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Reinstall Software on Nokia phones using Nokia Software Recovery Tool

Is your Microsoft/Nokia X or Asha phone giving you a problem? Or is it not booting up at all? If you are facing a similar issue with your old-generation Nokia mobile phone, you can easily get rid of it using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool. Unlike other manufacturers who hardly offer consumer centric tools, Nokia  has always made one or the other tool available to make the customers capable of fixing software issues of their phones at home.

Download Nokia Software Recovery Tool

As NSRT is a consumer centric recovery tool, you can download it from Microsoft official service partner B2X. Hence, you do not need to browse torrent or pirate sites and end up getting your PC infected. You can download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool by visiting the following download link.

Download Recovery Tool

Using Nokia Software Recovery Tool

The software is pretty easy to use and any computer literate person can use it without any problem. Still, the following section provides step-by-step instructions on using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool to reinstall the software/firmware of a buggy phone or wake up a dead/non-responsive phone (because of software issues).

Supported devices – Nokia X, Nokia Asha, Nokia S30, Nokia S40, Nokia Belle (Symbian).

If you’re looking to recover a Nokia Lumia or Windows Phone, then please use the Windows Device Recovery Tool. If you have a Nokia Android phone launched under HMD Global, then there is no tool available (yet) to recover or reset such devices.

Reinstall or Update Phone Software

  1. Download the Nokia Software Recovery Tool from the link provided earlier and install it on your Windows PC.
  2. Open Nokia Software Recovery Tool.
  3. Connect your Nokia or Microsoft mobile phone to your PC and wait for the software to detect your phone.
  4. If an update is available, the Recovery Tool will offer you to update the phone software. If no new update is available the tool will offer you to re-install the current software version. Click on InstallRecovery Tool Main
  5. Check the box in front of I understand and want to continue. Click on Continue.
  6. The required software files will now be downloaded. Wait for the download to finish.Recovery Tool - Downloading Firmware
  7. Do not disconnect your phone after the download. The software will take a while to start installing the phone software. During this phase the phone will go in Flash or Test Mode.
  8. Wait for the phone to restart and a Successfully Updated notification in Recovery tool before you disconnect your phone.Recovery Tool - Updated Successfully

Recover Dead/Unresponsive Phone

Nokia Software Recovery Tool can only recover non-responding, laggy and frozen phones. If your Nokia phone does not turn on at all, then you should use Nokia Care Suite, else bring the phone to a B2X service center to have it fixed.


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  • Maine apna Nokia X root kiya and flesh kr ke cyanogenmod install kiya bina Nokia software recovery ke…..ab mujhe phir se Nokia software dalna hai Kya kru mai plz help me

  • My Microsoft Lumia 540 dual sim suddenly appears no network found sine last few days. one sim only working for sometime only and then both sim seems no netork and very often seeing sim invali , sim error etc etc . what is to be done pl let me know
    email [email protected]

  • my mobile just show nokia n then turned off then in repeat mode it does same… i tried to reset it but after exclaimation mark it goes turned off again n again !!
    plz help

  • @puja jain…. your phone has software problem…. i also had the same problem….. u can solve it by installing lumia software recovery tool in your laptop

  • My Lumia 520 is not responding. During call there is no voice coming
    Unable to play music and videos
    How can I fix it

  • I’ve got a Lumia 520 stuck in flight mode and successfully reinstalled software using the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

    My phone is still stuck in flight mode so I’m guessing it must be a hardware fault so phone is junk.

  • in my phone I m getting a problem
    wen I m open store’sand aany apps
    tha problem is (HomeBotcalenderstopped) this massage I m getting pls help me

  • my mobile just show nokia n then turned off then in repeat mode it does same… i tried to reset it but after exclaimation mark it goes turned off again n again !!
    plz help

  • Trust me most 8—–updates cause tht problem .so just down grade to wn8 ‘got my phone fixed yestaday and the techinician said most phones updated to wn 8.1 n above face the same prob after a month or two .use recovery tool it worked on my.#Zimbabwean

    • Hi Rudner. What exact problem are you referring to? My phone is not responding correctly to commands and keys. whatsapp is not working properly. Is this the problem you mean. I have Windows 8.1 on Lumia 520 #Zimbabwean

  • I lost my window phone software while resetting it. And software recovery tool is not responding ,Please help me out…

  • HI everyone,

    I was trying to install LSRT on my windows lapi but somehow unable to install it.
    Getting error notification as “The system cannot find the specified file. (0x80070002)”. Downloaded LSRT from Microsoft link. Really fade up off these thing..

