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DigiPurse Wallet Virtual Card Can be Used on PayPal (Update: No more)

digipurse ubi iconUpdate: Digipurse card no longer works on international websites.
Union Bank’s DigiPurse wallet is yet another way to get a free virtual card in India. But it is amazing and unique because the virtual card offered with DigiPurse can be used both domestically and internationally. Even on the international portals where most of the physical debit cards do not work due to forced 3D code (or 2FA) requirements.

The DigiPurse virtual card can be used to make purchases at PayPal, Google Play, iTunes,, AliExpress, MailJet or possibly any website you can think of. It just works everywhere. If the portal supports 3D/2FA, the payment page will be redirected to ask for the same, otherwise the payment will just go through without asking for the 3D/2FA code.

How to Get the DigiPurse Virtual Card

You DO NOT need a Union Bank account to use the DigiPurse Wallet. It can be loaded using debit card or netbanking of any bank.

The Union Bank DigiPurse Wallet is available as a smartphone app for all the major platforms i.e. Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

  1. Download the DigiPurse app from the respective app store of your platform.
  2. Enter the mobile number and then provide the OTP to verify.
  3. Enter the personal information to complete signup.
  4. Set login and transaction password.
  5. Load the wallet with at-least β‚Ή500 via a Debit Card, NetBanking or IMPS. The first load cannot be smaller than β‚Ή500. It will take around 24 hours for the load to show up in your wallet account, so patience is needed.
  6. When credited, tap View Card and start using the card wherever you want. To use within India, you need to set up the Verified by Visa 3D code during 1st transaction.

DigiPurse Wallet Virtual Visa Card is a good option for students and freelancers who are not willing to keep high average monthly balance requirements of private banks. It also allows for limited spending and is a safe option especially because the card can be charged internationally without any OTP sent to the mobile phone.

Be sure to cancel any services which you subscribe to. Or else the service provider will be able to charge your card every month for the agreed amount. Don’t just subscribe and forget.

Other Features of DigiPurse Wallet

While the virtual card is the center of attraction, the DigiPurse Wallet by UBI offers a bunch of other features as well. This includes:

  • Bill Payments of Credit Cards, Electricity, Insurance, Telephone, etc
  • Recharge of Data Card, DTH and prepaid mobile
  • Send money to others’ DigiPurse or IMPS/NEFT to bank account
  • View detailed card statement

Important – Keep Notes of Transactions

Unlike most of the normal bank accounts or debit cards, the DigiPurse does not provide you with a detailed transaction history and you cannot judge where you’ve used the money if you do not keep notes of your daily transactions. Hence, if you have a functional digipurse wallet, be sure to keep track of where you are spending your money.

Also, any credits (refunds or reversals) are not shown in your transaction history and are instead only credited to your wallet balance. This can cause the transactions vs wallet balance to mis-match.


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  • Hi sir,

    First, I registered on digipurse app in my Jio number(9080649669), then I Loaded the amount of rupees 3000,00 on 16 december 2017 and 50 rupees on 19 december 2017 After I make the payment through the Send money option like Digipurse Mobile ( Screenshot below) mentioned in my airtel number (9940258857).

    Now, i don’t know where the funds gone. And also I uninstall this app like jio number and again re-install on airtel number. It shows you have already account with us. Please put the previous Transactin PIN. Once i put the transaction PIN that it shows invalid Transaction pin.

    1. Please rectify this error asap or else please change the mobile number from Jio number (9080649669) to Airtel number (9940258857).

    2. Please make the money from Airtel digipurse wallet to Digipurse wallet. And also u reference i attached the screenshot below. Transaction ID is also available.

    Note : I chased from december 16th 2017 last month through mail but there is no response from them.

    Still I don’t know where the funds gone. Please help me sir.

    Thanking Regards,

  • Hi All,

    I am looking for an advise to sort an issue.

    Actually what happened, on 21/12/2017 at 9:00 PM, I tried to add money of RS/- 5000 into Digipurse.

    Now Amount debited from source place but instead of displaying the message that Amount will be reflected after 24 hours, it showed Transaction could not be processed due to some technical issue.

    I contacted the customer care service but still no response from their end.

    Please advise how to solve this issue.

  • I actually want to load money to my Entropay Account.Earlier I had a VISA Debit card but now I have RUPAY Debit card which doesnt work with Entropay or even Skrill.Now my question is if I create a Digipurse will I be able to top up my Entropay Virtual Card or Skrill account?Please Reply

  • hi, when loading money from credit card, it shows “denied by risk” error. This error only showing when using this app. Other websites my credit card working fine.

    • Yes, there are problems with the app and you should not use it further. It also does not work internationally anymore.

    • Hi, you will need a debit/credit card from a private bank. Entropay can work, but I will not bet on the same.

