How to Identify a Fake Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank

xiaomi logoOwing to its quality built, better specifications and cheaper prices, Xiaomi has gained a lot of attention. But unfortunately, more popularity brings more fakes and the present scenario is that there are more fake Xiaomi Power Banks in the market than there are legit ones. I myself purchased a 10400mAh Mi Power Bank from China and although it looks similar to the genuine one, it is not. Listed below are the various tests which would help you in identifying a fake.

Differentiating between Genuine and Fake

Depending on the company manufacturing the fakes, there can be some cases where it works similarly to the genuine one, but it will surely fail most of the following tests.

Official Variants

Xiaomi sells its Mi Power Banks in only 6 capacities i.e.

  1. Mi 5,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  2. Mi 5,200 mAh Power Bank (Probably discontinued)
  3. Mi 10,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  4. Mi 10,400 mAh Power bank
  5. Mi 16,000 mAh Power Bank (Launched in 2015)
  6. Mi 20,000 mAh Power bank (Launched in November, 2015)

Out of these, the 5,200 mAh and 10,400 mAh variants are probably discontinued and you’ll barely find them in stores. If you come across a Mi branded power bank which is not in one of the above capacities, it’s a sure fake.

20-digit Code on Packaging – Fakes have it too!

This is the first and easiest step to check if the power bank is genuine. There would only be a very rare case where a fake Power Bank passes this test.

Genuine – Genuine Mi power banks sold in China come with a sticker on the packaging which can be scratched off to reveal a 20-digit code. Entering the code on the Xiaomi website (link below) would confirm the genuine product. However, the power banks sold outside of China via official channels will not carry this sticker. You should definitely look for this sticker unless buying from an officially certified store.

Mi power bank sticker unique code

Fake – Fake Power Bank will usually not include any such sticker on the packaging, confirming that it is fake. Even if it carries one, the ‘times queried‘ on the Xiaomi website will show a very high number because the fake guys want to save costs by printing the code on multiple stickers.

mi verify security code

Website to check the code – mi.com/verify/ (in English)

Length and Branding on USB Cable

Genuine – The MicroUSB cable included with genuine Mi Power Banks does NOT carry any Mi branding. If you see one with Mi printed on it, it is a fake.
For 20000mAh Power Bank – The length of USB cable is longer at around 13-inches with a lightning icon printed on the MicroUSB end.

Fake – Fake power banks usually ship with a USB Cable which has Mi printed on it. Many of us would take this as a sign of genuine product and apparently that’s what these fake sellers want to achieve by printing Mi on the USB cable.

Pass-Through Charging

Genuine: The original Mi power bank supports pass-through charging. What it means that the power bank will also charge a mobile phone connected to it while it itself is being charged. Only necessity is that the input charger must supply enough power and as such, charging via a PC’s USB Port will not help.

Fake: The fake power bank does not have this capability and it will just charge itself and won’t pass on any current to the mobile phone connected to it. It will only charge the mobile when you disconnect the charger from the power bank.

Color of USB Ports on the Power Bank

GenuineThe front visible part of both the Micro USB and standard USB port have a rice white color.

usb color mi power bank

Fake Most of the fake power banks have a milk white color on the Standard USB port and a Black color on the Micro USB port.

Printing at the Bottom

Genuine Has a printing in grey-ish ink which is lighter and clear. It is also well textured which can be felt by moving the fingers over it.bower bank printing branding


Fake – Usually darker and blurry in black ink and sometimes unclear printing.

LED Lights Function when Using

Genuine – Lights blink while showing the power status on the device. At any time, holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights and they light up when the button is released.
Lights are well packed and not even a bit of it leaks out from other areas of the power bank.

Fake – LEDs blink after you press the button once. If you keep it pressed, lights won’t turn off. Lights are also not well packed and often leaks out of the usb ports.

Branding on the Standard USB Port

Update: The branding seems to be missing from the newer 16000mAh power banks, even though they are genuine. It is visible on the newest 20000mAh power banks.

GenuineGenuine power bank carries a small MI branding on the chassis of the standard USB port on the power bank. It is pretty small, but is easily visible while looking under natural lighting or by directing a light source (such as torch) into it.mi logo usb port

Fake – Fakes do not carry any such branding.

Thanks JR for this tip

Inbuilt Batteries

If you are still not able to determine the originality, open up the power bank and check the inbuilt batteries:

Genuine – Branded batteries from international brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and LG.

Fake – Locally produced or counterfeit batteries which are generally of pink color.

NO 20800 mAh Power Bank

There are lot of comments about the 20,800mAh variant. There are some sellers selling a Mi branded Power Bank with the capacity of 20800mAh, but Xiaomi does not offer power bank with such capacity. So if you see a retailer from China or on eBay selling a Mi power bank of such capacity, you know it is a fake one.

Does your Mi power bank pass the tests above or it fails most of them? Let us know below.

Where to Purchase Original Power Banks?

The first place to check is your regional mi.com website and chances are that the store will have power banks in stock for anybody to purchase. If there are none, you can check out one of the following sellers which are confirmed to be selling originals, however price will be higher than the official price.

Indian Buyers
20,000mAh Mi Power Bank – Mi Store
10,000mAh Mi Power Bank – eBay (allphoneunlock)

International Buyers

Check AliExpress. Read the buying guide here.
Check DX.com (a lot of readers mentioned they received genuine Mi products from DX.com)
Check BangGood.com (on recommendation of readers)

If you’ve purchased a Mi power bank from somewhere else and it is found to be genuine, do drop a mention in the comments section and we’ll add the seller here.


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  • I bought a 20000 mah powerbank from LightInTheBox.com and it seems to be genuine, after scratching the 20 digit code and entering the code at Xiomi’s it said the right things: 20000 powerbank and code entered for 1st time .
    It also has most of the other marks as describes on this website. I couldn’t check the charging a telephone while charging the powerpack but I am pretty sure I ‘ve got the right one.

  • Just purchased the 20000mah unit from hitekmall on ebay. First signs are not good. No serial number to scratch off, just a hologram style authenticity label. However, everything else on the actual unit itself stacks up just fine. Its passes every other test… Not had a chance to test yet but all other buyers in the feedback of this unit seem happy.

  • I just received 2 pieces of Mi 20000mAh Powerbank 2C with Model Number printed on packaging as PLM067M.
    Address: Tianjin, China
    Production Date: 2017.12
    USB ports with White Strips
    USB ports metallic plate with number + mi embedded
    Authenticity Label is Silver Square – scratched away reveals the code but also easily scrapped away and unreadable
    Authenticity label has a halogram vertical strip that are gone 50%
    Weight: 359g
    Charging both ways: getting charged and charging phone at the same time
    Packaging details in English only and BIG BOLD PRINT: OVERPACK

  • Here in the Philippines, I bought my Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro which includes this 10400mah MI Powerbank. At first I noticed that there is no changes in the capacity of the battery. I charged it for almost half a day and when I finally decided to charge my phone, it turns out that it does not carry such load in the beginning. Yes it has a sign that the pbank is charging. I am so disappointed that the shop I am talking about is one of the well-known in SM North Annex which is GIGA BYTES. There is no MI in the usb port.

  • I just bought a Xiaomi power bank 10,000 mah from LightInTheBox.com.
    Looks genuine.
    It passed all the tests above except for the battery types. (I’m not about to take apart the new device just to check which batteries are inside.)

  • I have bought mi 20000 mah capacity power bank from flipkart.And it follows all the criteria of genuineness which you have pointed..!!

  • MI power bank 20000 mah 20-digit Code is ‘91211819317605773753’
    please verify its orginal or fake. i thimk this ite “http://www.mi.com/verify/” not workin

  • I purchased MI power bank 20000mah from dealzcart.com.i found its not genuine product of MI.it doesn’t chargr even my 2200 mah phone once.

  • I have a mix 10000mAh one. It’s without the Mi branding inside USB and the micro is black. Holding the power button will turn off all the LED lights and the charging, even if released. Pressing it shortly again will resume the charging and the LED’s will light again. On the other hand, it’s allowing pass-through charging and the LED’s react “original” at charging and different button push. The cable length is 13inches and no Mi.

    PS. You put the green check on the black micro in your picture…

      • This is confusing, Lukis. I’ve actually not used a 10,000mAh one, so I wouldn’t jump to conclusions, but I have a slight feeling that you might have received a fake. Let’s confirm a few things about the LEDs.
        1. Does the light leak through the standard USB ports and the Micro port?
        2. When you put the power bank to charge, how many LEDs glow up? For original ones, if you have 3 cells full, then 3 LED’s will stay continuously lit and the 4th would blink.
        3. When you press the power button while the power bank is not being used, it should light up all the LEDs. Then it will reduce down to the number of charged up cells and blink there for about 10 times.
        4. When you use the power bank to charge another device then the LEDs equal to the number of charged up cells would constantly blink.

        Let’s see how your power bank goes around these points.

        • For sure is a fake. Opened it and have 3 (at least) blue cells. I’m planning to change the cells with some old ones from a laptop battery. Does it worth?
          1) Yes.
          2) When discharged, blinks all 4. After 40 mins. we have 3 continuous and 1 blink and in the morning all 4 continuous.
          3) I’ll check.
          4) 3 – 2 – 1 continuous, as it is going empty.
          Now as I have it full charged, I’ll check how many/much I can charge my phone (2.700mA). I’ll revert.

          • Good luck with that, mate. My fake 10400 only delivered about 2 charges of a 1500mAh battery.
            I would not want to replace the batteries because of the way these fakes are made. The circuit and the board does not have any sort of protection against overcharging itself as well as the connected device. So, I’m afraid it could damage itself or your phone over prolonged usage.
            Is it not possible to return the device instead? I got mine from eBay and the seller willingly accepted the return when I told him that it is a fake.

            • I finished my tests. I charged my phone up to 2.500mAh. It was funny that after the last discharge of the power bank and all LED’s were off, I pressed the power button and it started to charge… FROM the PHONE :-). I’ll definitely place it in garbage, as it was bought as second-hand.

              • That’s sad, Lukis. But I’m glad that you are dumping it away. Better to stay discharged than using something like this which can actually damage the phone 🙂
                BTW the original Mi Power Banks are worth the money. However, do not go by the stated capacity. E.g. The 20,000 mAh power bank will only give around 12,700 mAh of output. IDK how the power banks are rated, but that’s kinda the deal for nearly all of them.

                • Dumped it. I have a Canyon 7800mAh. I know how to go from 3,7V to 5,0V and the real 80-90% usage. Starting from my fake Mi, I’m looking more in details about Li cells, harvesting from laptop batteries and I just ordered a charger Opus BT-C100. Can I use recovered ICR cells (LG – LGABD11865), unprotected, in this charger? Can I use them to replace smaller cells from my Canyon?

  • Hi, I bought a 16000mAh power bank online about a year ago, I placed it for sometimes, took it out and connected to LG G5; Android phone, power bank seems not working, no lights on, tried to charged it without success, I am wondering if Xiaomi can repair it or send me a controller circuit board. Please advise.

  • i just bought xiaomi 20000mah gen 2, the package seal was broken, so i read your article, tested it and everything was okay but i could not verify this 20 digits number, the website said “server is busy, please try again later”, is that mean those 20 digits numbers are fake?

