How to Purchase Yu Yureka in India from Amazon.in

yu smartphone logoYu announced the Yureka which will be sold for β‚Ή8999 in India. However, there is a lot of confusion revolving around how will the users be able to purchase it from Amazon website. So here I’m compiling the presently available information together which will help in understanding the buying process better.

Process to Purchase the Yureka Smartphone

Yu is basically following the same procedure as Xiaomi does for selling its devices. If you’re familiar with Xiaomi’s selling process (via Flipkart), you should already be aware how these flash sales work.

1. Subscribing on Amazon.in

The first thing to do is to register for the sale on Amazon website. It is not actually registering, but subscribing to the Yureka newsletter. Only those who have subscribed will be eligible to take part in the sale. If you’ve subscribed before, but weren’t able to purchase a Yureka, you need to subscribe again to take part in the next sale.

Subscribe on Amazon

To register, open the link above and click on subscribe for XYZ sale. Thereafter click on subscribe and finally login to your Amazon account (or create a new account if not already logged in). That’s for the registration part. You may or may not receive a confirmation email in the coming days notifying that you’re eligible to take part in the forthcoming sale of Yureka. Don’t worry if you don’t receive an email.

2. Make the Purchase on Amazon

On the sale date (every Thursday), be sure to open Amazon.in and login to your account at least 10 minutes before 2:00 PM.

At exactly 2:00:00 PM, you will be needed to click onΒ  Add to Cart button that appears on the page linked below and then Pay within 15 minutes. A countdown timer will be added to the page as sale approaches and when the timer reaches 0, the Add to Cart button will appear. You need to hit the button the very moment it appears. The more delay, the lesser will be your chances of getting the phone.

Purchase Yu Yureka

2.1 Script to Automatically Add Yureka to your Amazon Cart

So you’re trying single a long time, but still couldn’t manage to add the Yureka to your cart? There’s an easy solution i.e. an automated script that runs within your web browser and automatically clicks on Add to Cart when it appears. The advantage is that it is much faster than a human hand and hence improves your chances of getting the phone by over 200%. Here’s how to use the script (PC/Laptop only):

  1. Open your web browser (Firefox or Chrome preferred) and open Amazon.in/YU about 10 minutes before the sale and login to your Amazon account.
  2. When the sale approaches closer (1:55PM), make sure you’re on THIS page. Then press F12 key on your keyboard to open the developer console.
  3. Click on the Console tab.
  4. Copy the script below
    setInterval(function(){ jQuery('.btn').trigger('click'); console.log('Trying to add Yureka to your cart. TechMesto.com'); },10);
  5. Paste it inside the console tab and hit enter.
  6. Wait for the phone to be automatically added to your cart when sale starts.

Important Notes:

  1. DO NOT press on Add to Cart if the price shows to be β‚Ή12499. That can happen if you open the link too early or too late. If you’re too early, keep refreshing the page until the superdeal starts and the price is reduced down to 8999.
  2. Owing to limited stocks and large number of buyers, not all the persons who have subscribed will be able to purchase the phone. So, be sure to have a fast data connection and keep Amazon.in opened a few minutes before the sale kicks off at 2:00 PM sharp.
  3. Complete the payment within 15 minutes of getting the phone in your cart or you will lose it.
  4. DO NOT use #AmazonCart, Wishlist or any other methods to add the phone to your cart. You will not be able to checkout successfully. Only orders placed from the page linked above will be accepted.

Unlike the flash sale on Flipkart, adding the phone to your cart won’t book a phone for you for long hours, so please proceed to the payment and checkout immediately if you want to purchase the phone. Once your order is placed (locked), any payment issues can be sorted out with 24 hours of placing the order. If you take more than 15 minutes to complete the payment, the phone will be offered to other users who will be waiting in the waiting list. More details about the Wait List can be found in the email that you received from Amazon.

The Yureka sale will be held every Thursday at 2PM. If you miss one, try your best in the upcoming sale.

Unboxing and Few More Images

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the questions that are frequently asked by the people. I’ve answered them to the best of my knowledge.

It it a Micromax phone?

No. It is imported and sold by Yu Televentures which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Micromax. While Micromax owns Yu Televentures, it still operates as a separate company.

Will COD be Available as a Payment Option?

Yes. Cash on Delivery will be available.

Yu social teams were earlier saying that it won’t be available, but it is indeed available accoring to the latest status coming from their facebook page.

YUREKA! Cash on delivery will be available for YU as per Amazon’s policy.

What all do we get in the Box?

The box contains:

  1. The phone
  2. 2500 mAh battery
  3. USB data cable
  4. Charger
  5. Standard earphones
  6. Standard Screenguard
  7. Free Yu Leather Cover (Only for 1st Sale)
Not using the same account. However if you’ve registered using multiple amazon accounts, each account will be eligible to purchase one Yureka smartphone.

What is the SAR value of the phone?

Yu has not declared the SAR value of the phone, but as it is a rebranded Coolpad F2, the SAR value should necessarily be the same.
So, the SAR value of Yureka is 0.4 W/kg and it is well in limits with the 1.6 W/kg highest limit set by the Indian authorities.

Is it better than Redmi Note?

