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Explained – Single and double checks (ticks) on Telegram (chats & groups)

Checkmarks on Telegram

If you are a WhatsApp user who recently switched to Telegram, then the ticks or checkmarks are going to be confusing. Telegram, even though has a similar system of single and double checks, they work a little differently.

Let’s get to the fine print. We’ll look at what the different checks mean in the case of an individual conversation and a group chat.

Individual (one-to-one) conversations

Telegram shows two types of checks in personal conversation. Here’s a quick look at them and their explanation:

  • Clock icon – When you see the clock icon in Telegram, it means that the message is pending. If it stays the same after a few seconds, then there is probably an issue with your network connection.
  • Single check – Telegram shows a single checkmark when the message is sent from your device and uploaded to the Telegram server.
  • Double check – Double checks signify that the recipient has read the message/chat.

The above is different from WhatsApp where a single check means the message is sent, double means delivered. The checks change to blue color when the recipient reads the message. So, you need to keep the above difference in mind while evaluating the message that you have sent to a friend on Telegram.

Why isn’t there a “Delivered to device” indicator? Telegram users can use the same account on any number of devices at the same time. So, it will be tough to find out the delivery status for such users.

How to check the seen time? Telegram does not offer any way to check the seen time. You only get to know that the recipient has seen the message. That’s it.

Am I being ignored? If the person receives your message and decides to ignore your message, then only the single tick (or check) will show. Hence, it is quite difficult to find out whether the message got delivered.

Now, if the person has not hidden his/her last seen, then you can figure out the delivery status by looking at the last seen. If it is after you sent the message, then there are chances that you are ignored. That said, sometimes there are situations that the person cannot reply back, so some patience is always appreciated.

Group conversations

Telegram is pretty straightforward when it comes to a group conversation. In the no-frills setup of Telegram, all you can see is that the message is sent. There are no additional options to check which members have received the message and which ones have seen it.

  • Clock icon – It is the same as in the case of individual conversations. Telegram shows the clock icon when the message is pending. It could be due to a network issue, or Telegram is waiting for other messages to send first.
  • Single check – Single check in a Telegram group conversation means that the message is sent from your device. It will get posted to the group in a few moments. If there’s an issue posting it, for example, spam checks, the message will fail, and Telegram will flash an error message.
  • Double check – Double checks in a Telegram group means that at least 1 group participant (you cannot check who) has seen your message.

I hope this cleared your doubts about what the checkmarks on Telegram mean. If you still have something in mind, then the comment section below is for you to use 🙂


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  • Too much ambiguity around the meaning of ‘read’ for me to get an accurate indication of the other users state of awareness of the conversation. The app would have to read minds to do that. So saying the double check means the other user read your message is inherently naive in my opinion.

  • Hello just want to ask, i sent message last night …. But no reply… then in the morning when i sent message again.. i saw her last seen since last night but when i pressed send button… i received sticker message from her directly. Same time as my message.. but all my previous message from last night were all one check only… so it means didnt read…then saw her last seen again it was the time she sent the sticker… so what could be the problem with this? Does it have to do with scheduled message? It happened many times already. So confusing Please answer..

  • I have on question please, in the group chat above the microphone in the right bottom and the arrow I saw a small heart, it disappears immediately after I click on it, please explain the meaning of that.
    Thank uou

    • Hi Dr. Naji, do you mean the one as in the screenshot below?
      Telegram chat
      If yes, that is a notification for reactions. Somebody reacted to one of your messages. When you tap on it, Telegram will take you to the message on which such reaction was done. There are many reactions available in the new version of Telegram.

