banks, yes. But I don’t have solid information if their cards actually work. I’ve seen a mixed response in the comments. Worked for some, so there’s some hope ๐Ÿ™‚

            • I have this Axis Bank Prime debit card, which works on international sites.

              I am not sure what type of an account is it, but my father opened one for me, and it is a zero balance account. My card is Titanium Prime Card. But when i looked upon website mos of the schemes have a higher minimum balance, but my dad says, if you meet the bank personally they can give you accounts tailored for you , rather than looking in website

    • sure.i was just sharing my experience.maybe that was because my purchase price was less than minimum required.

  • hello, i have purchased items on sites like aliexpress..the currency conversion charges are huge.. i was said that they will deduct 3% as charge..but its getting over a lot like 4.9%..i ordered a product worth 3.45 which is 247 rs but my bank icici debit card deducted 237..this money will get hude when i make a 900 $ purchase..i want to buy a laptop in amzon me to reduce the charges…?

    • You need to talk to the bank about their commission. Service tax and CESS will also be implemented on the commission AFAIK.

    • Hii Srikar Bro…I want Help From You.I want To buy things From AliExpress but every Time going to do payments i get problems.I have SBI global debit card but payment not going To successful. Please Tell me which Bank’s debit Card You use and which i Have to Use..thanks

      • I purchased recently from Aliexpress using my PNB Mastercard debit card without any kind of hassle whatsoever & to my surprise my account was billed below the market price of US dollar at that time.

    • hello everyone.
      i would like to share some info that i’ve gathered along.i was in desperate need of help like some of you fellow users.
      first of all, AXIS BANK MASTERCARD (NOT VISA) DEBIT WILL WORK ON-ALIEXPRESS,AMAZON PRIME,iTUNES,PAYPAL.I’VE TRIED IT SO NO DOUBT.Please opt for prime saving account(but it requires min. 25000 monthly bal in account.)
      also one guy here plans to buy a 1000$ laptop from, i highly recommend please dont.i bought 30 dollar cover for my iphone, and had to pay 14$ as customs charge.

      as for aliexpress users.the currency change would be as applicabe at the time of payment.also the items will reach after 45 days min.

      please note that iTunes,amazon prime doesn’t accept indian debit cards at all.i dont really know how axis bank mastercard works every time(good for me).

      • Axis Bank Visa card works for me and I have an average balance requirement of 10000.
        You’re kinda wrong about the laptop purchase here. Amazon works very different from AliExpress and they estimate the customs in advance and charge you. So you need not pay them upon delivery. Also amazon ships items with priority services such as Aramex and DHL and hence improving the delivery speed.

  • i have already sent a request to icici by txtng intl last 4 digits of my card number to 5676766 but still its not yet activated .. i sent the request on friday and got a msg from them saying it would be activated within 48 hours but its been more then 48 hours now but still not working.. what should i do? if i call the customer care number all i get is IVR i dont get an option to talk with a customer care agent. can anyone help .. i am located in ludhiana.

  • can anybody please confirm if IDBI /Union Bank of India/Bank of Baroda Cards show that 4 digit passcode in netbanking/statement/passbook? please also mention the card type also. Indian bank EMV cards get attached to paypal but cannot be verified so the sending limit of USD 10000 cannot be withdrawn

    • Hey buddy
      Not sure about those banks as I don’t maintain an account, but I tried my Axis and it shows the 4-digit code (screenshot below). Doesn’t it show a similar statement in your Indian Bank statement? And thanks. I’ll add Indian Bank to the list in the post ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Which banks are confirmed to be showing the โ€œPayPal 4 digit verification passcodeโ€ in their statements/passbook/through netbanking. I can confirm that Indian bank EMV Visa does not show even after having netbanking enabled. can anybody please confirm if IDBI/Union Bank of India/Bank of Baroda Cards show that 4 digit passcode?

  • How do I sent money to my paypal account from any wallet like oxigen paytm etc. and from my bank icici.And how to set my debit card for shopping in foreign currency. For foreign currency do me want to send sms INTL TO 5676766
    And how to link my debit card to paypal account

  • Paypal won’t let me add my Debit card to my account???

    My Bank said my card is activated and and can use for paypal as well but it does not work, I cannot add my VISA card
    paypal says this mesage

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

    I called to my bank they sayd they are ok and they activated.
    but whats happen ?
    what Can I do now ?

  • I have valid visa debit card but Google wallet dose not accept it. My bank is DENA BANK. Please help me regarding this

      • would really like to know. I have already applied to open their account but yet to go to branch with KYC documents. before I go to submit, I want to know and make sure which exact card would work, so I don’t have to re-apply again for a new card in near future. I called up their Customer care who unsurprisingly have no clue about this.

        • Ask for a EMV Chip Based International Visa Card. That should be enough. The other card differences are generally only about limits and as such all EMV cards should be eligible for international purchases.

  • Replay me here……Can somebody tell meโ€ฆBank of baroda supports paypal????I called Bank of baroda and Paypal customer care .They are saying not having information about thisโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ..and for which card should I apply????

  • Can somebody tell me…Bank of baroda supports paypal????I called Bank of baroda and Paypal customer care .They are saying not having information about this………..

  • Bank Of Baroda card works really?..can u please name the card and the exact procedure to follow to use it on paypal ?

  • hello sir
    i am getting problem in payment options in facebook.
    which bank debit card are accepted for payments in facebook?