On paper, yes it is! However, if you are still concerned, you should skip the first sale and wait for some detailed reviews to pop up.
You can find our comparison of Yureka with Redmi Note 4G here

When will be the next round of registrations?

Amazon communicated that the registrations for next sale will begin from 15th of January.


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  • dear friends pls pls is mobile ko purchase (karidhana ) mat qki is company Ki sarvise bahut hi karab h ye company 3 -3 mahine bhi problem slove nhi karte h or kahte h Ki home sarvise h jabki esha kc nhi h sab pagal banane ke fande h or kc nhi dear friend mai lekar pachata rha hu isliye koi mat karidana.thanku

  • Bad customers service my yureka not supported otg cable when I call customer care he say nothing. And hold my call many times

  • i am karunanithi ,i am march 12, 2015, one yureka phone purchase via amazon.my order number is.171-4071016-7212318,and invoice no.HR-DEL-2-144105041-1126801.

  • Hello Amazon…Is there any EMI options for Yu Yureka .If yes then please share with us.What is the min. & max. EMI options available for the YU YUREKA.

  • Hey, i am waiting for the flash sale of Canvas spark on snap deal dated 13th may, 2015. Is the same script is applicable over their?

  • Hello everyone!!!!. I got my yureka on 28th April & since from then I am using it. The phone is good . but there are 2 drawbacks. The most the important is the battery. The battery performance is very very poor. It takes a long time to get fully charged. It doesn’t gets fully charged even if kept for charging the whole night. The the battery reduces very rapidly. It needs the charging almost 3-4 times a day. The the second one is the heating problem. It gets heated during its each & every use. Though you open an app , game or simply make a call. It gets heated a lot.only after just opening an app the battery gets reduced 3 %. One more thing is its camera clarity though its mentioned as 13 mp. But in actual I am not getting that much clarity in the pics. Might be due to its screen resolution or pixels. Else every thing is good in this phone. Also not getting the leather case free with it…..

  • Hello, Mr. Narendar this is Yashraj. Thank you very very much to you. By your described way , I Had just now, successfully placed the order. It was really very helpful to me. Thanks a lot once again…..

  • Chalo ek kaam to acha hua,,,, inhone data cable abhi delivery karwa di, jiske liye maine kuch din pehle request daali thi. Lekin ab bhi is phone mein kafi problems hai, sabse badi problem hai slow processing, jo update karne ke baad hui hai………….. well aage bhi likhta rahunga,,,,,,badi khwaish ke baad liya tha ye phone, ab pachtawa ho raha hai……………. well thanks again yureka team for the data cable

  • matlab sir amazon par ye product k liye COD payment option hoga kya?
    aur cart krne k baad kya muze credit card se payment krna hoga?
    kuki im confused q ki yaha pr likha tha ki phone avialable hone par 15 me payment krna hoga, isliye kya aap plz muze ye bata do ki us 15 mint me payment krne par hi product deliver hoga ki delivery k wqt payment kr skte hai hum? meine COD option kiya toh muze product milega kya? im very confused sir. plz reply fast.

    • Credit card option is there, but not for all PIN codes. You’ll be shown COD as a Payment Option if your PIN Code is eligible for that.
      Phone available hone k 15 minute me checkout karna hai. yaani order place hona chahoye. Chahe COD use karo, chahe Card se payment karo, but 15 minute \me finish karo. Agar tumhe COD option show hota hai and tum order place kar dete ho to phone zaroor milega πŸ™‚

  • Yaar phone toh uthaya karo, paise bhi kaat lete ho aur phone bhi nahi uthate….pehle hi 9000rs. barbaad kar diye, upar se assistance ke naam par loot macha rakhi hai, yaar itna kama ke kahan le jaoge……….. logo ko bewakuf banana chhod do!!!!

      • Hii narender
        cyanogen ke saath kitkat ka matlab bata do
        and qualcom 1.5 ghz octacore hai ya quadcore??
        and aap to use kiye ho ye phone??

        processing speed kaisa hai??
        mediatek se aacha hai to qualcom???
        apk files chalega to kisi aur se lekar???
        i mean google play store se???

        • Hello Dhiraj

          Cyanogen is a customized ROM. It just includes some variations, improvements and additional functionality over the stock Android.
          It is Quad-Core
          Processing is good, but hurts the battery backup.
          Qualcomm is certainly better than MediaTek at least in terms of development.
          APK will work
          Play Store will work

  • Plz tell me whether I’ll face any problems according to Price..
    Actually the price given in yuplaygod.com is 8999 but on Amazon its 12900. Why ?????
    Waiting 4 ur reply!!!!

    • Amazon lists the actual price at other times. Only when the sale is ongoing, the price is reduced down to Rs. 8999 as part of their superdeal. The final price that you’ll pay is Rs. 8999 only. Don’t worry.

  • Plz tell me whether it has any notification lights running on the top of thr phone. If it does, tell me whether it is multicoloured……

  • sir i m gonna oreder the product on tmrw on behalf of my bday
    its my bday please sold this cell
    i have registered it earlier

    can i purchase the cell on cash on delivery process??p
    would it deliver late on cash on delivery process

  • Thanks for providing this information. It would have been nice if there is some step by step guide.

    • Hiii prachi
      phone kaisa chal raha hai???
      especially qualcom processor hai and kitkat ke saath cyanogen ja matab bta do
      asphalt 8 And other games from the playstore chalega to??
      i mean apk files???

