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Download Android Apps from Google Play Store without an Account

Google Play store is the most enriched Android app store with millions of apps available for direct download to devices compatible with Google Play. Although 3rd party stores like 1MobileMarket do exist and are doing a great job, a lot of low profile developers only submit apps to the Play Store and not the 3rd party stores.

If you have an Android device which does not support Google Services (like the Nokia X or the Amazon Kindle), or if a particular game/app is not compatible with your Android smartphone, you can use f0llow the steps below to download APK files off the Google Play Store without the need of a Google Account and the supported Android device.

Download APK Files From Google Play Directly

Have an Android Device which does not come with Google Play? Or need an app which is not supported on your phone, hence cannot be downloaded? Read below

  1. Open in your web browser (of your phone or PC) and search for the Application that you need.
  2. From the search results, open the specific Google Play page of that application/game i.e. the detailed page which is presented to you upon clicking on an item from the search results.
  3. Copy the full URL/Address of this page.
  4. Open in a new browser window or tab and paste the Google Play URL (that you copied in the previous step) in the Package Name or Google Play URL Field.
    apk downloader
  5. Click on Generate Download Link.
  6. The web service will take a couple of minutes to download the application from the Google Play Store and then present you with the download link.
  7. Click on Click here to download [package name] to start the download of your APK file.
  8. Copy it to your phone and install it the same way you do with the rest of the apps.
Some Info:

  1. Use the Force Update button on the Download Page if the service keeps on providing you a locally cached and outdated version of the app.
  2. In case you were thinking, NO the service won’t let you download paid apps for free. It’s only for free applications.
  3. The service may go down at certain periods. If that happens, retry after a while.


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  • All these things are fucking stupid. Shouldn’t have to have an account and be spied on or tracked just to play fucking games. You guys are all sick bastards

    • I used to be in an account underneath native of my name is Jerry the account was mine but you put it underneath but I asked and I don’t understand why Maiya is not

  • I’m so frustrated with google that just looking at the name “stinks”! I can not get into my account and everytime I try to open it, they refuse even my new password, and then I have to start a new account and still google will not open. Very frustrating!!! Any help out there?

  • You people are serious idiots. Just create an account. Plus you dont know shit about what you’re talking about but thanks for the moronic comments as it made me laugh.

  • OK, so the whole point of having, making and using MD5 and SH1 Hashes ist TO MAKE SURE THE BINARY CONTENT WAS NOT CHANGED. Meaning no semi clever hacker from anywhere decompressed the file and changed some code and repacked the file with its original name.

    If all SH1 fingerprints are diferent…… we should be concerned.
    Maybe it is the difference between making the hash on different platforms and architecure (64bit / 32 bit) BUT WE SHOULD BE SURE and if that is the case, the “original” file should be fingerprinted an those platforms AND then the hash should be the sme diffrent. I mean the fingerprint should be different but from every site the same way different. Or am i wrong here?

    • They should stay the same because it is the same file. But for some reason they weren’t same during my testing. I’ll give it another go with more number of APKs. Give me some time for this.

    • How old is good I don’t even know where to go where the f is this thing even tell us where to go it just shows us what is on it

        • I downloaded the same APK via various sources (Google Play, 1Mobile, Evozi and The SHA1 and MD5 were different for each package that was downloaded. So it seems they are never supposed to be the same. Somebody please correct me if I am wrong :/

          • They should be the same. In fact, Evozi and some other such services (there are many) tell users to confirm this for themselves. On Evozi scroll down on the homepage to the FAQ section to see.

            If your hashes didn’t match, there is something wrong, probably has been tampered with, and I would stay away from installing that app.

        • Shame gal,you know i have the same problem so we need help fast before we loose our minds>:#(t)line …………>:)>:):@:@FAST plzzzz…………..

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