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WhatsApp Groups Can Now Have Over 256 Members

WhatsApp has recently updated the core service which now makes it possible to have over 256 members in a single WhatsApp group. This is the 2nd instance when WhatsApp has increased the member limits in groups. Initially it only supported 50 members which was then extended to 100 members.

The latest update makes it possible to have a large group of people connected together so that important content can be easily shared across larger teams. This move will surely be welcomed by workaholics who are collaborating with large teams. Organizations which want to pass on information to a large work group will also find it helpful.

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The updated limits are available for both new as well as existing groups. If you wanted to have a large group on WhatsApp, you can just start adding more members to your existing group. Or you can merge two groups together by creating a new group and adding the members from existing groups there.

The move was already anticipated as competitive apps are offering larger member limits in groups. Hike Messenger takes the crown by offering the ability to have over 1000 members connected in a single group.


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