How to Take Screenshots in Sailfish OS 2.0 Devices

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Sailfish OS is silently growing by partnering with more and more OEMs/Brands who put Saifish OS on their smartphones. New features are regularly implemented into Sailfish as per the voting. An important new addition is the ability to take screenshots without third-party apps.

Key Combination to Take Screenshots

We all make use of screenshots. From saving important transaction records to note keeping, screenshots serve a number of purposes. In case of Sailfish OS, pressing two hardware keys simultaneously is all you need to take a screenshot*. Here’s how:

Key Combination: Volume Up + Volume Down

Just press and hold the above keys for a second and a screenshot will be captured and saved to storage.

Where is the screenshot saved?

The screenshots taken via the above key combination are saved to /home/nemo/pictures/Screenshots

They are accessible via the inbuilt Gallery app or any 3rd party Android file manager as well.

*Last tested on Sailfish OS build


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