Charge Nokia 6.1 Plus faster using a certified Quick Charge 3.0 charger

Nokia 6.1 Plus stand

Nokia 6.1 Plus is one of the best selling Nokia smartphones ever since the return of Nokia brand under HMD Global. The phone packs great specifications at a very attractive price. To keep manufacturing costs lower, Nokia has sacrificed on some components. This is also true for the charger (adapter) bundled with the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Nokia supplies a 5V 2A charger with the Nokia 6.1 Plus. This charger is good for most customers, but it does not charge the Nokia 6.1 Plus as fast as some of the competing devices. It becomes a problem when something urgent comes up and you do not have enough time to charge the phone. Luckily, it is possible to charge the device faster by relying on Qualcomm’s Quick charge technology.

Nokia 6.1 Plus supports Quick charge 3.0

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 supports Quick charge 4.0. Nokia has not declared which version of Quick charge is supported on the 6.1 Plus. However, some users have tested that the device at-least supports Quick charge 3.0 (QC 3.0). The newer Quick charge 4.0 adapters are still hard to find and I’m still on the look around for one.

I reached out to Nokia support and while they weren’t very helpful, they confirmed that the Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with QC 3.0 support.

Reply from Nokia support

A Quickcharge 3.0 adapter can supply up-to 18W of power. Comparing that to the supplied charger (which does 10 W at 5V 2A), there is a significant difference. Another good thing about standards is that they are compatible across brands. Hence, a Quick charge certified power adapter (or power bank) from any brand is compatible with a Quick charge compatible device from a different brand.

Charging time difference: Mr. Wildcard on YouTube has put up a very informative video (linked at the end) which compares the charging time difference between the stock charger and a QC 3.0 charger. The device was turned off in both the charging tests. It is learned that the QC 3.0 charger can charge the device to 62% in 40 minutes. Whereas the stock charger achieved 49% in the same amount of time.

Time difference in charging Nokia 6.1 Plus using a QC 3.0 charger
Time to charge – QC 3.0 vs the stock charger

The device was turned off, which might cause the Quick Charge to not work optimally. I believe that there will be a slightly better result if the device is turned on. It is also worth noting that the charging tends to turn slower after 60% of capacity is filled. It becomes further slow after 85-90%.

Buying suggestions for Quick charge certified chargers

Nokia branded: If you have a Nokia Mobile care center near you, then you can ask if they have the original Nokia adapter for Nokia 6.1 or Nokia 7 Plus. Both these devices support fast charging and the original charger is also a 18W fast charger. So, their adapter will be able to fast charge your Nokia 6.1 Plus as well.

You can also check out the Nokia DC-801, which is a car charger.

Other brands: As I already mentioned, Quick charge certified chargers (including power banks) are compatible across companies. So, you can also use QC certified chargers from other brands. Here are some suggestions, but depending on your region, you will have limited access to these.


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    • Hi, you can use it. But it will only charge slower at the standard 10W. Qualcomm QuickCharge and Oppo VOOC/Dash are not compatible with each other.

        • Dash/Vooc charge is a proprietary technology from OPPO. As such, it is not compatible with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge. All charging technologies use their own method. Similarly, Motorola’s Turbo is different, Samsung’s is different too. You need to use a Qualcomm QuickCharge certified adapter to fast charge a supported Nokia phone.

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