Enable Fingerprint or PIN unlock in Bitwarden password manager for Android

Add fingerprint and PIN login to Bitwarden password manager for Android

Bitwarden is a famous password manager that is cross-platform. The passwords inside stored in Bitwarden are secured by a master password. Bitwarden locks the vault after some time of inactivity (default – 15 minutes), requiring the user to enter the master password again. Bitwarden also offers to use a PIN code or the fingerprint scanner to unlock the vault on smartphones, making things more convenient.

It is worth mentioning though that fingerprint login can make the vault a little less secure. For example, somebody else can use your fingerprint to unlock while you are sleeping. A secure PIN is usually more secure than a fingerprint, although it takes a hit on convenience. With the obvious warnings out, let’s proceed.

Use Fingerprint or PIN in place of master password in Bitwarden

  1. Open Bitwarden password manager.
  2. Enter your master password to unlock the vault.
  3. Tap on the Settings button () on the bottom bar.
  4. Choose your unlocking preference
    • Unlock with Biometrics” to use fingerprint to unlock. Then tap on the fingerprint button to confirm
    • Unlock with PIN Code” to use a PIN code to unlock. Then enter the PIN code that you want to use.
    Bitwarden settings in the Android app
  5. That’s it. The changes get applied immediately.

You can further tune your Bitwarden settings – such as vault timeout and auto-fill behavior to better suit your individual needs. I keep my vault timeout to “never” to ensure a quick password-filling experience without having to unlock the vault too often.

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