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Nokia signs Map Deal with Oracle Corp.

Nokia is trying its best to increase the use of its Mapping Service – Nokia Maps and is slowly gaining success at its objective. In a similar practice, Nokia just announced a deal with Oracle Corporation which will allow Oracle’s customer access to Nokia’s immensely developed database of Mapping and Location services.

The deal was announced in San Francisco during the OracleWorld conference. Nokia executives are taking it as another major step in its objective of competing with Google Maps – Mapping service provided by Google. In a post posted at Nokia Conversions, Nokia has also compared the Nokia Maps with that of Google and Apple and Nokia Maps surely stand out in some key areas.

Just, recently, Nokia has also announced Mapping deals with Inc and Groupon Inc. Yahoo Inc also has a deal with Nokia which allows it to use its Mapping service on its products.

Nokia has been working on its Mapping Services from the past 30 years and now has a very comprehensive database. Nokia is one of the few companies which are able to provide mapping services in most of the world. Nokia says its Mapping Services cover over 200 countries.  It isn’t easy to collect and maintain correct data over such a vast area and Nokia is going to get the benefit for its years of development.

After the announcement, Nokia stock trading in Helsinki was up 1.3 percent at €2.03 ($2.61) in late afternoon.

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