  • I loaded my Digi Purse account with Rs.550 from my United bank account . The amount debited from bank account but still not on my Digi Purse. No reply for mails and customer care executives are helpless because i dont have union bank account Pls help to refund my money…my digipurse number 8974492075

    • Do you see the amount under latest transactions? It takes about 28 hours for the added funds to show on the wallet.
      That said, the Digipurse card now does not work on PayPal and I’ll update the article very soon to reflect the change.

  • I can’t able to use digi purse wallet there is an error showing Restricted card and my 3000rs stucked in the wallet and no response from customer care…. So please don’t download this fake app….. BEWARE

  • DigiPurse has stopped working with paypal.. Our govt. will leave no stone unturned to make life as hard as possible for us …

  • I am getting err while adding money to my DigiPurse…..

    Denied by Risk

    Err Code:17
    Ref ID: I dont think I can enter it :P……….

  • Digipurse is not working anymore. I contacted customer care and they said you can’t make international payment with digipurse.

  • Dear sir ,
    Earr restricted card new account 25 Aug ko login kya and 5000/- ra add kiya and 2 day ka bad my account login pa restricted card aa RHA h my mobile no 9416164820 hi or my Mail I’d – [email protected] hi mana care pa 5 time mail send kya no response poor services Union bank of India

  • Sir please tell me alternative of digipurse….i tryed it on paypal… And entropay alo it doesent work…….in entropay it ask for 3d secure generate but when i put my pin it says authorisation failed…… Try again latter please help me for any other virtual crad……

  • hey anybody tried or activated for using hdfc titanium debit card for making international payments on Google play store and others,i activated for international use through hdfc netbanking but i am getting error “correct this card info” on google play. i need help

    • It will take some time to get that enabled. Please try again later πŸ™‚ And if nothing works, do contact Customer care.

  • At last, what I came to know is nothing works for me. F**k RBI and their rules. Digipurse don’t work for me as I can’t link it with Paypal or add money to Entropay account.

  • Hey just wanted to confirm whether digipurse app stills works in google play and itunes for u people as mine has suddenly stopped working.thnks btw

  • Paypal is not working anymore with Digipurse.

    Tried 2 different digipurse cards but not worked even on 2 different paypal accounts.Actually, I’d made second account specially for linking card.

    I’d already linked my first digipurse card with paypal but due to no 4 digit verify code, they’d removed the card and onwards only when message is showing – This card is not accepted.That’s why I’d created new paypal account with new digipurse but badluck it also not worked now.Both digipurses have 1000 Rs in it.

    @Narender, which bank’s physical card is best & having minimum monthly balance limit for paypal – can you please suggest me.

    P.S – I’m a student.Need online way to purchase hosting service unless nothin whereas entropay charging too much.Pls also tell me about entropay charges for each load and transaction.

    • Hi Lakshay, I’m sorry that the DigiPurse isn’t helping you out. However, mine continues to work fine on both the platforms. You cannot verfiy the card because the 4-digit code can never be found.
      As about banks, if you do not have funds to maintain, I’d recommend you to go with Indian Bank (it works for now, not sure how long it will work) or Kotak Jifi Account (not the Jifi Saver). You will need to make an initial deposit of 10,000 in the Jifi account, but you are not needed to maintain it. You can take those out after account opening.

  • Iam not able to load money to entropay VCC. The bank debits money and then it is reversed.
    It was working fine till the last month.
    Does anyone have the same the problem?

  • Not able to pay on AliExpress using this it asks for my ATM pin which I don’t have and tells me to sign up for Verified by Visa
    Anyone else able to use it on any other international site?

  • my card was working fine on songcast till last month but now its not working anywhere..fucking rbi always finds a way to fuck us in the ass really pissed.

  • Seems paypal have stopped the connectivity with digipurse. My card was working well. But now it is not allowing me to send payments πŸ™

  • while adding card to paypal i got:

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

  • MrSingh i was successful in linking my digipurse card to my microsoft account, but now on the app it says Restricted Card everytime i try to do anything. On top of that, i can do NO transaction at all anywhere with that card, this is the message which comes everywhere. Now that link to microsoft account is also of no avail.

    “Authentication failed!!! Please register your mobile number with Union Bank Branch to avail the facility of ecommerce transactions on your debit card.”
    Anywhere i try, its the same response. Please if you have any advice, i would be grateful.

  • Hello, Narender Singh

    Actually, I’d able to succesfully linked up my digipurse with paypal.During linking, paypal had deducted my 68 Rs from digipurse but after some time it credited back.