  • Bought mine in Souq.com. Mine looks pretty legit except from one thing… the sticker has been scratched by the time I received it.

    • could you share a link please? not sure how to determine which is original and which is fake on lazada…

  • Don’t buy from trapthedeal.com, in India. I had got the Mi 20000MAH power bank from it, and it is found to be of poor quality, Plus there is no return policy from them although they have mentioned the return policy on there site(just for customer to get fooled). The product is of too low quality , and plus fails all the steps mentioned by you.
    Be aware while buying from such sites.

            • It wasn’t officially called as discontinued. But I assumed it to be because the newer design was introduced.
              I’m checking mi.com/in right now and I can only see the 10000mAh variant(s) in stock. The 10400mAh variant is being called out of stock. So, where exactly did you find it in stock?

              • Yeah , now its out of stock but in the morning it is in stock , i have placed my order , i am afraid that i will get a fake one , what do u think

                • Mi.com will not sell fakes. Don’t worry 🙂
                  Maybe they had a few more units available which they listed up and are now out of stock. I hope it won’t be a very old manufacturing though.

  • I Received mails daily stating 20800 mah PowerBank @ just 899. I never heard this ebazar website. I thought of Buying from Ebazar because of low Price. Luckily i purchased from Flip-kart a 20000 mAh Power bank. I just checked the 20 digit code and mine is Genuine. Also i don’t think MI has launched 20800 mAh power bank

  • Thanks for sharing such useful information……Though after receiving delivery of my MI 20000 mah power bank from ebay @ Rs 699/- + 50 Del Charge, I was in doubt whether it is original or not because it was not working properly and finishing and quality was not as good as expected from MI. I applied above suggested test and found that power bank delivered to me is fake…:(

    Fortunately, this product was covered under ebay guarantee and I Immediately registered my claim to refund my money. Hope I shall get refund of my money soon.

  • If we send the Fake 10400 MAH to ebazar.com
    Will we receive the money back
    As they have mentioned we need to send the product 1st and then they would refund

  • Bought 2 Xiaomi powerbanks (16000mAh and 10400mAh) when they were first released here in the Philippines.
    Both from lazada.com.ph

    Through the check list provided, I can conclude both are legit. (thank you!) Except for the packaging codes. We bought these months ago.

    Now I’m waiting for new one I ordered (20000mAh). Will definitely use this check list again to confirm authenticity 😀

    • Lazda is a trustworthy marketplace, so I think you shouldn’t worry about the legitimacy of what you buy off Lazda. Sure, it does add to the satisfaction when we confirm that our product is genuine. So, you’re very welcome to check out the authenticity of your new purchase and I hope it turns out to be the legit one. Good luck! 🙂

  • My Xiaomi 20000mAh arrived today and seemed to be genuine, cost $51 (aud) as it passed all the tests mentioned here except when I scratched off the sticker, there was no security code. Maybe as mentioned here, it’s because it’s sold outside of China.
    The one question I want to ask is what is the best charger wall plug for it for optimal charging? Any reputable names you can suggest and specs?

    • At $51, I think it should be the legit product. And yes, the sticker is only for China. Unless the seller imported it from China, it should not have a scratchable sticker on the box.
      Basically, any charger will be able to charge it. However, the best I’ve found so far is the fast charger (18W Adapter) sold by Asus for its Zenfone series and Transformer Chi devices. It is the one that charges my 20,000mAh powerbank overnight. With other chargers, it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to reach its full capacity. You’ll be able to find fast chargers from other OEMs as well, but not all manage to charge the power bank fast. So if you can’t find the Asus one, look for some with high output.

  • Hi

    I have ordered an MI 10400 mah from ebay & received a counterfeit one, not sure how to report this. I will never order any products from ebay again.

    • eBay is a marketplace and it is usually your responsibility to check that the seller has a good feedback score before you purchase from him. You can try contacting eBay support and hopefully they’ll help you in returning it.

  • I have seen the OEM product of mi 20000 mah power bank which comes with 1000 of rupees and looks genuine tell me that oem products are genuine or they are fake

    • OEM should be fake. Don’t look at things too cheap. It is nearly impossible to sell a Xiaomi product at a price lesser than what Xiaomi officially announced.

    • The 20,000 mAh has a listed output capacity of 12700mAh. Since the Zenfone 2 has a 3,000 mAh battery, expect it to be charged roughly 4 times before the power bank needs a boost again.

  • I purchased MI 10000 mAh power bank from MI store using Mi mobile app on 1st October 16. While verifying my 20 digit number after card scratch on Mi website verification link, I got the message that “This product is queried 1 times.”. I called MI India help desk and they said it’s genuine.
    I wrote to MI help desk and got below reply from them.

    “I would like to inform you that the query count shown includes the current query initiated. Also, I wish to inform you that if you see the message “This security code has been queried 1 time or Product is queried 1 time” then I would like to confirm that the product is genuine.”
    I have started using it now considering it to be a Genuine product.

  • From e-Bazar bought a Mi power bank of 20800mah.
    Considering the inputs that you have given such as blinking white lights, seems real.
    Not yet started using it.
    What are your comments?

  • Plzz , can anyone tell me that

    Does mi 10000mah powerbank have the features called autocut off which means that when our mobile reaches 100% charge powerbank automatically turn off….??

    • Yes, the power bank will only push power when a device is drawing power out of it. When the device stops drawing power (reaches 100%), the Mi Bank will stop charging. But if the device’s battery goes down over standby and starts drawing power again, the Mi Power Bank will continue to serve it.

      • Thanks bro , but mine MI 10000mah powerbank doesn’t have that feature bcoz when my mobile (redmi note 3) reaches 100% the powerbank still charging my device so i think it may take some time to cutoff the power but i check after 1 hour but its still charging ? Why ? Is my powerbank doesn’t have that feature ..??

        • The smartphone continues to draw power, so it continues to charge. There are only a few smartphones which actually stop taking charge when they reach 100%. Others would just continue to function on AC supply and keep the battery from discharging. I think it’s all okay if the phone continues to charge.

          • I read it in above comments that mi 10000mah powerbank have a feature called autocut off but this feature doesn’t work in each every smartphone..?? Does it depend on smartphone to cut the power supply..??

            • Yes it essentially depends on the smartphone. There are a few smartphones which stop drawing power when they reach 100%. Upon reaching 100%, they start drawing power out of the battery even if a charger is connected. So if you put such smartphones on charging overnight, you’ll notice that they have lesser than 100% battery due to the power consumed in Stand-by.

              Coming to the power bank, the Mi power banks do not have any on-off switch. It continues to supply power as long as the connected device continues to draw it. When the device stops drawing power, Mi power bank auto stops itself. However most smartphones will start running on AC supply when their battery is full so the power bank will continue to supply them the required power. This does not affect your phone though.

              • Thanks for ur explaination buddy , just one more question that if in overnight , powerbank continously supply power to mobile even after charging it 100% then when i wake i will find my powerbank empty , yes or not..??

                • No, you will not. Reason – When the battery is full, the smartphone will only draw a very little amount of power (what it consumes during standby). Assume it as the battery lost for charging the smartphone to 105% (100% + 5% for standby).

  • Bought my 20000mAh power bank through Banggood via Alipay. Won’t fully charge a HTC 10 once let alone 3 or 4 times. No sticker on packaging but a leaflet inside which had a code on it unable to scratch, not recognised by the Xiaomi site. The micro usb lead is about 6 inches long, and the leds shine through the plastic on top of as well as through the holes of the box. Contacted Banggood for support, and all they did was give a lukewarm feedback through Ali, no attempt to contact me at all.

    • Too bad that banggood has sent you a fake. It was only listed because other readers recommended it. Maybe I should unlist it.
      Do they have an email address where you can have a word with the support? Do try that.

  • I bought 20000 mah power bank from mi.com. When i received it it was 25%charge i put it on charging using a 2a output charger but after 8 hours of charging it stopped charging after 50 percent. I was using my iPad charging adapter which is of 5v 2a output. Please advise.

    • There was somebody who reported a similar issue with an Apple adapter. Can you please try with an adapter from some other manufacturer?

  • Best think is to buy from mi store app or from direct website.
    You can trust it. I have just buyed 20000mah and it’s super.all real and all about signs are right.
    Don’t go for any other buyer or seller,dont go for cheap or discounts.
    Mi sell little costly but worthy.

  • I got mine from Ebazar, 10400 mah MI power bank.
    The packing was not genuine, didn’t even get a bill and now it has stopped working in just 3 days!

    Their Customer Care is not respoding. What could I do now?

  • Ebazaar ninja sells fake power banks and do not answer when you contact customer care. No replacement and no refunds.Never buy any product from the ebazaar ninja

  • I felt some confusion by seeing the package & now after seeing the product its Fake.. & brought this from E-bazaar…. Don’t how safe is this product the fake once.

  • hello everyone!i bought an original as i see the marks you mention xiaomi mi 10000 from amazon usa.when i received it in greece i tried to charge it with the iphones charger but i realized that it doesnt charge more than 1 led .3 days now the second the third and fourth led never opened.what should i do?

    • iPhones tend to have smaller batteries, so I suspect the charger also supplies less output. Can you please check the Output current marked on the charger? If it is something close to 1Amp, then this is normal.
      You should ideally use a charger with 2 – 2.1A output to make this power bank charger faster.

      • yes i cjhecked it and the iphones output is 1A.so probably thats the fault.i lll buy a 2a as you mentioned and i ll try it again.the thing is why the powerbank stops the charging sfter the first led ??shouldnt have continued the charging even it would take a week to charge?thanks for your quick reply

        • Umm.. Yep, that doesn’t happen here if I use a 1A charger and it continues to charge.
          Probably the charger’s or the power bank’s overheat protection is kicking in and cutting off the charge?
          You should try borrowing somebody else’s charger and charge using that. If it works, get the new charger, else maybe the unit is actually faulty.

  • Really had me worried reading about the fakes, just received one (10,000) from Amazon UK, passes all the tests though, even the little ID on the USB chassis. which was easy to see with a magnifying glass. Really pleased now that I didn’t go for the eBay one that was a couple of pounds cheaper!
    Thanks for a great review of what to look for.

  • Just recieved my fake MI 10400maH powerbank, which i bought on Ebay for 10 dollar. Kinda expected it to be too good to be true, whatever i guess, but my questieon is: is it any worse regarding speed or capacity since it’s fake? What are the downside of the fakes ones? Mine looks to be really solid and doesn’t fell cheap at all.

    • Talking of the downsides:
      1. Much lesser capacity in the installed batteries.
      2. Charges your devices slowly because they only output around 1A or lesser whereas the original ones output something close to 2.1A.
      3. No heat protection – The originals have temperature sensors to monitor heat and makes sure the batteries do not overheat.
      4. Less reliable circuitry – The originals have some voltage monitors which make sure that the connected devices are not supplied more voltage than what they can handle. So that does work as a safety mechanism.
      5. Less Reliable Batteries – Poor quality of batteries combined with all the above can bring some risk of explosion.

      You should now see if it works fine for your kind of usage. If it does, just keep it 🙂 Else maybe try returning.

