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Download official Nokia USB Drivers (ADB, Fastboot & others)

Download Nokia usb drivers (4 methods)

HMD Global is making Nokia branded phones for a few years now. However, there is still no official webpage at from where you can download device drivers. On most Nokia phones, the Nokia USB drivers come bundled. A CD ROM will show on the computer when you connect the phone. The Nokia Phone USB Driver installer rests in that read-only disk. However, there are situations when the phone is not working properly (for example: Stuck on Download Mode) and you need the drivers to connect the phone to a PC and try to fix it.

Other than that, the flashing tool (OST LA) used by Nokia Mobile Care also comes with USB Drivers installer (obviously). In this post, I am including the different ways by which you can acquire the drivers and install them on your Windows PC. The driver package includes ADB as well as the Fastboot drivers. Windows Device Manager will show HMD Global as the device manufacturer when you check the properties of the ADB or Fastboot device.

Compatible phones: The Nokia USB driver supports all Nokia phones released under HMD Global.
Including Nokia 1, Nokia 1 Plus, Nokia 2, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.3, Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 3.1 Plus C, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 5, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia X6 (Nokia 6.1 plus), Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 7.1, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 8, Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 8.1, Nokia 9 PureView, Nokia X71, Nokia C1.

Option 1: Download USB Driver disk (As shipped by Nokia)

If your phone is not working properly, then this is the simplest option to install only the Nokia USB Drivers without any bloat. I have copied and zipped the Drivers Disk as provided by Nokia on my Nokia 8.1. You can download it from the link below. Thereafter unzip it using 7zip or any other archive manager and run the setup to install the USB Drivers.

Nokia Driver installer

Download Nokia Drivers Disk

The installer will install Nokia Drivers in less than 10 seconds. Note that you might need to go to Windows Device manager to still manually choose the driver for the first time. It will happen automatically in the future.

Option 2: Use the CD ROM on your phone (if your phone is working fine)

If your Nokia phone is working properly, then you do not need to download anything. Simply connect your powered-on phone to your computer. Instantly or within a few seconds, your PC will show a CD-ROM drive. Open it and run the setup to begin the installation of Nokia phone USB Drivers.

Nokia Driver included with the phone

Option 3: Install the Nokia Care flash tool – OST LA

As I previously mentioned, the OST LA (short for Online Service Tool) also comes with the Nokia driver installer. OST LA will install 2 additional drivers in addition to the Nokia USB Driver. The package includes:

  • Phone Nokia USB Driver
  • Phone F USB Driver
  • Phone M USB Driver

The M and F driver packages are for advanced recovery options. For example, if the phone is in the MediaTek Preloader mode or Qualcomm 9008 mode. Basically, the M and F packages include the emergency flash drivers from MediaTek and Qualcomm. You will not need these in most circumstances, so, you can uninstall these after the Nokia USB Driver has finished installing.

Download OST LA (v. 6.2.8)

Option 4: Download Nokia USB Driver installer extracted from OST LA

You can avoid the dependencies and bloat included with OST LA by downloading this dedicated Driver installer. It was extracted from the OST LA tool by Github user and made available as a standalone install along with a modified version of OST – NOST. It will install the 3 packages as mentioned under OST LA. You can use this option if the other installers failed to install the drivers. For example, some computers do not continue the OST LA setup with errors like Access Denied or Remove device at VID.

Download Nokia Driver installer

I believe that one of the above methods has helped you in installing the Nokia USB Drivers on your Windows PC. Do let me know (via comments below) about which method worked for you. I will consider prioritizing it as Option 1 in this guide for easier access. If I was choosing an option for downloading, I will go with Option 1 and if that doesn’t work, Option 4 looks like the next best option.


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  • Option 3 download triggers a Google drive virus warning.

    Option 4: trying to download anything from git repository is a FRICKIN nightmare… No obvious DOWNLOAD button anyware… What a bunch of clowns!

  • Добрый день, у меня вопрос по Nokia 5.1plus . Проблема заключается в следующем: телефон был куплен ребёнку, он сломал экран и телефон провалялся год. Потом экран был восстановлен,но гугл аккаунт и пароль к нему были утеряны и телефон постоянно просил ввести эти данные. Было решено снести андроид и установить прошивку заново, но в процессе прошивки напрочь забыли про разблокировку загрузчика и в итоге как я понимаю прошивка была удалена а новую загрузчик не даёт возможности поставить в итоге телефон не включается и не на что не реагирует. Хотя программа SP flach tool при попытке загрузки прошивки ругаться на то что загрузчик не разблокирован и при подключении к ПК телефон обнаруживается. И вот вопрос как можно разблокировать загрузчик на мертвом телефоне? За ранее ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО, если подскажите как быть.

  • Nokia 2.3 os version Android 11 usb modem driver not working. It ending up with error code 10 on windows 10. Actually I don’t know whether it is true or not but i think Nokia has blocked usb modem for Android in its latest phone. If we see we can easily use Samsung Android as usb modem.

