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Tradus Pre-Booking Samsung Galaxy S4 in India for Rs. 999

Tradus is one of the leading online retailers and has plenty of reach throughout the country. As part of the latest promotion campaign, Tradus has partnered with Samsung India to open up Pre-Bookings for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The phone is put up for a pre-order price of Rs. 999, but the final retail price of the handset hasn’t been announced yet. It is also not possible to guess an approximate price at this time. Tradus calls itself as being the official partner for selling Galaxy S4 in India.

Tradus adds some of these points to the order page:

  • Expected date of launch in India: 1st May 2013
  • Expected launch price: Rs. 45000
  • You can cancel your pre-booking at any point of time.
  • After the launch you need to place order again with Tradus Gift Voucher and we will dispatch your order on first come first serve basis

Galaxy S4 PreBook

Steps to Pre-Order now:

  1. Go to the pre-order page.
  2. Click on “Buy Now” and book your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone with a minimum amount of Rs 999/-
  3. Once it will be launched in India Tradus will mail you a Gift Voucher Code to waive off Rs 999/- from offer value.
  4. After launch you can place your order with any seller at Tradus & seller will ship the same to you.

This is not actually a pre-order as you’re not given any special benefits over regular buyers. Tradus is only trying to secure initial orders and collect some money. If you pre-order now, you will only be given a Gift Voucher of Rs. 999 which can later be used to purchase the Galaxy S4 and the gift amount will be deducted from the checkout amount.

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