  • Just ordered a 20000 Mah power bank from mi.com/in for ₹2199. I hope it’s original. Also plz tell me which power adapter should I purchase to charge it from socket.

    • Mi.com only sells original, so you’re all good.
      You can use any power adapter there. If you are going to purchase a new one, choose one with output close to 2A. It will be able to charge this massive battery faster than the 1A or 1.5A charging adapters.

      • I have read online that the price was ₹1700 but when I ordered mine the price was ₹2200. Also i think i will have to buy a changing cable also as the cable included in the box is only 318 mm long

        • I think 2200 is a fair price. I’m not sure if it was ever sold for 1700, but they might have sold it for cheaper sometime during a sale.
          As about the cable, it is recommended that you charge your phones using the supplied cable as when you add length, the cable tends to drop charge. Your devices will charge slower and will consume more power from the bank. And if you’re planning to buy an adapter, a cable will be included anyways 🙂

          • Received my 20000mah power bank today after 4 days of ordering from mi.com. It passed all your genuine test. M happy

    • Xiaomi does not make any power banks bigger in capacity than 20000. The 50800 you have is a sure fake.

  • Thanks for the information about recognising fake and original mi power banks. . Recently I bought a 20000mAh power bank from mi website. I was trying to buy this product since last 2/3 months but it was always out of stock, but I waited and finally got it during their anniversary sale.

  • Yes I also baught same 20800mah from ebazar ninza
    I m also trying to complaint about it.
    Was it packed in only simple brown box from inside…..?.no genuine packing

  • I have brought the MI 20800 powerbank from ebazaar ninja. When I opened it, saw it labelled as EB MI ( half scratched).

    It passes all your fake points mentioned above with flying colors. No wonder mine is a fake.
    I have written to ebazaar ninja for a refund. Anyody with similar experience, what actions have your taken ? . Thanks

  • Before I gave the feed back of mi powerbank I ordered form amazon mi 16000 mah powerbank from cascart it’s 100 % original mi powerbank I checked all the ways for testing g the product finally I’m very happy I got original product from amazon thanq . …. amazon s guys if u want to buy the mi powerbank 16000 mah u can buy form amazon cascart deeler. ….
    The link of that amazon cascart seller. … https://www.amazon.in/gp/aw/d/B01HJBZM78?psc=1

  • Xiaomi having a sale between 20 to 22 july for their product on mi store.

    Take advantage of original product.

  • I got 10000mah power bank from ebay (seller: allphoneunlock) as mentioned by u in indian buyers & it passes all test as mentioned by u.
    I think i got original.

  • The best thing is to buy xiomi products from their official Xiomi website and you can know about each and every product they have made till date. Also it doesn’t matter if the products are out of stock if they are not on the official website they will not be available on any other webiste. Also you can download it’s App from google play store

    • thats not 100% true because the mi pro powerbank 10000Mah i have is certainly real and it nowhere to be found on xiaomi’s site,,,

      • It can be so because xiomi keeps on introducing new products nd the different websites buy them for resale nd the stock may have finished with the xiomi but not the buyers… bt to be on safer side we can trust on xiomi official website

  • Yesterday I ordered in amazon mi 16000 mah power bank casecart is seller I get the delivery in after 20 th of this month I ll also do that test in mi. Com later I ll also known it’s fake or original product they give so I ll also update and share my feeling on the product here

    • *Follow up from my last comment*
      I just found the package it came in (I actually bought it over a year ago) and I checked the code on the xiaomi verification page and it said “this security code has been queried 1 times”
      Does that mean I’m the first to query it (ie genuine)? Or does it mean it has been queried 1 time before me (ie fake)?
      Thanks in advance

      • Hey Dave, thanks for yet another confirmation 🙂 Yes, BangGood is a trustworthy website and I think I must add it to the post.
        And yes, that means you’re the first to query and it is genuine. Even if it was 2 there, I’d call it well passed 😛 Fakes have that in hundreds or thousands lol

  • Hi, I ordered from gearbest.com. It is genuine, I checked the mi code and it is the first time of usage. 🙂

    • He is a very good rated seller. He should be selling the genuine ones 🙂 Located in Hong Kong so he can be authorized by Xiaomi as well.

  • thankyou admin very much. i was searching for such an useful information from a long time. thnx again.

  • i Bought samsung powerbank 16800 from bookmyoffer.com.. but it was not worked…. and inside the power bank there is 5 material which look like normal remote cell… there is no any wire… so tell….. original or fake

    • Strange it is. But I might be wrong there since these points are not official words. I just saw pink being used in most of the fake power banks. If it works fine for you, it must be a genuine item 🙂

  • The 4th test which is about inbuilt batteries.
    There was a statement made that the inbuilt batteries should either be lg or a Samsung battery . But mine has a pink coloured batteries which was said to be locally made.

  • For you information in India ”

    Note: The certified sellers of Xiaomi are Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Airtel Store and The Mobile Store only.”

    This has been given confirmation form Xiaomi itself.

    To confirm yourself you can drop email to xiaomi customer care support.

    • Not for all products. I never saw Xiaomi selling the power banks officially at Amazon or Snapdeal. I might be wrong 🙂

  • My mi power bank has pink coloured batteries but passed most of the test above. I don’t know if it’s a fake product

    • Rather than it being defective, it is your charger which is extremely slow. Consider using a faster charger of 2A.

  • Здравствуйте,

    Мы купили в поезде 10400Mi, согласно опубликованных данных как нужно проверять подлинность Power bank MI, наш наверное подделка.
    Потому что USB кабель шнур 13,5сантиметр и на вилке нарисован mi.
    И в ячейке для USB нет надписи MI.

  • Thank you very much for these valuable information. I have bought 20,000mAh today and pass the above mentioned ones. Thanks again….

  • Thanks a lot for this useful information I just buy my 10000mh mi power bank yesterday I buy the right one thank u 🙂

  • As per your instuctions i purchased 16000mah mi power bank from ‘allphoneunlock’ ,ebay. Passed all those tests mentioned above. Thank you so much admin (Narender singh)for such a good description. You people are really wonderful. Thank uu…

  • Hi I have buyed a mi 10400 mah from eBay I have tried lots of time in verification but it’s saying put ur unique code in a correct order again and again and it’s not allowed pass through charging as well can you please tell me it’s original or duplicate

    • I bay from ebay.com 10400mah Mi power bank . It passed all the verification process . Is it a original power bank

  • I buy from lazada and arrive 2 days ago. Absolute genuine, thank you for the knowledge. Great article??

    I more thing, I buy cheaper than xiaomi website because use discount coupon + free shipping??

  • Hi, I brought it from ebay seller, who is stating it as 100% original.

    It Passed all the above mentioned Tests, but on Mi.Com, when I entered my Unique id, it showed ” This security code has been queried 2 times “.

    What do you think, Is it original or not,

    I must tell you one thing, in Mi.com site, for the first time I entered wrong verification code, then again I entered fresh code, Then I got the above message.

    Can any one comment with your openion…

  • I bought 10400 power bank, the power can’t least, as list 24 hours,pls Wat is d problem

  • Oh… No… (Your shipment 774798290 ordered on http://WWW.BOOKMYOFFER.COM will be delivered by us today. Value of the shipment is Rs.748.0 Regards, Ecom Express). Today I supposed to receive that 20800 mAh power bank. Thanks alot…

  • What if, suppose I purchase fake product? Won’t they give 20800mAh powerbank atleast 15000mAh power

    • No they won’t. Because it is not possible to provide that much capacity for the price they are charging. You’ll get something around 5000mAh or even lesser.

  • I bought an mi power bank from book my offer site it is fake as per your article please see through it .

  • Bought a 20800 MaH of MI Which failed all tests and is surely fake from ebazaar what to do now?

    • In electronics, do not go for cheaper products. Who buys from Ebazaar when you have Amazon as one of the best?!

    • I also bought from ebazaar which is a fake one…we have to do something for this otherwise these idiots will grab more money by selling fake items..

  • But then it’s just too expensive from the sellers listed here. It sells for 1700 Indian rupees for 20000mah power bank. So i expected at most 2000 Indian Rupees.

    • Agreed! They are badly over charging, but then this is what happens in the Xiaomi world. Due to limited stock, stockists and sellers sometimes end up earning more per unit than what probably Xiaomi is earning. The listed sellers were the ones I purchased from. You are however free to browse through the other sellers on eBay and see if some other top rated seller is selling these for a lower price. Just pay close attention to the seller’s feedback 🙂

  • i brought mi 10400 powerbank but it charged my phone only 1 time . my battery capacity is 2000 mah . Plz tell what can i do ???

  • Bought a fake one from ebazar.com
    There is no sticker at the bittom.. The cable is shorter and has MI printed on it. The lights are different. The weight is unusual.

  • I just bought one but my powerbank doesn’t have any verification code and the other is passed what should i do ?

    • And also it wrote 80000 Mah but passed all test unless verification code someone help me please ?

      • 80000mAh? I’m not aware of Mi making an 80000 mAh one. Where did you purchase it from? It is more likely a fake.

      • Ugh…i bought it from senior that from my school she said that’s ori and i checked a lot of website and tried to match it . It almost passed unless that verification code and it also takes so long my phone is still not fully charged… I think i am deceived by that sister it’s a fake stuff ?? I just bought it today god why ? ? My mom will scold me if she knows it was a fake stuff but passed all tests (Funny Af)

        • Yes, that’s strange indeed. The fakes should not pass these tests. Now either you’re not matching it properly or the fakes have become really good. Xiaomi does not make a power bank bigger than 20,000 mAh in capacity. And I don’t think any authentic company makes a power bank as high as 80,000 mAh.
          But this happens. I hope that the power bank provides you at least some amount of backup.

  • Hey is there any genuine power bank model in xaiomi called, ” xaiomi mi pro”. I ordered it on ebay. It’s about 45$. Is it genuine xaiomi or not?? Plz help.

    • Xiaomi does not make a power bank with such a name. That said, the seller might have just used that name in the listing. You should contact the seller and also refer to the item description on eBay to find out how much capacity the power bank holds.

  • I bought one 16000 mah PB from ebay. It is genuine. but when i checked the code in mi site, it showed the code is queried 3 times. So, what it means? Is it used or new product?
    Can any body explain.

    • I have fully charged PB for 12 hours until four LED’s to stop blinking. And then I have charged my micromax a250 from 28% to 80% and nexus 7 from 0 to 90%. . Now the power bank only one led blinking. It gave me less than 6000 mah backup until now.


      • That’s a bit less. Were you using the devices while they were charging? It could be that some background processes caused the devices to use up a part of the charge that was put into them.

        • Yes Narender ji, While charging the PB, I have attached Nexus 7 to the PB. As you said that might be the reason. So I am testing it’s backup once again. If it gives less than 10,000 mah, i am planing to return it. What do you say sir?

  • I have bought one 20000 mah PB from mi.com under flash sale offer on 4th may 2016. I am sure the above article will help me though i expect to receive original from the company site. For those who are interested in buying there is one more flash sale on 11th may on mi.com, grab your 20000 mah mi power bank for just 1699/-

  • Iski maa ki bhosda chodu laude ke Baal book my offer bolke logo ko chutiya bana raha hai poora fake hai bhaiyo plz avoid thisthis I purchase 10400mah mah power bank it’s totali fake.

