Best Java (J2ME) based Browsers for Mobiles

Nowadays, there are plenty of Browsers available for surfing websites on mobile. Some are designed for faster page loads while others for btter optimization. Here’s a look at the most popular Java browsers available for mobile phones.

1. BOLT from Bitstream:

Bold is claimed to be built on ThunderHawk‘s compression and rendering technologies, making it the fastest J2ME browser currently available. The best feature that Bolt provides is the PC style display of Webpages. It renders the webpage almost similar to how it will render on a computer. It also provides an option to load the mobile versions of websites (if available). For example, if you activate the mobile version and open this post, you’ll find a different version specially made for small screen devices. Here’s a look at its key features:

  • Desktop like rendering of Webpages.
  • View Streaming videos from Youtube and Facebook directly in browser.
  • Tabbed Browsing.
  • Built-In download manager. Download multiple files Simultaneously.
  • Select and Copy text from Webpages.
  • Widgets to easily access Facebook or Twitter.
  • Shows full webpage as a single screen.
  • Save pages for Offline Reading at a later time.
  • Also available for S60 devices (.sis), Windows Mobiles and Tablets and Android

Download Bolt Java (.jar): Bolt Browser is discontinued

2. Opera Mini from Opera

Opera Mini was the first complete Java browser designed for mobile phones and is still largely used for browsing Wap Sites. However, it has problems rendering heavy websites. As of Opera Mini 5, there is a Built-In download manager to easily download files and select and copy functions. The newer versions of Opera Mini requires a good amount of Physical Memory. So, they won’t work perfectly on older phones. Here’s a look at its features:

  • Best display/rendering of Mobile Sites.
  • Built-In download manager (Version 5x onwards).
  • Mobile View to fit page exactly as screen’s width.
  • Save pages for Offline Reading at a later time.
  • Bookmark Sync to Sync bookmarks on all devices you use.
  • Speed-Dials for faster access to most used sites.
  • Proper management of Browsing History.
  • Tabbed Browsing (Version 5x Onwards).
  • Also available for S60, Windows Mobile, Android and PC as Opera Mobile/Opera

Download Opera Mini: On Mobile

3. UC Browser from UC Web:

Earlier known as UC Web, UC browser is the most popular mobile browser in the world with over 100 self-designed and patented cores. UC Browser has improved a lot from what it was when it appeared in the beginning. UC now provides a better rendering of pages and with faster load times. UC Browser compresses content before receiving, thus saving a lot on data costs. UC also has the Best Download Manager among all other browsers. Here’s a look at itskey features:

  • Best In-Built Download Manager. Pause/Resume Downloads.
  • Built-In File Manager to view/copy/move files.
  • Homepage shortcuts to most accessed sites.
  • Faster and better page loads using patented U3 kernel.
  • Bookmarks management with separate folders.
  • Save Pages for Offline Reading.
  • Make Calls and Send SMS without closing the browser.
  • In-Built separate Copy/Paste function.
  • Tabbed Browsing.
  • Key Shortcuts for easy access and navigation.
  • Also available for almost All other Platforms and Devices.

Download UC Browser: On Computer | On Mobile


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  • Hey please provide download link for bolt browser for downloading it directly to mobile or a link to download to pc then transfer to mobile …. plz

    • Sorry! Bitstream has discontinued its Bolt Browser due to some economical circumstances. All versions have stopped working.
      So, Bolt is not an available option now.

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