  • For using paypal which debit card should i take from icici bank golden,silver or chip debit cards

    • Any card with EMV chip should work as long as it has international usage activated ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i have send message from my registered mobile no. for international usuage in my icici bank debit card yesterday…………………….but when will my card get activate…how many days does it takes to get confirmation message on my mobile…………

  • Hi friends, I am going to use the Google cloud platform for my project.
    But when I goes for the registration on Google cloud it giving me error like
    “Authorization failed: No reason provided by your financial institution”
    I am using the Central banks EVM chip Platinum debit card for the payment.

    What is the actual problem? And How to solve it.

    • Probably similar to many other Indian Banks, Central Bank does not support the gateways which haven’t yet activated the 3D code authentication?

  • which indian bank allow transection with neteller???

    and which card support?????
    please suggest me…..

      • Yes. I am using EMV chip card with International Usage activated even I contact the bank by e-mail said Bank of Baroda Debit Card don’t have any tie-up with Pay pal. So Debit Card cannot be used with Pay pal.

        • Strange when some can use it while others can’t ๐Ÿ™ Dunno if I should keep it or remove it ๐Ÿ˜

          • You Should remove it… Today only I open ICICI bank account , and they given me instant card for few days till my proper card can come.. And it Work on Pay Pal also ICICI bank is the best option you can take Because it’s Multinational companies..

            • Sure. I’ll remove it for now ๐Ÿ™
              Happy to hear that ICICI works at least ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I use ICICI Debit card to create an account in Google play store, When I create a new Payment method with my Debit card, it shows an error message “Invalid Credit Card”. How may I solve this issue?

    • same issue here!
      i called the icici nri toll free number, they said it will be actiavted within 24 hours

      its been a week and it has not been activated yet
      thanks for the sms info @Narender Singh
      i got a reply saying it will be activated within 48 hours, hoping this time it turns out true!

      • Keep up the hope and do let us know if you managed to activate it or not. Also, do you have an EMV Chip Based card?

  • Hi,
    Tell me Andhra bank visa debit card is working on Google play.
    ‘coz I want to purchase some apps in google play


  • i am having union bank of \India debit card of visa logo
    i have registered for self user login and verified by visa and 3d secure also but still its not accepting but previously i have done through my old card.

    i ham seriously frustrated by this

    • Did you check with the bank if your International Usage is enabled? As per RBI, it should come disabled with the card and enabled only when customer asks for it.

  • How do I contact them??

    Nahh…The amount I spend in international transactions was less than the daily spend Limit.

  • I made more than 4 international transactions and Axis Bank disabled my international usage.I think I need to go to the branch to find out why?

    It’s very confusing because when I called their customer care,they told that there is no such limit of 4 transactions per month.

    • How about asking the central customer support again as to why it was disabled?
      Also are you certain that you’re not hitting up your personal daily usage limit?

    • Just call them first and talk with them if it will be solve without going Branch.
      as i told you guys Rahul got same ans as i got from Axis/ICICI.

  • just open New Current Account in Axis Bank will have to wait for a weeek

    Narender did you get any info as you said above about Asix Bank?

    • Hmm.. Yep. They replied back to me and they said there are no other limits on my card usage other than the max daily spending limit that I’ve set in the NetBanking. Other than that, there’s some nominal charge for excessive transactions in a savings bank account (something which all banks charge). They assured me that there is nothing like the monthly limit of maximum 4 transactions a month.
      That said, this wasn’t the branch guys, but the Central Customer Support team of Axis. But I don’t seem to care much about this. It is working fine for me and I do not see any reason why RBI would want to block my card. It is my money after all ๐Ÿ˜›

      • well then how the hell ICICI and Axis both are keep saying me that ok nevermind glad you got answer and you dont have problem.

        • That’s what is confusing me as well. And I just received an email reply from them as well. It reads:

          Dear Mr. Singh,
          We refer to your appended email regarding clarifications of ATM withdrawal charges.
          As per RBI guidelines and for your security, the daily international usage limit on your existing Magstripe Debit Card is set as Rs. 40000/-. This means you can use your existing Magstripe Debit Card for ATM or Purchase transactions (outside India or on International websites), upto the daily limit of Rs. 40,000/- respectively.
          The revised Free ATM transaction limits for Axis Savings customers applicable w.e.f 1st Decโ€™14.
          We wish to inform you that, as per your account type First 5 transactions (Financial + Non Financial) free at Axis Bank ATM.
          First 3 transactions (Financial + Non Financial) free in Metro Locations (Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad ), OR – First 5 transactions (Financial + Non Financial) free in all Other Locations at Other Bank ATM.
          There is no change in the ATM per transaction Fee which is chargeable above free limits. The same is priced at Rs.20/- (excludes service tax) for Financial transactions and Rs. 9.55 (includes service tax) for Non- Financial transactions as prescribed by RBI.
          From 1st Decโ€™14 onwards, once the Customer complete 2 ATM transactions (Financial + Non-Financial) for the month in Non Axis Bank ATMs customers will be sent an SMS alert. Similarly, once the Customer completes 4 ATM transactions (Financial + Non-Financial) for the month in Axis Bank ATMs an SMS alert will be sent.
          We request you to co-ordinate with your Axis Bank branch for further clarifications.
          Geeta Rane
          Customer Service – Cards
          Axis Bank

  • I hv IOB visa debit card and it worked without any prob.this waa not mentioned in any of the site which includes this topic

    • Should I rely on this, Simon? Can you tell me more about this? Like the process to get the international usage activated? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