Protect Nokia smartphones in India – Insurance, Extended warranty & Screen Replacement

Nokis Servify Protection Plans

Nokia Mobile has partnered with Servify to offer various protection plans to its smartphone users. Now, as a user of Nokia phones in India, you can buy an extended warranty, insurance (accidental and liquid damage protection) and screen replacement plan for a small cost. You can buy these protection plans online and have peace of mind while using your Nokia smartphone.

Servify offers the plans in partnership with HMD Global (Nokia Mobile). Servify is a leading player in India, offering warranty and protection plans for several OEMs. A good thing about Servify is that the authorized service center handles all repairs. Hence, all spare parts used during repair are genuine and authentic.

Details about the protection plans for Nokia

As I mentioned earlier, Servify is offering three kinds of protection. These are tailored to suit different types of consumers, satisfying their risk appetite and usage habits. Here are the details about the different plans:

Extended warranty for Nokia phones

The extended warranty plan will offer you one year of extended warranty after the expiry of the original warranty of your Nokia phone. The terms of the warranty will necessarily remain the same. Hence, protecting you against any mechanical or electrical breakdowns in the 2nd year of your purchase.


  • Nokia Mobile India authorizes the Nokia Secure Plan
  • The plan covers your new Nokia phone against defects and unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdowns after the expiry of your device’s original Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • No extra amount to be paid towards an approved repair
  • Completely paperless claim registration process and cashless repair service
  • 100 percent transparent process with real-time updates on service requests through app and website

Price of extended warranty

Nokia phone extended warranty is available in the price bracket of ₹399 to ₹1,129. Your device model will decide the actual amount that you need to pay towards the extension of the warranty. I checked for a few devices and here are the prices:

  • Nokia 6.1: ₹929
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus: ₹959
  • Nokia 7 Plus: IMEI was not accepted when I was testing.

You can buy the extended warranty during the validity of your original warranty. That is, within 365 days of the purchase of the device.

Screen Protection for Nokia phones

The screen or the display is one of the most expensive components of the smartphones. Apart from being expensive, it is also one of the most fragile and commonly broken parts. You can buy the Nokia screen protection plan to protect yourself from the pricey repair costs for when the screen breaks due to an accident.

As you’d already know, a broken screen does not come under the manufacturer’s warranty. So, I hghly recommend that you buy screen protection.

Note: Purchase the screen protection within 15-days of purchasing your phone. Your device will not be eligible post 15 days. The protection will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

What is covered under Nokia phone screen protection?

  • Accidental Damage
  • Damage due to fire, lightning, riots, other act of God perils

Price and admin fees

Screen protection for Nokia phones is available within the price bracket of ₹449 to ₹1,099. This is determined based on your phone model.

Apart from paying for the plan, there are mandatory admin fees which you need to pay when opting for a repair. The admin fees also vary, depending on your device’s cost.

Device Invoice Price (Range) Admin Fee
Up to Rs 10,000 Rs 350
Between Rs 10,001 to Rs 20,000 Rs 500
Between Rs 20,001 to Rs 40,000 Rs 750
> Rs 40,000 Rs 1,000

The premium paid + the admin fees are still a lot cheaper compared to the actual cost of the display. For example, a Nokia 6.1 Plus display costs about ₹8,000. You can have the dispplay replaced for a fraction of the cost if you have the screen protection plan.

Insurance – Accident & Liquid Damage Protection

You can insure your Nokia phone against all kinds of damages by buying the insurance plan. The pricier and more robust offering protects your entire phone against the following:

  • Accidental damage
  • Liquid damage
  • Damage due to fire, lightning, riots, other acts of Gods perils

Price and admin fees

Servify offers the accident and liquid damage protection for a price between ₹549 and ₹1,869. The device that you own will determine the price. The more expensive the phone is, the pricier will be the protection plan.

Update: The price to buy insurance for Nokia 8.1 is Rs.1,869.

There is a mandatory admin fee, which you need to pay when claiming the insurance (for when your device breaks down). The following are the details:

Device Invoice Price (Range) Admin Fee
Up to Rs 10,000 Rs 350
Between Rs 10,001 to Rs 20,000 Rs 500
Between Rs 20,001 to Rs 40,000 Rs 750
> Rs 40,000 Rs 1,000

How to buy and activate

Now that you know the details and benefits of each plan, the next question which arises is regarding the purchase. You can purchase the plan from the Servify’s website.  Alternatively, you can use the Nokia Mobile Support app to activate the plan on your device.

Purchase protection Plan

You need to log in using your phone number. Then provide the IMEI number of your device to Servify. You can only go ahead with the purchase if the IMEI number of the device is whitelisted for one of the plans. So, yes, not all devices can buy extended warranty or insurance as of now.

After purchasing the plan online, you need to enter the activation code in the Nokia Mobile Support app. The app comes pre-installed on all Nokia phones.

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