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Earn Money Online by Typing CAPTCHAs

Have you ever filled a CAPTCHA? You’d probably have filled at-least one. If you don’t know, captchas are those small images with random words that you need to type-in at blogs or websites to leave your comment or at the contact form. The main purpose of captcha codes in to prevent spam. Nowadays, many websites are appearing which pay you to type-in the displayed captcha.

Although, some of these sites are mere scams and don’t pay anything. But, some of them are trusted and they really pay. Some of the sites which we’ve already tried and are paying are listed below. We will add more sites if we see no issues with them during our testing phase.

ProTypers – *Paying*

ProTypers is a very good site to earn money by typing captchas. You just need to signup, start filling captcha(s) and earn money. Signup is absolutely free and the best thing about ProTypers is that you don’t need to download any software or client. . They pay you for typing captchas but, they have a fluctuating hourly rate. The rate for every 1000 captchas typed fluctuates from $0.75-$1.25 depending on the hour you’re working. Their hourly rate chart is available in their statistics page. The good thing about ProTypers is that the Captchas come up really fast and there is hardly any time when no captchas are available. So, you can work any time of the day. But, you need to have a good internet speed as they only give you a maximum of 15 seconds to type out a captcha and submit it.

Payment Methods: Debit Cards, Bank Checks, Paypal, Webmoney, Liberty Reserve and Western Union.

CaptchaTrader – Scam (Not alive anymore)

CaptchaTrader was earlier having Payment issues. As of now, they are paying properly and on time.
CaptchaTrader pays around $1 for every 1000 captchas solved. Captchas are available throughout the day and the users can solve them anytime they’re free. CaptchaTypers serves captchas a bit slow and also gives the user plenty of time to submit. It is recommended to persons who are slow typers.
Payment Options: Payza, Paypal and Amazon Gift Card


Is captcha typing  worth the time spent?

Anyone! Even a lazy person can do it. But, the fact that you don’t earn quite good amount for the time consumed you might not be willing to do it. Members from Asian countries are ready to do it at such low rates. So, they won’t be willing to pay more for the same job. An average reward of $1 for 1000 captchas might not be worth your time.


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    Keep sharing.
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  • I want to join but I have no bank account here yet. I just arrived in the US 3 months ago. Is there any available mode of payment like western union?

  • Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I wish to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and precise effort to make an excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and by no means seem to get one thing done.

  • I need this work because it is full of fun and time utilization.This job seems to be fantastic and reliable for me to earn money and to get other skillful task to do.

  • Can I do the captcha selling business to websites who need captcha for their website.?
    Please suggest me how I can do it.

  • Hello, Brother How We Get Money In Pakistan.. Western union Ka likha hai but koi aesa option tou hai he nai k ap pese send kr pao. kese send kro gye aur kese hum nikalein gye. mai ne kam tou kiya hai es pe b aur maget pe be per western union mai koi pese nai aye. khali email aur kaam se ap pese send krte ho koi nic card number nai koi kuch nai.. ya brother ap log apna kaam niklwa rhe ho fool bana bana k. mind maat krna mai har website pe kaam kr chuka hun bus kaam kiya hai pese abi tk kisi ne nai diye. yahan pakistan main paypal hai he nai na payza kaam krta hai.. saab k saab phr b payza ya paypal ka he likhte hein q.. puri duniya mai western union mai easy pese ate hein aur niklwaye jate hein..

  • hi admin can u tell me procedure of earn money online by typing captchas, and kindly tell me how to sign up on the web site i am waiting ur reply thanks

  • forex investment? Yes, i’ve tried for that at 24option.com
    But I think thats not my soul in my online business hehehe..

    I love in affiliate business like clickbank, tripleclick, or SFI..

    and make an autopilot from the businesses..

    I always do the business from my hobby.. coz when we do the business from what we loved.. we always do with fun.. n knows so much what we must do.. hehhee..

    but if u know how to work everything with easy way with ur money..

    don’t do all by yourself heheh.. it will kill u softly :p

    my suggest is try with fiverr.com everything with $5 hehehe.. that the secret of internet marketer ways hehe..

  • yes, protypers always paid me about $15 every week.. this a great site to earn money… for beginner.. after you collect the money from here.. try your online business 🙂 coz u have the money now .. :p

    from no money.. be much money..

  • if u need captcha work at home then contact me skype id subhan045

    rate $0.60 to $1.40 per 1000 images u type..

    Payments daily or weekly

  • hi admin my account been suspended due to my several kicked can i have a chance to go back…i want 2 work hard as fast as i can…please…please recover my accont..-yukie_rhaine

  • hi every body, my protyper account had been suspended and reason is kited out. do you know my account will come normal? Who can tell me? when will not suspend?

