5 Frequently Asked Questions By Every Android User

After getting an Android device every user is excited to know every thing about it. Everybody tries to explore their devices completely. But even after doing all this there are some question in their minds. These questions are same for all users, so everyone starts asking these questions in forums, comments on websites, etc. As the same questions are asked again and again, they are usually ignored. So here are the answers for some of frequently asked question by Android users.

Frequently Asked Questions by Android Users

Question 1: If and when will my smartphone get new update?new update

No one knows the answer to this except the manufacturers. It all depends on the smartphone company whether to release an update or not.
Generally speaking, the more expensive your device is, the better are its chances of getting updated to the next major release of Android. OEMs like Google, Motorola, OnePlus and LG keep most of their devices up to date. If we talk about Samsung, it doesn’t care much about the old devices once they launch a new product.

When you will get update also depends on your carrier and the amount of customization that your device manufacturer has done on top of the Android OS. More the customization, the longer will they take to push new updates.

Question 2: Which Antivirus program I should use?

To be frank you do not need an Antivirus on your smartphone if you are only installing apps from the Play Store or other official apps stores. You may however install a program to make use of the additional functionality that they offer such as:

  • Remote Wiping User data
  • Locking and locating your device if it’s lost

Question 3: How to extend battery life?

Answer:Battery icon
When your device is new you get a very good battery life. But after few days you may observe a decline in the backup of your device. Most of the times, the culprit is the long list of apps that you’ve installed which are constantly running in the background.

This is the major reason for effecting the battery life. So to increase you battery life remove all the unnecessary apps which are not used often. You may also make use of the Auto-start Manager if your device comes bundled with one to block apps from starting automatically.

Question 4: How to increase RAM of my device?

Answer:Android RAM
RAM is a hardware component which is attached to the motherboard of the device and hence cannot be increased. It can only be freed up by stopping background apps or uninstalling the ones not needed.

Question 5: My device hangs a lot. What to do?

In the most common scenario, your device is facing this problem because your RAM is used up by other applications. The devices doesn’t have enough RAM to process the core apps. So your device get slowed down and starts hanging.

Hope you have got the answers for the questions in your mind. If you have other question you can ask them using the comments section below. We will answer all your questions 🙂

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