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How to Install WhatsApp on Phones running Firefox OS

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging application for smartphones and a basic necessity for every new smartphone buyer. If you’ve purchased a brand new smartphone running Mozilla’s Firefox OS, you’d have seen that WhatsApp does not exist in the Firefox Marketplace. However, there is ConnectA2, a third party WhatsApp client for Firefox OS which lets you chat with your friends.

ConnectA2 – WhatsApp Client for Firefox OS

ConnectA2 is a great 3rd party WhatsApp client which performs the basic functions like sending messages, sending photos and videos with ease. There is also the option to create new groups, set WhatsApp status and set chat backgrounds.ย  The app also runs in background (if enabled in configuration) providing quick and easy notifications for new messages while the app is closed or minimized.ย  The unread notifications stack up in the notifications center which can be brought by swiping down from top of the screen.

The app is fully free and available on Firefox Marketplace, so you do not need to search around and download it from any unofficial sources. Setting it up is also not a hard task as all that you need to do is to enter your username, select your country and key in your phone number.

On the other hand, the app has few downsides such as the inability to record and send audio, not-so-good UI, no privacy options among others.

How to Install and Setup ConnectA2

  1. Open the Marketplace app on your Firefox phone.
  2. Search for ConnectA2 and install it.
  3. Open the app, enter your username (display name), select your country and finally key in your phone number.
  4. Wait for an SMS code to be sent on your phone. Once received, enter it into the box inside ConnectA2. You must exclude the dashes (-) from the code received.
  5. That’s it. Start rocking WhatsApp on your phone.

OpenWapp – Another Alternative

OpenWapp is another WhatsApp Client for the Firefox OS. However, it is still new and not as good as ConnectA2, but for those who are not able to use ConnectA2, OpenWapp is a nice alternative. It can also verify and activate your WhatsApp account and you can chat with your friends on WhatsApp. Other supported features include sending emojis, pictures, videos and audio messages. Status can also be changed easily from the settings.

OpenWapp does not support real-time push notifications and the soonest it can check for new messages in the background is 1 minute. So there may be upto 1 minute delay in the new notifications while OpenWapp is closed/minimized.


ConnectA2 is a solid WhatsApp client built especially for Firefox OS which actually does what it promises. The background notifications are pretty smooth and the responsiveness of the app is to be praised. The app turns the already cheap Firefox OS phones into a real value for money. While being in Alpha stage, the application really delivers well and for phones such as the cheapest smartphone in India (Intex Cloud Fx) this app is rock solid. And for those who cannot make it work, they must try OpenWapp.

Direct Links (now taken down) ConnectA2 | OpenWapp


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  • Mere pass toh intex cloud fx hai browser bhi dang se nahi chalta hai or connett a2 toh register bhi nahi hota or hang bhi ho jata hai battery bhi dang se nahi chalti hai mere 2500 rupee gay itna bura phone banaya hai sallo ne mather chod bosdiwala benka loada

  • I am not able to open ConnectA2 for Whatsapp, it give a messege like “ConnectA2 is no langer availabler” please salve this problem

  • Please hel me to use my account, i just registered the account but am always told waiting for the network, please help me to have the network

  • My connectA2 does not access my contacts even though I allowed it to do so.Thus I can’t chat

  • whenever i connect internet a2connect alwasy show me online…in whatsapp they see me as online..indeed i am not!!! people think i am in whatsapp (a2 connect) but i am not!!! strange..

  • isse accha to hum china mobile le lete kam se kam net to chalta game to download hota 2000 bekar gaya

  • Iam trying to run the connect A2 app but even after the time expiry, Iam not getting any code to enable the connect A2 app. Can some one help me out.

  • I have the Alcatel Fire C… so cheap, under 2k… and does just about everything that a phone 5 time the price can… what more can one ask for… voice, SMS & a little browsing… my 10 year old son uses it… perfect…

  • Bekar mobile hai charge bilkul b nhi rahta.kuch b download nhi hota hai. Aur 2000 mila deta to micromax ka mast mast smart phone milta.a2 connect cinnect hi nhi hota khali error likhta hai.customer ko chutiya banate hain.

  • marketplace not opening saying not allowed you are in offline, youtube videos not downloading. browsing is very hard to view. i got intex cloud fx phone. it is smart in name it is hard to browse, download videos and whatsapp.

  • intex clud is not responding for browsing download videos and images. browsing is very slow. it is not useful for browsind and downloading videos and images

    • Boss apka charge kaisa rehta hai mere 2500 doob gaye kuchh fayda nhi hua khali hang hota hai aur kuch nhi.

  • i cant recieve messages that are sent by my friends in connect a2 app . i can send messages to them but when they are sending to me i cant get any notifications or messages

  • Even I am facing the same sms issue on my phone whie connecting to ConnectA2 and Open Wapp, sick of all these apps through firefox.