    • Better contact them directly. They’ll be able to provide you with more info about why was it suspended and if it can be reactivated or not.

  • Hey, guys…

    I would like to ask help about this problem: The captcha image in Megatypers/Protypers are small and hard to see. Sometimes I got kicked because i find it hard to understand the images because it is too small. Is there a way to adjust the image in the website? I have been using software recently because of this problem, since in the software you can actually adjust the captcha images. I only open one account though… But this time I wanted to use the main typers website…

  • http://img27.imageshack.us/img27/6708/megatypersa
    captchas like that I cannot see… Do you think I should click the Don't Know button for the ones I cannot see or will I can't banned? Everytime I type those long captchas I get them wrong because I can't see the letters, but at the same time, if I click "Don't know too many times, I am likely to get permanently banned.

    Captchas like these I find readable

    • They're not that much tricky too. As they're from re-captcha, you'll see many of them and you can't press Don't Know for all of them. Better focus a bit more and you'll understand them. If somehow you don't, you don't have any choice than typing it wrongly or the don
      t know button. Both account as an incorrect captcha.

  • was is the most you think people can reach in a week? If i am there everyday, typing for about 5 hours a day?

  • I want my megatypers account deleted due to high number of kickouts, inactivity, and number of captchas incorrect. I want to make a new one and start new. How am I able to do this?

    • There's no way to do that through the interface. The best way would be to ditch the current account and signup using a new main and papal email.

  • If your account is banned, can you use the same Paypal e-mail address you used to register with the previous account?

  • I was researching and found out why people don't get their full payment. It is two reasons. One is having multiple account. Say you have a two accounts and have a balance of $9, you are going to get half payment…$4.5 in each account. The second reason is your earnings is deducted from incorrect images.

    • So, all the trouble is because people try to earn more by making multiple accounts. Generally, people only create multiple accounts to use them in the software which allows them to work faster (only a bit though).
      Thanks for your input. You really observed it quite well.

  • I've been getting kicked out about 3 times a day. Is this okay or does this lead to being permanently suspended?

    • Its all OK, nothing much to worry. Just focus on your success rate. If you maintain a good success rate, these tiny issues won't create any problems. Basically, 1 Kick is taken almost just like an invalid captcha filled.

  • I've been looking up couple of reviews for megatypers and protypers and many people call them scams. Some people say they get banned when reaching payout. Others say they get paid, but get their earnings deducted. Say, you have $10, Megatypers/Protypers is going to give you $5. And others say it is illegal because you are helping hackers by giving them passwords to Facebook, yahoo, etc. I just want to find a reliable site that pays.

    • Yes, it is not purely legal. As bots can't read images, these sites are used by them to bypass the captchas and access the content behind the captcha. But, hackers accessing passwords with them is something strange. How can they access passwords through a captcha? The most common use is to submit comments on Blogs where captcha's are enabled and to create new accounts on various websites.
      From the beginning, I've seen complaints appearing here and there but, I experienced absolutely no issues till now except once when my account was somehow deleted from the database. A single email to support solved it in a day. So, you can first have a conversation with one of their support staff and if you feel OK, you can start working. They will be able to provide you with a better picture.

  • I don't know why but I had my earnings taken away 2 days in a row: Monday and Tuesday. I am frustrated. Do you know the solution to this issue?

  • I am sorry to be asking you all these questions. I just want to see if this site is legit. When was the last time you were paid? Did you have any problems getting paid and was it on time?

    • Well, being a student I have to do many tasks. Primarily study, then I need to update this site, connect with others, and other tons of stuffs and finally, if I get some free time, I do solve a few captchas. Earlier it was a priority for me, but now I just do it as a time pass stuff.
      The last time I received a payment was on 24th of July and it was on time. I haven't typed much after that.

  • Is it okay to have a Megatypers and Protypers account? Is it okay to have multiple accounts? And what about kick outs? Some people say three, four, and even five.

    • Yes, I too have accounts on both Protypers and Megatypers. But, because I have same username, so both the accounts are merged. Both show same stats.
      If you'll create many multiple accounts, you're posing some risk towards all the accounts. You just need 1 account to earn. So, why to create multiple?
      Kickouts happen once in a while. You can't completely stop them. If you continue to get kicked rarely, there will be no problem for you. But, avoid getting kicked too often.

  • someone tell me if you get banned for your typing speed (not including the 15 seconds)? It says on the site have the ability to type 10 captchas in a minute? Is this necessary in order to get paid?

