Generate OTP for Nokia Bootloader Unlock tool

Please click on the button below to get the OTP to use with our Nokia Bootloader Unlock tool.

Service stats: The service has been used to unlock the bootloader of ~3500 Nokia smartphones as of 27th January 2022. All for free!

OTP details:

  • Valid for the next 15 minutes from generation. Generate it only when you need it.
  • OTP can be used to unlock 1 device only.
  • Only 15 devices can be unlocked in a day (global limit). After that, existing OTPs and further generation of OTPs will be disabled.
  • Update: OTP counter is reset at midnight (00:00) in New York time zone (GMT-5). Don’t check it based on the day start in your time zone.

Please email [email protected] for bulk requirements or if you are facing any issues with the OTP generation process. You can also join our Telegram group.

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