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Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G vs Yu Yureka – Finding the Better One

Xiaomi has already revealed its plans to release the Redmi Note 4G in India. Yu yesterday announced the Yureka which will be directly competing with the Redmi Note 4G (and 3G). So here is a quick comparison to find the true VFM out of the two.

Comparison b/w Redmi Note 4G and Yu Yureka

To start off, both Redmi Note and Yureka are decent devices and offer much more than what the competition offers for the same price. Xiaomi started off with redefining the market with its cheap, elegant and powerful devices, but now it is going to face tough competition from Yu (considering they have more devices in the pipeline). Let’s clear the gap with a quick specifications comparison.

Category Redmi Note 4G Yureka 4G
Display 5.5″ 720p (267 ppi)
Gorilla Glass 3
5.5″ 720p (267 ppi)
Gorilla Glass 3
Processor 1.6 Ghz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
1.5Ghz Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 (x64)
Storage 8GB
Expandable upto 64GB via SD Card
Expandable upto 32GB via SD Card (officially) [User reports support upto 128GB]
Based on Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Cynogen 11
Based on Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Network 4G, 3G & 2G Support
Single SIM
4G, 3G & 2G Support
Dual SIM
Camera Back: 13MP w/ Flash & Autofocus
Front: 5MP
Back: 13MP w/ Flash & Autofocus
Front: 5MP
Battery 3100 mAh Li-po
Standby: 775 hours*
Talktime: 38 hours*
(*As per Mi)
2500mAh Li-Po
Standby: 210 hours*
Talktime: 8 hours*
(*As per Yu)
 Price ₹9999 ₹8999

So, the quick comparison should already answer most of the things. While the display of both these smartphones is of the same size and with the same pixel density, the differences starts showing when you look at the processor. Yureka uses a newer Snapdragon 615 processor which is much powerful than the Snapdragon 400 used in the Redmi Note 4G. The graphic performance of the Yureka is also better as it uses Adreno 405 as its GPU while Redmi Note packs an older and less powerful Adreno 305.

note 4g vs yureka front
Note 4G (left) & Yureka (right)

Storage & RAM

Both pack the similar DDR3 based 2GB of RAM providing enough room for multitasking and running apps smoothly. Coming to the internal storage, Yureka offers 16GB of in-built storage and Redmi Note does 8GB. Having more of internal storage can be beneficial as there is more room to install apps and store other media, but Redmi Note ain’t less either noting that it offers expansion upto 64GB using a SD card whereas Yureka is limited to 32GB only. So, if you’re one of those who install lots of apps, Yureka offers more room, whereas if you want to store lots of media, Xiaomi’s Note 4G is a better option.

Operating System

Operating System is an area where both the devices are entirely different. While Cynogen still tries to maintain a similar UI as Stock Android, Xioami’s MIUI is completely different. Cynogen is known to be stable, more feature rich and customizable whereas MIUI while being stable still offers limited level of customization. MIUI adapts a user interface similar to  that of iOS which is considerably different than that offered in stock Android. Developer support for MIUI is huge and same goes for Cynogen, but as Xiaomi launches devices internationally, it attracts a lot of attention towards each individual device. Whereas, Yureka is currently only limited to India and there may not be as much attention given by Cynogen developers as much as what Redmi Note 4G will get from MIUI developers. Still, due to the features, Cynogen does have an edge over MIUI.


Camera department is pretty similar with both devices offering 13MP and 5MP back and front cameras respectively. Yu Yureka however does pick up the camera CMOS from Sony which could prove better than what Xiaomi picked up for its Redmi Note 4G. Both can do 1080p recording and Slo-Mo. Yureka is said to achieve upto 120fps for Slo-Mo with the upcoming cynogen update.


Both the devices support the 4G LTE bands being used in India and both will be able to connect to the available 4G, 3G and 2G networks. Other connectivity options such as Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and WiFi are also similar for both these devices. Coming to the physical connectors, the Redmi Note 4G brings with it a MicroUSB 2.0 connector which supports USB OTG (On the Go). Yureka also packs a similar MicroUSB 2.0 connector, but OTG capability is something not known yet and USB OTG option is available as well.