  • Hi Narender,
    Thank you for your advice and feed back. I have been able to access the nokia5.1 and observe that it was set to partition b. I then was able to access the broken droid screen and choose what I wanted there. checked which slot I was in. answer b.
    I chose update system software over data connection (3 and or 4G in Aus for this phone)
    Something I cannot explain then happened, I was able to download a system update over data. I just let the phone do it’s thing. It even installed the updates for me. It declared it was finished pls restart phone/phone needs to restart to complete etc. The phone then continuously showed androidone then goes black and vibrates at the same time then comes back to androidone screen and repeats the process ad nauseum. I accessed the bootloader and it is loading from b. I switched It to a in the hope i could get some control over the phone. Restarted and all i got was straight into set up phone screen, choose english and commence download. That i blocked the phone from doing as it’s already installed on b. now have each partition with it’s going nowhere files. I consulted many more pages of web information, and noted that community members and yourself have been the sole support for this kind of issue, for that I greatly thank you, it is sad to say for this phone I have RIP’d it. I am disappointed with nokia’s lack of support for it’s customers and today have moved to another manufaturer.
    Ian c.

    • Hi Ian, that’s yet another loop of issues caused due to an OTA update. It is sad, but the stock Android seems to be the heart of the problem. I see the same issues for the Google Pixel, infamous for its software issues here and there.
      I believe that flashing the full factory firmware will bring the phone to life again. We can attempt that if you desire 🙂 The updates generally work normally until the issue comes back – which shouldn’t because the phone’s upgrade period is over. So, after a bunch of updates to the last release, it will be happy resting there with no more updates and no more unexpected issues. Let me know if you’d wanna avail a factory ROM flashing service 🙂

  • Hello,
    I own a nokia5.1, but given the difficulties i have had with it, it wont be for much longer….
    I have tried all 4 methods here listed above for communicating with my phone, running windows 11 pc x64 home and none of the methods have been successful. I really don’t hold any hope of resolving the issue. I recall a long time ago the phone wanted to do a software update and I let it, then it failed instantly. I was able to at the time on another computer switch the phone to boot from partition a to b where the software update had been placed by (nokia or android) and phone worked fine for a while. Now it needs another software update but it refused to do it over wifi and stubborn old me is not going to update it over 4g (Australia). I am not sure if it will anyway. So now google will not update the play store over wifi and any google services will not update. Think it’s over for this phone… Just one more trick to try,, my old windows 7 pc, I think i used it to change partitions last time!!! here goes..

    • Ian, I suspect that the USB port or cable aren;t communicating well. Please check the Windows device manager. Does it refresh as you connect/disconnect the phone?

      • Hi Narender,
        Thank you for your reply, device manager see’s and unsees device as i connect/ disconnect it from windows 11 x64 laptop. for reasons i can’t explain, it sees the phone as DVD/CD rom drive on Linux File-CD gadget USB device, which if course goes away if i disconnect the phone.

        • When in a power-on state, the DVD/CD ROM drive is a complementary addition to the device’s storage. The CD drive includes the ADB and Fastboot drivers (as mentioned in the article as well). It means that the device is communicating fine. If your aim is to access the internal storage of the phone, then you need to choose “File transfer” as the mode from the notifications area (probably towards the end saying – Charging this device via USB).

  • Nokia 2.3 mtk driver not working. It showing error code says The device cannot start. (Code 10) .FailReasonString –> The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device

  • Nokia Suite was discontinued by Nokia when Nokia D&S was acquired by Microsoft. Nokia smartphones under HMD Global do not support Nokia Suite and will not connect to it. And HMD does not have an own PC companion for its devices. Hence, the best you can do on a PC is to copy and paste files in the USB transfer mode.

  • After setup Phone Nokia Drivers appears in the Programs and Features list accessed via Control Panel on Win 10 but no additional drivers appear under Universal Serial Bus controllers in device manager and when a Nokia 3 is plugged in it still appears as a CD-Rom device and Nokia Suite is unable to access it.

  • Al tratar de abrir lo que dice “Setup” en el paso 2, pero al hacer eso me dice que mi dispositivo va a tener cambios, esos cambios como sé que no se los van a hacer a la computadora?

    • That’s the general Windows UAC prompt. The setup needs to make changes (i.e. push the drivers to the Windows driver-store) so that the driver can be associated to the device and loaded.

  • Have Nokia 8.1 which when connected to computer shows CD-ROM drive. Do not have CD ( not sure it was supplied) but phone connects and when opened shows your option 2 but when i open setup.exe nothing appears to happen. Have tried your other methods and in the Driver folder , it shows the USB Driver v1.4.0 which may be the correct one. But the phone still shows up as the CDROM. I have tried the Device Manager in Windows but that doesn’t seem to change anything.

    How do I get the Nokia phone to show up correctly in the Computer Drive so that I can transfer files etc. Thank you

    • Hi, by default file transfer mode will not be enabled and the phone will only stay in charging mode. You need to pull down the notifications shade to select the last option about Charging the device via USB. Then you need to set it to File Transfer mode. You need to do this every time you connect the phone to the PC.

  • Am trynna flash twrp yes my BL is unlocked and here am having this issue
    I open poweshell (win10)
    adb devices (works)
    adb reboot bootloader (works)
    It reboots to download mode now this
    fastboot device (doesn’t work) stuck at waiting for device ..I’ve tried all drivers none works for me

  • Hi there
    My son mobile Nokia TA 1083 got a problem. it stuck in start up mode . I got this message in red color.” can’t load android system. your data my be corrupt. if you continue to get this message you may need to performe a factory date resest and erase tall data in this device.

    what to dao?

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