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WhatsApp coming to Jio Phone (KaiOS) on 15th August 2018

WhatsApp running on Jio phone

Reliance Jio announced WhatsApp support for the JioPhone alongside the launch of JioPhone 2. Apart from WhatsApp, the Jio phone will also support Facebook and YouTube apps.

Now, Reliance Jio shared on Twitter that WhatsApp Messenger will be officially launching for the JioPhone on 15th of August. That’s still a month and half away. But it is an overall good news for the millions of JioPhone users. 15th August is also the independence day of India. So, Jio is trying to celebrate the day by gifting WhatsApp to the users of JioPhone.

JioPhone (both 1 and 2) run on KaiOS – a fork of Firefox OS (now discontinued). There are a few other devices which also make use of KaiOS. Nokia 8110 4G is one device which runs on KaiOS and regularly stays in the headlines. So, with WhatsApp arriving on the JioPhone, there are good chances that it will also be available for the Nokia 8110.

Previously a 3rd party WhatsApp client was made for Firefox OS. However, WhatsApp soon came in and blocked access. The overall experience is expected to be similar since feature phones do not have high processing power to do the complex tasks.


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