[Guide] How to unlock the bootloader on Nokia Android Phones

Nokia Bootloader Unlock
Detailed guide to help you unlock the bootloader of your Nokia Android device. You can unlock bootloader of Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8, Nokia 7, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 5, Nokia 2 & Nokia 2.1.

Nokia does not offer any official way to unlock the bootloader of its Android phones. This doesn’t stop the developer community from trying out new ways to gain access. The same has borne some fruit, and now, an unofficial method to unlock the bootloader on Nokia Android phones is found. The way we approach bootloader unlock is different for Nokia phones based on Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets.

Why unlock the bootloader?

By unlocking the bootloader you can open up a whole new world of possibilities. An unlocked bootloader allows you to modify the system data such as the recovery or the operating system. You can not only root the smartphone to gain admin privileges, but also install a different ROM which can change the smartphone experience. That said, all these possibilities depend on the developer community, and some devices receive more development, while others receive lesser.

There are certain disadvantages as well. The most critical being the fact that your phone becomes slightly less secure. If you aren’t careful, then it is possible for a hacker to break into your phone by making you install malicious apps. Some apps (generally from banks) also limit parts of app’s functionality on unlocked devices. Also, unless Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) officially provides bootloader unlocking, the community participation will be severely limited.

How to unlock the bootloader on Nokia Android phones?

This guide applies to Nokia smartphones which use a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

These devices which can be unlocked are – Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1 (Nokia 6 2018), Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 8 and Nokia X71. In addition to these, the Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7) and Nokia 9 Pureview can also be unlocked by following an alternate method.

Dedicated unlock methods:

  • Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7.1, go here. [Paid only]
  • Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 9 PureView, go here. [Paid only]
  • Nokia 7.2, go here [Free]

The standard method for other devices:

Nokia Mobile is not officially offering the bootloader unlock codes (except for the Nokia 8). So, we need to acquire this unlock code via a third party. We at TechMesto are also offering bootloader unlock codes for Qualcomm based Nokia Android phones.


  1. All data on your device will be erased. So, backup all important data before unlocking the bootloader.
  2. Your warranty may be void. So, know in advance the risk you’re taking.

1.Get unlock key (signature):

Bootloader unlock key is an encrypted file containing an encrypted string which gives the unlock permission. You can use the unlock key if your phone is on July 2018 or an older update. Price for the unlock key is $5 per request. You will need to send the following information:

  • Your IMEI number for SIM1 slot (Dial *#06# to get it)
  • Your phone serial (Find it in Settings > About phone > Status)
Buy Bootloader Unlock key

After August 2018 update:

  • The avobe key will not work. You need a remote downgrade service after August 2018 security update, go here.

2.Enable OEM unlock:

Go to Settings > System> Developer options on your Nokia Android smartphone and enable OEM Unlocking. You should be able to unlock without making this setting change, but you ideally should enable it.

Enable OEM unlocking in developer options
Enable OEM unlocking

3.Boot into bootloader mode:

 Now boot your Nokia smartphone to the bootloader (or download) mode. Follow these steps for bootloader mode:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the device
  3. Press and hold Volume Down + Power key together till you reach the screen reads that reads “Download mode”.

Alternatively, you can also use the command adb reboot bootloader in the adb interface to reboot the phone to bootloader mode.

4.Unlock the bootloader:

The final step is to connect the Nokia phone to the PC and send the bootloader unlock command along with the unlock key which you acquired earlier. Here are the details:

  1. Ensure that your Nokia smartphone is detected by fastboot by running:
    fastboot devices
  2. If your device is detected, then send the following command:
    Note: Replace UnlockFile.bin with the name or full path of your unlock file.

    fastboot flash unlock UnlockFile.bin
  3. Now send the command to unlock the bootloader.
    fastboot oem unlock-go
  4. On some Nokia devices, you will receive a bootloader unlock confirmation prompt. It looks like the following. Use the volume keys to select “Unlock the bootloader” and then press the power key to confirm.
    Nokia bootloader unlock confirmation screen
    Confirmation screen before unlock
  5. Complete critical unlock – Allows bootloader to be re-flashed. Your device will be wiped again.
    fastboot flash unlock UnlockFile.bin
    fastboot flashing unlock_critical
  6. It will take a few moments to wipe all data on the device and unlock the bootloader. Be patient as the process completes.

