Best 5 RSS Reader Apps for Windows 10 Mobile

What better way to follow news and updates than subscribing to RSS feeds of a website? Talking of RSS, there are plenty of RSS reader apps available in Microsoft’s universal app store for Windows 10 Mobile. Not all of them are as good as the others. So, here are 5 of our personal favorite apps to read RSS feeds.

1. Newsflow

news flow reader
Newsflow is a heavy, featured feed reader made for Windows 10 Universal store with some awesome features. Newflow has an inbuilt synchronization engine for fastest sync. It also has a good User-Friendly UI . Notifications for the latest news feeds are enabled in the Newsflow with Live Tiles too. Unlike the most other feed readers, it shows the images from the posts in original quality. News and topics can be added to Favorite section and list of deferred reading. Extended readability facility lets you open and read the article and related links without opening a browser.

Key Features

  • Standalone Sync Engine
  • Download option for save news offline
  • Own Web Content formatter
  • Advanced feed search
  • Notification and Live Tiles enabled
  • News image with Flip View
  • Portrait and Landscape Mode
  • RSS, Atom, RDF support
  • OPML Export/Import
  • Backup&Restor

2. iNi Reader

ini rss reader
If you are looking for an RSS feeder which makes use of the unique features of Windows 10 Mobile, iNi Reader could be the one. The iNi Reader is a cool application for Windows 10 devices which features Continuum, Cortana, and the same design is maintained across the devices. Additionally, the In-App purchases could give you extra features like Read Aloud (Text-to-Speech), More Themes, One-Click Share and multi-share.


  • Simple layout
  • Global Sync across all devices
  • Text only mode, which uses low data
  • Customizable UI
  • Organize and Edit categories
  • Sharing
  • Use Cortana for search and launch a category/post
  • Mobilizer view mode to avoid Ads
  • Read Aloud
  • Multiple Tiles and Notifications
  • Multiple language support including  English, Tamil, Finnish, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional)

3. NextGen Reader

Nextgen Reader
One of our favorite apps, the NextGen Reader has a beautiful UI, available as a Windows 10 Universal App. The full version for the app costs $1.99 on Store, but a free one with limited functionality is available under the trial. Interestingly, the trial version for the App doesn’t include even a single Ad. Login/Register to the App can help you to Sync and see your every news feeds on your every Windows device.


  • Safe and Secure Authentication
  • Switch between color themes
  • Beautiful UI with the 3-Pane layout and grid layout
  • Pin Multiple live tiles to start screen
  • We can set default open method on settings panel for the App as Summary, Full Article or Webpage

4. RSS Central

RSS Central reader

RSS Central is a paid reader, which is easy to handle. The app supports all devices running Windows 8 and higher. Using RSS Central, you can easily read and download most of  the feeds including RSS, Atom, and RDF from every website all over the world. The quick Multi download system can help you to save your favorite news feeds for later reading even when you lose your Internet connection.

For enhancing your news reading, RSS Central has some awesome facilities including article search tools, sharing capabilities, article summary and full web page displays, read/unread article tracking, a live tile, support for international characters, useful send to email/text message features, portrait and landscape support, import/export of OPML files, etc.

As it costs about $1.29 for the full version, but developers do offer a free trial which can be used to analyze the app before purchasing.


  • Attractive UI
  • Streamlined navigation for fastest app access
  • Feed search functionality
  • Live tile to show unread articles
  • Sharing facility – via email and other social media
  • Subscription Import/Export
  • Send article details to your Instapaper account
  • Landscape and Portrait mode support

5. Dark RSS Reader

Dark RSS Reader

Dark RSS reader is a handy and simple feed reader for Windows 10 Mobiles and PCs. You can pin any post to the first page which is important to read. Settings panel includes an option for selecting the feed refresh/update interval, Keyword search tool, filter and highlight the feeds. Also, it features Live-Tile and HTML Reading View.


  • Supports RSS, Atom, and RDF feeds
  • Quick Overview
  • Live Tile with the latest news
  • Plain text and HTML read view
  • Page flipping
  • Keyword Categorization
  • News Pinning
  • Landscape, Portrait and snapped views

RSS feed reader apps mentioned above are chosen by the user ratings and our experience. Enjoy your daily news headlines with the help of these best RSS readers on the Microsoft Store.

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