    After some time, I’d clicked on verify my card at paypal and they’d deduced my 134 Rs from wallet but I didn’t recieved any 4 digit code from digipurse due to their short statements (May be I will not get in future too because they’ve no support and not proper statement system).So, what will I do now so I will get my 134 Rs back, there is a option for remove card in paypal, after removing is it possible that my Rs 134 will come back or not ?

    One more thing, without verifying my card at paypal, Is it possible to pay online by just linking the card with it ? I’ve purchase hosting that’s why I’m consulting.


    • Hi Lakshay,
      Glad to hear that it worked for you on PayPal. You should be able to use it without needing to verify as long PayPal doesn’t ask you to.
      And simply said, you cannot verify the digipurse card because they don’t provide the detailed transaction information.
      The verifictaion charge should also get refunded, but it can take upto 30 days for that to happen, so you have to patiently wait for it. Removing the card won’t speed up this process.

  • can i use for aliexpress i want to buy orange pi pc from it.

    and y have make a good website bro!!!!!

    • Thank you buddy. It works for me at AliExpress. So I hope yours will work too. Good luck πŸ™‚

  • Hello Mr. Singh, i downloaded the Digipurse app, added 600rs and then after waiting for a day, that amount reflected in my account. But i tried linking it in PayPal and it shows as card cannot be linked. Is this a frequent problem? Or there is any other solution?

    • Hi Ishaan.. Not really sure why is it happening with some of the users. Is this a 100% new PayPal account? It could be because of that. It works all fine for me. Can you try by directly paying via PayPal on merchant website without manually adding the card to your PayPal account.

      • Its a new paypal account, i actually just wanted to link this paypal account to my microsoft account. When i right now approached directly through microsoft account, and then added details, paypal responds with “We were unable to process your credit card registration at this time. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please try again at a later date”

        Paypal otherwise is saying card cant be linked.

        • Can you try using the DigiPurse card at some other place for a small amount? Rare chance could be that the card is not yet fully activated. If it does, we are unfortunately out of luck on this πŸ™

          • I tried to use it to put some cash into paytm, but couldnt do that as well, but i do not have any union bank account, and it says your phone is not authenticated by bank branch for ecommerce for the union bank account, πŸ™

  • First selected for Credit card,it failed twice
    Den i tried fir debit card ,even though mybefforts wasted!

    Also tried entropay on paypal but it didnt worked:(
    How to get back the money from entropay!!As when i select for withdraw it says “Your account doesn’t have minimum funds”

    • I’ve just tried adding my Entropay as well as DigiPurse card again into my PayPal account and it worked flawlessly on the very first attempt. One difference could be that my PayPal account is already verified.
      BTW, where do you want to shop using the Entropay balance? Maybe I can make a one time help by adding your Entropay to my PayPal and paying using that. Contact me at the Facebook page or email [email protected]

  • Hello,
    Iam able to use the Digi-Card on playstore and other shopping sites but Iam unable to use On Pay-Pal .When i tried to add the card it shows “This card cannot be linked /Cannot process ,please use other card”.What to do???I had tried several times,but it is of no use .Same message pops up!!

    Main reason for me using is only for PayPurpose ,But it’s rejecting my card!Help me

    i had checked the comments that some users are able to access pay-pal ,Then Y its refusing me πŸ™ πŸ™

    • Hi
      Even I am able to use the card on PayPal. Are you trying to add it as credit or debit card?

  • Well,
    My wallet had activated successfully!
    I tested the card and worked in :
    alibaba,Udemy(via paypal),Playstore,Freecharge etc ..,without any issues!

    But i need to know something
    1)Playstore charged 50rs. for adding my card.Is it refundable ?If so how many days it would take.
    And also i had opted for refund for an App !!How many days it would take to add into my Digipurse.

    2)Unknowingly rs.68 has been charged twice from my card when I made transaction on Udemy site
    first time when i entered the card details directly by selecting Credit Card-option
    Second time after adding into Paypal account..Iam tensed and worried as this deductions might be occuring
    every time when i would perform a transaction!!!
    Will it happen??
    Pls Answer and Thanku for this article

    • Hi Chaitanya
      Good to hear that it is at least activated and usable. The charges that you’re encountering are normal and will happen on all web portals to verify your card. They won’t be charged again for as long you keep the card saved in that website and don’t remove and re-add it. As about reversals, I had a mixed a mixed history. Some verification charges (like on PayPal) were instantly refunded to my card while others (like Origin, iTunes) took 30-35 days before they were reflected back in the account. This verification charge is just an authorization in terms of credit cards and can last for as long as 30 days.
      I’ve not yet tried for refunds on the DigiPurse card, but they should get credited within 10 days (3-7 usually). I have just now requested a refund to confirm how it goes. Let’s see πŸ™‚

      Lastly, the transaction history of DigiPurse will not show these reversals as credits or anything, so you should better keep track of your main balance and write down your transactions somewhere. I’m keeping an excel sheet for this.