  • 5200 mah has been discontinued. Even 10000 mah seems unavailable. If you check the mi.com website the following are the power banks currently available.

    1. 5200 mah 2. 10400 mah 3. 16000 mah and 4. 20000 mah.

    One more question… What is the actual charging capacity of the 20000 mah power bank ?

      • Thanx i got my 20000 mah power bank from Mi. Original to the maximum. One of the best quality power bank I have used. Lucky I got it for 1699/-

  • I was lucky enough to get a 20000 mah power bank from mi.com during their open sale which happened on 27th April, 2016 for 1699. I hope I get a genuine 20000 mah power bank rather than a fake one.

    • It appears to be original, but really it is hard to make guesses till you have it in your hand. You can always take help of eBay support in case it is fake 🙂

  • m brought a 10400mah mi power bank from bookmyoffer. please give me an idea ..how to know that this is fake..!!!

  • I purchased Mi 20800 mAH from Bookmyoffer.com website. It’s a fully fake powerbank!!!!!! So friend don’t buy this website.(Bookmyoffer.com)

  • Mi 20800 power bank
    Original / fake
    यह पावर बैंक bookmyoffer website पर भी मीलता है क्या मैने इस website पर औडर किया हैं
    क्या याहा original मिलेगा या fake

  • Is 10400 mah powerbank of mi from bookmyoffer fake or genuine product? Any one suggest me regarding this…

  • I bought a 12000mah power bank of Mi but its fake. I bought it from eBay shopping what i do for that plz suggest me?

  • nice to have checked .i am lucky that i purchased Genuine one .the reseller have e mail id as [email protected] ,shop no#A2-418 & 419.Orchid City Centre.Bellasis Road ,Mumbai Central East,Mumbai 400 008.

  • Just giving my 2 cents

    tinydeal.com…. everything i have bought from them from xiaomi brand is genuine.

    i also have mi car charger and mi headphones

      • the 20.000 mah xiaomi powerbank passed all the tests..
        there is a small light leak on the usb ports in the genuine powerbank. dont worry guys..

        very interesting is the mi logo on the usb 😀 never noticed this until today

  • I’ve bought a 12000 mAh mi powerbank witch was super cheap.Do you think there’s 12000 mAh mi powerbank

  • I got the (10000 mAh) From Gearbest [China] Not available at Gearbest EU at the time of purchase….

    Fully checked -definitely legit.

    Note: It took just under 7 business weeks for delivery [Sweden Post – Registered] and had a sticker with the following..

    “Goods not fulfilling the conditions prescribed by Articles 9 and 10 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community”

    Delivery was to Ireland.

  • Hello, I ordered a Mi 16000 Mah power bank from ebay, the power bank looks to be good from a seller with 85.4% positive rating. It is to be delivered today. I will update soon if it is fake or original. It is cash on delivery so i am thinking to first check and then pay the price. The link of seller is below and i hope it is genuine. (first experience from ebay)


    • Hello, i got my power bank. Most parameters you discussed were successful. I checked all of them and found it to comply with all. But when i checked the security code on mi site for authentication, it said me;” this security code has been queried 1 time”. Does it means that it is fake? or it is the first time of the query?
      Talking of other parameters it has passed all and my phone is charging fast too, the charging started instantly when i connected the USB.
      Thanks for your help

      • It’s perfectly fine, Karan. Ideally it should say that only. 1 times because you’ve just queried it for the first time 🙂

        • Thank you Narender Singh for your reply. I would like to share some pictures of the power bank with you to ask for an issue. Because you discussed in one of the points that the light from LED’s will not leak in original power bank, but in mine the LED’s reflect in micro usb slot and when all are lit up, i can see light through USB port as well. Thanks for your help a lot and please let me know how i can share the pics i took of this scenario with you. Thanks

          • Hi Karan
            You can either send them to our Facebook page or else upload images to somewhere such as Google Drive/OneDrive and leave the gallery/direct links here.
            As about the light leak, I wasn’t saying as if there is 100% block of light. If you check the image in the post, you’d notice how easy it is to notice light emitting out of the USB port of the fake power bank. In originals, there definitely is a small amount of light that leaks, but it is not easily noticeable.
            I guess your power bank is all good 🙂

              • Hi Karan. I checked my 20000 as well as 16000mAh power bank in dark and compared with the image provided by you. Yes, there is some leak of light through the ports. That’s normal. If only I could show you, the real ones have a thick white tape over the LEDs to smoothen up the light and prevent it from leaking. So the leak is much much lesser than what you see on the fakes 🙂
                Yours is all good! Enjoy the product 🙂

                • Thanks, i was away so could not check your reply. While all this time i was depended on my 16k mah power bank, i can say that xiaomi has really designed the product well. Only thing that is disturing me is battery backup, despite saying that its a 16000 mah power bank, it only delivers in range of 9000-10000 mah actual output. That’s a huge difference. This stat is of mine, i don’t know if it is true for all 16000mah banks. Xiaomi has stated on its site that this power bank gives 5 full charges for iPhone 6 ( Battery is 1810mah). Now i have a iPhone 5s (battery is 1560mah) and this mine power bank fully charges it for 5.4 times, i.e 5 full charges and one charge upto 40%. Does your bank behaves as same?

                  • You’d notice on the bottom that it is written something like 10800mAh (10200 in newer manufacturing) and that is the output you get (over 5V/1A) from the 16000mAh power bank. A review at HardwareZone has properly explained why it is like that. I’ve quoted it before and I’ll again quote it below. You can also read the entire review here.
                    “To digress a bit, know that the 16,000mAh is the capacity at 3.75V; hence, the power bank has a total energy of 60,000mWh (milliwatt-hour) or 60Wh (watt-hour). But then, the output is done over 5.1V. At this voltage, the capacity is actually about 11,765mAh. And after factoring in the 90 to 93% conversion efficiency that Xiaomi claims (this refers more to the internal circuit board), we get a range (10,588 to 10,941mAh) that’s close to this 10,800mAh number. Note too that this is possible under a 1A current. Both the total output capacity and circuit conversion efficiency will be lower during 2.1A fast charging, due to more energy lost.”

                    I hope this clarifies it for you. And yes, mine does behave like that as well 🙂

  • Sale ne chuna laga ne mey phd kiya hoga mjhe bhi fake mila 20800mah ka kya karu return bhi hoga ki nhi….i wqnt to knw this

  • Book my offer website hramkhor choro Ki website h jisme logo ko luta jata h mene bhi Samsung 17000 mah k chakkar me order diya tha nikla ek fake mi 20800mah power bank ese kmine k product curior wolo ko Lena hi nhi chahiye mrenge kmine Kisi din slte slte salo ko kabar bhi naseeb nhi hogi hramiyo ne 850₹ ka chuna lga diya

  • Hi, thanks for this description.

    If enybody will use this information,
    i bought one (10000 mAh) at Gearbest, UK storage and fits all of the genuine marks according to this article.

  • I have ordered mi 20400 mAh from bookmyoffer on 27/3/16,but today I have received mi 20800 mAh power bank. The power bank is totally fake because it is not able to charge the phone. Please suggest what can I do now?

  • I want to share my experience about xiaomi mi 20800,i bought it online from ebay months back which is 100% fake,not worked for a day.I don’t mind for a fake product but when we buy the same from a reputed shopping site like ebay it hurts.losing a small customer like me will not make any difference to ebay but i have lost faiths on ebay.

    • I understand, but had you filed a claim with ebay regarding the item, they’d have surely helped you. eBay is a public marketplace and anybody can sell there. Another reason why high rated sellers should be preferred over new sellers.

  • After reading all of d above comments I need to cancel my order that was placed for 20400mah MI power bank from bookmyoffer.com.

  • I hv rcv the pwr bnk preview 2 days which capacity 20800mAh..bt is no charge any ph….so is it fake !!

  • I bought a Mi 10400 mAh in Mall of Asia, particularly in Games & Gadgets. It passed all the authenticity tests EXCEPT for the security code. Some digits are not that clear and crisp. i verified it but it says Incorrect code. i don’t know if the powerbank i bought is legit. If it is fake, can I return it to Games & Gadgets and replaced it with an original one?

      • Thank you so much. What do you think is the reason why I can’t verify the security code? It always says “Incorrect code”. I got panicked because of this. I thought I bought a fake one.

  • Sir,I ve ordered a power bank of capacity 20,800mah from the website The emart.Is it a fake one!!?????if u will make me confirm I willnt rcv that one.plz sir help me.



  • I am using a mi 10400mah power bank. It’s giving output of 5300 mah. It’s taking 7 hours for the full charg with a 1amp charger. I have checked the 20 digit security code of the power bank in mi website and found its original. I just want to know whether it’s a defective piece or not ?
    I am using moto g2 for the charging

  • compré mi banco de bateria de 10400 mAh, en focalprice, de acuerdo a los anteriores puntos es original. me costó $18.99.

  • Received my Mi 10400mAh power bank from Snapdeal. Looks to be genuine. Only problem is that its has quite old manufacturing date…August 2014, imported by Flipkart in September 2014.Also doesn’t have the Mi verification code. But as you mentioned that authorised vendors might not have the same. Rest satisfies all parameters. Will the old manufacture date matter?

    • Old batteries do have a chance of losing charge over time, but if you experience a good backup, its okay to keep it 🙂

    • Got one MI 10400 mAh power bank from Snapdeal. Seems legit with all the points mentioned about the branding and stuff.
      The charging as well is good. It’s the same as Bhibor said though, Manufactured in August 2014 and imported by Flipkart in September 2014.

