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Everyone is willing to earn money online to buy something, or just to make some extra pocket money for spending on entertainment. But, earning online has never been easy. Out of hundreds of websites, most are scams and just don’t pay for your work or they pay something very less for the labor.

I too tried lots of ways to earn online, such as: Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, PTC, CPA etc, but none worked the best. After a lot of searching online, I’ve found few sites, which Pay you to do small/micro tasks/jobs. They pay according to the difficulty and time consumed in doing the task. I’ve made a list of such similar sites to help you people out. If you really want to make money online just join and work in all of these sites, besides the sites you work for earlier.

1. Amazon mTurk: In my view, it is the best site to earn some side income. As the campaigns are generally from US residents, they Pay quite good amount for each task. You’re paid upto $5 for a job. The jobs range from simple jobs of just Visiting a website to complex ones such as Transcribing an interview. If you’re planning to join it, just make sure that you’re from one of the accepted countries, otherwise you can only transfer your earnings to buy from amazon.com. It cannot be withdrawn.

2. Microworkers: This is a site similar to mTurk. But, with comparatively lesser jobs. They pay via Check, PayPal and AlertPay. The minimum amount you can deposit or withdraw is $10.

3. JoyBoy: It doesn’t have so many offers/jobs, but still it is making its name out.

4. MicroLancers

5. MinuteWorkers: They also Pay you for posting in their forum besides normal jobs. You’re paid $0.01 for every valid forum post.

6. ShortTask: A mTurk lookalike with a large number of active workers and requesters.

7. MiniFreelance

8. ClickChores

9. E-Jobber

If you wish to share your experience with these sites, or have another site which should be listed here, the section below is for you 🙂


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  • very productive information for micro job seekers like me, these kind of information really help freelancers to get a suitable assignment and also help the websites to get the best talent.
    working as a freelancer with many web portals for some time , but recently i got an opportunity to work with tasksfieta.com , its amazing place in India for micro jobs, i have completed some micro jobs and nicely paid , interestingly they not even charged any service free but also gave bonus on posting my first job there.
    hope that information on this site also will bring some good results

    thanks again

  • I think you have a good list but I also think that Odesk, Elance and Fiverr should also be included. In fact, the only problem with these sites right now is that they are extremely popular that there are now many contractors that I need to compete with ( I'm a member of all these sites, that's why). Rioht now, I'm really looking for sites like Fiverr with lesser contractors so I can be noticed and sell my services.

    • The point of writing this post was to showcase sites offering micro jobs. Sites such as Odesk and Elance are only suited for persons having a skill or expertise. My list is for the mostly unskilled crowd having some basic knowledge of how stuffs work.
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  • Really Thankful for all the websites but you need to update your list .

    Both these websites have been shut down.Thanks again.


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