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Reply to WhatsApp messages faster using the Swipe to Reply feature

WhatsApp has started the public rollout of the “Swipe to Reply” feature. The feature makes quoting messages in reply easier and faster. Now, you can simply swipe the message to the right instead of the earlier method of long-tapping the message and then tapping the reply button.

A similar functionality is available in Telegram since long. Many users also believe that WhatsApp (now owned by Facebook) is ripping off features from Telegram. Whatever it is, the users are here to gain. And functionality like this should be available across instant messaging apps.


Ensure that you are running the latest version of WhatsApp available via the Google Play Store.

Then, open any chat and swipe your finger (to the right) over the message which you want to reply to. Your phone will vibrate once (based on the settings) to notify that the message is quoted.

Then type your reply and hit the send button to send it on.


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