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Jolla Outs Sailfish OS Early Access Update

Jolla is pushing out a new update to the Sailfish OS which pushes the version number to It is a minor update for Intex Aqua Fish since it is already running It is however a major release for devices which are running earlier builds. The update is in the Early Access phase, however the standard OTA update shouldn’t be far as Jolla normally pushes OTAs about a week after pushing an Early Access update.

What’s New in this Update?

Refer to the Jolla community post here to read the release highlights. The default search engine issue (with the browser) which bugged me for a while is also sorted out.

Updating to Early Access Update

To update to 2.48 as early access user, you need to log into your Jolla account and choose to sign up for Early access to Sailfish OS releases. Alternatively you can resort to the terminal (enabling Developer options is required) and throw the following commands. Be sure to backup your important data before attempting to update.

ssu release
version --dup

Restart your device via options of the reboot command when the process finishes and your device should be running the latest release of Sailfish 🙂

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