  • Got it from ebay(mworld17)…. Its genuine product at rps.2,699…. But he gives only 6 mnths warranty tat is my oly issue

  • I also bought just yesterday. its a fake from book my offer. it cant charge my mobile phone 100%. charge was finished at 70%. 🙁

  • Hi Narender,
    First of all, Thank you very much for such imp info.it becomes very essential for us to get the correct product,when we are giving our hard earned money. I have bought one 16000 mah xiomi power bank.it passed all tests u told above,even it has a 20 digit security code in packet and on checking it gave the correct output.however I have one doubt.I saw some article (http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/review-xiaomi-16000mah-mi-power-bank-review-get-it-if-you-need-charge-2-devices-fast). In this article,on bottom of power bank ,below 16000 mah, 10800 mah is mentioned(Please refer A word on capacity section image).but in my power bank, 10200 mah is mentioned.also on right of big 16000 mah,3.75 V is mentioned.But in my power bank,3.6 V is mentioned.another difference I found is on last line in the bottom section, i.e in the line of > 90 %,in article image,nothing is mentioned between chinese word and > 90% ,but in my power bank 201509(seems manufacturing date according to my understanding) is mentioned there between chinese word and > 90%. so in all these aspects,my power bank differs from the article image.Please clarify why such difference is there.I am suspecting in the later versions of manufactuing,they have made these differences.please help me with these points.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Prabhakar Tiwari

    • Hi Prabhakar
      You’re absolutely right when you said “I am suspecting in the later versions of manufacturing, they have made these differences”. That indeed is the case here. The article that you refer is from 2014 (end) and the manufacturing process has since changed. Just to confirm, I’ve just now compared my 16000mAh power bank (purchased in 2014 or early 2015) to a 16000mAh power bank of my friend (purchased in Oct 2015) and there lies the exact same difference. In fact, if you see the image (present in the post) https://www.techmesto.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/bower-bank-printing-branding-.jpg of my 20000mAh power bank, you’ll see that what you see on yours is present here as well.
      The change can be due to a change in batteries and/or the main motherboard. What you have is a 100% legitimate product 🙂

      • Thanks alot Narender again for such info.so what I believe as per the description in box of power bank is,for LG batteries,the output will be 10800 mah and 3.75v, where as for other batteries,the output will be 10200 mah and 3.6 v.so I suspect mine will have other batteries.still I would like to open and see the batteries for my interest and to check also if they are not pink(as per your one of the test above).but I am afraid how to open it.and if opening this would be correct or not.M not sure how to open it.Please help me with these points.Thanks again.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Prabhakar Tiwari

        • Prabhakar, that might be correct as the batteries are really sourced from different companies. I think Panasonic and LG are two main partners for the batteries. I did hear Samsung somewhere as well.
          I wouldn’t advise opening it for one reason – the originals are well built and really a pain to open up. For fakes, you just push the USB ports with some force and the entire internal frame will separate from the chassis and slide out. However for the original, you have 8 screws, 4 on each side and even after removing them, it is really really hard to pull the stick out of the frame/chassis.
          Another reason – Fake guys want to copy the original and make a duplicate. Not even a chance that they will have differences there. They don’t get anything from writing a different value there.
          Still, depending on your curiosity, you can pull off the plastic covering the bottom (which contains the details) using a sharp object and you’ll be able to peek at the color of batteries through the small holes on the internal holder (which also houses the screws). Do the same on the top side, undo all the screws, take off the holder at the bottom (very hard) and then push the batteries up so that the full internal frame comes out from the top. Then look at the batteries very closely. There is a model number on the battery. Searching for the same will let you know what company made it :p

          • Thanks Narender,

            Seems bit hard process.I believe,I should trust the company 20 digit code validated from MI website rather than checking the batteries.I think that would be a better option.Thanks a lot for your help . 🙂

            • Hi Narender,

              Hope you are doing good. I bought today 20000 mah power bank 2i from amazon.It passed all the test.but on box it is written as made in india.and also at bottom Has a printing in grey-ish ink which is lighter and clear.but I ca not feel it,it is not textured where I can fee it..is this a genuine product? do you see this thing is other 20000 mah 2i power banks ?

              • Yes, the textured feel on the bottom printing is gone in the new 2i power bank. Yours is a genuine product, don’t worry 🙂

  • Can I get original Xiaomi power bank on EBay India?

    Nope as far as I know buying Xiaomi power banks in India the only geniune place to buy online seems to be Flipkart.. The ones of eBay is a copy cat with cheap internals. Although the prices they are being offered at sounds enticing I can vouch that the…

  • Gearbest allways sent me original Xiaomi product. Have 16000mah and it has Xiaomi logo, don’t know about the mentioned changes

  • HI, I have just bought a mi 10000mah power bank. Can anyone please tell me how long it takes to get the fully charged power bank for the first time & how can I be sure that the power bank is fully charged? Thanks

    • The charging speed differs from charger to charger, so can’t be said. Generally 12 hours or so would be enough for it to reach its full capacity.
      As for when it gets full, the lights on the power bank will stop blinking and all 4 lights will remain on until you unplug the charger. As long as at least one light is blinking, it is still charging.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply. I wish you will help me out if I need any more regarding this matter & I will share if I face any. Till then take care. Please stay well & safe. Bye

  • I have ordered mi power bank of 20800mh and i have read your artical you r right what should i do should i buy or not

  • I bought my Xiaomi power bank (16000 mA) on Wish. It is original or well done fake. But the serial number is common, so probably it would be fake. It is realy well done. On cable is only flash sign, not logo of Xiaomi. The micro usb hole on power bank is white, but in usb hole isn’t logo of Xiaomi, but it is written in article, that it isn’t necessary. When O tried the self charge. First the lights were off, them all of them were on, but they weren’t blinkink.

  • Thanks for giving detailed and accurate check points..today I have got original mi 5000mAh from eBay Dealfreez at Rs949 which is satisfying each and every check points thanks

    • The price was certainly on the higher end, but I’m glad that you’ve got the original product. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  • I want to buy a 100400mah mi power bank at a cheap price im in india so can anyone suggest me where i can get it? Please….

  • I just obtain my xiaomi 20800mah power bank and it fails all the test confirming this is a fake. Don’t know what to do now.

  • thank u love u all i just got new one today 10400mAh… try to check for genuine or not… lucky i ve got the original… .20number on the box..charging test…

  • n k singh jan 8 2016
    no long lasting of charging in mi power bank this product not for use full , i suggest bane this product in india.

  • i just received my original xiaomi 16000mAh powerbank. all the above tests were passed but when i plugged it overnight with a belkin 2A charger it has not charged to even 75%. i have kept it for more than 20 hours now and it is still the same. i have no idea what is wrong with it.

    • Although it does take a long time to charge, 20 hours is still too long. It can be that the power bank is not drawing 2A from the charger or the charger is not at all supplying it. Try resetting the power bank by pressing the power button once. Also try using a different charger. It can be some incompatibility between the two.

  • Yes it looks the same but! I got it today so I am going to test you and let you know! If its bad ill send it back and the company will definitaly take it back.

  • I bought a 20 000MaH power bank from Takealot( SOUTH AFRICA online shopping) There is no MI branding on the power bank and no 20 digit code. It almost satisfied to all the “fake” points given above!! What should I do?

    • Does it look like the 20000 mAh Power Bank that Xiaomi produces? If so, there’s a possibility that it is genuine. Did you try using it and checking the amount of backup it provides? If it has poor backup, you can try returning to the point of sale, but it is unlikely that such a return will be accepted. In most common scenario, you’d be needed to live with it however good or bad it is.

  • I recently got the genuine power bank 16000 mah passing all this test. I bought it from dx.com in india. The only problem was i have to wait for almost 40 days for delivery to my place. But yes i am happy with the product.

  • We got a whole batch of fake ones. Only one of four batteries are actually connected. Three of them are junk batteries with 0.00V in parallel and the only one actually connected to the PCB is also a used battery as the tab has been roughly snipped off and resoldered. The batteries had scratches all over the shrink tubing indicating that it had been stored in a plastic bag and jumbled up — something not done with new batteries for fear of shorts. Rusty negative terminals show age and improper storage (as recyclables). The + wire was hanging on a few strands and the only working battery showed a voltage of 0.4v from the nominal 3.6V indicating a practically dead battery.

    Price is an indication: if it’s less than half of what the Mi should be, it usually has a good reason to be cheap. I now have hundreds of used lithium batteries as paper weights. Beware!

  • I got the real 10000 Mah power bank from Paytm.
    Thanks for helping me know the difference btwn fake and real.
    It only failed “Branding and Color on USB Cable” test , though my USB dint have MI brand name on it but has a white interior on the standard USB port.
    I think they changed the USB cable for new variant(10000) powerbank.

  • Of course you should buy from there. That’s the MI official website. I also recommend buying a power bank from a less known and high-quality brand.

    • Actually, I have one order placed with this seller for like 25 days already. I’m yet to receive the shipment, so can’t say for now. But feedback to the seller makes me feel it is genuine and that’s why I purchased it from him 🙂

  • hi,
    thanks for the information.
    I received one today from e bay, but after going through these details I am sure mine is a fake power bank.
    it is getting discharged within no time and all the details given in this site are not matching with the power bank I received.

    please be care full before buying it.

    thank u.

  • Since I have bought 20800 Mah one and it has black color inside micro usb port, in the cable MI marking is there so my one is fake. I bought through Rediff.com, seller was Teknix from Mumbai

  • Sir I’m purchase a mi power bank 20800mah for super combo.in and it is fake product and they are not pickup my phone &not reply my mail what can I do plz help me .. My oder no. Is 96497000027006

  • my 16Ah is original not chargnig an iphone nor my xperia z1c, but is chargin htc phones, should i resell it to someone?

    • It sounds genuine to me. The images you see in the post are from the 10400mAh version of the power bank. The 10000mAh version faced design changes and what you have is the latest that they offer 🙂 Enjoy!

  • I purchased a mi 5200 mah power bank from eBay of 400 but got 100 of coz of 1st buy
    Refurbished by seller this was described
    3 months warranty also there
    Shud I collect it
    Coz it is a cod…….help me
    If fake I will cancel
    Reply quickly (request)

  • do update all of you that on November 9 2015, xiaomi launched the new version of 20,000mAh the larger version of 16,000mAh. so do kindly help me to identify between the real genuine xiaomi 20000mAh portable charger and the fake one ma? 🙂 thanks

    • I’m aware of that, but the 20000mAh variant ain’t available anywhere out of China yet. Will update the post if I get some hands on the 20000mAh one 🙂

      • but i bought a xiaomi 20,000mAh from Qoo10 Sg and based on how u check for authentication for the 10,400mAh and the website, its original and authentic 🙂 but do help me to know how to check for its authenticity genuine or fake one 🙂 thanks

      • no, i purchased it from whaky.com
        they are not picking up the call and not responding to my mails also.
        Im having a doubt whether i could use it as long it works………

        • You can’t, because it doesn’t really have enough of battery power. But I guess you need to live up with what you’ve got.

        • I ordered Sony power bank from whakky.com but they sent xiomi mi power bank which is fake @Cost. Of rs 1050 .I too fooled by whakky .. come Let us raise against them . we can register legal case against that website. Dont wana lose any more.
          To support me contact my mail [email protected]

  • At Diwali I buy a xiaomi 10400mah power bank from internet.That is fake according to upper test . What will I do?

  • I have purchased Mi 20800 mah Xiaomi power bank through online from whaaky.com but it is fake product it is not working, but Whaaky .com is not responding to exchange the product & my order details given below

    Order Details
    Order No Order Amount Payment Mode Ordered Date Order Status
    S801026391 1399.0 COD 2015-11-05 21:54:51 CONFIRMED

    Product Details
    Reference No Product Name Quantity Amount Shipping Charges COD Charges
    S8010263911919 2 Power bank 20000mAh @ 1249 1 1249.0 0 150

    Shipment Details
    Shipment Status Consignment No Courier Name Dispatched Date Delivered Date
    DISPATCHED 41613768022 ARAMEX 2015-11-07 01:30:04.0

  • Hi.. Mi 10400 MAH power bank is available for Rs.599. on e-bazar.ninja. could u please tell this is original or fake.

  • observe carefully before buying the mi and sony powerbanks today i bought duplicate mi 20800mah powerbank but really looking mi brand

  • Xiaomi 10400 mah power bank Pink available on Syberplace at a price of 427 rs so i want to buy it buy i am worried of fake product so plz help..

  • today i have bought a Taxton-02-MI MI design series 5 10400 silver BUYED FROM FLIPKART BILLIONS DAYS OFFERS and it passes none of the above test..it is a fake one or not


  • Thanks for the information!
    I got a 100% genuine Mi power bank (passed the sticker test!).
    Anyway, my USB cable is not branded but has a white (!) regular size USB plug.
    Since this is definitely genuine, the cable information should be updated…

    (BTW: the newer banks have the LEDs on the left, the button on the right and both USB sockets in between)

    • You don’t get fake power bank from Mi.com or Flipkart. If you get it from other sources, you cannot replace it with Flipkart.