Workaround for devices upgraded to August 2018 security release:

As you’d have already known that HMD Global has patched the unlocks with the August update, you can still follow a small workaround on devices with A/B partition.

For Nokia 2, 5 and Nokia 6 (2017 versions) with A-only partitioning: Flash the July 2018 OTA update from recovery. Your application bootloader (aboot) will be downgraded. Then go back to step 2 above and proceed with the unlock.

Your bootloader should now be unlocked. If your device does not automatically reboot to Android, then use the soft reset keys to boot it back up. Here’s a screenshot of how your command prompt window will appear as you send the bootloader unlock commands.Nokia bootloader unlock commands

You can verify that the unlock is successful by following this guide. All unlocked phones will also show a 5-second warning before booting up. The text is “Your device software can’t be checked for corruption. Please lock the bootloader.”

If you have bought the unlock key through us. Then, you can contact us directly for email support. We will even offer support via TeamViewer if you fail to unlock the bootloader on your own.


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  • Hi!
    Can you unlock bootloader on Nokia 5.4 (TA-1337). Phone like brick. It work, but in fastboot no recovery menu. And i forgot the pin on phone.

    • Hi, bootloader unlock is not possible on the Nokia 5.4. You will need to contact service to erase data via fastboot mode with authorization.

  • Excellent service. Fast and recommendable. Personalized attention from Sir Narender. Greetings from Mexico.

  • Hi, Is it possible to unlock my Nokia 6.1 plus bootloader.
    Security Patch : Feb 2021
    Help me

  • It will be a likely hardware issue. Try wiping the data from the recovery mode. If it gets stuck, then the emmc has become corrupt and your phone needs a new motherboard and/or a experienced technician’s help to replace the emmc.

  • This is not working :(, i can’t get my unlock key because “your phone is not compatible”….. I have nokia 6 2017 with android pie

  • Hi Narendar Ji,

    I want to unlock my Nokia 7.1’s Boot-loader can you help me?

    I can’t OEM unlock its not active in my developer section/

    • I also had a problem with it, but when I turned off the programming settings and turned it back on, for a moment the “OEM unlock” button is available, I press it and I have OEM unlocked….

      • Hi, that’s a dummy toggle which does nothing. Having that toggle to On doesn’t grant you the ability to unlock the bootloader 🙂

  • I just wanna thank you so much for helping me unlocking my nokia 2.
    You guys are the best. <3

  • i have a nokia 6.1 plus running the android 10 internal build. so, I want to unlock the bootloader and revert back to android pie or any other custom rom using TWRP recovery. is it possible?

  • Just finished a call with Narender to unlock my Nokia 7.1 bootloader . All went exactly as promised . Narender even loaded the stock ROM for me .
    Phone working again perfectly. Just wanted to say thank you for a terrific job – very satisfied customer.

    Cheers, Phil

  • Hi, I have a Nokia 2 TA-1035, I want to unlock and root, it has a June 2019 security patch and Android 7.1.1. Thank you

  • I managed to unlock the bootloader Nokia 5 quickly and easily. All necessary actions are described here on the site. The price is quite acceptable. Thank you for your work.

  • Hi, I hope you can help.

    I’ve been trying to use fastboot commands with my Nokia 6.1 TA-1054, but whenever I type a fastboot command I get the same response of “”.
    I used both the “adb devices” and “fastboot devices” commands to see whether my device is detected, but only adb seems to be picking up my device.

    Some websites say this can happen when you don’t have the correct drivers installed. I updated my drivers but to no avail. What can I do to fix this?

