Nokia 8 receives official bootloader unlock – Here’s how to unlock!

Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) has finally listened to the demands of the developer community. Nokia 8 is the first among several Nokia devices which can be unlocked. That means, there are no tricks or workarounds to follow. Simply request an unlock key directly from Nokia and you should be ready to unlock the bootloader of Nokia 8. We are also stopping our unlock service for the Nokia 8.

Bootloader unlocking allows full access to the system partitions. That is, you can decide what OS is installed on your phone. You can also make changes to various areas of the system, including rooting and flashing custom recovery (TWRP etc). Nokia already released the source code of Nokia 8, so, the device should be all ready to receive custom ROMs and development from the community.

How to unlock the bootloader of Nokia 8 [Official Method]


  • Your warranty will be void when you request for an unlock key.
  • Your device will be fully wiped (factory reset) when you unlock the bootloader. All data (including photos, videos) will be deleted permanently. So, you are advised to take a backup.
  • OTA updates might be affected when you make changes to the system.
  • Secure payment services such as Google Pay will stop working.
  • Your device will fail Safety Net, meaning some apps (such as Netflix) will deny to work on your device.
  • Other associated risks of bootloader unlocking will remain.

Part 1: Request the unlock key from Nokia

The first part is to get the unlock key which will be used to open up the bootloader. Nokia offers it via the dedicated web portal.

  1. Ensure that your device is running the latest September patch update.
  2. Download and install the HMD Bootloader Unlock app on your Nokia 8
    Download from: | Google Drive (mirror)
  3. Launch the app and fill your email address after giving it the required permissions.
  4. If the information is correctly submitted, then a 6-digit code will be generated. Note it and go ahead to the next step.
  5. Open the official bootloader unlock portal.
  6. Navigate below, accept the terms and click on “Sign in to get started”. Then login using your Nokia account.
    Nokia bootloader unlock portal
    Get started
  7. On the next “Validate your phone” screen, scroll below to the Let’s validate your phone section and enter the code generated by the app on your phone. Also enter the same email address that you entered in the app.
  8. Accept the terms and risks by clicking on the next to checkboxes and finally click on Request to unlock.
    Rquest bootloader unlock code from Nokia
    Submit email address & application code
  9. Nokia/HMD Global will send you an email with the link to download the unlock key. Save this key on your PC as unlock.key and proceed to the next step.
    Hi, Thanks for requesting the unlocking bootloader. 
    Please download your unlock key from the following link. 

Part 2: Unlock the bootloader

Once you have acquired the unlock key, it is time to use the key to unlock your bootloader. The unlock key contains an encrypted signature which is a combination of your IMEI and other details. So, it is specific to the device which was used to generate the unlock file.

  1. Ensure that ADB and Fastboot are installed on your device. It is a part of Android Platform Tools. But if you do not need the entire package, then you can install just the minimal ADB and fastboot.
  2. Boot your Nokia 8 to download mode by pressing and holding Volume down key and then connecting USB cable from a power off state.
  3. Open Windows command prompt (or Powershell) if you are using Windows. Mac and Linux users should open the Terminal.
  4. Send the following commands to unlock the bootloader.
    fastboot flash unlock unlock.key
    fastboot oem unlock
  5. Accept the unlock prompt on your phone and wait for the device to wipe.

You might also be able to unlock critical which allows more deeper access to the device’s filesystem. Please follow our dedicated unlock guide.

What’s next?

You can head over to XDA Developers to see what all is available for your Nokia 8. The device already has official TWRP.

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