    • No, that doesn't matter. There is no compulsority to type at-least 10 captchas per minute. You just need to submit captchas in time, before 15 seconds. If you submit most of them in around 10-12 seconds, you are good to go. However, if you can maintain the rate of 10/minute, you'll earn more in lesser time.

  • Some one tell me if I’m right…In order to get paid all you have to do is type before timer, no using software, no multiple accounts (signing up under your ref link), no clicking don’t know button too much, no more than 3 kick outs,

  • I've reached the minimum payout of Protypers and waiting for the payment. I will visit this site and post comment later if they pay me this month or in the next. I will bookmark this site for future information. I guess they will not scam me because my average precision rate is almost 97% and got almost no errors.

    • did you get paid yet? tell me something, when you type do you have to follow the 10 captchas a minute rule?

    • I have no idea about it. I was never suspended! You should keep it the maximum possible. I'd say it should be at-least above 75%.

  • Hi, Admin… nice to see you back….

    They did not give any reason about my account issue, they just refund to me the missing funds. But i guess it was because of the server maintenance they did last week, and / or perhaps another glitch in the system last Saturday. I was worried that my account was hacked and my funds are stolen. But then, I know that funds are non-transferable. And the prompt response was really an A+++ for me. It gives me a lasting impression that they really mean business…. and that with Protypers / Megatypers we are really safe doing the online Captcha Typing job. It was really great!

    • Ah! Nice.. When all is solved, there's no point asking reasons. I too have got quick responses from them. Don't know why others complain that they don't reply!!
      Anyways, good luck with your earnings!!

  • In all fairness, Protypers is very prompt in answering my querry about my account discrepancy. They have paid me the missing amount in my account, and this they made within 24 hours time. It made me sure that Protypers / Megatypers is absolutely not a scam! KUDOS to the management!

  • Something happened to me this week. I opened a new account in Protypers because my old account was blocked. Then, I did not reach the $3 on the Tuesday of last week, July 11. By Friday, my account balance reached $4 plus. I did not open my account the whole of Saturday. But when I opened my account Sunday afternoon, July 15, my account was reset to Zero balance. I sent a support message to Protypers regarding this matter but I did not get any reply yet. I really wonder what happened to my account balance? It's not even reflected on the profiles and payments. Not even in my paypal account. I hope they will provide an immediate explanation to this matter.

  • Megatypers / Protypers did another price cut off on their payment rates. This is really becoming too bad for us!

    It would be reasonable if images are coming too soon, but it is not. We need to wait for 15 to 20 seconds or more now to get an image loaded.

    With their shaky price rates that is constantly being reduced, I don't think its still reasonable to do typing jobs with them.

    I think Captcha trader is really best at this time because they do not put our accounts to suspensions. And I think they too are improving on the image loading…

    • Now I completely agree with you. A rate of $0.65 during most of the time is just too low. Typing captchas needs a lot of attention and energy.
      So, I'll also favor CaptchaTrader. Their rate is same throughout the day and $1 is far better than $0.65 if the images are taking equal time to load at both sites.
      I would soon contact some of the readers if they need a reliable service. If some of them agree, I'll get myself an admin account from some site which will pay everyone a fixed rate of about $1.15. I'm in touch of Admins of a few other websites. I'll update here if some decision comes among us.

      • @Admin:

        That will be a nice idea. It is good that we also have our voices be heard so that there will be no abuse on the part of the clients who manage these kind of websites. We all want a reliable work that provides stable pay rates. at least in order not to waste our time and efforts in typing Captcha. God Bless!!!

  • My account has been suspended permanently after reaching 5 dolars. I don't know if they will pay me or not. Captchya site is megatyper. So i'm trying to go on with captchya trader , i hope they are still paying.

    • Why were you suspended? Were you using the Don't Know option too often? Or were you typing too slowly? Try contacting them and they might reactivate your account.
      CaptchaTrader is nice and paying, but captcha's do take a lot of time to come up due to limited number of captcha's available at a time.

    • I don't have any such software. As per MegaTypers terms, you may get banned if you use some software.
      Software won't make the images faster as they are supplied by the server as per availibility. To get images faster, you need to upgrade your Internet Package.

  • Protypers and Megatypers have reduced their payment rates. This is too bad. It is harder now to gain $1 dollar. I can also notice that images are getting slow to load. Hope that the latest server maintenance can resolve the issue on captcha images. And I also hope they can roll back their previous rates…

    • Yeah! I noticed that too. The rates now range from $0.75 – $1.25, whereas it was $0.85-$1.50 earlier. Maybe there's some reduction in the amount they receive from employers or they just want to increase their profits.
      That's surely a bad news for Typers as the earning rate was already too low, now reduced even further :(.Hope they will increase them again.