      • Hi, you need to use an updated version of fastboot if you have installed the drivers. Or else include the vendor ID in the commands which can force detection:
        fastboot -i 0x2e04 devices

  • Hi, is it possible to unlock the bootloader of my Nokia 6.1 (2018) TA-1054 with Android 7.1 (nougat) using this procedure?

    • Hi Ailton, yes, you can unlock the Nokia 6.1 using this method 🙂 Please do not flash the global firmware on it though. Only flash the CN firmware.

      • Hi, I want to buy the bootloader unlock key, but I can not access serial from the phone (Find in Settings> About phone> Status) because my device is in unrecoverable state. I only have the IMEI number of the SIM1 slot that is written in the device box, what can I do in that case? I can reinstall the firmewere and then debloquear the bootloader, help me, please!

        • The serial number can be had from the fastboot mode. Bug first of all, can you tell how did it brick. If your TA-1054 was flashed with Global ROM and it updated to Android 9, then it cannot be fixed without disassembling the phone. If it is bricked due to any other reason, then we can try.

  • Has anyone succeeded in unlocking the bootloader on a Nokia 3.1 plus?? Is this possible? Does the earliset 3.1 plus firmware already have the security patch? How do I downgrade the firmware with a locked bootloader?
    Any answers/help with these questions would be much appreciated.
    thanks, Nima

  • 12.04.19 paid for the file to unlock and already unlocked Nokia 5. Successfully updated to Android 9.0.
    Thank you very much! It’s nice to deal with decent people!

  • I’ve got N7P, but there’s a problem with the OEM Unlocking slider being greyed out, thus not working. Factory reset didn’t help at all. Is bootloader unlocking still possible for my device?

  • My Device Nokia X6 TA-1099 (4+64), after upgrade to Pie Change to TA-1083. Can I unlock Bootloader my Device ??
    Plz Help

    • Hello Tonio, the bootloader for Nokia 8.1 cannot be unlocked for now. No methods possible on the phone 🙂

    • As checked from the forum post, you have a TA-1054 which is for China. The device likely bricked after installing the Android Pie (9.0) update. There is no way to unlock or flash the phone now. You will have to disassemble the phone and connect the pinout to force the phone into EDL mode. After that perform flashing using QPST/QFIL tool.

  • Incredible support. Got the key within a few hours, but I was so lost with the procedure that this Narender Singh dude actually teamviewered me to help me deal with my issues..! Half an hour later, all solved. Hats off, mysterious internet hacker-hero.

    Cheers from France!

  • Is it possible for Nokia 2.1?
    On the Website it said ANY Nokia so I took that as a yes. I pais the 8$ on December 26th. Yet I didn’t hear anything till now. Are you on vacation? At least send me a verification mail, that you’re workig on it or that its not possible.
    My phone is on a higher security update than Aug2018 so probably doing it will need a Remote Session. Do I have to pay extra for that?
    I really hope to hear from you soon. 😉

  • hi,

    I think I unlocked the boot loader on for my TA-1045. However, I have some questions.

    I followed the guide provided up until step 4 where I am shown unlock bootloader confirmation.

    After I confirmed it, the phone wiped itself and my nokia 6.1 rebooted into a fresh install.

    Now, it says under OEM unlocking that Bootloader is already unlocked. So, I am guessing it is unlocked now.

    My question is, in the step 5 of the guide, it mentions critical unlock that I did not really get chance to complete because of the phone resettting itself before I could do it.

    Is that something I needed to do before or after the phone wiped itself?

    I am asking this because I remember I had another TA-1045 earlier that I returned because it got stuck in NOKIA logo after I started all over again to complete step 5 for critical unlock.

    How would I go about unlocking critical now that the phone rest itself?

    • Hi Jason, that’s the correct behavior. Both unlocks are separate and require you to wipe the phone twice. So, you can go into the download mode and unlock critical.
      The critical unlock should not cause a boot loop. Do you remember if you previously rooted the phone or made any changes before unlocking critical? You should go ahead and unlock critical. The phone should continue to work fine. Let me know if it doesn’t. We can flash it to factory firmware to fix it.