    Issue was stared with my phone after os update and since then my phone is not even taking breath.

    Please can someone update me with above things.

  • i cant connect to windows recovery tool…. my phones shows as booting device when connected to computer.. when i try to switch on thephone it shows microsoft on the lcd and then after some time it shows unable to found a bootable option.

  • Lumia keeps restarting when flasing through windows device recovery tool and operation ends in failure.

  • my lumia phone cant be restarted.. i can feel the vibration and can see microsoft on my lcd then after somtime on the screen it shows that unable to found bootable option,press any key to shut down……….. what can i do

  • i hav nokia lumia 520 yesterday I was trying to update 8.1 to window 10 with the help of windows insider it was working…. bt at the time of installing my phone restarting again nd again plss tll me wt to do now ???

  • i guyz, I’m from South Africa, please help me with my Nokia Lumia 520 stuck on flight mode and I can’t even make or receive a call.

  • My Nokia lumia 520, i reset the phone some technical fault but after i try to start it is stuck on it’s nokia logo, whenever i tried to on its continously same pls help

  • mainy apny nokia 502 ki charging port dlwai thi do din bghair istimal kiay pra rha phr dead ho gaya khud hi dead ho gaya mainy charging port phr change ki par koi masla hall nai hua plz koi mjhy iska hall bta sakta h????

  • me download and install pakge sussccuffly but mobile stil not working only nokia logo appers …. agy kam nhe kar raha mean boot nae ho raha

  • hi, i installed the tool successfuly but on openning, it says there’s an update 6.0.5 that i must install but when i click on isntall,it downloads and on installing it says “setup failed 0x80091007 -the hash value is not correct” please helpppppppp

  • It downloads these software packages and saves it on my PC. But I have to re-download another package EVERY TIME I wanna reset my phone. Why can’t it just use the existing package instead? It’s the same version anyway. So tedious.

    • That’s strange. If the same version exists on the server, it is not supposed to download it again and it didn’t when the last time I tried.

  • by using windows software recovery tool, I tried to recover my phone. but it says check your proxy server setting. please somebody help me.

  • I joined windows insider program. after that an update is available, I dont know what. I download the update. when I tried to install, the gear will run for a few moment and the phone will display 🙁 symbol I dont know whats wrong. the phone neither boots

  • Hi guys ! Can anyone helpme to resolve the error code:80070057 in lumia 525

    I cant able to sign in my Microsoft account .

    Please help me!!

  • is this really works???

    i’m trying to install this setup file it encounters an error even i connected mobile through mobile
    while installing it automatically detach the mobile and encounters an error
    can u people help me in this case @ my mail id [email protected]

  • Hi can anyone help to install lsrt it showing error(Error 0x80070643) while installing the setup

    my lumia 520 doesn’t open applications

  • i hav nokia lumia 625 yesterday I was trying to update 8.1 to window 10 with the help of windows insider it was working…. bt at the time of installing my phone restarting again nd again plss tll me wt to do now ???

    • I can’t do it. Please tell me…. how do I flash my Lumia 535. Reply me soon. I’m waiting for your feedback. Thank you ?

    • its not working for my phone my phone software is corrupted i want to reinstall it it is lumia 520
      what i do this software doesnot recognioze my phone

  • Lumia 630 is continuously restarting. It makes it as far as the blue windows logo screen, freezes for a moment and then restarts all over. I’ve tried, soft resetting, hard resetting it and the recovery tool. The recovery tool doesn’t recognize it

  • my lumia 520 refused to finish installin windows 10… it jus shows setting tools then it goes off aftr a minute…. i tried recovery tool it ddnt work… what should i do now…..

  • hello everyone. i have installed windows phone 10 insider preview. the problem is i got a tag on the phone whenever i restart the phone saying “Not for Resale”. i want to know when microsoft publish the final version of windows phone 10, will i can update or overwrite final over preview and remove the tag. also the preview version does not works well as my SD card is not responding.