  • bro i read the terms and conditions, amazon says it is nt responsible for replacement of product in case we get damaged product, to whom we shuld contact any idea. pls help narender

  • I want to buy Yu Yureka on 26th March, but i haven’t registered for the same.
    Can any help me with this

  • Tell me plz whether Yu Yureka has any notification lights (on the top of the phone). If yes, is it multicoloured ?!?!
    Reply plz, b’coz I’m eager to know it.

  • hello!
    on the sale of 19th march i tried to add yureka in my cart.and got it but while payment time it shows that your quantity is 0.
    and at last the price reached to 12500 rs.can u tell me how to solve the quantity issue.and will this script works on the sale on 26th march

    • Did you see a countdown at least? If not, you probably weren’t registered for the sale.
      Otherwise, maybe your connection was slow and the Add to Cart widget failed to load.

  • do we have to refresh the page constantly after pasting the program in the console ??

    nd does this program has time limit of 5 mins ??

  • hi bro,
    Thanks for such a useful post. I’ve to ask that will it not be available to unregistered costumers? how should i register, I’m trying since morning, and should i go with amazon app or by my phone’s browser(no pc). any trick for mobile users??

  • i clicked within a second… add to cart…. but it took long time to process . and when it processed , it showd …. waitlist is 100% full…wth…………….my speed was 9.8 mbps b4 the sale!!!!!!
    then y did this happen

  • Awesome dude..thanks a lot ……techmesto for this script.

    I tried it three time manually and could not got this phone in last month, but since last two weeks I got this mobile in very first go using this script. As soon as counter goes beyond 0, a mobile got added in cart.

      • No dude, i am purchasing this phone for relatives, who are in remote area and could not proceed with these online stuff……… πŸ™‚ Thanks again…..it works today as well.. Keep rocking.

  • Hey bro!
    I’ve tried so many times since the phone’s available but i couldn’t get it. Though i haven’t used your scripts but every time i’ve clicked the ‘add to cart’ button the price always hike to 12999 bucks. I am worried what should i do? Should i go with the hiked price or should i do something else. I really wanna buy it on 12th march sale. Please help me.

    • The price is initially shown as 8,999 on the deal page, on the next page you’ll see it rising up to 12499 -12999 (whatever) and then on the final order page (where you pay), it reduces down to 8999 again. But yes, if you’re too late to order the phone, the price will go back to 12999 when the deal sells out.
      If on the final page you still see 12999 as the price, you should better try in the subsequent sales.

    • It should work, but do run this script in a separate browser and try manually clicking in the other. One or the other will work out πŸ™‚

  • I tried to purchase the phone during the previous two weeks but always wait listed. This time I used the script and got it on my first attempt. Thank you very much.

  • thank you so muchh !! your scripiting works properly.. and i have got a yureka for me.. thanks again.. !!

  • hi i have booked for yu yureka but failed to make payment
    late a mail have came 2 my regestered mail id to revise order within 1 day
    can i revise or leave that mail and book again in next sale?
    please tell me quikly….

    • You can revise the payemnt method within 24 hours and your order will be processed. or yep you can always disregard it and retry again in the next sale.

  • thanks a lot brother for your help i booked my phone, Could u teach me how to make these kind of scripts? or the languages used for making these please reply me i am awaiting your reply

  • What about the return policy ?? Is COD availoable?
    Heard there is abnormal heating while playing high end games and on calls ? IS that true…. Real time yureka users, Guys plz help…

    • Return policy is similar to amazon’s standard return policy, hence you can check directly.
      As about heating, the phone does heat up a bit, but that wasn’t ever abnormal in my case. I’ve however shut down a few cores and reduced the clock speed of others to get a better battery backup. I’ve not tried playing very high-end games, so I cannot say much about that.

    • Hi dude,
      How was the overall performance? Can we go for it? everyone are posting reviews based on other sites, we expect user review. how about service centers??

      • For service details – You must read this post and the comments too πŸ˜›
        The phone is actually good. Battery and to some extent, the loudspeaker are the only sad points about this.

  • Yureka mobile is getting too warm while talking for 5 mins also.. any solution for this guys???…..battery is also weak …need to recharge often in a day…also it charges very slowly takes too long to get full recharge…..infact my canvas nitro is quite good in that…. charger is same which micromax provided with mobile…..huh

  • When i pasted the code in console tab after 1-2 mins it showed 503 error in console tab.Does refreshing the page works in that case.

  • I have used the code on feb 12th sale but it didn’t add micromax yureka mobile to my cart i got 503 error what does it mean and what should i do so that i don’t get the same error next time.

    • Amazon page showed the error? 503 is generally posted when the server is overloaded and hence fails to fulfil the request. A page refresh should’ve worked.

  • My Yureka is not supporting google play. When i intend to download any app or update its showing that ‘ Unfortunatley Google play has stopped’ for all the time. How to rectify this. Please help me with this… thanks in advance

  • Company said about camera 13 mp & 5 mp & they also said that ram will 2gb but I got yureka everything which is told by company is falls. So not this is not good.

  • Hey bro i didnt got confrmtion message on subscribing to yu yureka newsletter?wether it effects anything during buying the phone?but it is register on my amazon.in account


    • You were supposed to register again for the sale on 5th Feb. So, unfortunately you aren’t eligible to purchase the phone this time.

