Do not buy Nokia X Devices (Including X2) – My Reasons

I don’t know how readers will take this post, but I urge everybody to not to buy Nokia X series devices i.e. the Nokia X, X+ X2 and the XL. If your only reason to buy an X series device is because it a Nokia, then you should ignore this post and continue with your purchase.

Update: As the latest update from Stephen Elop made it official that the Nokia X series will be discontinued and no new devices will be announced, I am not recommending any of the Nokia X devices.

Nokia X

Reasons why I am not recommending a Nokia X, X+, XL & X2

There are a couple of reasons which made me to advice against buying a Nokia X series smartphone and I will just pin them down here for you to analyze.

  1. Uncertain Future: The future of Android (AOSP) powered Nokia X is clearly uncertain and I’m sure nobody wants to buy a device which is soon discontinued and manufacturer denies to provide any further support for the same. Microsoft recently took over Nokia’s devices and services division and will start influencing the type of devices they produce in the future. So as a buyer we must wait to see if Microsoft is still interested in taking the X series further.
    Another point to note here is that Nokia is carrying with it a short history of trying and giving up. Series 40 based Asha 3xx  devices were launched and were quickly replaced by the Asha 5xx series. 5xx is most probably replaced with the X platform now as we have not seen any new products launching under the 5xx series for a while already.
    Update –  As expected, it is official that the Nokia X series will be discontinued.
  2. Neither Android, nor Windows Phone– The Nokia X series run a forked version of Android. That’s not an issue, but unfortunately Nokia (or Microsoft) skinned the UI to make it look like Windows Phone. The issue here is that it mixes the elements of all the 3 different platforms (Android, Windows Phone and Asha) in such a way that the end-user experience is not proper or satisfactory. Nokia X platform hence lacks many features that one may expect from Android such as Proper Multitasking and Customization.
  3. No support for WhatsApp – You’d be wondering why I am putting a simple social app as a reason here, but it really matters. Today, WhatsApp has become a part of people’s life. This blog and many others are receiving a huge number of visits for the keyword “WhatsApp for Nokia X (X+ and XL)“. This simply implies that the users want WhatsApp on their phones and unfortunately it does not work on any of the Nokia X Devices. Surely there are workarounds, but we never know how long they will work. Its been a good time since the X series launched and if anybody had the intention to fix this, it would’ve been fixed by now.
  4. Misses the Required Navigation Keys – All of the Nokia X series devices come equipped with only one button at the front and that’s the back button. On the other hand, true Android devices come equipped with the 3 standard navigation keys. The single navigation key on the X series creates issues while switching between apps and/or closing them, hence a hindrance to multitasking.
  5. Present Devices are not Receiving the BIG update – Microsoft recently announced the successor to the Nokia X i.e. the Nokia X2. X2 will come pre-installed with Version 2 of the Nokia Software Platform. It brings good UI changes and some much-needed improvements. All cool, but the new update is not for the present set of devices. It will only be available in the X2 and any new X series devices they may release. Ignore the others, but Nokia XL recently started selling and it  is just not fair to not update it.
    Nokia assures some important updates for the present devices, but the history speaks something else. So I am not going to trust them over this.
  6. No Google Play Apps and Services –  As the X family run on AOSP, they don’t come with the Google Play store and Google Play services. This creates two issues for the users. First that the Nokia Store does not come equipped with enough apps and secondly a good number of apps are not compatible with the X devices because of API differences and billing issues.
  7. Bugs – There are a variety of bugs in the Nokia X Platform which haven’t been taken care of. You can visit Nokia Support Discussions if you want to check them out. From Battery status not updating to the double tap not working as advertised, there is something wrong in every area. I just feel that Nokia would’ve achieved better customer satisfaction by installing the vanilla Android OS instead of what they did there.
  8. There are better options! – If the previous points didn’t make sense for you, this one still will! There are better options available in the market and there is simply no point diving into the uncertain world of Nokia X Platform. Android devices such as Motorola Moto E and Moto G are perfect alternatives to the Nokia X and XL. Not to mention the devices from Samsung and other OEMs that target the same price bracket.
    Also, real Windows Phone devices such as the Lumia 525, Lumia 630 are a way better option than the current Nokia X series.

Do leave your opinion and views in the comments section below. I am open to suggestions and will update the post if there’s something important to add.


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  • I like Nokia x devices, from this device I learn how to develop any and many rom and Flash them, with the help of many developers around the globe…. thanks to Nokia?

  • I have an X2-05 and it simply is great.
    it weighs under 100 grams so i can put it in any pocket,
    I do not want anything else than use it to phone.
    I do not write sms or mms
    I do not want any google apps or any other crap.. just talking to other people through my phone.
    I do not want a gps chip so I cant be located.
    If anyone knows where i can get another one (in case mine gets broken) please let me know

    • Well, this post was in relation to the new Nokia X series devices which were running Android, not the existing S40 based devices. Nokia (Microsoft) no longer sells this model and you’ll only be able to find a used one unless you’re willing to shed extra amount over the retail price to buy from some stockist.

  • Nokia x2 supports android and via xender or zapya you can take whatsapp and every android apps.Nokia x2 doesn’t hang and there’s no heating problem, so its best phone in 7k.

  • I have my nokia XL it is all OK happey with this phone but the problem is that i can’t move the apps to the SD Card.
    It every time show the Notification that your phone is running with low space even thu i have installed a 8 GB SD card more then 2 GB avilable on mu SD Card.
    Help for how can Nokoi XL istall the apps atumaticcly to the SD card not to internal storage….Plzzzz HelP running with low space… pLZzzz hElp me

  • I am using Nokia_X and my experience is not positive: you need to get most of what is necessary for its functionality by downloading or purchasing as many application as possible from Google Store; the camera does not have a flashlight and therefore the pictures are not good in darker spaces, it tends to freeze most of the time and this usually prevents me from answering some calls because the screen would just be dark…… there are some issues…. it’s very frustrating. As I am writing this email I can’t use it because the screen has gone dark and it does not respond to the the ON Button.

