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Jolla outs Sailfish OS 2.2.1 update called “Nurmonjoki”

Sailfish OS 2.2.1 update

Jolla is now rolling out the stable Sailfish OS 2.2.1 to the eligible devices. This is a less-significant release as it bumps the OS version to from the previous The main OS version remains at 2.2 only. Jolla named the update after the river Nurmonjoki which is located 300km north of Helsinki, on south western part of Finland.

Jolla has brought a number of new features alongside quite many bug fixes. The update was in early-access availability since 4th of September and now available to all. I was personally expecting to see Sailfish OS 3.0 as it was targeted for release in Q3 2018, but I guess Jolla will be missing it again.

Accounts, Email and Calendar apps and VPN are the highlighting areas which received new features. The update also fully aligns the SFOS to meet the GDPR guidelines. You can read the complete release notes at TJC.

I have installed the update on my Intex Aqua Fish and the OS feels smooth as always. If you are not aware, the Sailfish OS is officially maintained for Sony Xpreia X. So, if you are a Sailfish enthusiast, then that’s one device you can buy to experience the power of Sailfish.

If your phone is not receiving the updates, then you can always update using the terminal commands. Do remember that it comes with its own risks as you can expect from a software not fully tested and certified for your device.


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  • Even though I seldom use android apps I have noticed that both my xperia x and my xperia x dual sim lost all android support after this update.

    I have installed android support and the android icon fails to show in the system options as well as the default market place. Is there some kind of bug or was android removed after this?

    • Hello Daniel, I am not finding anything mentioned in the release notes, nor do any comments under the thread report such a bug. I’ll continue looking and will drop you another reply if I see something.

      • Hi I found out something, it seems Jolla’s account system gets broken with the newest update if you have multiple devices or licenses under the same account.
        So I have one account with a registered Jolla and two sailfish X licenses and a second one with a Jolla C.
        Both the Jolla and the C still display android support but both sailfish x do not, I assume the account manager breaks after seeing my jolla in my account and the two xperias get android removed as they are considered “counterfeit” devices or something. One license per account is a surefire way to prevent people from trying to keep on supporting Sailfish… I do not want to have 5 diff accounts!