Battery Capacity &  Backup

There is a considerable difference when we talk about the battery as Xiaomi powers its Redmi Note 4G with a huge 3100 mAh Li-Po battery whereas Yureka’s 2500 mAh one packs much lesser juice. While Yu does state that the processor is less power hungry and OS level optimizations improve the battery backup by 25%, the backup numbers provided by Yu stand much lower than those provided by Xiaomi. Battery is an important aspect and we need to wait for the devices to land into the market to see how good the real world backup is, but things don’t sound good for the Yureka which should be always hungry for power due to its big screen and a powerful processor. Both devices come with a removable battery, if you’re one of the few concerned about removable batteries.

Warranty Policy

Warranty policy does deserves a mention here as Yu is playing the dice very differently. Yu is officially welcoming everybody to root their Yureka devices and do whatever customizations they want to do with it. On the other hand, Redmi Note 4G brings with it the same standard warranty terms as other OEMs where rooting should be avoided or the warranty will lapse. Yu will also provide access to Yureka’s boot-loader and the Kernel sources making it a perfect device, fit for developmental purposes. Xiaomi revealed no plans of allowing access to the bootloader or Kernel sources of Redmi Note 4G and that’s something not happening, not anytime soon considering Redmi 1S owners are still awaiting the same for their devices. We still need to wait to see how Yu will handle servicing of the devices as they are introducing a doorstep service model whereby there will not be any service centers. This sounds amazing, but how good will they be able to do it is something only time will tell.

Price & Bottom Line

It seems that was it. Over to you to finally make a final decision of going with one of these. Both the devices are outstanding considering what the asking price and what the other competition is offering. Yureka, priced at ₹8999 outstands the Redmi Note 4G which costs ₹9999 in some areas, but lacks considerably when it comes to the battery capacity. Also, servicing will be another reason to lean towards the Redmi Note 4G.
Which device are you planning to purchase? Do leave your input in the comments section as we all will be interested to know your choice 🙂


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  • Will u plz tell me the difference between yureka and yureka plus? is that an improved phone than MI phones?

  • please suggest me.. which phone i buy??? redmi or yureka for the best camera result?????
    in which phne is heating whenevr keep in charging?

  • I m cnfused in between yu yureka and redmi note,some people says yureka have better camera some says redmi…..bt redmi is nw available in 8000rs and yureka in 9000rs so which shld i take?

  • my questions
    1. which mobile heats up more for normal usage only mi 4g or yureka?
    2. which mobile not hangs while playing games mi4g or yureka?
    3. which one I should buy for using it for so many years mi 4g or yureka?

  • I should suggest to buy redmi because it is very fast and smooth and it never hangs. It’s gaming experience Is outstanding. As comparing to eureka redmi is better and its miui is 10 times better than cyanogen. As miui gives lts of updates and miui is worlds fastest ui. So redmi is far better.

  • Yureka has a superior processor Snapdragon 615, which means 64gb memory card can be installed according to Snapdragon’s specs. Micromax has misinformed its customers publishing the specs of Yureka. This totally depends on the processor and nothing else. This is obvious as Xiaomi’s Snapdragon 400 already offers 64 gb external memory capacity.

  • I have ordered Yu Yureka.As some peoplel say its battery is not good,can’t we replace the battery with another powerful battery in future ?

  • i always purchased a nokia mobile becoz of its rough use…….this is first time when i purchased “XIAOMI note 4″……..nd this is first tym when i m writing a post….it is only for those who r confused betweent xiaomi nd micromax……..simply go for xiaomi……micromax sucks…..it has a lot of problems…..go for xiaomi…..i know it has less features than yu yureka……..once you wil use xiaomi….you will be fan of it……i never thought to purchase micromax,not even in dream…….actually it is not suited for my attitude…….try something different ……..go fo mi…..

