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Nokia & Nielsen Mobile Panel – Participate and Earn Great Rewards

Nokia and Nielsen have teamed up to build a panel for Nokia phone users. Nokia is looking to collect anonymous user statistics to study how people use their phone. The collected statistics will not contain any private information. They just want to know how people use the phone i.e How often user surfs the internet, uses Bluetooth, makes calls; etc. If you’re interested to join the panel and help Nokia, you’ll earn great rewards for your help.

They’ll give away about $100 in rewards/year to the users for sharing their statistics. Some people have also reported that they are offered free Nokia Phones for trying and testing.

How to Join?

To signup for the panel, just visit the page and create your profile. Nielson will then send you an SMS containing instructions and link to download the application to your Nokia phone. The application runs in the background and won’t affect the performance of your phone.
The contact info will be used by Nielson to send your rewards and won’t be shared with anyone.

Nokia Nielsen Mobile Panel

What type of data is collected?

The application collects information on how you use the phone, but NOT any personal information. The application measures general usage of your phone. They do not listen to or record any of your phone calls. They also don’t examine, store or record any of the content of text or picture messages you send or receive. In addition, they cannot and do not read any of the contents of your other files or email messages.

Supported Nokia Phones

The application isn’t compatible with all Nokia phones. It only works for the following devices:
S40: C3-00, C3-01 X2-01 and X3-02.
S60 and Maemo: Almost All

More Info: If you need more info about the Panel before joining, checkout the FAQ’s here. You can contact them anytime if you need any further help.

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