  • It worked fine for me….does it charges for every transaction? It has charged me 50rs for my first transaction.

    • Most of the gateways place a one-time verifictaion charge to verify the card. It is usually refunded instantly, if not within 30 days. You might not receive a text message for the refund though, so just check your main wallet balance.

  • One last que?!
    What hapns if the amount not credited into our wallet!!

    Whether the transaction will be reversed or what?(i mean amount debited from debit card)

    • Umm.. I’m not 100% sure, but unless the transaction failed, the amount should not be reversed back. For me, it failed once and citrus refunded the same within a week, the other successful one was rightly credited.
      By default the system should not auto-refund successful transactions and non-credited amounts should require human intervention to either credit or refund. I’ll just hope that they credit it soon, else it will start getting hopeless.

  • How much time it will take to reflect changes,after adding money to our digiPurse!!!
    Bcoz its already 29 hrs passed and till now my wallet is 0.
    Last night around 12.30 am i have performed my transaction!! πŸ™
    Still not received yet!
    Now Iam skeptical

    • Since there’s nothing in our hand, just hold on for some more time. It should be credited soon. For me it took more than 24 hours, how many more, I don’t know because I checked it much later after the initial 24 hours.

  • Just now tried!!Google play not accepting Digipurse!!
    Even when i tried to add the card!!
    It rejects and shows use other card!!

    What is the use of creating virt-card ?

    • I’m personally using it on Play, buddy. Is your card loaded with money? Because play needs to deduct a one-time and refundable verifictaion charge.

    • Thanks for reply,

      Yah my money has been loaded onto digipurse(rs.800)
      Even i also tried on freecharge app to test whether card works on indian apps!!!
      But it failed!!
      After entering my card details it shows error,enter a valid card!!
      And also i had verified on issmay site that digipurse doesn’t work on playstore!!??
      How far this info is crct

      • For me it works on all the places, be it freecharge, be it play store or be it PayPal.
        Something seems wrong in your wallet or maybe your wallet is not activated by them. The app definitely has recieved poor feedback from users due to the non-existent support.

        Btw just confirming, does the money actually show up in the digipurse or is it still under processing? Can you try sending money to another digipurse user or else doing an IMPS transaction of some amount back to your bank account to see if the money is usable there?

        Edit: Sorry about the typos. Auto correct behaves weird sometimes.

  • Can I use it to buy Google Developer Account worth $25? Did anyone try it?

    Please help me, Thanks πŸ™‚

    • It will work if all goes fine, but due to the stupid support provided by DigiPurse Customer Care, I’d rather advise on avoiding such a high load to the card. You can consider using Entropay for this.

      • Entropay works? I’ve read somewhere that Google doesn’t accept escrow services like Entropay. Can you please confirm?

        • It seems you are right. No personal confirmation, but THIS quora answer speaks exactly what your doubt is. So Entropay is crossed out too. You can try DigiPurse and there are chances it will work, but you have to carry a good amount of risk since some reported that their wallets were blocked for no reason and there is no support.
          Best bet is to get an account in Indian Bank (they have low initial deposit) and a reader recently confirmed that it works internationally without issues.

  • Sir I Forgot my Trasaction PIN
    How can inreset there is no instructions on how to reset Transaction PIN

  • it’s been over 24 hours now, but still…money is not reflected to my digipurse ac….am bit tensed now..

    • Please wait for a few more hours. I hope it is processed soon. Because if something happens, there’s no support team to help you out. Just keep the patience.

    • iTunes, I’ve tried and yes it works for me. Google Wallet, I’ve not but I believe Google Wallet and Google Play use the same payment mechanism, so it should work. I’m however not confident about transaction limits.

  • I am getting error code 125 whenever i try to add money to my account, with another card i get error 17 ( denied by risk). What to do?

  • I tried to link it with paypal and the card was debited by INR 133 something. Paypal asking me to enter 4-digit code for verification. I haven’t got this 4-digit code.

    • Since digipurse does not support detailed statements, you cannot get that PayPal code. You better continue to use the card for payments without verifying the card.

  • Is there any option to deposit money by cash?? Giving debit card num and depositing slip in bank. Hope it have?

    • Unfortunately, loading via cash is not possible. You can however use Net Banking in case you want to keep your card details secure.


    • U have to change the pin , they will send u a pin via mail, it will be a pdf file with pasword, in my case password was my bdate (only date and month) followed by last 4 digits of my mob no. u have to enter the pin u got from mail then enter any pin of ur choice at new pin. this new pin will now be your permanent pin for transactions. Remember the pin u use to login ur app is different.

    • Let’s wait a while more since today is a Sunday. I believe they manually approve the transactions and only do them during working days, I might be wrong though.

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