  • I can confirm this works perfectly.
    Narender is nice and professional, and the whole process went smoothly, even while working around my internet issues. (Nokia 6.1 plus) is unlocked and working properly.

    Worth the $8 for sure.

  • Hi my phone is not detected by the ADB using the commands “adb devices” or “fastboot devices” So, there is anyway can I unlock the bootloader?

    I have only available the “download mode” and Windows has installed correctly the drivers, when I tried to use the OST I have the follow error:

    Error Code: 0xc6da
    Error: Download fails,

    • Please try using the Fastboot which is present inside the OST LA folder. So, open a command window (or Powershell) in the OST LA folder. Then run this command:
      fastboot-android devices

      It should return your device serial number if the drivers are correctly installed. If you have an IM such as Telegram, WhatsApp or even facebook or Twitter, please send it in an email to . It will be easier to talk there.

      As for that ADB error in OST LA, please do not select “Check system AP status”. That option is useless in the cracked version and will cause the flashing to failt.

  • I followed the steps and the Phone restarted but when I insert the SIM Card I get the message, SIM Network Unlock PIN and the option to enter the PIN number and 2 buttons “Unlock” and “Dismiss” I have used the PIN that comes with my SIM card but does not work

  • Hello, I’ll be getting a gsm unlocked nokia 6.1 plus, in about 10 days or less. Will you guys be able to unlock the boot-loader on it?


    • Hi James, yes thats possible. However if it runs August or newer out of the box, then it needs a downgrade first.

      • Just as long as there’s a way lol I’d hate to have another phone like this silly Verizon one that I’m on, where there is no way at all.

        I’ll be coming here and choosing the necessary option depending on the security date, probably the same day the phone arrives at the door. I’m hoping it’s old stock, but we’ll see.

        Thanks for the quick reply. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

      • If I were to pay another $8, do you think you could help me fix my phone? I can load twrp, and use adb commands, but I never get past the nokia/androidone logos now.

  • I Have nokia 6 ta-1000 that already flash to ta-1003 and updated OTA October 2018. what step should I do 1st?


    • After getting the key, you need to downgrade the bootloader by flashing an old OTA (pre-August) via recovery. It will throw an error and then you can proceed to fastboot mode to unlock the bootloader.

  • Hi, i ve buyed the phone from gearbest flash sale, and it will arrive to me in the next weeks. It says international x6 version, so i think an x6 with global rom installed (maybe they unlock then relock BL). The question is: You know if gearbest sends devices with unlockable firmware? If my device arrives with later than august patches, you offer an alternative method to unlock anyway ? Thanks

    • Hi Fede, as per my experience, the device comes with August update and cannot be unlocked via the standard procedure. However, a workaround is possible and we can do that for your phone. Price will be slightly higher 🙂

  • hi,first of all i must thank Narender Singh for his help to worked fine for me and everything went snoothly according to site explanations.i am junior at unlocking bootloader but it was quite easy process.the price costs and i advice it to everyone that have my trouble for updating multilingual tampered rom of nokia 7.regards.

  • These may seem stupid questions but I’m still noob so bear with me. After I successfully unlock my bootloader, can I relock it from the developer oem unlock option that easily or does it requires more than that or I can never relock it again whatsoever? Also, can I still update my system to whatever security patch without getting the bootloader locked again (the unlock would stick forever) I wouldn’t even get any OTA updates after unlocking the bootloader?

    • Re-lock the bootloader: You cannot lock it back from the developer options. You need to use the fastboot commands just how you did when unlocking it. Please follow this post for instructions. I recommend that you flash the stock ROM using OST LA before locking back your bootloader.

      Software updates: Bootloader unlock alone does not affect software updates. You can take updates normally. And updates will not lock back your bootloader either. That said, updates will come and fail to install if you root your phone or make any modification. They will fail to install till you revert any such modifications made by you. This will sometimes require you to flash the whole stock ROM before you can install updates again.

  • I paid for it and I still have not received the signature file.
    I sent an email to you guys and have not heard back.
    What is going on?

