Update: New build | Android 10 update available for Nokia 2.2 (+ manual installation)

Android 10 update is now available for the Nokia 2.2. After today’s update, the Nokia 2.2 becomes the 7th Nokia smartphone running on Android 10. The update comes well within the update roadmap shared by Nokia Mobile and gives an assurance that Nokia Mobile is committed to updating its lower-end phones too.

Android 10 for Nokia 2.2 brings the regular set of Android 10 goodies. This includes a system-wide dark theme, gesture navigation, improved privacy controls, smart replies and more. The smartphone runs on the Android One platform and remains free of any extra apps and bloatware, even after upgrading to Android 10.

Android 10 update for Nokia 2.2 is around 1.1GB in size. It is available OTA (over the air) globally to all eligible Nokia 2.2 variants. That said, the update may not show up instantly in some regions & carrier combinations. So, be patient if your device doesn’t show an update yet.

Update on15/07/2020: Nokia Mobile has started the rollout of a new Android 10 build for the Nokia 2.2. The build version is v.2.370. It fixes the notifications bug causing notifications from background apps to not come. There could be other under the hood fixes too, making it a very worthy update.

Manually install Android 10 build 2.370 on Nokia 2.2

You can also manually install the Android 10 update on the Nokia 2.2 if you haven’t received the update on your Nokia 2.2 or if it is not installing for some reason. It is as simple as going to the Android recovery mode and then sideloading the update zip file. You can also follow this method if you do not have access to a WiFi connection and the phone cannot download full updates over a cellular data connection.

  1. Download the full Android 10 update for Nokia 2.2 on your PC (link here).
    Build 2.370 (latest) – Download
    Build 2.300 (older) – Download
  2. Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  3. Connect the Nokia 2.2 to your PC.
  4. Restart your Nokia 2.2 into recovery mode. To do that, use the command:
    adb reboot recovery
  5. Select “Apply update from ADB” in the recovery menu.
    Apply Android 10 via ADB on Nokia 2.2
  6. Now sideload the update file from your PC using this command:
    adb sideload <>
    ADB sideload the update file
  7. Wait for the update process to complete. It can take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
  8. Select “Reboot system now” from the recovery mode.
  9. Boom! You’ll boot into the brand new Android 10. Be patient though because the system will take several minutes to load for the first time after the update. You will see the “Android One” logo for a prolonged time.

Now you can experience the all-new and updated Android 10 experience on your Nokia 2.2.


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    • Hi, if you have not installed any extra update since installing Android 11, then it should work. But if you have installed additional updates, then it will not work.
      You can either visit Nokia Care or buy remote flashing service.

  • Hi,
    I have updated my Nokia 2.2 to 2.300 SP05. But the notifications issue did not resolve. I’ve international variant TA-1188.
    Can I update to 2.370 manually?

    • You are already on a newer update. What you will need to do is to change your boot slot which will bring you to June update – 2.300 SP04. After that, you can sideload the 2.370 file by following this article. And then finally you can take the July update again – 2.370 SP01.

  • Hi, I’m getting a downgrade error when the package verification finishes, I have android 9 with the latest security patch

    It says

    E: Update package is older than the current build, expected a build newer than timestamp 1593597266 but package has timestamp 159247777698 and downgrade not allowed

    hope you can help me

    • Hi, it won’t work if you have already updated your device to the July patch on Android 9. The build is based on June and is older than the July build.

      • Oooooh, that explains everything, so I just have to rollback to the june patch by changing the selected slot on fastboot mode, thanks for your help m8

        • Yes, I hope that slot change helps you in installing this update. It should since that other slot should be on June update with a payload timestamp older than the one in this update 🙂 Good luck!

          • Yes, it worked, thanks man, without your firmware I would have got android 10 like in one more year or so, but now I have Android 10 with working notifications

  • Can we flash the above build v2.37 through SD Card using recovery mode for Nokia 2.2? Kindly guide me, these kind of stupid bugs are very annoying for me.

    • Yes, you should be able to sideload it from SD card while in recovery mode. But since you need the PC to enter recovery mode, you can just do adb sideload too.

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