  • I am living in remote area of A & N Islands from here it is not possible for me to purchase/compete for the yureka phone due to slow internet connection. I tried twice but failed to do so, therefore I am looking for some other phone which will be easily available to me from here.

  • thanks narender singh ji…….

    one more question i have in mind…. google crome or mozila firefox… which is better for fast yureka deal.. or there is no issues abt any browser???

    • There shouldn’t be anything about browsers, but I feel the Proxy mode in opera can help. On general terms, all browsers should be equal.

    • No. Wait list is only valid for that particular sale. If a person fails to place the order in 15 minutes, the phone is offered to somebody in the wait list. In the next sale, you’ll need to try again.

      • dude i did added it to cart it said checking deal status and stuck after 3 mins i clicked on mobile s photo and then on right side it was written waitlist is also full πŸ™ really this is sick what could be reason slow internet ? i did clicked on right time so whats gone wrong ?

        • Certainly the slow connection vs the high demand. Even I failed to book one, but that’s acceptable as my connection has high ping. Good luck getting one in the next sale, buddy.

      • thanks to you. i’m getting lumia 830 instead. not going with this crap anymore. battery sucks and it doesn’t even has a compass. good for you, you made it within the first sale. back to #WP . Thank you once again. things did change. so did my mind. haha. i just ordered a lumia 830. cant wait to break open the box. *waiting fingers crossed*

        • Lumia 830 is a nice phone and with Windows 10 coming, it will be even nicer. However the OS will still not be able to be as good as Android.
          Yureka also ain’t bad (for the price), but this flash sale shit is! It’s more about marketing over the willingness to sell. Battery life is very sad and it still tends to heat up in these freezing temperatures. All this when I haven’t even installed a heavy game, playing is another story.

          I hope your windows experience will be favorable. Good luck πŸ™‚ I’m sorry though for the fact that my page had incorrect info 😐

          • no problem. now that i know it heats up. it would definitely get to scorching temperatures with 4g + Clash of Clans (‘coz i already experienced that on moto g2) and i don’t have to worry about android at all. not for a million years! my nexus is a worthy charm. i use it for everything but call & texts. i was just looking for a good one to show off + use it for calls & texts. found 830. Now that should keep me away from buying phones for a long time. haha πŸ˜€ n6 + L830 = alien phone combo xD

            • The keyboard on WP is the best IMO. For texting, you’re gonna love it, but the quality of messenger apps ain’t the best there, so you might hate them πŸ™‚
              I was only playing COC on the Yureka over WiFi and that was when it started to heat up. So heavy games or 4G will be a killer. For the battery as well.

  • which payment option is good for quick payment facility, COD or Debit Pay

    can you please suggest the good thing for me…

  • where to register for the sale on 22nd jan,as i open the the yureka page on amazon there is no option showing for registering ???? and people are saying that u can register till today before 2 p.m.

    i m from panchkula(haryana)

    plz. help ASAP !!


    • The registrations were closed yesterday and I’m sorry for the late reply. The subscription link was provided in this post, just if you’d have checked. Maybe try in the next sale now?

    • That’s known, but I don’t see why it would affect us or the market. It’s a unique device for us at least πŸ˜›

      • yea. but what i say is at least they didn’t really have to copy. they could have moved the rear camera to the centre. and fixed a god damn compass in there (somewhere). and should have been supported with a solid 3000+ mAh battery. at least ‘coz its screen is 5.5″. considering the screen size, its too low for the adjustment. i know that managing the processor manually is a good thing which plays a HUGE role in battery usage. but still the screen just drains it all no matter how low the processor is maintained. and its pretty much good with the mi portable carrier. but still…. just sayin’ it’d be the best with just 1.) a compass and 2.) better battery (at least 3000mAh). my nexus really pays me back everyday for what i’ve paid! gives me a minimum of 24h of battery usage with 3g kept on the whole day and even with heavy usage sometimes. for good god sake.. n6 doesn’t seem to know the meaning of heating. i hope it never will. lol. so temme about yureka’s heavy usage. does it heat up? just play an online multiplayer game with 3g / 4g and know the battery. i hope it doesn’t. *fingers crossed*

  • Yesterday I was reading customer reviews. In most of the reviews people are talking about speakers that they are not so good and creating problems. Do you also facing such kind of problem?

    • Yep. The loud speaker ain’t loud enough and the output audio is also kinda blurry. Won’t make a music enthusiast happy for sure. The earpiece seems fine though.

  • I went to Yu Forums and searched about the sales went on Amazon on 13 Jan . They are telling that the 1st sale was at a discount price of Rs 8999 but in the 2nd sale the price was Rs12499. Is Amazon’s mistake or is it the Current Price!!!!
    Will the next sale be on the price of Rs 8999 or not?!?!

  • In first sell, the page showed me that “this item is not available at this pin code”
    My pin code is 482004.
    Any help???

  • Hi!
    Redhatz Arun again!!!
    I registered the Yu Yureka @ Amazon.in
    Now, How to check that my registration is granted .I’ve got an e-mail from it that I am registered but how to check that I can buy Yureka on Amazon at 22nd of this month because I heard a rumour about the previous sale at out of 3 lakh people only 10,000 users got it !
    Plz reply!!!

