How to Purchase Yu Yureka in India from Amazon.in

yu smartphone logoYu announced the Yureka which will be sold for ₹8999 in India. However, there is a lot of confusion revolving around how will the users be able to purchase it from Amazon website. So here I’m compiling the presently available information together which will help in understanding the buying process better.

Process to Purchase the Yureka Smartphone

Yu is basically following the same procedure as Xiaomi does for selling its devices. If you’re familiar with Xiaomi’s selling process (via Flipkart), you should already be aware how these flash sales work.

1. Subscribing on Amazon.in

The first thing to do is to register for the sale on Amazon website. It is not actually registering, but subscribing to the Yureka newsletter. Only those who have subscribed will be eligible to take part in the sale. If you’ve subscribed before, but weren’t able to purchase a Yureka, you need to subscribe again to take part in the next sale.

Subscribe on Amazon

To register, open the link above and click on subscribe for XYZ sale. Thereafter click on subscribe and finally login to your Amazon account (or create a new account if not already logged in). That’s for the registration part. You may or may not receive a confirmation email in the coming days notifying that you’re eligible to take part in the forthcoming sale of Yureka. Don’t worry if you don’t receive an email.

2. Make the Purchase on Amazon

On the sale date (every Thursday), be sure to open Amazon.in and login to your account at least 10 minutes before 2:00 PM.

At exactly 2:00:00 PM, you will be needed to click on  Add to Cart button that appears on the page linked below and then Pay within 15 minutes. A countdown timer will be added to the page as sale approaches and when the timer reaches 0, the Add to Cart button will appear. You need to hit the button the very moment it appears. The more delay, the lesser will be your chances of getting the phone.

Purchase Yu Yureka

2.1 Script to Automatically Add Yureka to your Amazon Cart

So you’re trying single a long time, but still couldn’t manage to add the Yureka to your cart? There’s an easy solution i.e. an automated script that runs within your web browser and automatically clicks on Add to Cart when it appears. The advantage is that it is much faster than a human hand and hence improves your chances of getting the phone by over 200%. Here’s how to use the script (PC/Laptop only):

  1. Open your web browser (Firefox or Chrome preferred) and open Amazon.in/YU about 10 minutes before the sale and login to your Amazon account.
  2. When the sale approaches closer (1:55PM), make sure you’re on THIS page. Then press F12 key on your keyboard to open the developer console.
  3. Click on the Console tab.
  4. Copy the script below
    setInterval(function(){ jQuery('.btn').trigger('click'); console.log('Trying to add Yureka to your cart. TechMesto.com'); },10);
  5. Paste it inside the console tab and hit enter.
  6. Wait for the phone to be automatically added to your cart when sale starts.

Important Notes:

  1. DO NOT press on Add to Cart if the price shows to be ₹12499. That can happen if you open the link too early or too late. If you’re too early, keep refreshing the page until the superdeal starts and the price is reduced down to 8999.
  2. Owing to limited stocks and large number of buyers, not all the persons who have subscribed will be able to purchase the phone. So, be sure to have a fast data connection and keep Amazon.in opened a few minutes before the sale kicks off at 2:00 PM sharp.
  3. Complete the payment within 15 minutes of getting the phone in your cart or you will lose it.
  4. DO NOT use #AmazonCart, Wishlist or any other methods to add the phone to your cart. You will not be able to checkout successfully. Only orders placed from the page linked above will be accepted.

Unlike the flash sale on Flipkart, adding the phone to your cart won’t book a phone for you for long hours, so please proceed to the payment and checkout immediately if you want to purchase the phone. Once your order is placed (locked), any payment issues can be sorted out with 24 hours of placing the order. If you take more than 15 minutes to complete the payment, the phone will be offered to other users who will be waiting in the waiting list. More details about the Wait List can be found in the email that you received from Amazon.

The Yureka sale will be held every Thursday at 2PM. If you miss one, try your best in the upcoming sale.

Unboxing and Few More Images

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the questions that are frequently asked by the people. I’ve answered them to the best of my knowledge.

It it a Micromax phone?

No. It is imported and sold by Yu Televentures which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Micromax. While Micromax owns Yu Televentures, it still operates as a separate company.

Will COD be Available as a Payment Option?

Yes. Cash on Delivery will be available.

Yu social teams were earlier saying that it won’t be available, but it is indeed available accoring to the latest status coming from their facebook page.

YUREKA! Cash on delivery will be available for YU as per Amazon’s policy.

What all do we get in the Box?

The box contains:

  1. The phone
  2. 2500 mAh battery
  3. USB data cable
  4. Charger
  5. Standard earphones
  6. Standard Screenguard
  7. Free Yu Leather Cover (Only for 1st Sale)
Not using the same account. However if you’ve registered using multiple amazon accounts, each account will be eligible to purchase one Yureka smartphone.

What is the SAR value of the phone?

Yu has not declared the SAR value of the phone, but as it is a rebranded Coolpad F2, the SAR value should necessarily be the same.
So, the SAR value of Yureka is 0.4 W/kg and it is well in limits with the 1.6 W/kg highest limit set by the Indian authorities.

Is it better than Redmi Note?

On paper, yes it is! However, if you are still concerned, you should skip the first sale and wait for some detailed reviews to pop up.
You can find our comparison of Yureka with Redmi Note 4G here

When will be the next round of registrations?

Amazon communicated that the registrations for next sale will begin from 15th of January.

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