OneDrive file sharing is randomly throwing “ProfileException” errors

OneDrive Sharing not working

Microsoft’s OneDrive appears to be running through technical issues related to file sharing, especially using a link to share the files. OneDrive keeps throwing a “Can’t share this item right now” and “ProfileException” error while trying to generate a link to share the file. Initially, I felt there might be issues with my Microsoft account. However, I concluded that it is a technical issue with OneDrive after confirming with a few other users who are also facing a similar problem.

ProfileException error shown by OneDrive while sharing files
The error thrown by OneDrive while sharing a file

The detailed error log references error code “500”, an internal server error often arising out of misconfiguration. So, a likely cause of the error is a change made to the OneDrive backend that resulted in a misconfiguration.

The sharing is affected across multiple platforms. So, the web version of OneDrive and the Windows app (integration in Windows Explorer) together face the issue. I also faced the issue on the Android app, but it briefly worked a little later. So, you may try the Android app if you want to share some files urgently.

I tried contacting Microsoft’s support, but they did not help. However, given the kind of problem, somebody at Microsoft must already be working on fixing it, and the problem should be resolved in a few hours 🤞🏽. If you are facing this error, you can try sending an email or chat message to Microsoft, depending on the contact options available in your region.


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