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Alertpay to be rebranded as Payza

Payza transparent logoAlertpay, the well known Payment Processor is going for a big move this month. Alertpay has officially announced in its blog post that the payment processor will be re-branded (renamed) as Payza on the 14th of May. With this move, Alertpay (soon to be Payza) plans to strengthen its payment system by introducing more easy and fast methods of sending and receiving money.

The re-branding decision came after the recent merger of Alertpay with UK-based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions. Alertpay now plans to revolutionize how money is sent and received online. The tagline of Payza says – ‘The fastest, safest, easiest and cheapest way to send and receive money across the globe!’

What will be new in Payza?

There will be many changes. Following are some of the major changes Payza will bring:

  • A new name, new design and a new logo.
  • Mobile friendly interface for easy and on-the-move access to your account from Mobiles and Smartphones.
  • Payza will support even more Countries and Currencies.
  • More and easy deposit and withdrawal options.
  • A completely resigned website focusing on ease of access.
  • Enhancement in the support system. Getting support will be easier and faster than ever.

What will happen to AlertPay and old users?

All old AlertPay accounts will be migrated to the new Payza. All account information will stay the same. Payza’s E-wallet will be topped up with the same balance as in the AlertPay account. The login information will stay the same. This means that users will be able to login to Alertpay using the same email address and password as they used to use in Alertpay.

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