  • After a month of await time, received 2 FAKE Xiaomi 16000 powerbanks, eBay seller “yanli-store”
    From unpacking it looked bad from the first sight, there was no XIAOMI sticker on the package, very very cheap plastic package insert, scratches and spots on the aluminum body, badly aligned plastic panels, very bad USB cable, power button does absolutely nothing.. so guess what, it doesn’t even work!

  • oh my my MI 20800 mi powerbank is fake. it did not passed to the test. i just bought it today. grrr.. i must check first to internet about this if its rea or fake before i buy. i hate this an dneed to buy a new one.i mae it sure it is original

  • Hello Every1..!!
    Purchased Mi Powerbank of 16000 mah from the official site during sale…!!
    1st one is working and I have to try the rest…!!
    Hope it passes all…!!
    Btw why u guyzz purchase from ebay and all those Secondary Sites…!! ??

  • i got 10400 im power bank.it’s fall all categries which you gave.but i go to checking by code its said The product you are checking is
    Mi Power Bank
    This security code has been queried 3 times.nothing happened anythink

  • Ordered for the sony power bank , but recevied the MI powerbank 10400 mh. The instrument is fake does not have genuine features mentioned. it failed to charge any of my gadgets.


  • I got my Xiaomi 20800 mAh (3.6V) delivered yesterday from Rediff and it’s a genuinely fake piece. It fails all genuineness test. What is the next action I can take against it! Any advice pl.

    Anyway I am able to charge my HTC mobile with this; but for Samsung mobile or Tab just will not work. Can you pl guide how to make it work for these devices?

  • My Power Bank passed the test. BUT it’s usb-Cable & interior is white. And the Powerbank (10.000 mAh) USB & Mini USB is not in a row or line but one beneath/down the other – in the center of the bottom.

  • I have ordered a MI10400mAh Power Bank With Samsung 2600mAh Power Bank Free at price 700 from bookmyoffer.com.
    Is this product is at right price from right site?in that product details OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) is mentioned.i.e. its a OEM product.Please reply me to my mail [email protected] as soon as possible.

    • BookMyOffer is selling the fakes. Please do not buy that deal. You can’t find a Mi 10400/10000 mAh power bank cheaper than 900 Rs anywhere.

  • Hi.. my new 10000 mah MI powebank passes all tests above mentioned. But only USB cord fails in test because of white interior color. Is it Fake or real (both powebank & usb cord) please reply.

  • I have purchased a Mi 10400mah power bank from Snapdeal.
    however Snapdeal is a standard site,but i guessed this one (power bank) is not a genuine. because
    it’s not fulfill any criteria given by you in your tips.
    while charging its lights are not off. even its not works properly.
    any one suggests me Snapdeal’s this mi10400mah power bank is genuine or not?

  • I purchased one using my points on Payback site – fake fake fake! The moment i got the powerbank, i knew it was fake. For one, it had no packaging…just a transparent plastic cover , stapled at the sides. When i opened it, it was a cheap silver colour and the cord was weird too. When i plugged my phone in, obviously it didnt work! Now fighting with payback guys to take this back – they have the audacity to ask me to go to a service centre! Guys please beware of these payback kinds sites. I think it is safest to get vouchers from the points, no electronic stuff.

  • I have purchased mi products n accessories from the official online mi india store and frnds ROCKET KOMMERCE LLP is the only authorised seller of mi in india. Don.t get fooled from other websites like flipkart nd others. I hv purchsed mi led , mi band n now 16000mah powerbank for the original mi india site…. in flashsale. If u are buyng something thn jst buy from the authorised seller n frnd it comes with a xaiomi packgng and it feels very premium nd great..!??

    • Sorry, but Flipkart and Amazon do have official sales authorization for various Mi products, however not all. Buying from Mi.com is certainly a good idea 🙂

  • Passed! I’ve got a genuine 10400 Power Bank.
    I didn’t check batteries inside, and color inside USB seems to be more like milk, not rice white (but this can be just because of my color feeling at night)

    • You should try to return it back to the POS. And next time, stop looking to get a cheap product even more cheaper.

    • Why not ? can use ,some original one same the copy one ,only the different is quality ,but till now all quality same same .

  • I bought Universal License Xiaomi USB Power Bank Charger MI 10400 For CellPhone. there is no sticker on the box, and it fails the tests Branding and Color on USB Cable and Pass-Through Charging. the other tests i am not sure.

  • damn 😀 js bought a combo and guess wat both the power banks fail the test 😀 m feeling like an idiot 😀 why da hell did I order 2 😀
    Thanks man.. For all the valuable info.. I gues only flipkart sells authentic ones…the entire world is selling da fake ones.. Guys over here please do a favour plz give us the links of where u bought ur power banks if in case ur power bank passed all the tests above…
    Thanks in advance

  • Yes passed all tests. 10000 m.amps mi power bank. I bought from flipkart I.e. WS retailer.

    Thanks for the info. N thanks flipkart.

  • I requested return for the fake mi 20800 powerbank on supercombo, but it was not responding . Only it is sending a email stating that they’ll take it back. But noone is responding till now. They are answering the call also. Please suggest me how can i contact them, n return the item.

  • I have purchased a MI power bank on 3 September 15 with 20800 mah battery and it is duplicate so please suggest me how i will return it i have purchased a combo pack worth Rs 1400 from bookmy offer

  • Got cheated once again…
    Had ordered Sony 1000 power pack through askmebazar but the supplier had sent xiaomi 10400. Since it was not working I returned it back after preferring a complaint. I am sure it was a fake. Again relying on a recommendation from a friend on 11/07/15 I purchased a xiaomi 10400 through ebay. I received the item which was supplied by This power pack is also not functioning properly. The item has failed all the above tests.

    Purchasers beware of fake suppliers.. ebay must all take note of this.

    Wish you all sincere trading…

    • eBay and then the buyers themselves who are looking to buy good things for price as close to FREE. There are good sellers who are selling originals and then there are fakes which are sold because they are priced at half the cost of the genuine.

  • Thanks for tips,

    I got new 10000 mAh model not 10400 mAh, passes all the test above, but the interior color of MicroUSB cable is white which seems OK as a new model.

  • I have purchased 20800mah through bookmyoffer.com on 27/08/15 for 500 COD and it fails all test.

    Please advise how should I return. it not gives back up.

  • I bought 10400 mAh power bank from eBay ( allphoneunlock seller) n it passed all above test.
    Thank u eBay specially Allphoneunlock seller

  • Hello,

    I have just received my power bank 10400 mah and when trying to verify the 20 digit code, it always fails in security code and I have to reenter the security code but keep failing. I am sure I entered the code correctly. I use my browser in my smartphone.

    Can anyone help me with this? Should I use browser from pc or something?

    As for the other tests, it passes the test, excluding checking battery inside as well as the above case.


    • Hi Herman, I recently got a fake one off ebay, the end piece on the usb end clipped off on the fake one, whereas the genuine ones dont have clips, they are adhesive.. if yours has 4 screws it’s more than likely genuine…….

      • My xiaomi 10400mah powerbank passed all the test except one that the brand XIAOMI is engraved on the powerbank itself not the usual MI I’ve seen. I believe that its genuine though. My friend bought it for me few years ago. Shes from taiwan. 🙂

        • As you say years ago, that’s perfectly fine. Xiaomi was using Xiaomi as its branding initially, but a bit later they shifted to the shortened up Mi.

    • The same with me. Solution: I took a “5” for a “6”. Maybe you damaged the code while scratching. Make sure you’re put in the right digits.

    • Seems Mr. Narinder Singh is related to AllPhoneUnlock.. Because in MI’s official site 10400 Power bank sells for Rs 999/- where in in eBay Mr. AllPhoneUnlock is selling it for 1788/- that too 10000 mAh.

      • No. I’m not. It’s just that the Power Banks stayed pretty much out of stock on the official sites and users here asked if there’s some other place they can purchase from and hence I recommended AllPhoneUnlock because I bought from him and they were all fine.
        Also, when I purchased and/or recommended, he was selling 10400 ones for 1200 or so along with a free TPU cover. After applying some coupons, it was really a sweet deal.

  • What the hell going in shop clues. Com they are selling 20800mah how can they sell like that. Why can’t mi ban these kind of things. Buyers qte becoming VP by doing this kind of things

  • I just received the mi 10400mah power bank today. I placed an order on ebay. Though I did not have confidence that it’s original at the time of placing the order, I ordered it to check whether it’s original or not. I just did all the tests mentioned on this webpage, it passed all the tests. I’ve checked it on the Xiaomi website by entering the code and it is declared original. Guys if anyone is looking for it, please visit ebay as I got a good one from them. The name of the seller is DealsNoffers, Mumbai. Just go with the ratings for that seller. The comments posted there also include some different items but not only for this power bank. The price at which I bought it was Rs.1111 and Rs.88 for shipping. Now when I check the same, it’s showing as Rs.9999 on the webpage for current buyers. I don’t think it’s necessary to spend that much for this powerbank. If anyone is interested, please have a watch on that item.. Thank you everyone for posting their feedbacks and comments as they helped me in testing the genuinity of the product.. Take care folks..

    • Because Mi does not make a 20400 mAh power bank, it is a fake and hence I cannot comment on the functionality of such a product.
      Generally battery is full when all LEDs start lighting up.

  • I bought 10400 mAh from Paytm, and was wondering why it gets discharged within 15 minutes when connected to mobile, even though it takes around an hour to charge itself.
    Then, after reading this review, I just realised that it is failing on almost all tests. 🙁

  • Thank u for providing details of verifying have received a original product from flash sale. Thoroughly satisfied.

  • Bought a 10400mah powerbank from a retailer and it proved to be fake. Could charge my phone only 10% fr the first time..that’s it…….

    Hate him…….

  • I am posting this from kuwait. Here at carrefour this product is being sold and its a fake as described above. However I cannot get a replacement from the company as no support here. I lost the money….

  • I have bought MI 20800 mAh through rediff shopping .It is a confirmed fake.on line shopping. It has failed all the tests suggested except break opening to check cells inside.What should do?