  • I bought yureka after some days precisely 6 days back my phone internal storage just got vanished.. With all my phorhos games and everything war should I do to this…….?

  • Hi. Guys. I bought YU yureka even everyone says heats and lags. Yes it does heats no lags for me. N I’m a heavy user. Battery is ok for me. I charge it twice a day if I play any huge games like GTA San Andreas, asphalt 8, m a fan of coc I play when my troops r ready. n n some HD games. yureka heats only if I use big games and camera. If u r a normal user. Go buy it. If u r heavy gamer or takes a lot pics n use continuously go for something else… I used both phones. For yureka only problem is heating. Everything is OK for me. N some friends who don’t know how to buy from amazon. Try to find people who sell yureka mobiles in olx. Some people will buy in bulk and sell them for extra 500 on yureka. Try in olx. Guys if u knw how to use mobile . u will be OK with yureka trust me. 😉

  • Hi Narender Singh I am using 128 GB memory card in my YU Yureka without any problem (without root) so please update your comparison above.

    • I was only basing the comparison on what the official specs mention. The Redmi 4G will also support more memory than what is quoted in the official specs. But I’ll still update the comparison.

    • I’d probably pick up Mi Note for the camera. BTW do look at the Huawei Honor 4x too. Kinda similar pricing and specifications 🙂

  • There is no. Option to make our own rigtone in yureka. Otherwise quite good ..few bugs dissapointed with battery backup

  • Yu yureka is best ever its never lag and I,m playing very powerful game and I like it.so guys buy yu yureka.

  • what to…do….which one is good…..i can’t decide…man….anyone help..me to..choose the right one…plz…

  • I CNT add yureka to my cart in Amazon .in ,
    It showing 12999rps.y?
    I want to buy yureka but I CNT.
    I tryed 4 times.Even today.
    Help me to get yureka for nxt sale 12th march 2015 by giving tips or tricks. . .

  • I have used both. I sold out my Redmi Note 4G because. While it was charging, I felt burnt because of the heat. I can’t use it at all while charging, it just hanged until I remove the charger. If by mistake you open the camera during charging I guarantee you will feel like smashing it on the wall/ground, I almost did. Yes battery back up is quiet good. And now about the camera result. I barely able to recognize myself. It was crap. So, I bought another Yureka. I have two now..Till now I have no problem with it.I played Clash of Clan 24×7 so obviously I play while charging and I have no complain bout it and about the battery. The camera result, I am happy and my frens are happy too. I bought 4 yureka for my fren after my recommendation. So you decide now.

  • Go for xiaomi i used yureka it sucks and gets alot heated. Its chinise fone with yu logo slapped on it. And cynogen mod can also be taken in note 4g.

  • If yu is not Indian made or assembled, Then who is the owner can anyone plz explain about Yu company, Where it belongs and where yureka is assembled. Can we trust on it?

    • It is a company owned by Micromax. Phones are built and assembled in China, then imported to India by Yu Televentures and sold to the customers in India.
      The process is similar to how Micromax and other companies are working. Trusting or not is something you need to decide for yourself 🙂

  • Out of the 2 I’d recommend Yureka. I checked it our recently and it’s certainly the best phone in the market because of it’s amazing features and price! Highly recommended

  • hey….i got yu yureka on its first flash sale without any problems…..and now using it until than.The phone is very powerful and never lags from its first day.Camera clarity is also good,specially rear camera.About battery backup it is not bad.By playing powerful games and heavy browsing you can use it about 7-8 hrs on a regular use.So in my point of view go for it.Always believe in indian company rathar than a jerks like xiaomi.

    • Ya. I agree with Sahil. Battery capacity is decent. and not that bad. Comparatively, YU is the best at this price. More over It is “Made in India” product. I suggest you all to go for it.

      • Its not made in india its a chinese fone called as Coolpad F2. Micromax jst slapped their logo on it og YU and selling in India.