    • Yes it will be upgraded to the final version, but it will only be coming towards the end of the year. The tag will be removed from the final consumer version.

  • i have a lumia 520 and monday i download and instal windows 10…… after intalation the phone rebootin and she started normaly but after nokia logo the scree remain black and don’t respond enithing……i try a hard reset but without conect to pc just with charger conected….the problem is the screen its locked to spining gears….i let so a day but nothing….i turned of and when i turn on she power with spining gears…..and when i turn on presing butons power and volume up its appear an lightning and one gear what is this? …..what can i do??? soryy i dont write very well in english

  • i had a problem with the flight mode not turning off and i used the lumia recovery tool to reset my phone…now that problem is solved but none of the apps, or call, or text, settings etc. are opening…they jus get back to the home screen and the phone keeps restarting every minute. any kind of resest also isnt happening and the lumia recovery tool doesnot work anymore. what do i do?

  • I have a Nokia Lumia 525 phone. Tried everything but not able to recover phone. It says “Software package not available for this phone.” “Package download for selected phone failed.” Please help it is urgent to recover the phone. I have promised someone recover the phone and give him.

    • You need to download the files for a Lumia 525 with a different product code and then flash them onto the phone using Nokia Care Suite.

  • Admin,
    when I started my lumia 525. it shows a black screen which says “unable to find a bootable option”.
    I tried windows and Lumia software recovery tools. Both are responding in the same fashion that package data is not available for this device. any solution???

    • What is your product code? Will be a problem if that Product Code is not openly available for download. You’ll be needed to flash another product code which comes with about 60% success rate.

  • i have nokia lumia 920. when i recover window 8 from window 10. after finishing they show this software does not support your phone. how can i do from window 8 form 10

  • I have a new nokia 225 Dual sim(v20.10.11, RM-1011). Does reinstalling the firware remove unwanted apps like facebook, twitter, yahoo Cricket etc?

  • my nokia asha 210 apps is not opening; even not calculator and browser as well. Other things are working like: phone call, sms, camera and others. I bought it 4 days ago. what should i do now. please help me

  • my phone is completely dead. it does not switch on at all. my volume down button does not work, hence i can not do that hard reset thing. recovery tool does not recognize my phone as it is not switched on.
    Is there any way i can fix this issue? or all my money is wasted?

    • Recovery Tool should detect it if the phone is not having a hardware issue as the phone would start booting up when connected to a power source. Why don’t you visit a Care Center?

      • the problem is i downloaded windows insider preview. it was messing a lot so i decided to reset. and now it is not resettting. nothing comes after those two gears. it just show this smiley before going blank * 🙁 *
        i tried that recovery thing. it didnt work as phone was off and is didnt detect my phone

        • I’m having the same issue, I’ve tried both recovery tools, hard reset, soft reset, nothing is working. Is there a hope for my phone or I can put in trash can?

                • I’m trying with nokia care. The problem is it is aking for phone recognition when I plug the phone in, and, as I mentioned earlier, that is not happening. None lf the recovery tools recieve any kind of data from the phone, phone is still working. This is a software issue, but it’s beyond these recovery tools. I need some kind of other solution. I hope the person who posted this in first place found that soluion and is willing to share it.

                  • Okay so how are you doing in the Care Suite? I’m asking because that is what Nokia/Microsoft Care uses and if that does not pick up your phone, there’s something really wrong for which even Care Center guys will scratch their heads.
                    Anyways, in care suite choose No Connection. Then Open Product> Your Phone Model> Opened. Then Programming> Recovery. make sure data package is correct and press Start. When the warning pops up, connect your phone and hit retry. It should get picked up. if not, try that Volume Down and Power combination with phone connected.

                    Lastly, if that fails, do check if your phone is even detected by the PC and not isolated around due to driver issues.

  • Hi, my Lumia 520 is not starting,in mobile shop they said its a software problem,so how can i solve this issue

  • when I start my lumia 520. it shows a black screen which says “unable to find a bootable option”. What should I do??

  • Hi, My Lumia 520 is automatically on flight mode and not allowing me to put it off. Pls guide

    I have tried ‘restore settings’ but it doesn’t work.