    • Please understand that the service is manual. That’s why we ask for 24 hours to complete it. I hope your unlock key worked 🙂

  • Hello, I use Nokia 7. After I unlocked the bootloader two times (oem, critical), I tried to switch the slot to b but I couldn’t. I can see the screen like this.
    Setting current slot to ‘b’…
    FAILED (remote: Invalid Slot Suffix)
    I also tried to flash my phone with OST 6.0.4 but I couldn’t, either. It shows like this.
    Error = Download fails,
    Error = UNHANDLING_error: 0xc92d (0xC92D)
    What should I do to flash the rom into the official rom?
    I will appreciate it if anyone helps me. 🙂

  • Hello!
    I got a question: I have flashed the system with original ROM from XDA and followed your guide, but after I booted the phone it offered me a new system update 069A.B02 with December 2017 security patch. It looked suspicious, it’s not Oreo, for sure. I clicked download and then, after download, agreed to install. It was installing up to 34%, then quickly go to 38% and then go back to 0% and then it says failed to install. I tried to do it many times, but it never worked. I tried to put it on a SD card and install it from recovery menu, but it also failed. It was saying something like the file got the timestamp = 0 and it was expected to be equal 1565443 (or other numbers, but looks like this), then I was pressing buttons and the screen changed to “installing system update” and then “error”. So nothing worked.
    Current build is 00CN_0_430 and with October 1 2017 security patch.
    Can you give any advice? Thank you!

    • Hi Bambuk, Since these are very old updates, some might have been broken on the Nokia/FIH Server. What I can tell you is that I have a Nokia 7 too and it received and installed this update fine at that time. Can you check if you have done a complete a factory reset of the device after flashing with OST? Sometimes OST does not do a full wipe.
      I’ll also recommend trying to flash it again. Maybe that will help? 🙂 Also, can you share the OTA file? The timestamp should not be 0 as per my understanding. The file information will show the timestamp and pre, post builds.

      • Hello Narender!
        Thank you very much for your reply.
        I had to reflash the phone, after that it worked out. Yesterday I got September update.
        Overall, thank you and your community for keeping this website running!
        I do appreciate your answer for this issue.

  • Guys, only to let you know that one of the security patches on the Chinese ta-1054 is going to break your mobile network radio transmission. SIM goes on/off every second. I don’t know which one is it, but it came with the 8.1.0 update. I will try to downgrade tomorrow. Other than that the bootloader unlock worked flawlessly.

  • Nokia 6.1 with august up date, tried to change my slot to slot a (august is in b according to the getvar), It got stuck at the nokia logo and now I can’t seem to get my device back to recovery to change the slot back, holding down the power button does nothing.

      • Good that you recovered the phone. But, were you able to unlock it? The slot change should work if you only installed 1 August update and no update after that.

        • Yes I was able to. I used the fastboot oem getversions command you mentioned on the buy page comments to verify that the version on the other slot was lower than the one in my august 1 update slot. Bought the unlock once I verified and it applied without issue.

          • Great! I’m hoping that you have also unlocked critical. That’s very useful in case the phone bricks (for whatever reason).

    • I’ve myself done that on my Nokia 7 (not 7 Plus). I unlocked it prior to August and then updated to September and I rooted it with September. Any way I an help?

      • Hello, thanks for quick answer. I have got Nokia 8 with unlocked bootloader and I was wondering whether it may make some troubles. Second question would be that currently I am on August, and when I’ve flash twrp, in order to get back to possibility of official update, I have to flash boot.img. The only one would be from June, but the b version of sw is the same 4.88, the difference is only in security patch. Would the one from June fit in case of August/September security patch?

        • First of all, I hope that you have unlocked critical. That’s something you need to flash factory images if something goes wrong. Next, unlocking alone does not affect the way updates are installed. You will receive them fine and they will install fine too.
          The boot images sometimes work, but they are generally incompatible across security patches. So, here’s what you should do:
          1. Record the URL of the update and download the ZIP to your PC. You can then extract the boot.img from it.
          2. Before flashing TWRP, use a magisk patched boot image (with temporary root) and copy over your stock boot image. That way you’ll have a full stock image to rely on if something goes wrong.