    • Yep. Because there were only 10,000 units to be sold. You will be needed to act fast because the number of registrations will even be greater. The fastest people will be able to grab one on 22nd πŸ™‚

  • Tell me plz whether its display is Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and anything else!!!!
    And thankz 4 the previous reply!!:)

    • Yep it is Gorilla Glass 3. But don’t ever feel that it is unbreakable, its just scratch resistant and stronger than the standard glass.

        • That’s a 50-50 thing. Depending on the angle and the force, any glass will break. Be it standard or Gorilla Glass 3. My Lumia’s screen shattered when it felled from like 1 meter and after that it has felled from the first floor and it still works. So its all about the angle and part that touches the ground.

  • Plz tell me the box contents. I saw many YouTube videos on this phone, but they did not show the retail package as it was not available then. But u got the retail package, plz reply!!!!! :):)

  • oh damn! i unsubscribed thinking i will have to redo it officially. can you provide the link for subscribing it once again? i wanna do it again. i just don’t care how. i want it now. lol. please give the link back to subscribe it manually.

  • You told that registration fo the sale on 22nd will begin on 15th. I was in front of the computer, opened the link that you provided. But no registration button was there

  • When the registration again opens..?
    Called the Yu customer care they told me that it will open today but still there is no update
    Any idea?

    • As I’ve already mentioned in the post, the current status is that they will be opened on 15th. But there are also some rumors that only those who previously registered will be allowed to purchase. I’m not sure, so please wait for an official update.

  • Is yureka being delivered only in metro cities n other major cities?? I jst wanna knw whether it is available at dhanbad-jharkhand

    • definitely. ‘coz im not buying this phone anymore. just planning on picking up the project ara for good. that should be better choice. its coming up on Feb6. not much of a time difference. but a huge difference in product. thats “Google” after all. and i’ve always been a Google customer. buying this would only break the streak. but “ara’s” arrival is gonna ruin yureka’s sale for sure. “YU vs Google” ..? Absolutely Google. πŸ˜€

      • As nice as the Project Ara is, we still need to wait and see whether the Google’s name is enough for the companies to manufacture modules/blocks for the devices. As in the desktop world, you have freedom, still there are only a handful companies really making that key hardware.
        Depending on when and what Google has to showcase with the initial release, I might skip the first version entirely because it is gonna be a low end product. Google would be aiming to put it in the hands of a million users so that OEMs start showing interest in manufacturing modules for the same. If it sells, success is there. Else it would die as another wonderful project which wasn’t accepted by the market.

      • i’m getting YU anyways on the next sale. all i need is to look more about “ara”. but as you consider, there is no low-end or high-end phone in the module industry. its like “pay more to get more”. if you’d want a better RAM block, just toss some extra money and similarly theres blocks for everything. Camera block, RAM block. Storage block. Processor Core block, Battery block and blah blah blah. See how the method works?
        So Google is pretty much planning to let go of the “low-end : high-end” talk and start a new era from their new ara. but “ara” turns out to be the lead mechanical designer of the product. lol πŸ˜€ i’m probably gonna end up with YU & nexus6 in my pockets while i have ARA in the hands. lmao. that’d be cool though. haha

        • I know that, but because Google is looking to bring it to the masses, I’m sure that initially only a few modules will be available and they’d all be targeted at entry level price points. Something to just keep the phone running. Manufacturing needs bulk quantities and no manufacturer would want to spend big on a product which may or mayn’t sell.
          The Ara thing still is a lot confusing to me and I hope Google will clear my doubts sooner than the device start landing. It’s surely attractive on paper and demonstrations. What I’m waiting for is practicability. If it is practical, I’d wanna be one of the first ones to pick it up and carry it along with a Lumia and Yureka πŸ˜›

          • ah! lumia. i used it once apon a time in a galaxy far far away. jk :p i used it though. switched to android within a month and sold my lumia 820 out. i really didn’t like the approach of lumia in the beginning. but now i’d definitely want one. already got n6. 2 more on the list. “ara” and YU. so, no plans for a windows phone for ages now. lol. which one do you own?

            • It’s a 730, had a 525 in the past, I really like my Lumias. Got the 730 coz its gonna be the last one with a NOKIA tag and the next aim is the Nokia N1 tablet. Have a feeling for that brand and I’ll continue as long it exists and produces something valuable. Nokia, HTC and Moto are…. engineers of design. Sadly what finally sells are the ugly Samsungs πŸ™
              Will only wait for W10 for Phones. Windows will then either be killed or will gain some serious market share πŸ˜› One thing that Android needs to learn from WP though are the updates. From entry level to high end, all got the updates constantly.

              • that sums up the classiness of a windows phone. thats the only black spot for and android phone. and its totally true about the ugly samdung phones. i’m like.. “anything, but samdung!” πŸ˜€ moto – “was” not “is” anymore. they just gave up their contract to lenovo from china after the nexus6 project. so any upcoming moto now will be actually made up by the lenovo themselves. too bad they ended up so soon. but thank god i got my nexus6 which was the final flagship device of motorola.