  • !!!!!!!जोगो ग्राहक जोगो!!!!!!!मैंने SHOPCLUES, सोपक्लुज से कुछ सामान मंगाया था जो कि इन्होंने चायनीज भैज दिया जो कि बिल्कुल काम नही कर रहा है(पहले से ही खराब है)।मैंने फिर वापसी के लिए बोला तो मुझे वापसी सर्विस न होने का वास्ता देकर मुझे पता दिया गया कि आप इस पते पर कुरियर से भैज दे आपको 300रू0हमारी तरफ से दिया जायेगा।मै सच्चा भैज दिया।लेकिन इन्होंने वहाँ लेने से मना कर दिया फिर मैंने जानकारी माँगी तो मुझे बताया गया की अपने आर्डर नम्बर, कुरियर कम्पनी का नाम नम्बर नही लिखा होगा तभी वापिस आ गया होगा, जब मैंने कहाँ की मैंने तो बिल की कापी आपने हमें दिया था वह सब आर्डर नम्बर, टिकिट नम्बर कुरियर कम्पनी का नाम ये सब तो बिल मै होता हि है।तो मुझे दो दिन इन्तजार करने के लिये कहा गया फिर मैंने मेल की तो मुझे फिर टिकिक नम्बर दिया गया एक महीने तक यही कुछ चलता रहा।फिर इनके बारे मैने googleपर लोगों का अनुभव जाना तो मुझे बहुत दु:ख हुआ।ticket number 3596664,ShopClues Support Team. Order Number: 58011727Return Number: 1664453 हम जो भी मेल इनको करते है।कम्प्यूटर ही पढ़ता है और जवाब देता है।क्या हमारे देश का कानून इतना कमजोर है कि कोई भी कम्पनी यहां आकर हमें ठग ले और हम कुछ न कर सकें।कृपया इसको अधिक से अधिक शेयर करें!!! जनहित मै जारी!!!!जागो ग्राहक जागो!!!!नोट-सोपक्लुज चायना के साथ मिलकर भारतीय ग्राहको को उल्लू बना रहा है।कृपया इस पोस्ट को अधिक से अधिक शेयर करे।क्योंकि कई ठगने से बच जायेगे।ये मेरा पहला और आखिरी आनलाइन सापिग अनुभव है।आप अपने अनुभव भी शेयर किजिये। !!धन्यवाद!!!

  • I got my 16000 from geekbuying and seems to be original. I’ve had original 10400mah too and looks kinda same this one.

  • Hi
    Recently purchased MI 10400mAh power bank and I have pasted all test other than the last 2 test which you mentioned..
    1) Doesn’t have MI logo inside the USBUSB port of the power bank.
    2) Doesn’t know whether Samsung or LG batteries inside my bank since I haven’t opened yet as I have spent 1000 bucks on it..

    BUT STILL I HAVE DOUBTS.. Please clarify them..
    1) I have fully charged my bank once and all 4 lights where burning. After that I charged my mobile Samsung S4 (2600mAh) for just 2 times (ie-5% to 100%) after that the bank is drained.. but actually my bank should charge atleast 4 times for my mobile (ie: 2600 * 4 = 10400)
    Why it doesn’t happen???
    Can anyone help me with this???
    Is my 1000 bucks wasted???
    Am I cheated with a fake bank???

  • Hi,

    i had done the same check on MI website, but it says that the code is being checked 2 times, but i was checking it for first time.

  • I got Mi power bank 10400mAH….from ebay….i tested and checked clearly…
    its fake…dony buy from ebay

  • I too bought a Xiaomi 10400 mah power bank from askmebazaar.com, and it doesn’t a single point for being a genuine one. Also it gets full charhe in just 15 mins and dn it chrges d phone for jst 10%… consumer forum please take actions against these sites for selling fake goods.

    • What did PayTM support reply? I guess they should accept a return if it isn’t beyond their acceptable returns duration.

  • my power bank failed all of the tests. it is not giving backup also so my one is fake for sure. please don’t buy from relimo @ paytm. it’s fake hence they don’t consider any complain also.

    Gone through all tests including opening it, battery doesn’t contain any mark .

    hey it looks one more check there as light intensity from stable LED fluctuates while charging/discharging ( for my duplicate power bank)

  • I just ordered powerbank of Xiomi 20800 MAH from rediff shopping, what I have to do now? Pls suggest.

  • I think me also get fake one. purchased from online ebazar.ninja. please take any supportive action against them for selling fake goods. really disappointed

  • Oh dear! I bought it from bookmyoffer. Had a doubt the time I saw it selling for mere 392 rupees. But thought that it would be because of promotional offer or something. Now I m getting why its causing such problem cz it doesn’t meet even a single point written above.

  • I bought my Xiaomi 10400 mah power bank from a retailer in noida (India). He gave me a demo of the original one & handed me a fake one. It worked for 3-4 days & then it just lost its capacity to charge the phone…it would completely charge itself within 10 min but charges the phone only 10 to 20% .that’s it.
    Lured by the cheap price I got banged by that retailer.

  • my powerbank doesn’t do “Pass-Through Chargingxxm”! Everything is matched but this option isn’t matching! :/

    • Are you sure that you plugged the power bank into a good enough wall charger which provides it enough of current to charge itself and still transmit some part to the connected device?

    • It seems like an original product, but I do not see any comments here mentioning experience about GearBest.

      • I just received mine from GearBest. It passed all the visual tests and the 20 digit code. Seems to be genuine.

    • I’ve received my 10000mAh power bank today from Xiaomi. The site it’s telling it’s an Xiaomi product and it complies with 5 of 8 considered in this article.

      The only points it doesn’t comply with (or I’m unable to check) are the legit batteries because I haven’t opened it, inside the USB plug the plastic is white but the cable does not have a Mi logo and I assume (might also be my eyes) the USB port on the powerbank is whiter than it should be on the 10400mAh power bank. The USB port however HAS the MI logo inside it.

      Beside these differences I assume my power bank is a legit one. It came in two small boxes, build quality is fine and the sanding is done properly.

      • Maybe they changed some things with the 2nd gen. Power Bank (10 000 mAh) compared to 1st gen. (10 400 mAh), i ordered mine from GearBest and let’s see what i will get and how many tests it passes (=

        And this article is written for 10 400 mAh, so until we get a post for 10 000 mAh, we can’t be sure.

    • i got 16000mh version. Doesnt charge phone when itself is chargin. Battery inside is pink but it says samsung. No mi logo in the usb, and doesnt power off with button if you chargin powerbank. No stick on box

    • I got my 10 000 Power Bank from Gearbest and i’m have to say, i’m pretty sure it’s original one.

      It does “Pass-Through Charging”, it comes in retail box that shows numbers if you scratch it, i didn’t check for other things yet, but i’m pretty sure they are selling genuine ones, it took 2 weeks to arrive. Oh, and the LED-s work like a charm + i bought the LED light that comes from Xiaomi too and the button is used to turn the LED light on and off and LED indicator works flawlessly on the power bank itself too.

  • I’m thinking of buying this 10400 mAh Power Bank from “everbuying.net”, is it the original one?


    The reviews of the product says it’s the original one and someone even posted the video where you can clearly see that it does have LG batteries inside and the product looks really genuine and original, anyone bought the power bank from them already?

    • The reviews make me believe that this is the real deal. Also, the price perfectly matches 🙂 You should go for it with fingers crossed.

  • Hi narendra
    Thanx fr ur valu a ble data that distinguish fake power bank with original one. I bought it frm paytm and checked. It passes only one test of printing at the bottom. I am going to return back this power bank.
    Thanx again.

  • Please give me some link that belongs to a original 10400 mi power bank with warranty.I really want to get this product so anyone please help me………….

  • Hi,
    I purchased one 10400mAh from Ebay.
    All of the checks passed except Branding on the Standard USB Port.
    So can you Is it original or Fake.

    Thanks in advance

    • Can’t really tell from a product listing, because nobody calls it a fake. But checking that these are not under-priced (like how most of the fakes are), these seem original.

    • Cannot say from the listing, but as he is a top-rated seller, it makes me feel that he is selling the genuine ones.

  • Hi, I’ve just ordered my power bank mi 10400 mah from Askmebazaar @rs 599. It has yet not come but I’m really worried abt it know looking at your post and comments. Can you plz suggest shall I accept the delivery or not?

    • I’d recommend that you deny it, because first nobody here has reported to have received a genuine from AskMeBazaar and secondly, that price can’t get you a genuine 10400 mAh power bank in any case.

  • I purchased mi 10400mah power bank from bookmyoffer.com they delivered 15 days later than their expected time to be deliver.
    is it fake one?
    dont match any of the test mentioned above and customer care service also don’t attend the phn.
    is their any thing where I register complaint or replace it?

  • Thank you for sharing this. I just figured out I also got tricked into buying a fake one. Its 20800 mah and barely charges 2-3 times only. All of symptoms listed here are true. Money wasted 🙁 Wish I had read this before

  • Bought Xiaomi Mi Power Bank (10400 mAh) from AskMeBazaar last month. It is 100% fake! Stop selling any fake items please..

    • Just contact the seller. If you don’t hear a favorable reply, open a PaisaPay claim and eBay protection team will jump in to help you. eBay holds payments to normal sellers for at least 14 days after delivery in order to solve customer grievances and offer refunds in case item doesn’t match description.

  • dear Xiomo powerbank team

    i bought Xiomo 10400 mah power bank
    Order ID: OD101045386381387800

    Order Date: 18-10-2014

    Invoice Date: 24-11-2014

    VAT/TIN: 07810387105

    Service tax #: AAACW8725FSD001

    Billing Address


    H.NO.-591 2nd Floor Near Esi

    hospital Sec-9A Gurgaon, ESI


    Gurgaon 122001 Haryana

    Phone: 9953629009

    Shipping Address


    H.NO.-591 2nd Floor Near Esi

    hospital Sec-9A Gurgaon, ESI


    Gurgaon 122001 Haryana

    Phone: 9953629009

    Last # week not working (dad)

    please suggest what can i do

    • It is used to check the charge left in the Power Bank and to break and reopen the circuit in case the power bank stops charging the connected device.

  • Excellent info…user can easily identity whether there power bank is genuine or not…unfortunately i got fake one ,but its gift so cnt do anything

  • My mi power bank didn’t pass a single fucking test…
    For 2 days i was thinking why its not charging more than 40 afterall its a 20800 mah. Now i hav a reason.
    Thank ew… soon shopclue going to b ban for that.

    • shopclues is selling fake products of mi, they have sent me a fake of 10400 mah to me..Thank you for posting this atleast i could identify mine..

    • In China, it is so easy to write whatever they want. A few days back, was watching a video where China was making fake plastic rice to me mixed in normal rice for adulteration LOL

  • Bought my Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank 16000 mAh from DX.com (deal Extreem) and he pass all checks. Also the check on http://www.mi.com/verify/ (English option available) returned: The product you are checking is Mi Power Bank. This security code has been queried 1 times.

    So I am Lucky it is a real one :o)

    • Hehe.. DX.com has been previously confirmed to be selling the genuine ones. You’re lucky you chose them over countless others hehe. Enjoy!

      • Yes I know I am a lucky bastard. Sometimes you deserve it 😉

        Note, This is actually the second one they sent to me because the first one has been lost during shipment. Good service without a discussion and for free. They said during our conversation:

        We apologize for all inconvenience that we have brought to you. Upon the investigation, we regret to inform you that your package was lost in transit. Please don’t worry, as we are highly responsible for our clients, we can provide you any of the following 2 solutions:

        1. Replacement (resend the item(s) to you)
        2. Store credit (save the money in your dx account for future purchases)

        As you can understand from my information, I chose option 1.

        Again, good service from Deal Extreme.

  • This info is so helpful to those who don’t know how find out fack or real mi power Bank… Thanks for giving me this information.

  • I am thinking to buy (mi 10400mah power bank) flipcart. …so this product original this store (flipcart)

  • Hey narender bro thanx for ur valuable help
    by ur suggestion i ordered mi 10400mah from allphoneunlock and m happy to know that its 100 % original.
    I am very thankful to u
    god bless u …ur doing a fabulastic help.