  • Dear TechMesto Team,
    I tried unlock my device but it error ” Fail to verify”. ( My device is X6, August security)
    I changed slot to b, reboot bootloader and unlock again but it still error. Then i reboot, it goes into a bootloop with the slot changed.
    I check imei and serial number and it correct.
    Please, support me. Check my unlock file correct?
    Sorry my bad En

  • Hi,
    Is it possible to re-lock the bootloader (like on Pixel devices)? And if I re-lock it will I be able to unlock it again?

    • Yes, you can re-lock the bootloader when you want to. What you need to ensure is that you flash back the full NB0 package before re-locking it. Follow these commands to lock it.
      You can unlock it again, but since Nokia is blocking the unlocks with the August (and newer) OTA updates, it might no longer be possible. If Nokia Mobile care downgrades your device to an older software version, then you can unlock it again.

  • Hi Narender Singh,
    I got stuck on step 4, my phone doesnt show up when using “fastboot devices”.
    Nokia 6 2018 (TA-1054)
    Android 7.1.1 security patch november 6, 2017
    Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Emir, please ensure that you have the device drivers installed. Also ensure that you are running the latest version of minimal ADB and fastboot.

      • Ive tried updating the drivers while in download mode, pc says drivers werent compatible. And while in file transfer mode it says I allready have the newest driver installed.
        The weird thing is, “adb reboot bootloader” works perfectly fine, but once I let it search for fastboot devices nothing happens.

        PS: im running minimal adb fastboot 1.4.3

        • That shouldn’t have happened. Can you try running the setup (after extracting) of these drivers and then rebooting the PC? Also, please check the device manager and see how the device is shown when connected in download mode (Right click Start > Device Manager)? Does it have yellow exclamation sign? Also right click on the device and check properties. Correct drivers will show HMD Global as the manufacturer.

        • I did as you replied, unfortunately still without any succes. This is what it looks like in device manager .

          There used to be “Android” (device) under “andere apparaten” (other devices) with an exclamation mark. I decided to remove it hoping that it would accept the new drivers afterwards. Now it only shows up as Fastboot Device under “ADB interface”. However the device still can’t be found when using the fasboot devices command.

          • The drivers and everything else appears to be good. Let’s try this last one. Try using the vendor ID in the commands. Here are a few examples:
            fastboot -i 0x2e04 devices

            fastboot -i 0x2e04 unlock UnlockFile.bin

            If it works, then add -i 0x2e04 to the remainder of the commands as well. Hoping that this will sort it out for you.

            • Tried this method as well without luck. Than I tried using a portable ADB instead of the installed one, now it did show up. Finally got it unlocked so thank you very much.

    • If you have only installed 1 update in August, then you can change the slot and flash the unlock file. If you have taken 2, then you cannot anymore.

        • It is not easy to figure out what version is installed on the phone. What you can try is to change the active slot and then try booting up the phone. If it boots fine, then you can check the About Phone section to see the installed security patch. If it remains stuck at the Nokia/Android logo then you cannot find out which update is installed on that slot.
          To change the slot, check the Workaround for devices upgraded to August 2018 security release: area in the guide above the comments.

  • Hi again :)! I ordered the code, it arrived and everything works, great service! But there is a problem, I installed the TWRP recovery, but strangely using the power button and volume on nothing, does not start, turns off or if I leave it just slightly turns on the phone. Initially when the “turn on” appears the classic screen of the bootloader unlocked, then the normal one, and finally nothing, usually a problem. How should i do? We talk about the Nokia 6 TA-1021, is there a suitable procedure? I have the July patch anyway

    • This could be due to the incorrect TWRP. You will have to revert back to stock recovery/boot if your device is not booting anymore after the TWRP.

