Buy Bootloader unlock key for Nokia Android smartphones (Qualcomm)

TechMesto is offering bootloader unlock keys for Nokia smartphones. You can buy the bootloader unlock key from us to unlock Nokia phones which use a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset.

Details of Nokia bootloader unlock code service

Do note that unlocking the bootloader may void the warranty of your Nokia phone. Also, all data on the device will be wiped. With that out, here are the important details about the bootloader unlock key request service.

Price: The price of Nokia bootloader unlock key is $5 per request.

Supported devices: Nokia 2, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 plus & Nokia X6.

  • To unlock Nokia 8 Sirocco and Nokia 7.1, go here.
  • For other phones: Bootloader unlock after August 2018 security update, go here.
  • Nokia 8 (2017) has official bootloader unlock, refer to this post.

Order Now (July 2018 or older update)

Please use your actively used email address to order the service. We will send the unlock key to the email address only.

You will be redirected to PayPal when you submit the form above. Please complete the payment of $5 to complete the transaction.

For users from India: Since PayPal doesn’t properly operate in India, we will be able to accept payments via UPI/IMPS. The price will be ₹300 per request. Please contact us for details.

For users from Mainland China: If you cannot use PayPal, then you can order on Taobao or this website

How to Unlock?

After an unlock key is generated for your device, please follow this guide to unlock your device.

In case you encounter any issues during the unlock procedure, then feel free to get in touch with us. We will guide you properly to finish the unlock. Please note that we are not providing help in rooting your device post unlock.

Buyer Reviews

i unlocked my nokia 8 , thanks to techmesto , very fast work and " easy to learn tutorial " now i'm finding a way to root my nokia 8 =))
- Nguyễn hữu tài

Techmesto provided excellent support throught the unlock and post-unlock procedures. For the mere 5 dollars I was able to save a dead Nokia 7 which would otherwise have been returned. The activation code was provided in less than 24 hours together with technical considerations for the ulock procedure. Would recommend the service to anyone!
- Iliyan

I have received the unlock key for my nokia 7 plus from the free giveaway. Unlocking the phone following the tutorial ( worked like a charm. After that, I was able to root my phone using Magisk 🙂 Thanks 🙂
- Chris
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Buy Bootloader unlock key for Nokia Android smartphones (Qualcomm)
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  • HI, my Nokia 6.1 plus got stuck and after i restarted it, it is hung at android one logo. Tried wiping. didnt help. Nokia care has tried installing software but it failed, they want me to change the motherboard of the device. can you help me with it in anyway? If i buy remote service and you are not able to help me will you refund it?

  • can i unlock my bootloader, nokia 5 android 9? and can i email you something pls tell me ur email i have another way of paying

  • HI, my Nokia 6.1 plus got stuck and after i restarted it, it is hung at android one logo. Tried wiping. didnt help. Nokia care has tried installing software but it failed, they want me to change the motherboard of the device. can you help me with it in anyway? If i buy remote service and you are not able to help me will you refund it?

    • You should contact some aftermarket repair services which can flash in EDL mode after disassembling. I heard 1 case where the technician was able to fix the emmc stuck in R/O by flashing the device in EDL (Emergency Download) mode.

  • Hi Narender,

    Wondering if you can help me to unlock my nokia 6.1 plus bootloader running android 10 with latest security patch. Thanks

  • Hey,Bro. Just wanna know if once my phone’s bootloader is unlocked, will it be affected if I update to Android 10. Is the unlocked bootloader permanent? What would make the bootloader locked again? Thank you, Narender.😊

  • Good morning Narender, I have a Nokia 6 (2017) with Android 7.1.1 with the June 2017 patch, I was wondering if it is possible to unlock it because I am willing to pay, but I want to know if they continue to offer the service, if so, I will make payment soon, thanks in advance.

      • It’s something related with my country and how they blocked my phone…nothing about stealing or anything ilegal… Is there really no solution? 🙁

  • Can’t I just blow you or something? I dont have $8 bro. I just want to stop google from tracking me. I could probably send you Brave tokens if you verify with Uphold, then you could exchange it for BTC. It sucks that the only known method is to pay one guy.

    • Hi, yes, once unlocked, it will stay unlocked. We already interacted over Telegram. So, I hope all is clear.

  • Hi, I need to unload the bootloader for Nokia 6.1 TA-1089 with Android 9.0 March 2019 Security Patch installed.. Help please..

  • Hi, I want to unlock bootloader My Nokia 6.1 Plus since the unlocker provided by Nokia offciial is not working with “unsporrted device” message. How can I proceed?