    • Hiii bro… Hv u compared ua cell with redmi note 4g with ua hand…??
      Hwz d display n camera quality…
      Which cell u owned earlier..?

  • When Yu yureka availability is almost zero so comparing is useless.All full marks for Redmi Note.Amazon is simply creating a negative image by frustrating prospective buyers for a product which they do not possess.Yu will never have a service centre.The battery is weak.
    So lets forget Mr.Yu & go in for purchasing Redmi
    through Airtel Stores where you get all queries answered too.Hell to Amazon & Yu !

    • Agreed, but each one needs time. Mi started the same way with nearly zero service and I still remember the time when I was required to wait for over a month to get the screen of my Mi3 replaced.

  • I got my Redmi Note 4 today. I didn’t liked the camera quality for YU Yureka at all. Clicked some pics with my friends Yureka mobile. The pics were very dark without any clarity so that was the main reason i went for Remdi even though it was single sim.

  • i am still unable to decide which one to purchase either redmi note 4 or else yu . guys please suggest me the best one in terms of battery & os

    • Go for Redmi if you are a heavy user and if you cannot charge your phone like twice a day. Otherwise Yureka is a nice choice 🙂

  • friends i have used redmi 1s, redmi note. and before i could not get as low price and best and now i am using redmi note 4g its awesome battery and camera too. so i think just use without compare to anyone.

  • This all looks pretty good when I read it. But taking into consideration that I don’t really know a lot about phones, is there any difference between the working of MIUI , Cyanogen Mod and stock android? Or is it just the difference between the UI’s and no difference in the working of the phone? Also, CM will be launched at Android 5.0 whereas MIUI is at 4.4 . Is there any official statement about MIUI going to 5.0 ?

    I would prefer going for redmi over yureka. I just feel that the stats may hold true only on paper and ofcourse, the battery of yureka is definitely less. Also, the display of note would be no doubt better than yureka.

    Can anyone give me a valid technical reason to opt for yureka?

  • I will never buy Yureka with these specification. I doubt that it will give pleasant experience. Only UI customization doesn’t make sense that it will be good phone. I would buy by paying slightly more if it gets more screen resolution, magnetic sensor(compas) and a oleophobic scratch resistance glass. They never built a phone exclusively for them , You can notice they never have branding on front side. They just takes already available phones from chinese vendors and do stickering on back side, may be after quality check. So there is no innovation at all. For softwares also they rely upon Cyanogen team. I WOULD SUGGEST DON’T BUY

    • Because it is a re-branded device and because it uses Cyanogen doesn’t make it a bad device. As always, one device cannot satisfy everyone.
      I find the price perfectly justified there. Sure we always expect it to be more, but limits are endless 🙂

  • MiUI and CM have no comparison …MiUI is rock solid… CM11 does feel good but anyway stock rom is still better them CM ….only added advantage is fast updates… but I never feel CMs are of production quality…just a sort of MOD not needed not advised unless otherwise for a MOD .do it for a change and then revert back to original.

    • cyanogen is really not that bad. Maybe you’ve experienced with some unofficial 3rd party ports of Cyanogen which were made by some developers. When they support a device officially, its pretty stable. OnePlus One reviews prove that too 🙂

  • Well , SAR value of redmi note 4G is far lower then YU…its more for redmi 1S ..the only problem with YU that its Micromax …micromax have exploited indians to an extent that they have lost all faith ….So they are not sucessful with any higher end model ….on paper micromax always put more then any other brand…take any of mmx flagship…but performance is not a thing for mmx….may YU help the brand to build lost reputation…i think its big mistake on the part of micromax to mention their name with YU,,, Else YU might have played GOD.
    And MMX is also made in china….so buying any would help CHINA ….thanks to god Pakistan is not an option ..
    Mmx logo is really what they deserve…in most of their interventions..