  • So on Telegram, since always I used to have 3 types of ticks, when I sent a message it would show as 1 tick (if the person didn’t have internet at the moment so it would be sent but not received on their phone). A double check (in grey color), meaning the person has received it but not read it, and finally a double blue tick, meaning the person has read it. All fine till now, for the past maybe 2 or 3 weeks, when I send messages there is either 1 tick or 2 tick in blue. There is no 2 tick in gray. Why was this deleted? Now every time I send a message and I see 1 tick -.- I think that the person has no internet and hasn’t received it -.-

    • Hi Senna, I belive you are confusing Telegram with some other IM service (probabley WhatsApp) because Telegram never had the second tick for delivered. The reference that you dropped is used by WhatsApp (and probably some other IM apps too) but never used by Telegram. There’s just a sent and read status in Telegram, not a delivered one. You can connect a lot of devices (multiple phones, PC, Tablet, other smart devices) to the same Telegram account which is why the delivered status does not make much sense on the platform and Telegram never added it.

    • Single tick = message sent from your device and uploaded to the Telegram servers. It may or may not have reached the recipient. The color has no role on Telegram.

  • I am seeing double checks only on pictures but not on text messages in telegram. I’ll send a message with text and pictures in telegram. Later, the pictures are double checked but the text part of the same message is still double checked. Why is this. Is it a glitch in telegram?

  • If we reply to someone in a group, does double check meaning change? For example person who we replied has see the massage!

  • Please tell me how would i find. If i sent someone a message and he is offline mean he is not connected to a network?

  • What is the meaning of hidden account in case the person in conversation with you has hidden his/ her account then what actually the sentence ” account has been hidden by user ” signify’s

  • I don’t know if my app is bugged or not. In telegram web, my message has only one check, but in the app it has two checks. However, the person I sent a message has a “last seen within a month”. What do you think guys?

  • When i send message it only give single check and i can see the other person last seen even when they online and the said they didnt block my contacts,i tried to uninstall the app and re install but its still the same.what can be the problem?

  • In Telegram group, if all the members have seen the message, whether the two Ticks change colour to blue?

  • Is it possible to get the double ticks for my messages even if they have blocked me???!!? Because that’s the case here!!! 🤦🤷

    • The messages sent during the blocked phase will not get double ticks as they will not be delivered to the user anymore. Maybe it is just that they did not block you? 🙂

      • Nope. I blocked myself on another device and sent messages to it.

        It shows 2 of the messages, an image and a YT video as double tics.

        Yet nothing came through on the other device.

        So Telegram faulty.

    • Correct. I tested and sent to an account on another device that I blocked myself on. It does show 2 messages as double tics, yet no messages came through.

      So definitely a faulty status of 2 tics!

  • Is anyone here to answer this right now? Above his account it says “last seen within a week”…then some of the pictures or messages has double check but some has one check…I’m not sure has he seen it all if yes why don’t all messages has 2 checkmarks if no then do some messages have double checkmarks and some don’t…is he ghosting me? Or like he is able to hide his recent appearence?…I have no idea how this works.. and it’s driving me mad!

    • Hi, I’m not an expert in the Telegram’s implementation, but from what I know, the last seen will go into the approximation state when you hide your last seen. Here, the “last seen within a week” would say that the person last checked his Telegram 2 or more days ago. Now, I’m not sure when you have sent the messages. If you have sent the messages for longer than 2 days, then it is likely that they checked some of them and not all of them. So, some of them are showing the double-check while others aren’t.
      Now, if you have sent those messages today, then something isn’t right since for a more recent appearance, Telegram would say “Last seen recently”. If that’s the case, then this could be some bug in their system.
      There are still workarounds though which can allow one to see the messages without passing on the seen or the last seen status to the server. For example, you can turn off a data connection, then check Telegram messages, then force stop Telegram and connect to data again. The last seen or the seen status on the messages will not be synced to the server.

      • Thank-you for your reply…it says “last seen winthin a week”, then some messages get two check marks…
        In which I have sent the message 2 days or so

  • Hi, I didn’t see a double click in my messages in Telegram but I saw his last seen time was quite recent. How do I know if he read my messages?

  • since morning i’m getting double check on my telegram msgs the moment i post them, but my friend hast been to the app since yesterday as per last seen.

  • Can anyone explain to me in CLEAR DETAIL…how to change the color of the double checkmark in the dialog window to red so I can easily see when my message has been READ? Thanks…

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