    • MegaTypers is also a branch of the ProTypers owner. So, they have the same script and pricing, payment, everything is the same.
      I don't know about PixProfit, except that its under construction as of now 🙁

  • Hey Admin!
    I'm also doing with ProTypers, and they are paying on time, within 24 hours. If someone is having problems with ProTypers, then share it with others, please.

    I want to ask you and the people to tell me about some captcha typing websites who pay through Alertpay (New Name: PAYZA). I need to try those who pay this way.

    Drop me email or comment on my blog, please.

    My email: QaiserSaleem697(at)yahoo.com

    My Blog: My PTC Empire

    Waiting for your replies……..


    • Yes, ProTypers is working fine for me. Paying on time, every time!!
      I don't know any other Captcha Typing sites at the moment. Hope a few of the readers will be able to provide some suggestions to you.
      P.S: As you asked, your email stays here 🙂

  • I think Captcha Trader is better than Protypers. Though it is much faster but you won't get pressured in captcha trader. You can also have multiple accounts. And after you reached their minimum amount. You can transfer that immediately in your Paypal account.

    If you're interested you can try it here:

    *** Link removed because CaptchaTrader is not properly paying ***

    • CaptchaTrader used to be fine and this post originally originated for CaptchaTrader only. But, many are reporting that they no longer pay or only pay some selective users. So, to protect the users, I removed them from this post.

  • Hi I just want to ask why my balance just got lost when it has reached to 3$ and it got back to 0$ ?? thank you

    • I got my payment a few days back. So, you'd better ask them for the reason.
      Usually, it happens when you have submitted too many invalid captchas (You should have a success rate of more than 90%). Also, you need to avoid being kicked or blocked by the system. Too many kicks and you're gone.

  • I tried protypers but when I reached $1+ in my balance, suddenly I can no longer access my account. Is this another way of scamming people???

    • Well, generally, it happens when you submit too many wrong CAPTCHAs or you take too long to type them and the times expires.
      Better contact them and ask the reason for it. Do wait for 4-5 after you send the email as they're very slow at replying to emails..
      Still, if you don't receive a satisfactory response from them, please reply back here and I'll just remove them from this post..

    • Protypers.com is amazing website for Captcha Writing Work, nowadays I am disappointed of it's pay-rates and the speed of captcha arriving even I am using EVO broadband 9.3mbps internet service, because I am regular Writing on it. but as you said you are not getting pay of it, so it does not mean you blame to Admin. in the beginning I also faced the problem of payout, but when I read the guideline, I was satisfied, whole week I work and the late hours of Sunday I stopped working on it, and then I will be enlisted of payouts query, and till Tuesday (48hours)I received payout. and now I am joining CaptchaTrader.com, hopefully, it will also do same good response like as Protypers.com.

      Now for the Admin, please increase the speed of captcha arriving, it's too slow. and time to time you are reducing it's pay-rates too.

  • What about protypers? do they pay or just make fool like capthcha.traders kindly inform with at least proof.

    mail me siry****@yahoo.com
    [Email edited for Privacy reasons]

        • You just need to register with the sites, login and then start typing the images as they appear!
          Please do note that its not at all an easy work. Typing out captchas is too stressful and you also need a lots of continuous focus.

    • Hello Arini
      When I placed CaptchaTrader on the list here, I was paid. I really don't know if they've stopped paying.
      After your comment, I've searched to find out that everyone is complaining of their pending payments. But, some are getting paid too. Still, for caution, i'm going to remove them off the list here. Do reply back if you are paid someday.
      You should also stop working on CaptchaTrader till you're paid. You can try ProTypers. They're quite fast in serving captchas and are paying on time.

      • hei, hei,

        finally I found your website again.

        I would like to thank you

        after I read your email.

        I try many days to send capchatrader email and finally they answered me

        i attach in that email the pay pal proof that the payment didn’t arrive in my pay pal.

        and they finally pays me.

        thank you very much, because of your support email. I try to contact them again.

        thank you

        Sorry I didn’t immediately to contact you because I have lost your email address and this website address.

        very sorry and thank you

        and this is my payment proof from capchatrader:

        • Thanks for taking the time to reply after reading my comment. Congrats for your payment.
          I've also sent you an email regarding the status of ProTypers.

    • Dear Sir,

      I want a free online job from which i can earn some amont of money plz contact me on this number 03234405449 or email me and plz refer me a typing job.


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