  • i just read all reviews ,we should be with yu because of sony like good camera, it is also indian company,and battery is 2500mAH Li- polimer which have more battery back-up than Li- ion battery.but how i buy it at first.13-01-2015 without resister

    • Mohit, who gave you the wrong information that Yu is an indian make. If you don’t know that, go and research on it before you comment here.

  • Please do not purchase Chinese company smartphones as we are indirectly supporting the Chinese economy. The smartphones of other countries eventhough has its components made in china will fetch only little profit to Chinese. This will reduce the profit margin of China.

    China is using its economic power to intrude Indian borders and also fund Pakistan for destabilizing India. Refrain buying chinese electronic goods for following reasons –

    1) Most Chinese goods are of low quality which Chinese dump in India. Check the SAR value of the phones of Chinese.

    2) Chinese are using their economic power to attack India and its other neighbours.

    3) There may be threat to your electronic devices being hacked.

    Please also search on google for the same and make an informed decision.

    • Mr. A, no need to write whatever you think about your biased thoughts. We all have a brain enough to decide what is good for our own purpose. Come out of your biased idiotic mind-set or else keep your mouth shut. We are not fools, we can choose anything we want to use whether it’s Chinese make or whatever. If you want to keep on thinking about such things then you can informed your near and dear ones but not in this public page.

  • shit, i Did N’t Registered Fr D First Sale Of Yu Yureka mobile, When it ll be the Second term Sale?

    • Yu is following what Xiaomi does. Online sale, every Tuesday at 2PM. So, hopefully next sale will be on the next Tuesday. We need to wait for further details.

  • Thanks a lot ! Now I can taste Lollipop.. 😀 One more question i want to ask as we have seen that specs are incredible and even branded like-Cynogen,Sony Sensor in Camera,Qualcomm Snapdragon,GG3,DDR3 Ram etc.. at such a great price,Is it really Branded or just using cheap things from china and making us fool??? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Nops. Those things are the real deal 🙂 Companies cannot fool us that way 😛 We cannot say about the other spares, but the ones which they mentioned are the genuine ones from those manufacturers.

  • Thank You admin for Superb Review and Comparison..I m willing to buy Micromax Yu Yureka.Just wanna know that Yu will provide Lollipop update or not and secondly Would I be able to use portable Power Banks for Yu or not ? Thanks in advance!!! :))

    • As it is Cynogen, Lollipop is bound to come. The next version of CM is just around the corner and Yu should be getting the Lollipop update in a month or two 🙂 Power Banks works on all the devices, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • What to do with very good phone when battery is dead….. battery making me to think about upcoming lenovo phone…………….

    • Yep that’s a point. The battery may be smaller for a 5.5-inch phone, but we really need to wait for some real reviews before judging that.

    • If their quoted 8 hours talktime thing is true, it should last a day as nobody is gonna use it constantly. We need to wait for some real reviews before bringing a conclusion. Maybe you should skip the first sale and wait for the reviews.

  • i think redmi note 4g better then yu,becoz of its screen and viwing angle are very gud and its camera performece is awosme,its has only one problm that its a single sim device.

    • They are using similar screens with similar resolution and pixel density. Still, we need to wait for the Yureka to be available before making a judgement 🙂

  • What I believe in today’s world we have to compare electronic equipment’s on the basis of specifications. YU looks promising on all points as compare to Redmi Note and even cheaper than redmi. If particular about brands then don’t go for both the options as both are new to Indian Industry. I will choose YU. what you say guys.

  • Yureka has no compass sensor and the battery backup is also not good. Otherwise YU is better than redmi note 4g…

  • I think it will be better to go with yureka…..i have been using a micromax device for a long time…..another reason is that an indian company is always better than a chinise company..;)

    • I am not against Indian companies so don’t take my comment otherwise. I have used both Micromax and Mi. Just use any of the MI phone and you will be fan of MI, forever.

    • Just use any of MI phone and you will be fan of MI forever. I have used both Micromax and MI… and I can say it with my own experience.