                • It’s not really about who is owning Motorola. The key employees will be retained (or they aren’t?) and I’m sure Lenovo will let them move the company with enough of differentiation from Lenovo’s own smartphones. Lenovo’s PC designs aren’t really bad. So Moto can do better with the mountain of cash lying with Lenovo.
                  It’s all about being skilled. Samsung tried all the way till metal, but the end products were still so ugly. Maybe people buy it because they’ll cover their phones with covers as ugly as their phone on the very next day.
                  There are certainly good things in Windows Phone, but no differntaition and feature addition when it goes to high end. That’s where it is killed. Cortana is also a great thing about WP. Maybe WP will be more successful if the only devices running it are Lumias and MS gives up it’s multi-OEM strategy. OEMs aren’t being able to differentiate their products with WP.

                  • talking about Cortana.. It’s better than Siri from the iOS. At least thats what i felt and i’ve also heard people saying..

                    • It’s better than them all. Google Now or Siri. Cortana is really a wonderful innovation πŸ™‚ It is more humanly than Google Now which sounds like a true bot.

  • got 1
    but its price 12499 Rs ,bt whn i contact to customer care they said that i hv to pay the whole amnt 12499 Rs aftr recvng the product i hav to call back to customer care the will issue a refund.

  • nice time blogging here mate. i’m from bangalore. i haven’t really blogged much these days. it had been a long time having a tech-talk like this. i’d like to keep up with more of such updates about current events and gadgets coming up. see what we can do? mail me or contact me. what do you say about it?

    • I’m not sure πŸ˜› This is merely a hobby work here. There are times when I’m not posting for weeks. So maybe you should look at a blog which is constant. I’ve also tried to stay low on the news and new releases front. Once you jump there, you gotta post every damn day, plus enough competition that you better avoid πŸ™‚ However, if you have some other ideas, always welcomed.

  • There’s nowhere written that d next sale is on 22Jan registration on 15jan instead of you fb page…but in that no link nothing is given…whereas searching it on net gives no result for d 2nd sale…so I want you to provide d link for d regstratn of d next sale…cz I didn’t register in d 1st one…plzz bro hlp

    • Registrations will open from 15th bro. The link will be the same as provided in the article, but still to play safe, wait until the start accepting registrations/subscriptions.

    this is for everybody who are desperately waiting for the second sale to go rogue:
    The second sale starts on Jan22 and the pre-registrations are expected to start on Jan15. Please look into YU official page on Facebook for more information.

      • good for me i’m managing to get both. already ordered a nexus6. i would want this in my other pocket though. its just all about show-off. have a nexus6 in crowd and a cyano11 phone in front of friends. πŸ˜€ i love nexus already. i currently use a nexus5. -_-

        • That’s lovely. I used to have a similar interest with mobile phones, but then one fine day I decided to not follow this as I was just wasting too much on them. Built a lovely PC for the price I’d have spent on the phones and I’m really happy.
          You seem to have a nice bunch of phones though. Keep the trend going :))

    • Woops. Already contacted Amazon but they aren’t gonna change the delivery address (except if the new is in the same city). So I won’t be helpful in any way 😐

  • I had registered on the link provided on this portal on 6th jan.. am getting mesg saying am not registered to buy this cell…. feeling sad πŸ™

    • forget it mate. you only get to buy the phone if you’ve registered before dec25. the later ones gotta get on with their works with disappointment. the only hope is the next sale. it is to announced on jan15. i clearly see no way to buy this if you were late for subscription. moreover its only 10k units. its really hard trying to get through. damn i wasted so many days with my moto g that i bought on dec22. i should have come to visit amazon at least once. i was very disappointed by amazon’s previous delivery of my order. didn’t get there since then. that “i should’ve” is bugging me to core. lol πŸ˜€ i should’ve registered. holy shiz! i gotta now wait for another set of flash sale releases. amazon made me cry. lmao

      • I somehow ordered two of them. Paid for one, the other is lying waiting for payment LOL. If you want, maybe you can send in your address and I’ll try contacting amazon if they are interested in changing the address πŸ˜›

      • nah. i didn’t. i continuously tried. but i kept one in my cart for a long time though. just couldn’t checkout completely due to an error that was reported for non-registered customers. so that concluded the late ones just didn’t make it.

        • And i see some of those posting screenshots who said that they didn’t even register and still checked out. God knows what’s true and what’s not.

          • no way. they’re just trying to fake it to burn. i kept my attempt up for 5m non-stop and yet didn’t manage to get one. just waiting for then next sale.

    • Because it was listed at that price on Amazon a few days back πŸ˜› They were just testing it and the world went crazy πŸ˜€

      • did you actually check one of the links over there? it clearly shows the availability of the stock. i still don’t have a clue whats gonna happen to the customers who subscribed really late. i’m afraid i’m one of them. 1h 15m to go and 10k units will vanish faster than a fart, jk. anyways.. whats up with the 12500 INR price being shown on the amazon product page?

    • I’m expecting it to go live at 2PM. For the rest, I’m as confused as you are here. Amazon maintains so many sites around the globe and never did I see them adding Add to Cart on any other page than the product page. So that’s making me believe that it will be that page only.

  • i’ve somehow managed to get to the product page now. but the problem arising now is that, the price displayed is 12500 INR. what happened? i mean, did they increase it all of a sudden!?