  • I would like to unlock the bootloader, but my pc doesn’t detect my nokia 7 plus while in fastboot mode. However, my pc detects the phone when I type “adb devices”. I think it’s because on Windows Device Manager my phone shows as “Unknown Device”. I have tried many solutions, but neither worked. What should I do to solve the problem?

    • Ok, now I have installed the drivers and at device manager it is shown as “Fastboot Device”, but my pc still doesn’t detect my phone.

      • Can you confirm that you have the latest version of fastboot installed on your PC? Please try adding the vendor ID to the commands. For example – fastboot -i 0x2e04 unlock UnlockFile.bin
        The -i 0x2e04 is the vendor ID. If that works, add it to the other commands as well just after the fastboot word.

        • I have solve the problem. I installed the version 1.4.2 instead of version 1.4.3. Thank you very much for helping me!

  • Hey there, I’m getting a

    writing ‘unlock’ FAILED (remote: fail to verify)

    error, how can I fix this?

      • Hi. Any ideas about September update? I’ve tried to change different partitions with no success. FAILED (remote: ‘Fail to verify’)
        PS: Nokia 7

        • This is going to be sad. Because the other slot has August update and your current slot has September update. Both these updates have blocked unlocking ability.
          There is some hope only if you manage to find a July update package which you can flash via stock recovery. In some cases, it will downgrade your abl, allowing you to flash the unlock file and unlock the bootloader.

    • Just for clarification because I wasn’t clear enough in my opinion:

      -I have a nokia 7 plus
      -Fastboot version 28.0.0-4797878
      -I have the august update installed (at least on slot ‘b’).
      -Setting the active slot to ‘a’ does nothing different (default is ‘b’, not ‘_b’) except for making my phone stuck in the Nokia logo and it gets fixed when I put the active slot back to b.
      -I have tried with different drivers (but because the error says “remote” I don’t think it’s a driver issue).
      -I triple checked the given numbers and these are correct.
      -I have rebooted my PC and nokia 7 plus multiple times.
      -changed the filename

      All these things don’t work and hopefully this will help you help me 😛

      • Thank you for the response. It appears that you did not check the notification on the order page (the red box) before proceeding with the order. HMD Global or Nokia has blocked these unlocks with the August update. So, the error you are seeing is legit. Are you sure you have tried it on slot a after successfully changing the slot and then rebooting to bootloader using “fastboot reboot-bootloader”? Since you are telling that it goes into a bootloop with the slot changed, I can at least see that the loader changes with the change of slot. Unless you have recived a second update after August, your device should have July on the second slot and hence the unlock file should push fine.
        Just in case it doesn’t, then.. You likely have August update on both your slots; OR you provided incorrect IMEI or Serial number. Please check the unlock file sent to you and ensure that the IMEI and Serial in it correctly belongs to your device.
        Edit: It is okay if the device does not boot with slot changed. The unlock should still work fine provided it lives on July.
        If its because of August update then you’ll have to downgrade. The course to that is => Flash Android P Beta => Use downgrade package, which will install Android 8.1 with July update. Do not update at this point and unlock the bootloader first.
        If the IMEI/Serial combo is incorrect, then you’ll have to order a key with correct details. I do wish that this is not the case 🙂

        • Thanks for your reply

          I have 2 IMEI numbers and I took the upper one (because it is “position 1”, these numbers do differ slightly though.

          I haven’t tried rebooting into bootloader with the slot a selected, only just ‘simply’ rebooted and then changed slot after it didn’t work.

          I did check the red box and I am confident about changing slots and/or downgrading

          • The IMEI provided looks correct then 🙂 Let’s try again with the changed slot. If not, we can still downgrade using the P beta.

          • nevermind, I fixed it, for everyone with the same problem do the following:

            just do the set-active to the other slot as stated in the description:

            reboot into bootloader using “fastboot reboot bootloader”

            then just follow the rest of the steps (flash ,etc.)

            After that has happened, just set the active slot back (in my case that was b)

            Thanks for responding so often

      • Which is the device, dingsu? We can find a workaround maybe? 🙂 Have you tried changing slots already?

