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Sailfish OS Powered Intex Aqua Fish is now Available for Purchase

Intex Technologies announced Aqua Fish smartphone during MWC 2016. Intex promised to start selling the device during April-May, which never happened. Now the smartphone is mysteriously available for purchase via different eBay sellers. Customers can buy the smartphone for ₹5499 which is pretty attractive since the MRP is marked at ₹8999. The smartphone is unique because of the fact thatt it runs SailFish OS. SailFish OS provides a different and rich user experience which stands out from rest of the devices.

The Jolla & Intex Confusion

Intex never bothered publishing a press release informing the SailFish enthusiasts about the launch and availability of the device. Thankfully that did not stop some of the retailers from going ahead and start selling the smartphone. This caused a bit of confusion between Jolla – the maker of Sailfish OS and Intex. The former claimed that the devices being sold are stolen, but Intex claimed they are official. This issue also highlights how lack of communication between two partners can be dangerous.

intex jolla confusion
Official Statements by both companies (Click to enlarge)

Purchase Intex Aqua Fish in India

Anyways, the Sailfish powered Intex Aqua Fish smartphone can now be purchased from eBay as well as Amazon. Various sellers are promising to deliver a factory sealed box imported by Intex Technologies along with 12-months of warranty. There is enough evidence that over 13000 units of Aqua Fish have been imported to India. Some necessary amount of spares (flex, keys, camera module, jacks; etc) are also included.

Purchase Intex Aqua Fish at eBay

Alternative eBay Seller

You can also make use of the coupon code INTEX07OFF to get flat 7% off on any Intex mobile at eBay (including the Aqua Fish).

If you do not want to buy from eBay, the smartphone can also be purchased from Amazon India for a price of ₹5499.

Purchase from

Key Specifications of Intex Aqua Fish

  • 12.7 cm(5-inch) IPS LCD Display
  •  720×1280 screen resolution
  • Dual SIM w/ GSM, WCDMA, LTE bands supported on both SIMs
  • 1.3 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon MSM8909 Processor (SD 210)
  • RAM – 2GB, Storage – 16GB
  • 8MP Back Camera, 2MP Front Camera
  • 2500mAh Battery
  • SAR: 0.737W/Kg

Refer to Intex official website for detailed specifications.


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  • Hi Narender,

    Thanks for the response. Even i have ordered one and waiting for the delivery now. I got the 10% off from the seller goylan in ebay.

    I am someone coming from yrs of using Windows phone ( 640XL) and have been looking at Xiaomi redmi 3 or Le 2 but this suddenly coming out of nowhere seems to be great. Have seen all the videos available for Sailfish and it looks promising. I am not a geek so just hoping the phone is usable with all major apps.

    Will let you know if i have any queries once i receive the phone.

    Thanks again.

    • Sure thing, Deep.
      However you will not get an experience similar to RN3 or Le2 because they have much faster processors and more memory. So if you have the deed to play a lot of games and want for a smoother experience and good camera, maybe you should go with your other choices only. This device compares nowhere to the likes of RN3 or Le2, but is certainly good for the 5k price range 🙂

  • Hi Narender,

    I was planning to buy a budget android but somehow inclined towards this phone. Maybe the uniqueness of this phone. I am concerned primarily about the apps that are available for this phone. i read somewhere that it supports a few 3rd party app stores but will important apps work on this.

    Will really appreciate if a detailed review is available.

    • Hi Deep. It’s been a few days with the phone now and I feel it is worth the money (Got it with 7% code. They are now running 10% off). Talking of apps, nearly all are available are available as you can access the Google Play store to install android apps. Some apps might not working considering the Android base is still 4.4.4 and does not support apps requiring API level 20 or higher. The notifications from Android apps are not flawless, but do work fine most of the times. You will notice some delayed notifications when the app is running in background or terminated. If you have requirement for some specific app, let me know and I’ll test it out for you 🙂

      Camera is not something anybody will be pleased with, but the price justifies it 🙂 I’m not yet planning a detailed review of this phone, but will be happy to answer any specific doubts you might have.

      • how save pictures from.whatsapp on the Aqua Fish.. ?? i bought one but able it..

    • *Intex. No offence your keyboard never typed this word before lol. Intel powered phones are kinda a shit too tho.
      Intex is a poor brand, but anything for the wonderful Sailfish OS 🙂