Solution – Windows 8.1 Update Tile not Showing Up in the Store

Windows 8.1 update is finally rolling out as a free update to all the laptops and PCs which are already running Windows 8. Anyone willing to update to Windows 8.1 can just open the Windows Store and click/tap on the large Update Windows tile.

However, just like one of our readers, if you also are unable to find the ‘Update Windows’ tile in your Windows Store, follow this tutorial.

update tile 8-1 Windows store

Install the required update to enable updating to Windows 8.1

If for some reason (running a illegal copy? 😛 ) you have disabled Automatic Windows Updates on your PC/Laptop, this is the reason why the Windows 8.1 update tile is not showing up in the store. Although you don’t need to have all the updates installed, you still need the Update KB 2871389 installed before you can update to Windows 8.1. This update prepares the PCs running Windows 8 to update to Windows 8.1. You can manually select to only install the KB 2871389 by following the steps below.

  1. Download the update package (~10 MB) for your particular system (x86 or x64) from here. You’ll be needed to expand the More Information tab to find the download links.
  2. Once downloaded, click on the downloaded file to install the update.
  3. When installed, select to restart your PC.

Alternatively, you can also install the update directly from Windows Update on your PC. Just check for updates and then choose the KB 2871389 update only. Proceed with the installation thereafter.KB 2871389 update windows

Update to Windows 8.1 Now

After installing the update and restarting your PC, just one the Windows Store and let it load the latest updates. Once the loading completes, you’ll find the large Update Windows tile. Just tap on it and select select Download to start the download.Update to 8.1 - Windows Store

Note: Windows 8.1 update via the store is around 2.8 GB. So make sure you have a fast data connection and enough data allowance before you proceed.

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