          • They are there in the article. After the Step 6, titled Workaround for devices upgraded to August 2018 security release.

      • I fixed it by changing the slot, reboot into bootloader, flash the unlock and set the slot back. Hopefully this will work for you as well

  • My cell phone has infinite looping and I can not access the settings: Enable OEM unlock … in this case, how do I unlock.


    • You can skip doing it. It is not 100% necessary because we are supplying the key to unlock it 🙂 Which device is it and what version of security patch are you running?

      • I have a patch from August installed. I also have a .bin file to unlock in fastboot mode. But everywhere is written with the need to get back to the bootloader from July. I do not have this patch.

        • Which device are you using? If it is one with A/B slots then you can switch to the secondary slot which will still have the bootloader from July.

      • my cell phone and a nokia 7. Unfortunately I bought it in a Chinese store and came bricked with the modified rom = /. I do not know how to say the security patch

        • Then it will be on Android 7.1.1 with the December or older security patch. You can unlock this device without any issues.

  • Is it possible to install official updates and still keep the unlocked bootloader after unlocking it? Like if you upgrade to the September patch would you still be able to experiment with TWRP and such stuff?

    (I think most are the same but I’m talking about Nokia 5)

    • Yes, the unlocked bootloader will remain unlocked after software updates. However, the updates will not install if you have installed TWRP or altered the system partition. So, you will need to undo any such changes before you can install an OTA update.

      • Thanks for the information!
        I don’t have my Nokia phone yet (Just wanted to know this first), but in about a week when I get mine I’ll be sure to use your service to unlock it! 🙂

        • Happy to be helpful 🙂 Do remember to unlock first and then update to August patch. It will be harder to unlock after August as HMD has started patching this option.

          • Yup! I’ve been doing a lot of research into it lately, it seems the best move is to unlock as soon as possible and then update, because it becomes harder to unlock after upgrading.

  • Hi! Tell me, if I unlock the bootloader on Nokia 8, I will be able to downgrade the firmware from 8.1 to 7.1.1?

  • I want to unlock my bootloader, i ll make a request now and hope its fast. Also is it compulsory to run critical unlock code too?

    • Critical is only required if you want to use OST. But given the fact that you’ll have to bear the 5 second warning at every boot, it is better to gain full control by unlocking critical as well 🙂

  • I’m curious how fast a code can be delivered. I’ve bought the 6.1 to start coding on it (LineageOS) and expect it in Saturday. (Would prefer to unlock before I’ve set the thing up 😉 )

    • It can be delivered in a few minutes, but yes, requires a human to be available. I’ll try to get it delivered ASAP when I get a request with your name 🙂

  • Nice. I unlocked bootloader of my nokia 6.1 using Narender Bhai’s unlock file. Couldn’t use paypal in Pakistan so i used Entropay’s virtual card of UK (topped up the virtual card using my credit card). Cheers and thumbs up

    • Thank you Qazi bhai for the kind words. I’m glad that it worked and well done routing it through Entropay 🙂

  • Hi, I have unlocked and trying to use OST. It halts at the following error:
    Error Code: 0xc6da
    Error: Download fails,

    Can you help please?

    • Hello, your bootloader is not unlocked. Can you please recheck that both critical and oem unlock have been done?

                • Hi, How can use this if I can’t use my phone? I mean, where I have to put the bin file? I would like buy this but I need to know if I can use it

                  • The unlock file is to be used in Download mode. And download mode should be accessible even if your phone does not boot up.

                    • There are many possibilities:
                      Dial *#*#227#*#* and note down the text next to Serial. You can also run ADB Devices command with USB debugging enabled to get your serial number.

                    • Sorry I don’t understand, how can I activate the usb debugging if my phone only enters to “download mode”

                      Anyway, let’s guess I already have the .bin file, how can I send it to my phone if I can’t find it on my PC using the commands “fastboot devices” either “adb devices” even when the controller ir correctly installed…. I read that is because the bootloader is locked…

                      Thanks a lot for your help!

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