  • Dear narender thanx for ur valuable suggestion .with ur help i gotta able to bag original mi 10400 mah power bank from allphoneunlock from ebay…god bless u dear ..ur doing a fabulastic job

    • Thank you, dear Yusuf 🙂 I understand the frustration of getting a fake and that’s all the reason behind this post 🙂 Glad that I was of help. Take care and enjoy!

  • Hey brother as i had toldyou that i had ordered fron ebay which u ha ve mentioned is 100 % original …i carried all the tast …thanx brother for ur help

  • I received XIAOMI Powerbank 16000mAh bought on Aliexpress and it seems that it’s not original! One USB Type A socket (output) is damaged (USB connector doesn’t fit it), led light is visible from microusb socket. Package is very simple. There also no holographic protection label on this powerbank or at it’s package. I fully discharged this powerbank and charged it again to maximum capacity and my tester shows that it is only 3624 Mah at 5.49V – http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=jkuih5&s=8#.VZY_uOHD95U

    • Well, that’s sad. Now that you have the proof, it would be a nice idea to dispute the transaction on AliExpress and get your money back.

  • Should i buy mi 10400 power bank on shopclues priced at 333 and 5000 mah priced at 299 and sony 10000 mah priced at 450

  • I ordered two Mi power banks…one from askme bazaar and one from shopclues ….

    Both didn’t pass the aforesaid tests….
    Both of them are fake…!!!

  • Hi, I. Want a 10400 mah XAOMI power bank, can someone send me links forthe genuine ones. I checked the original website, but it’s out of stock there.

  • Maine kal ek 10400 mah ki power bank kharidi rs. 480 me. bt vo duplicate hai and shopkeeper use waapas ni le ra hai then what can I do…. .

    • Nothing that you can do. But if it provides good enough backup, you should be happy because it has cost you half of original as well.

  • I’m purchased 2 mi 10400 mah power bank, and know i confirmed they are fake, but they shows good performance I’m charging my mycromax a120 phone 3 times fully, and my frind using same he also satisfied. I’m saved 1200 rupees because im purchased that for 800 rupees 400 per 1.

    • That’s good for the price though, but you’ll face issues when you charge mobiles with bigger batteries as its there where the fakes fail.

      • Hey Narender Singh can u content me on what’s app I want to show some pic of ome mi power bank which I want to buy

    • Yes. Sorry I’m reading your this comment late. I’ve purchased 3 power banks from him and all are genuine. They come with the scratch-able sticker too.

  • Dear narendra please let me know where can i get genuine mi power bank moreover mi 5200 mah which is on flipkart seller w.s is original or fake
    please guide me, should i buy it from flipkart @rs 699
    I am using samsung galaxy s2 1650 mah how many times i can charge my phone with 5200 mah mi power bank

    • Yes Flipkart sells originals, but maybe it is better to add a few hundred more and get the 10400mAh one only. Double the backup 😉

      • Dear narender while reading your older post i came across one where you said unlockallphones named seller on ebay sells original mi power bank so i approached him on ebay and ordered mi 10400 mah power bank @ rs 1,230/-

        Did i made right decision please tell me , m counting on u.

        • The seller is AllPhoneUnlock (changed case to make it more easily readable). And the listing is HERE. If you ordered from somebody else, I can’t say if he sells originals or not. AllPhoneUnlock is selling it for 1157 and you can easily find a 7% discount code if you search around. He also gives a free TPU case for the bank which justifies the additional cost 🙂

  • i have ordered a xiaomi 10400mAh power bank from paytm worth rs413…n it passes all the tests for the fake one. what shall i do now?


  • Hi I also bought 10400 power bank but it seems a fake one . it’s not reached the parameters as u mentioned I bought this frm bookmyoffer.com. this is 100 fake. Plz don’t buy guys. If u really want to buy go to mi.com and get. It’s 999 I guess. I lost 570 🙁

  • The writer has done a tremendous job finding and writing the whole post.Thanks!!
    By the way I also ordered a 10400Mah xiaomi power bank from paytm, it was fake and so I immediately got in touch with them and they refunded my money.

  • Hi my mobile is htc desire 820 if i connect a mi power bank it shows plz connect htc charger is the power bank is fake or real

  • Hi
    I believe the website hard printed on the back of the power bank should be a factor as well.
    It should be “mi.com” and not xiaomi.com, right?

    • Yes, on newer power banks. No for older ones manufactured when Xiaomi was actually using xiaomi.com as their website.

  • I also bought the 20800 Mah power bank from askmebazaar.com but failed all the above mentioned tests, I also lost Rs/- 595

  • I brought MI power bank 20800 MAH but it seems fake. I baught it from Quicker. He mentioned on quicker as dealer so I am sure he is making fool lots of people. I baught in Rs 500 … seems lost my money now 🙁

  • yesterday i buy a Mi power bank, but it not as per your above parameter, i think i lost money,bcoz its switch not working and not charge mobile while its charging on.

  • I also bought a mi power bank from paytm for rs360 of 10400mah and it’s fails to pass all the above test it’s really fake I too lost my rupees rupees.some one has to stop that on paytm or many of people will be in loss help those people please

    • Some fault is yours too because you should really stop looking for cheaper deals. The Mi Power Bank officially priced at Rs. 999 is already a steal.

  • If what you say above is true, Paytm is selling fake Mi power banks. Mine failed most of your tests.

    If this is fake, leads you to believe their quality control of sellers is sub standard.

    Which means we should stop buying from Paytm.

    • Actually that’s what you’ll encounter throughout the online stores. eBay, Snapdeal, Amazon, AskMeBazar, Paytm and what not. Because all these websites are just an intermediary and don’t sell goods themselves, it is practically impossible to manually inspect the products of every individual seller. All of them need more sellers because that’s where their profit is. Online shopping marketplaces in India have to mature up a lot before they reach to the likes of online shopping in countries like USA.
      Where it actually differs is the support. If the customer support denies a replacement/refund to you, that’s where Paytm will be failing. As an intermediary, they are the ones to provide a happy buying and selling experience. That’s what they charge their fees for.

  • I am purchased a 10400Mah power bank buy shopclues.com
    This Power is duplicate and fake…
    I lost 620 Rs..

    • Yar Mene bi mi 10400 Mah power bank liya h but mobil 30% Se jyda charge ni krta Mi ka care canter h khi ya fir koi idea do

  • I have Buy A Power Bank In Shopclues.com Its Selling Fake Power Banks And Its Not Working I Lost 350/- Rs

  • I have ordered a 10400 mah MI power bank frm paytm.All r saying dat it is fake from paytm at a rate of rs.350.shall I cancel the order r should I let it get delivered and check it wen comes to my house?? Please answer me fast
    Thanks in advance..!!

  • fuck it I didn’t had any idea about all dis ….I bought a fake powerbank ……I was so happy at first 10400 mah for just 500 wow great …but now my heart is breaking into pieces ….

  • I bought the powerbank at ₹540 in a local shop. Now i know it is fake, but the shopkeeper is not willing to return it and now i am stuck with a fake one.so please,those who are having the fake ones ,please tell me how do i manage with using the fake one. Like how much time to charge , how to know battery status and so on.

  • I bought mi power bank n got duplicate from ask me bazar.com now am going to case on consumer court for sure

  • its also not good I have 20800 but its not even charging ma fone full I charge the battery full but its after 25 mints going into last pont of light very sad 🙁

  • I buried 10400 mah power bank on ShopClues I received a fake one y they don’t use company product and y to cheat on customer’s this may downfall the reputation of the website..I request all frends don’t purchase any item shopClues website..All item dublicate..fucking shopClues

  • Purchased yesterday dtd 12 March 15 from ask me bazaar. It was not working well. And now it’s clearly identified with ur help that I received a fake 1

  • Haha guys, I’ve got fake one. Got that pretty cheap for 399 INR (must be around 6.22 dollars) :p

    Don’t matter much to me as long as it charges my phone during journeys. 😀

    Just hope it doesn’t blast ever! Hahaha

    • Hahah! Hopefully it won’t, but I do doubt that it will really give your phone more than 1 charge cycle before requiring itself to be recharged.

  • What to do, If I purchased the fake power bank from Paytm, It just now got delivered

    Can i return it, telling it is a fake one

    is it bad to use fake one?

    What to do if stuck with fake power bank

  • Guys don’t purchase Mi Power-bank other than Flip-kart and Mi website. Other than these all sellers are fake….

  • I recently purchased a MI 10400mAh power bank from Shopclues, surely it’s a fake one with this information. Don’t buy products from shpclus, paytm dey r cheating customers fr giving fake products. If v Cmplnt on it we wnt gv a reasonable solution.

  • First time,I have purchased a 10400 mah power bank from book my offer site which is totally fake site. My power bank charging only 15% of my mobile. Is there any battery cell available in the market so that I change my power bank battery cells.

  • I have book Mi powerbank 10400mah for Rediff shop at 513rs and I worry about it is fake or Genuine Please help me ….

    • Nobody here has so far reported that they got an original one from AskMe. So you better avoid.

    • I buried 10400 mah power bank on ShopClues I received a fake one y they don’t use company product and y to cheat on customer’s this may downfall the reputation of the website . my all frend don’t buy any item from shopClues it’s totally fake item…fucking shopClues

  • I am intending to buy a genuine MI 16000mAh power bank. Please provide a correct (approximate) street price in India for this product. And the best genuine vendor. Thanks in advance for your inputs.

    • The 16000mAh variant is officially released for Rs. 1399. But as it is out of stock, you can find a seller on eBay selling it for around 1500-1700.

    • Yep. We should stop looking for a cheaper version of an item which is already so cheap via trustworthy channels.

    • Thanks for mentioning here. 2 Days ago, i ordered same one from bookmyoffer with C.O.D. Now, I will not receive that product. Thanks again for confirming.

  • I purchased a mi 10400mah power bank for rs.400 from gaffar market ,Karol bagh,new Delhi.its fake ..should I go to the shop to replace it???will they replace it???

  • In paythm there give mi power bank with 10400mh for 350/- only its fake one or genuine product or fake product please tell me I want bye mi power bank with low price

  • I have purchased mi 10400 mah power bank from bookmyoffer.com yesterday. But it is not working ..it’s not giving output and while charging , on pressing power button led lights will not off…
    What can I do for this problem..

  • Go and buy from Flipkart by WS Retail to get a genuine one,
    I got mine passed each and every test.

    Thanks for such a clear originality check description.

  • I purchased the fake one shit. .. 20800 mah battery… And the led lights shows that it is fully charged only in 10 to 15 mins

  • I buried 10400 mah power bank on ShopClues I received a fake one y they don’t use company product and y to cheat on customer’s this may downfall the reputation of the website

  • Dear Narender Singh,

    I just received my Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank 10200 with great anticipation. Your article par excellence has been of tremendous help to me in verifying the genuineness of the product.
    Thank you very much.

  • I request all the people don’t bye the xiomi duplicate power bank which 12000 mah to above.that’s not charging for 1time perfectly…

  • iam purchased snapdeal 10400 mAh powerbank.but I got fake powerbank.it does not work…snapdeal saying 3 months replacement warranty