      • OKthank you for the suggestion. There one thing if it is possible to upgrade the patch after the bootloader has been unlocked? Is it always unlocked even after upgrading later patch?

  • hi my Nokia 6.1 got march 2019 update and android system got crashed now its in download mode.
    I need to unlock bootloader can this help and I am from India so how to proceed

  • What about MediaTek based Nokia phones? Can the bootloader be unlocked on those? I have a Nokia 5.1(2018) phone which I’d like to unlock and root.

    • Hi, you need to buy the downgrade + unlock service. We need to downgrade the bootloader before unlocking it.

  • Hei, i intrested with UL bootloader for my 6.1 plus region ID here. But only one question, my 6.1 plus already have feb security patch, any method to backup my phone first so when downgrade im not losing any data?

  • I’m not sure if you can help, but i have i think sept security patch on nokia 8, but 2 days ago, android pie tried to push update and after reboot it is bricked and stuck at android logo. i can get it to download mode but it says cannot flash anything because bootloader all locked… and cannot use official method because.. device bricked. can you help with this?

    • Hello, it must be December since you received the Android Pie update. Can’t unlock on that. I can flash the phone with an older version which will make the phone work. Then you can also unlock the bootloader (if still needed).

  • Great remote service and fast respond. Downgrading and unlocking went without any issues. Very happy with the unlocked boot loader

  • Thankfully, my 6.1 plus phone was unlocked today.
    I sincerely thank the person who helped kindly.
    Now you can prepare Volte services.
    Thank you again for your kindness.

  • I want to unlock my nokia 8 bootloader, I can’t get the code by oficial way because only support devices with the newest security patch, in my case, i dont receive any update since June and thats why i need to unlock bootloader and then install updates manually, Could you help me?

    • Hello WRC, that can be done. Please place an order with the details of your Nokia 8, but select Nokia 7 Plus as the device. I’ll take care of it 🙂

  • Hi!
    My Nokia 7 somehow got bricked and I have no ability to get SN from the phone. How can I get it in some other way?
    P.S. Security patch older than August

  • Can unlock bootloader on my phone nokia 7 plus it brick just can boot in to fastboot and i dont know Android Security patch version on this phone

    • It’s really hard to mention without knowing which security patch the device is running. That said, your device can most likely be fixed. I will send you an email regarding this.

  • I have Nokia 7 Plus. I have updated my phone to Android P, then downgraded to Oreo using the flash file from Nokia Developer website ( After wiping the data/factory partition phone starts normally and let me choose the language etc. The problem is system forces me to update the phone immediately, I cannot skip it in any way.
    It just says: “Your phone needs to download an update and restart. size: 1471,3 MB. / This update may take several minutes to download and install. Afterwards, your device will automatically restart”.

    I’m afraid it’s going to update to Android P again.

    I have managed to downgrade to April package using the first file from xda developers site ( However, it is still the same. There is no way to skip the update.

    What to do?

    • If you are looking to unlock the bootloader, then you can simply turn off the phone and use the unlock key. Since the system is currently downgraded, it will accept the Key. The setting from “Developer Options” is not important.
      If you are unhappy with Pie and want to use Oreo, then maybe you can try using Mobile Data while setting up the phone. Ideally no phone should force update on a mobile data connection, but I am not fully sure on this one.

  • Hello,
    I have Nokia 7 Plus with June update. I want to unlock the bootloader, but also update to Android pie after. Can I root the phone after all this?

    • Yes, you can unlock the bootloader and then upgrade to Android Pie. You can root Pie but there are reports that the Pie loses the gesture navigation when Magisk is installed (or in other words, when it is rooted). I have no reason as to why that happens. For some users, gestures come back after a few days, others never get it back till it remains rooted.

  • Dear Arafat, we’d surely like to fulfill orders from Bangladesh, but there’s no way for us to draw payments from your country. bKash is a service available for residents of Bangladesh, but not for non-residents (like us). International payment processors (example Stripe) is not available currently in India. We’re open to any suggestions you may have.

  • Hi, I’m from Bangladesh and and I’m interested to unlock the bootloader. But PayPal isn’t currently available here in Bd. bKash is a popular mobile banking service here. Can you add a payment method for people from Bangladesh?

    • You do not have information regarding the security patch installed on your phone? It is required because new security has blocked the updates. You can find it in Settings > System About > Android Security Patch Level 🙂

  • Hey brother, i’ll receiving my nokia 6.1 plus today and hopefully with july security patch so i was thinking of unlocking BL before updating to August security patch. So what do i need to do to buy your unlock file and it’ll work right? Oh and forgot to mention i am from India so do tell me the procedure and payment method. Regards.

