Expected Android N (7.0) Features from News and Rumors

Marshmallow, the latest publicly available version of Android is still on its way to reach most of the devices. The latest reports claim that Google is already working on the next major version of Android i.e. Android N. It’s too early to make conclusions, but a number of Android N rumors making rounds in the media. Here’s a compilation of the best of these rumors seen so far.

What’s Android N Going to be Called?

Google’s has a practice of naming major Android releases around the English alphabets. Each of these alphabets then refer to one or the other sugary treat.

During a QA session with by Sundar Pichai at the University’s Sri Ram College of Commerce Delhi, a question was asked “Why do we not have Indian deserts as Android version names?
He replied “When I meet my Mom, I will ask for suggestions.” and added that Google could conduct an online poll to decide the name for Android N.

So there is a high probability that Google will end up naming Google N after some Indian sweet dish. We’d leave the name guessing to you for now. What would you like Android N to be known as?

When is Android N Release Date Expected?

Android N will most probably be  released/announced at the Google I/O 2016, which will might be held in beginning of June. At this event Google might show off a number of Android N’s key features and the Developer Preview of the software. We don’t have an official date for the event so far, but the dates will be unfolded in the coming months.

September or October is the month when we’re most likely to see Android 7.0 land. It’ll come pre-installed on whichever new Nexus devices Google decides to launch ahead, and will slowly be released to older Nexus phones and tablets, before arriving on the various other flagships devices of other manufacturers till the end of the year.

What all Features will the Android N have?

Android and Chrome UX director Glen Murphy confirmed that Google is working on making Android a more work-friendly platform. They are making it easier for user to multitask. Manufacturers like Samsung are offering a better multi tasking features from quite a long time. Now Android N could be the first OS to offer this feature as standard.

Take a look at the list of Android N (6.0) features which are making the news:

  1. Multi-window and Split screen support
  2. Messaging app similar to iMessage
  3. Native Stylus support
  4. Android Stylus support and Open sourced for 3rd party and app development
  5. Google Now launcher API, even the 3rd party launchers can put the Google Now on the left most screen
  6. Force touch support
  7. Controls in the head notification, like a textbox for replying to texts straight from the notification.
  8. Dark UI mode. It can be automatically switched based in the time of day.
  9. API for screen off gestures
  10. More quick toggles options
  11. Dynamic icon API
  12. Icon badge support
  13. Added many other CyanogenMod features. Like:
    • Weather in Quick toggle Pulldown
    • Navbar arrow keys when typing
    • LiveDisplay
    • DPI switcher
  14. Added support for native back up and sync via Google drive.

What do you think about these rumored features? Let your opinion flow in the comments section below 🙂

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