  • If u came to know anything than please share with us before 2:00 PM its very urgent for me to buy this phone otherwise I have to wait till march for Zenfone 2

    • That is the standard page which existed since day 1. I’m pretty sure that the Add to Cart will only be available on the product page. Which is temporarily redirecting to the homepage. We’ll know more closer to the sale.

  • Now a few minutes ago I open a page(Yureka Amazon.in) which is amazon page there are only specs of phone are available is there any chance to find a add to cart optn on that page at 2:00 pm

  • Bro the link you provided in the above comments is not working. the link can’t open the yureka page, it opens add to cart option πŸ™

  • According to a website there are 3 lakh people who register for yureka, Really a huge amount. But only 10,000 yureka units will be sold in tommorow’s falsh sale. 2 lakh 90,000 people were surely disappoint tommorow.

  • i aint getting any new mails for my subscription. i know i have registered really late. but what else could be the reason? anyone?

      • yea. i have. thats where i usually receive such mails. and i still haven’t. and now the direct link you provided isn’t working anymore. it redirects back to amazon homepage. please reply asap. i badly want this at the first takeoff!

  • so. i’ve subscribed it manually. will i still be able to get this phone at the time mentioned? and what do you guys think how long is it gonna stay in stock? they say its available only in 10k. so what do you all say? will it be in flash only for countable minutes or at least for like a couple of hours?

    • Don’t expect anything more than minutes. But the sale might last for sometime because amazon will re-offer the units for which the payment is not made within 15 minutes.

    • Sir,I was waiting for 2 pm & sale was on in just that moment I tried to connect on bsnl broadband connection to search buy button but it was invisible at that time say me is there value for registration or it is just fraudy work is going on that site to unvisualise for 15to 20 minutes sir manually by man is it possible to buy yu yureka phone !

    • It is possible. But that actually won’t help you anywhere. Everybody who has tried to use multiple browsers has failed almost every time because you lose focus. Rest is upto you. If you can manage them well, go ahead.

  • I forgot to registered on jan last and now i want to know when can the next sale is to be start and how can can i registered (need step-step details) for this mobile.

  • Is there any possiblity of crashing of Amazon site?? If this us d case I should think myself to b unlucky I suppose?? N is cod an optn??

  • i had subscribed for this phone on 19th dec bt due to my mistake it has been unsubscribed today…but i have alrdy subscribed again…can i buy???

    • I won’t guarantee, but if you register today, you might be able to still make the purchase on 13th.
      The next round of registrations are said to open on 15th.

  • m still having a confusion ….we have to add yureka to the cart or it is automatically aded to the cart n we have to just open cart and proceed for checkout?

    • Cool. Everybody got that mail (even those who registered after the 24th using the link provided). So far only 5400 units have been imported to India. So be quick πŸ™‚

    • Yes it is. But Amazon now says that you get 15 minutes to make the payment or the unit will be given to somebody else πŸ˜›

      • Is there any chances for me to get lucky tomorrow…lyk even if im not registered for d sale n by luck gets d yureka added to my cart….n if such things happens am I able to claim d product if later they remove it from d cart???

    • No. This link is not yet revealed in any mail πŸ™‚ The latest mail (which is sent today) talks about the process of placing the order. I’ll add the little information which is missing from the article.

    • I was supposed to mention this later, but because you asked, you just need to open this page at 2PM and add the product to cart and proceed to checkout. The ordering process will open up at 2PM only.
      Note that unlike Flipkart, your unit won’t be booked for you unless you checkout and complete the payment. That’s how it is now, but Amazon might make necessary amendments later. So stay tuned πŸ™‚

  • You said that we have to select the cart exactly on 2pm, but my doubt is that the time which varys from place to place, can I take the time at my place as the correct time?

    • It will be available for supported regions. If your area is covered under COD for Amazon Fulfilled orders, it will be available.

  • how should we service our yureka phone if any problem appears?
    is there any mail or phone number contact of yureka sellers?
    in my locality of andhra pradesh in india…

    • Yu is supposed to open up an online portal for handling grievances and providing doorstep service. Additional details are not available.

      • Why company is not give a direct warranty. Company give Warranty will still be there if u root ur YUREKA. If root the mobile and any problems is generated like IMEI no. Software problems, etc who are be responsible for this .

  • From video review on several website there is no warranty card in the box. What is the solution of it if I faced any problem with the device? Can any body clear the confusion about service center of Yu Yureka phone? Do we get service from Micromax?

    • Those were review units. Yu says that the warranty details and instruction manual will be included in the retail boxes. Also, you’ll only need the invoice for warranty purposes.
      Micromax will not provide service for Yu. And additional details are scarce.

    • All the brands of phones I have purchased till date (5-6 brands), the invoice works as the warranty card. The warranty is applicable from the date of invoice. You will receive an invoice from Amazon with the mobile.

  • hey narender i m still lil bit concrnd abt registrn as i hv unsubcrbd b4 thn subscrb again aftr gettng regstrtn mail ..

    • Anyone who is presently registered is eligible to purchase. Doesn’t seems like there are any restrictions besides that.
      Unfortunately, this is all Amazon support is telling me.

  • after I had subscribed for the phone, may I know the delivery locations where Amazon can deliver this Phone (i.e. Cities in Andhra Pradesh) so that I can keep track of addresses for the cities because I should not be blank while purchasing the phone….

