Caution: May 2023 Security Update for Nokia 8.3 is bricking some phones

Nokia 8.3 5G

Several Nokia 8.3 (codename Lito) users have reported problems turning on their phones after installing the Android security update for May 2023. The phones are failing to boot up after installing the security update and performing a restart to finish the installation. Instead, they remain stuck in fastboot mode (with options like – Start, Restart Bootloader, and Recovery Mode) or at the Android One logo screen. There are many reports on Twitter and Nokia’s official community forums.

It is unfortunate when a software update brings issues like this. The whole point of a security update is to improve the device’s security and provide patches against the discovered vulnerabilities. Users also report that Nokia’s support is not providing a free repair for this problem if the phone is out of warranty. The more significant concern is that this is not the first such problematic update released by Nokia Mobile. Earlier, Nokia G21 and Nokia G11 devices had their WiFi not working after a security update. It seems that whoever is responsible for quality control and testing of OTA updates before deployment is not performing his duties properly.

We do not know if all users who install the update face this problem or if it is limited to a selected batch of phones. So, to keep your device safe, you should avoid installing the May 2023 update. It would be best to disable automatic updates to protect yourself against an unwanted automatic install. Nokia will halt the further rollout of the update as soon as they realize the damage it is causing.

How to fix the phones that are stuck in fastboot mode?

If your phone is already affected and has warranty coverage, your best option is to contact Nokia support and get your device repaired or replaced.

On the other hand, if your phone is out of warranty, the best option is to Unlock the bootloader and flash an older (working) version of the OS. We are currently testing the possibilities of a fix. We will provide our remote flashing service if a feasible solution is discovered. Contact us if you’d like to test our method and help us discover a quick solution.

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