  • we are purchase cloud os last month and we also same probllem for use whatsapp still we not recived code no what shoud i do???????????????

  • Sir
    I bought Alcatel Onetouch fire c Rs.1990/-.
    1.Open wapp is working but I cannot forward messages in open wapp.
    Video download also not displaying how much percentage is being downloaded.

    2. Connect a2 while registering new saying “message could not sent”.

    3. Contacts cannot be deleted.

    4. Talking tom not in market place.

    kindly guide.

  • I installed Openwapp in Aclatel onetouch fire c but i am facing a problem regarding the chat conversation ,,, I am not getting most of the conversation in open wap. plzzz help me ,,,

  • I encountered a new problem in Connect A2……
    We can only chat and keep data upto 14 contacts….when we add another contact for chat…..Connect A2 resets the whole thing and the next time you start Connect A2……what u wil get is nothing….all your data will be erased…..
    Now when your contacts are erased……when again u chat with at least 1 person….Connect A2 does not save that data……when u open the next time….again everything appears blank…..and it carries on until you uninstall Connesct A2 nd reinstall it again from the marketplace……
    I am using the Intex Cloud FX.

  • Bought Intex Cloud FX and suffering till today. Firstly the software was old as ConnectA2 did not work. Service Centre and Head Office took JUST 25 days to update the software.Now Connect A2 is not sending the much talked about SMS code.These things can only happen here as the Product seller just sells it.And then the buyer runs after them.Great Bharat ke businessman.

  • Had connecta2 then it didnt i uninstalled it then re installed.when i try to register my number and country it comes up blocked state why is this can anyone help

  • Recently i bought firefox os phone GoFox f15 but i am not satisfied with this phone !!!
    Because i can’t using Skype , Viber and Talking Tom Cat !

    i will satisfied when i will see this 3 apps in Firefox Marketplace ??

    i want to take attention all firefox os phone user all over the country .

  • Intex cloud fx I purchased online,Connect A2 not working,why they are connect with third party,thatsway not working in whats app application,this smart phone failure model to connect A2 application due to Mozilla Firefox involved and new introduced in first time intex mobile,Intex mobile brand they don’t care about this type of problem,in future don’t buy this type of phone totally cheated every body.we are loosing our money.

  • Pathetic phone. can’t connect to whatsapp. locui is not working. no response from openwapp or connectA2. terrible battery. really irritated from the phone. whatever d price may be but the company should deliver services as promised. what shud i do with this phone nw please tell.

  • Today I received this mobile nd whats app also works fine…. nut what should I want to change my mobile number attached tonit?

  • firefox os is taking us 10 year back in mobile and internet using experience….pathatic to connect with whatsapp….tried- locui im, connect A2 both but failed

    • It is just that an official WhatsApp client does not exist for the Firefox OS. It’s entirely up to WhatsApp to decide which platforms they will support (Nokia X devices didn’t had WhatsApp support till the last month, even though they were running Android).
      And at the price point which these Firefox OS phones are targeting, I feel we shouldn’t expect much.

      • I can’t download anything(songs,videos..) even i cant download any apps from market it downloads upto 75per. But it fails

  • Hello Friends,

    I had Understood your problem on Whats app…as i faced same problem with Connect A 2…

    Go to Mozilla Market place and download ” Locui IM ” App and Start your Whats App……………

    ————- Thank you——————

  • hi, if possible then please send me complete setting to for connect to A2 as i am still without any solution with this phone, Please update

  • ok net working fine but i am unable to register account on connect to a2 even connect to a2 is inbuilt on my phone, please give me solution

    • Did you update the in-built version? When I connected my phone to WiFi, it got updated and worked fine. Just try updating it via Firefox Marketplace.
      Else use OpenWapp to request the code.

  • HI, i am very upset with my new intex cloud fx mobile, i unable to connect net on this phone not from wi-fi even not from my sim network, please help

  • sir,
    I had Purchased Intex Cloud FX only for Whats app and to read Pdf files.

    But, Unfortunately, The mobile doesn’t Supports the both. No PDF Reader in Mozilla Market place and Unable to receive Whats app code.

    Can Any one Help a solution to my problem.

    • Have you tried requesting the code using OpenWapp? As about PDF files, they aren’t supported. IDK if it is the OS to blame or the phone’s low specifications.

  • Hi .. When i’m trying to register i’m getting a notification that “connectA2 will be available in india very soon, please be patient” but i’m getting whatsapp code in my messages. how could i connect with whatsapp thorugh connectA2 ?

  • i try connect to WhatsApp on the Intex Cloud FX using the ConnectA2 third party app and I failed. The verification code never arrived!

  • Well i am using this app on my Firefox OS phone but i am unable to use Whats App. It asks for registered mobile no. and then send a verification code but that code is never received on phone even after several attempts thus making the user unable to access Whats App.
    I request you to kindly provide me a better solution to my problem.

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