  • Hello Max, since the Nokia 8 uses A/B partition, you can still manage to boot to the non-active partition and you will be taken to the July update. There you can flash the unlock file and gain unlocked bootloader.
    In case your both partitions are updated to August, then it is pretty hard. Please check XDA if somebody is maintaining monthly OTAs. You can flash one of them to downgrade to July and gain unlocking ability.

    • Hi and thanks for your reply,

      Could you please explain the instruction in correct order, now I have the security update for july, how to boot to inactive partition? how to flash the security update?

      Please help, I am in desperate need of unlocked bootloader as my all backups done by Titanium backup and I need root access in order to restore them.


      • Hello Max, I have it written down in this guide. Just go down to the section that says “Workaround for devices upgraded to August 2018 security release”. There are commands which you can use to check your active partition and switch to the inactive one. If the inactive is still on the older bootloader then the unlock file will be accepted and you can finish unlocking the bootloader.
        If the old bootloader does not exist then you are kinda stuck, unless someone has a July 2018 OTA uploaded to XDA which you can download and flash via recovery > Install update from SD card.

        • Hello Narender,

          My question would be how to check whether the second partition is updated with August Security Patch (may I try to set second one active and simply restart device?) and what may happen if I try to unlock bootloader with August Security patch, I may brick phone or the operation will be just unseccessfull.


          • Hi Raf,
            When you change the slot, your device will ideally downgrade to whatever is installed on the secondary slot. So, most likely you will notice the phone booting into the July security patch after changing the slot. However, some devices will not boot and remain stuck on Nokia/Android logo. Also worth noting is that if the system boots up, an update notification will popup. If you go ahead with this update then both of your slots will be updated with the August release.
            You can also decide to rely on fastboot commands to see if the software version has downgraded. fastboot oem getversions is the command that will show you the software version as well. So, check the current software version, then switch the slot and reboot to bootloader to check if it now shows the older software version. You can refer to the sample output from my powershell which can be found here.
            For your latter question, the bootloader will not write the unlock.bin file when you are on August patch. It will call it fail to verify and halt right there. Your phone will stay as is and the operation will be unsuccessful.

  • Hi,
    I do really appreciate your hard work here, could you please tell me how can I downgrade my security patch from August to anything else?
    My phone is NOKIA 8 and the phone keeps updating itself without my permission such a shame to NOKIA.

    • Unless you have updated to August security release, yes. If you have update to August, then you need to downgrade or the unlock will not work.

        • I’m not sure if Hikari’s firmware can get OTA updates. Chances are thin. So, the unlock should be good to go 🙂

          • last question, after unlocking my bootloader, then updated to agustus or latest version, its remain unlocked or became locked again ?

            • Unlocked will remain unlocked. As per Google, both unlock and lock should require manual action from the user (using the volume/power keys to confirm) and cannot be done automatically. It is just that the bootloader is upgraded in August and it no longer decrypts and writes these unlock files, rendering the unlock impossible. Do remember that you’ll have to bear the 5 second long warning at the time of boot (Device is unlocked and cannot be trusted).

  • Hello :)! This error occurred in the payment method .. “There was an error while trying to send your message, please try again later.” How can I make the payment: /?

    • Hello Gabriele, apologies. The form was facing some issues due to the email service making some changes to how emails were sent. It should be back to normal now and you can order 🙂

    • We currently do not have a credit card gateway to help you out with this. Stripe does not work in India yet. Maybe you will be able to complete a guest checkout after filling the form, by paying using your DC/CC without needing a PayPal account.

  • Hey admin
    I need that code desperately
    But the problem is i am from Pakistan yar paypal Pakistan mai kam nh krtaa
    Koi or payment method btaen
    Mai nokia 7 plus leke phas gya hoon root hi nhee hotaa.
    I need that key yar
    Please do this favour to your neighbor.please
    I will be in your debt forever.

  • I paid but nobody answered me.I think I wrote the email address incorrectly. I don’t know how check it. What can I do?

    • Your email address is correct, Dmitri. I am sorry for the delay. Your unlock key should be in your email inbox in the next 15 minutes 🙂

    • Sorry Dmitri, I do not know how to accept money using QIWI in India. So, that won’t work out for me 🙁

  • Since my nokia 6 is a backup phone, I’ll participate in testing of new features available after bootloader unlock without fear to brick it.

    • Hi Chris, just started the giveaway which will end on 29th. The entry method is at the end of the post. Since you have already commented, you can enter.

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