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Nokia G11 & Nokia G21 users facing Wi-Fi issue after Feb 2023 update

Nokia G21 - WiFi not working after February 2023 update

Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 recently received the update to the Google security patch for February 2023. While the update was supposed to bring security fixes, it also came with its issues. Strangely, a significant bug crept in, affecting the device’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

The users who upgraded their devices to February 2023 security patch release had their Wi-Fi connection fully broken. The Wi-Fi does not turn on, and the toggle goes to the “Off” state after attempting for a few seconds. Thereby forcing the users to rely on mobile data for connectivity. The issue appears to be in some Wi-Fi drivers preventing proper communication between the software and hardware.

Nokia Mobile (HMD Global) appears to have paused the further rollout of the problematic update. However, a considerable user base of the devices might have been affected given that updates auto-install on Nokia phones. A non-working Wi-Fi connection may increase mobile data costs for people subscribed to a limited data plan. While it is disappointing that such a significant issue was not detected during their beta testing, we hope that Nokia Mobile releases a fix update soon.

Fix for the Wi-Fi not turning on in Nokia G11 and G21

Update 21/03/2023: Users have reported that restoring the phone to the default state, i.e., performing a factory reset, fixes the problem. So, you can hard reset your phone after taking a backup of your important data if you cannot wait for Nokia to release an OTA fix.

I do not think Nokia Mobile will be so fast to issue a fix in the current month (march). I expect that Nokia Mobile will bundle the fix with March security update, which will most likely arrive in April. We will update the post if and when we hear of a new fix update being rolled out. Until then, we recommend that you do not update to the Feb 2023 update yet in case the update still shows up on your device.

Sources: Nokia Community, Reddit


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  • And are Nokia going to reimburse people who are now spending a fortune on mobile data?
    Definitely my last Nokia phone that’s for sure!!

  • Nokia g11 a large fail, I can’t even get out of my contact with vodafone without a large fee, and my almost new Nokia g11 not working! Yes I’ve said this once but I want to say it again as there has been no help from nokia

    • Hi, while we wait for Nokia to fix it for good, all I can add is that users have reported that a factory reset fixes it. So, if you can make the effort of taking a backup and then performing a hard reset, then your WLAN will be usable again.

  • I am particularly annoyed with Nokia for 1. Not testing the update properly, 2. For forcing the update on us with no way to decline the update., 3. Not sending any apology or indication as to when the problem will be fixed.
    Get your act together Nokia and fix the problem and apologise, and make sure you test your updates properly.
    I have been a loyal customer of Nokia for over 20 years and feel badly let down by you.

  • Great at least some info about ist, i thought my Phone ist brocken. And the Update force installed itself!

    • This WiFi issue with my Nokia is deeply destressing and has gone a long way in convincing me and my family that staying loyal to Nokia is detrimental to ones phone value extraction and one must accept that they can’t roll with the big boys :- bygones