  • YU looks better, What i doubt is the reliability of phone as per my knowledge YU is different company micromax is launching them in in dia. they will provide service for these phones or not ?Redmi Note is also good phone but chinese company and they leak the information our data is always at risk. Indian Air Force has issues a circular that don’t buy Xiaomi phones as they are not safe.

    • Yu is just same as how Micromax earlier sells rebranded phones under its name. Yu is Micromax’s wholly owned subsidiary. The service will be provided by Yu directly and Micromax has no role to play.
      That data stealing ficaso is fake and Xiaomi has already answered it and has made the necessary changes so as to disable cloud backups by default.

    • The first sale will be happening on the 13th of Jan. Make sure that you’re subscribed to the Amazon’s Yureka newsletter to be eligible for the sale.

  • I would go for Yu! as it has all that needed though I wish resolution could have been better (at least 300-350 or more PPIs). More over buying gadget from Indian owned business can propel Indian business!

    • Agreed! I’d have accepted it if they increased the price by 1000 and added a better screen. Still not a bad package though 🙂

  • Good Description by the Admin. But i will prefer YU because only battery capacity is the main limitation in YU everything else is better..

    • Another advantage is of it being Indian. If nothing else, we can expect Micromax to reinvest the profits into their business 🙂 Each single rupee helps hehe 🙂

      • Yureka is not Indian at all. I however appreciate the specifications EXCEPT battery which is too low for screen of this size and powerful processor.
        Had the Yureka increased the size of battery, I would had purchased it without second thought. NOW I will wait for user reviews and then decide whether to go for Yu or stick with MI which I purchased earlier and found extremely satisfying.

        • Yep it is not Indian, but at least we can expect Yu/Micromax to invest their profit from sales in expanding their business. Helps the economy 🙂 Battery is a concern that’s also making me doubtful whether to purchase it or not 🙁

          • Specification of the Yu are very good on papers except battery. Camera quality is also suspicious because Micromax has always been poor in this segment. Still I am gonna buy it in first flash sale and check it myself.

        • Firstly, no I wasn’t paid for this. Sponsored posts that exist on this blog have a mention that they are sponsored by XYZ.
          Secondly, I don’t really care what you think.

          On paper, the Yureka is better than the Redmi Note and expecting Micromax to invest their profits in Indian economy isn’t a crime either. So it could just be that you’re being paid by some XYZ to write against them? Come on man! Each one has his own thinking. This is the comments section and everybody is free to express himself.

          • Well moron, sick of your so called Indianism. According to your stupid perception, anybody and everybody who tells truth about India’s class-less standard things or acts become Pakistani haha!!!!! Pathetic species never able to come out of brain-dead Indianism.

            • Stop fighting, guys. Everybody gotta check and control themselves first before raising fingers on each other and there’s even no point raising fingers. It used to be one nation and everybody lived together. Divided and now both sides just keep on raising fingers on each other. One must be proud of his her nation and Indianism needs to exist. One must be loyal to his nation, people and everybody, but just not in a way in which he/she sees every other nation, individual, religion or community as waste.

          • Haha!!!!!!! Nothing to explain about the topic and back to square one taught from the day you’re born. Pathetic brain-dead species.

    • Nice. I just wish Yureka had a bigger battery even if that increased the cost by ₹500-1000. BTW,

      Xiaomi Redmi note but its a note not a phone :p

      They both have the same screen size :P.

  • Nice compare there admin! With the Redmi note Mia till Feb (courtesy Hon. Delhi high court) availability is a big question. also mi note uses OGS display soliution whereas no details about YU. Me would prefer MI with a better battery available compared to Yu. Yu would be good for custom ROM options.

    • Thank you 🙂 At 1140 words, this turns out to be one of the longest I ever wrote 😛
      Courtesy of that is Xiaomi itself. Selling cheaper phones and not paying patent royalties is their mistake. On top of that, no replying to poor Ericsson’s notices 😀
      I’m picking up the Yu, still wishing it had a slightly bigger battery. Maybe carrying Mi power bank will be enough 😛

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