    • Pick up any item with Fulfilled by Amazon badge and see if it is delivered to your particular pin code. If it is, the phone should also be delivered there as it will also be an Amazon Fulfilled item. IDK if there will be any exceptions, but chances are minimal.

    • Dont Worry bro, Once you add the Phone to your cart successfully You would have plenty of time in your hands to proceed payment options, The Main Luck factor is to add the item in your cart!!

      • Probably not. Chances are that it won’t be the Flipkart’s way. You will be needed to complete the payment and adding to cart won’t book a unit for you. I’m still trying to get more details.

    • As announced, there won’t be any service centers for Yu devices. Doorstep service will be provided, but there are no further details or helpline numbers yet.

  • I had doubts if I had registered for the sale correctly. But now my doubts are gone. Keeping my fingers crossed on trying my luck with this phone. I’m a regular follower of this site and you guys make quality useful posts instead of just listing the specs. Thanks techmesto.

  • In which section ADD TO CART option will be available on Amazon.com ? Or it will show on front of page , like subscription option ?

  • i did not register for the phone earlier. so not eligible to buy it.
    i want to know the dates for the next registration dates. please, help.
    i really want to buy this phone.

  • I have got different subscription confirmation mail from what u have got…I subscribed on dec 20th ,the mail goes like dis…

    ” Thank you for subscribing to Yureka: The Zeus of Phones. You will receive this e-mail subscription occasionally.

    To ensure that you continue to receive e-mails from Amazon.in in your inbox, you can add the sender of this e-mail to your address book or white list.

    If you signed up for this subscription in error, you can unsubscribe here.”

    Is dis right confirmation mail too? Or shld I do anything else?

    • This is something standard which you will get even if you subscribe today. Can you check the other tabs of your inbox (promotions, social etc) if the message somehow got there? You cannot do anything else, so cross your fingers and try on 13th. Maybe you’ll be included to purchase one?

  • I have subscribed for yureka 1st sale…if I miss the 1st sale will I be able to participate n buy in 2nd sale without subscribing once again?

  • Narendra,if you are willing to give away extra unit if you get,at what price you will give it away and how can one contact you? Also i want to know about the quality of touch this phone has as low cost phones do not come with a good quality touch feature!

    • The touch response should be at par with other smartphones, if not better. If I manage to get two of them, I’ll host a giveaway here and will COD to the address of a lucky person πŸ™‚ No additional cost. Just pay the price of the phone and take it.

      • Narender,Thank you for your reply and Apologies from me as i misspelled your name in my first comment. One more question comes to my mind is the kind of hardware micromax has came up with this phone! We all know the micromax phones are not durable when compared to other phones. Can we see any innovation with ‘YU’?
        And i hope you get 2,3 extra units so that my chances of laying hands on this phone increases! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        • That’s okay hehe maybe because our PM has those spelling πŸ˜›
          The kind of hardware cannot be bad as it is basically a re-branded version of CoolPad F2 which is not a bad device. Sure the quality won’t match that of HTC or Sony, but you get what you pay for. Phones with similar specifications are hard to find even with 2x price, so, do accept some downsides in terms of quality. The few reviews that I’ve read call out that the built is pretty solid and the quality of internals is something which only long-term usage will tell.
          It won’t be easy to get two as there will be very limited stocks. Only 2400 units of the phone have been imported so far and if the trend continues, the percentage of demand vs supply will be high and hence clicking buy now in two different accounts (because one account can only buy one) and getting two phones will be a hard thing to do. I’ll still try, but no assurance πŸ˜›

  • I have registered on 20th dec, but still no conformation email, Is there is any particular digits no. in the email for particular subscribr for buying yureka.


    • Probably after the first sale ends. And it is possible that they might change the way subscription work. Let’s see πŸ™‚

  • I have successfully get subscribed to yureka n waiting for 13th Jan2015. Thanks for the information of COD availability of such greate mobile.
    Can I get link from my email inbox directly which amzon has send to me?

    • You can already subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll probably receive the mail when you’re eligible to make the purchase.

  • I also miss the chance pre-registration. Can i purchase this phone?
    Anybody can purchase it for me on cod or other method. I really miss this phone. I want this phone on any condition

  • I m registered in pre-registration but haven’t got a confirmation email, will i able to buy the yureka smartphone.

    • Yu hasn’t given out any details. But if you have registered after 24th, you might not be eligible for this sale.

  • can u help me buddy i missed yureka regisrtrations what can i do to buy??
    can u order it for me on cod i can give address

    • That’s sad. You can still subscribe to the mailer and see if you’re made eligible to purchase it on 13th Jan. Otherwise, you will be needed to wait for the next sale. However, if things go right, I might be able to get an extra unit. Stay tuned, might give away randomly if I get it πŸ™‚

          • i hv subscrbd it again, is there anythng i need to know regarding to purchase, as i have nevr use amazon or any onl9 shopng site .

            • Nothing else besides being quick during the sale hour. These type of flash sales mean that the product WILL sell out in a matter of seconds. So, the quicker you are, the better your chances of getting the phone.
              Rest is fairly simple. Add to the cart, proceed to payment, pay online or choose COD (if available) and you’re good to go πŸ™‚

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