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Sailfish OS Now Available – New Features and How to Update

Sailfish OS on Jolla PhoneJolla has released a new version of Sailfish OS. This is a major release which brings the version number to 2.1.x from the previous 2.0.x. While there might not be many visible changes, there are major architectural changes, hence making it a major release.

The update is available as ‘early access’ for the Jolla 1, Jolla C and the Jolla Tablet. It will later roll out to devices not enrolled for ‘early access’. Intex Aqua Fish can also be updated, but it is not officially supported.

New Features in Sailfish OS

Here are the highlights from the official release notes published by Jolla for the SFOS release. For detailed list of changes, please refer to the official post at

  • QT 5.6 UI Framework
  • Support for Aarch64 (in progress)
  • Bluez5 (5.43) Bluetooth protocol support
  • Bluetooth UI system dialogues and windows redesigned
  • Basic text selection (copy-paste) in browser
  • Bulgarian & Gujarati Keyboards Added
  • Annotation support for PDF documents
  • VPN support for OpenVPN and OpenConnect
  • Setting for increasing Sailfish OS font sizes
  • Facebook Notifications removed

How to Update to

If you have the Jolla C, Jolla 1 or the Jolla Tablet, you can update normally by signing up for early access. Update for Intex Aqua Fish or the Turing phone is not released yet, so updating via terminal is the only solution. Here’s how to update to using the terminal.

  1. Make sure that you’re running the latest 2.0.5.x version. if you’re behind, consider updating
  2. Check that Developer mode is enabled under Settings > Developer tools.
  3. Open Terminal and write thr following commands one by one:
    ssu release
    version --dup

    If the command is not accepted, you will need to elevate first by using the su command.

  4. Wait for the download and install to finish. Reboot the phone when done.

You should be running Sailfish OS 2.1.0 after the reboot. You can confirm it by opening Settings > About.

Before you may ask, no Jio4GVoice app still does not work. So, you cannot make free calls using the Reliance Jio SIM card.

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