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How to: Install Cracked/Patched XAP on Windows Phone

You’d already know that Windows Phone devices do not support the installation of Apps or Games other than the ones that arrived from the Windows Phone Store. So, if you’ve found a cracked or patched application installation file (XAP/APPX) or if you are a developer and have developed a new app, you cannot just put it into the phone and install it. In order to install prepackaged or cracked apps, you firstly need to have a Developer Unlocked Windows Phone Device and then the app needs to be deployed to the phone using a PC.

Deploying XAP using Windows Phone SDK/Mini SDK

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have a developer unlocked Windows Phone (7/8/8.1) device. If you don’t, follow this tutorial to unlock your phone. It’s free.
  2. Download the Windows Phone Mini SDK or the Full SDK as needed (download links in the above tutorial). However, if you have a developer unlocked phone, chances are that you already have it installed on your PC; so skip.
  3. Connect your Windows Phone Device to your PC using a Data Cable.
  4. Click on Start and type Application Deployment. Then launch the Application Deployment app.application deployment start
  5. Set Target to Device.
  6. Click on Browse in front of the XAP field and locate your downloaded (cracked) or self-packed XAP file.
  7. Make sure your device’s screen is unlocked. Then click on Deploy at the bottom right of the window. aaplication deployment windows phone sdk
  8. After a few seconds, the application will show a XAP Deployment Complete status.
  9. The app has been deployed. You can now disconnect your phone and start using the deployed app.

Other Tools to Deploy Apps to Windows Phone

There are a couple of other capable tools to deploy apps to a Developer Unlocked Windows Phone Device, such as Windows Phone Power Tools and XAP Deployer. But because these require your phone to be developer unlocked already and during the process of developer unlocking you also get the official Application Deployment app, we decided to choose that over anything.

Where to get Cracked Apps?

There are many websites providing downloads of cracked Windows Phone XAP files which can be deployed to the phone. A simple Google search can take you there.

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  • 1.) What’s the difference between an APPX and XAP file?

    2.) I have two files on SD:

    I would like to instal both of them but the Application Deployment shows result: XAP file invalid. Also tried over WPV XAP Deployer etc…

    Lumia 535 / Windows 8.1. / Developer: ON

    Why may I not see appx files and why is not possible to instal them?


  • Can anyone help me generate my activation code to access my one drive account .. Please let me know so I give you my phone details. Thanks

  • only decrypted xap files are installable through WindowsPhone Xap deployer..and its working on Windows 10 Mobile without dev unlocking..cause Windows 10 Mobile Os is already dev unlocked..

  • Wait I need a fucking account to install apps on my fucking smartphone?
    WTF is this shit?
    Trying to imagine as some example myself wanting to install winrar on my own pc, and having have some account on some specific website to do it. Not being able to just put the winrar installer on a pendrive, or ssd, or cd or dvd and then installing it on pc through it, or just going to the winrar oficial website and downloading it and installing it, or asking someone else to sent the installer through my email to then get it and install on my pc,…..

  • Hey bro can you tell me how can i install xap files on window 10 lumia 535 i tried with appx files and they get installed but when i tried installing xap it says you can’t install company app

  • xap can’t deploy an app. the app deployer gives me an error: cannot find the central directory. how do to fix?
    (i ‘m using the sdk 8.x v1.2.x for app deployment.)
    can you help me?
    yesterday i’ve tried a reinstall of VS2015 on my PC (Windows 10 64bit).

  • I hav a doubt ! I hav blu win jr windows phone 8.1 it hav windows 10 update also available! Now doubt is if I jailbreak my phone (developer mode enabling) , iz it stops windows 10 update !

  • Even after using 8.1 SDK Lite, Its showing similar issues. I cant also install any appx files too. How to get direct download links from Microsoft site as earlier for offline installations.

    • Did you unlock the device for development? If no, do that now and then you’ll be all set to deploy apps.

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