  • I’m using Nokia X smartphone now. All downloads from other sources aside nokia store are blocked. Updating is a problem. My phone always adds different numbers to other names on the phone.

    • You can. If it is updated to the latest software. Just download the 1Mobile Market and download your required apps.

  • u r totally mistaken. who told u that what’s app do not support in X nokia? only one navigation key, bt all functions can do with that single key. new platform update provides multitasking. WiFi speed is very high. in my opinion almost all apps works in X. hanging is less. standby is more than 4 days. in continuous working 1.5 days. in my view, in less than 7000rs it’s better than any other phone.

  • stop all the comments about nokia x2, iam using x2 right now i installed google play whatsapp , i can run all the apps what ever android runs ican install lollipop also,
    and we can run any versions in future because we have debugging in this phone we can overright, so no bad comments on nokia brand

  • thanks and specially there re an issues in the tach screem
    please can you tell me the diffrence between lumia and nokia x2

    • If you need apps and games, Nokia X2. For a good smartphone experience with just enough of apps, go Lumia.

  • hey guys i went some ideas about nokia x2 i went to buy it and i don’t need what’s app please help me

  • I m using nokia x2 past few months and truly says its just awsome phone by nokia i also use google play apps without root my device also update software its working smoothly nt lagging hang out as like other cheap android phones like samsung motorola etc……
    Hatsssss of nokia new android devices

  • You’re correct bro…
    Nokia xl sucks…
    It’s a complete Microsoft shit package which those bastards seek for 11,500/- rupees…
    Balls to Nokia and its ‘X’series…

  • first the X devices are receiving updates . 2nd the UI and the different buttons may be initially confusing for a Android only user but not for anyone who has used either Asha or windows Phone . 3rd the Google play store and other google services can easily be side loaded ; and no , it`s not necessary to root the X phones ! Fifth , launcher can be easily installed to give a more Android experience .Last the Xes can easily be rooted and custom ROMs installed to give the full Google Experience ! If I can do it ,anyone can !

  • hey root nokia x by nokia x manager, download and install cm11 (kitkat for it) and install gapps through nokia x manager!!!!!!!!!!!
    all problems solved.(take google as friend and youtube also for how to)

  • Am using nokia x2-00. Nokia store is not at all opening .i couldn’t use whatsapp . Cant download from Google also. what’s the problem ? How to clear the problem ?

  • Hey hey hey
    I used a nokia xl for a month and I like it but not much and I instaled google play app on that but was hard I have the screen shots too
    I can send them I need just your email

    • I know it is possible to install the play store, but that’s not a thing for the average customer. It doesn’t function as intended out of the box.

      • Hey guys these nokia phones are very good for simple use and x2 is a best at his price range . Moto e dosn’t have any front camera nor rear flash so don’t compare x2 with moto e.i have installed play store in x2 which instals 99.9% of android don’t be ‘fool’ go for it.

  • update nhi ho rha..update click krne par..ayega last checked time,date,..
    I want to set livewallpaper..but set nhi ho pata..

  • Hello,
    First of all the X2 has a second button, second of all by the last update you have access to google play.
    So please be a real journalist and do the documentation properly. Yes the phone will not be continuous but it is the last true Nokia phone.

    • What is a true Nokia phone? To what I know, the Play Store does not work out of the box. Workarounds aren’t for everybody, right?
      Adding to that, the article was actually written for Nokia X devices launched before the X2. Then because X2 became the last of Nokia X devices, I know it won’t be getting any support. That’s enough of a reason to not recommend it.
      Lastly, each one has his own views and mindset. They were my views even after being someone who has always used a Nokia.

  • i m using nokia x2. But d only problem is i cant use double tap.itz nttt working after turning on in setting…i checkd several times….plz give me any suggestion to solve dis

  • To be true, I love Nokia mobile phones. One my first mobile phones was the Nokia 2700C and an E71, both are great devices. But after using Android, you can’t really go back to the classic Nokia phones. With the Nokia X series of phones, I thought it’d be a great combination, but the Android version is modified, it doesn’t really give you that feeling of using Android.

  • Nokia….Sorry Microsoft have received a kick on their b*** by Moto. The Xl and X have been wiped out by Moto G n E . Even Desi companies are running for cover. Having said that even Lumia 630 DS sales have been nothing to write about. Nokia made a great mistake by ditching Meego. Imagine Google targeting 100 dollars price point for emerging markets! Might kill the asha line up as well! All the best to Microsoft!

    • Exactly. Motorola has a big advantage of not having any retail chains in India. It’s only Flipkart, no retail stores, no wholeseller, nothing; Hence they managed with the low profit margin they are keeping. All of the other companies do not have this advantage, hence even those desi companies couldn’t manage to stand against Moto 😛
      I don’t know how good the Lumia 630 is being received, but they are only promoting that device. If it is not selling well, nothing else is. Probably Nokia gave up at the perfect moment. It is really getting less and less profitable to sell a smartphone.

      Android One will definitely give boom to the local industry. Getting cheap and easy supplies of equipments and easy software updates will make things easy for the local manufacturers. Let’s see what MS does to tackle that. It is now trying to license the Nokia brand for smartphones as well coz it will be likely impossible to sell a Windows Phone without that Nokia sitting at the front 😉

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