  • Sir My Lumia 625 is not connecting to the Wifi.. Please help me on it, I have tried resetting it and also used recovery tool also but I couldn’t connect to the wifi network.

    • Probably your WiFi is using an unsupported encryption method? WPA2 goes good with most devices.

  • Good day. And thanks for the lesson. My Nokia xl shows me an available update. But every time I install the update, it says failed. How can I use a pc to update to the latest version?

  • Sir my nokia xl rm 1030 is dead due to boot failuire i want to repair it at home with usb cable . is it posible to do

  • How to move android os in Nokia Lumia 520 ….. please help me sir please……. what app name to move….

      • My Nokia xl is stuck on it’s logo after I tried to reboot it I tried to hard reset it but still remains on its logo and tried to flash it but it seems like it is dead completely any help

  • I’ve tried resetting it but still does not work,but what puzzles me is that I’m able to make outgoing calls and send and receive SMS’s .

    • Could be an issue with the SIM card? What message does it send to the calling party? Not reachable?

  • I have tried how to use lumia software recovry tool but it keeps on saying Waiting for phone connection… yet it is displaying a BOLD NOKIA. What do I do next.

  • sir i install software via lumia software recovery tool in lumia 520. during installing my phone is disconnected. after my phone not respond pls answer how to start my phone

    • Try restarting the process and choose ‘My phone does not respond’ or a similar option in Recovery Tool.

    • Nops. Actually, never even moved out of North India. Another country is too far fetched 😛

  • hi sir

    As i forgot my microsoft account password if i do this process can my get into the factory sttings so that i can use new microsoft account and i can also update my apps.Because i forgot my password i cannot download new apps or update the old ones.what shoul i do ,please reply me fast

    Thanks in advance.

    • In that case, simply do a full reset via settings and that will be a quicker and more easier task to do 😛

  • My Nokia X mobile is not rooted in flamaroot why?
    I want to install play store app in my Nokia X why?

  • Hi Sir, I just wanted to know if there is problem of motherboard, will my phone start up ?? Please advise.

  • Hi Sir, I have Nokia Lumia 520 upgraded to Denim version. All of sudden, I started to face a problem in my phone. Whenever I use any application (even when I try to just open message, photo, videos, calculator, calendar or any other application), phone gets switch off and then it switches on.

    I tried to do hard reset by both the ways (by going to setting-about-reset phone and even by hardware combination buttons that is volume up, volume down, power, volume down after exclamation sign) but it is not successful.

    Then I try to use Lumia Software Recovery Tool. It detects my phone but as soon as it starts to install software, it gets fail giving error 0x80131500. I tried many times but I can’t go beyond this error.

    Please advise what to do now. Please please help.


    • As all is failing, you should better try visiting a Microsoft Care Center and they’ll help you out.

      • Hi Sir, I just wanted to know if there is problem of motherboard, will my phone start up ?? Please advise.

        Also, Can u tell me how to flash my Lumia520 ??

  • Ns##
    They saying the cell has motherboard problem… N they will say mi the 3800 charge fr that …. So plz help me now… Why can I do now???

  • Can Nokia care flash this mob… …????
    N has it hardware problem…?? Coz this problem coz of reinstalling process … Before that ma mob is fully working……
    Can care flash ma mob????

  • Hey ma lumia 620 not detecting to rrcvry tool n it didn’t vibrate ….. Then how to flash ma lumia 620… Plz help mi …

    • Try the Nokia Care Suite. If it doesn’t work as well, there’s probably a hardware issue with the phone.

  • Best option is just do not upgrade to the technical Preview.It is useless and far from finished!While some of the changes are great i would say its only about 35% finished, need to be refined and lots of bugs to be corrected. And trying to put you windows 10 phone back to 8.1 is a nightmare.

    • Yep. You learned the hard way. Unlike Developer Preview, Technical Preview is unfinished, incomplete and comes with lot of bugs 😛

  • My windows phone 8.1 (Lumia 720) is not detected by LSRT It wasn’t vibrating when i press power and volume down key. Please tell me what can I do I dont wanna got to care centre

    • Is it the RM-885? Consider using the Nokia Care Suite (that’s what Nokia Care uses). Download the firmware using Navifirm though as NCS won’t work in online mode and choose ‘No connection’ and then Open Product as Lumia 720 (matching your RM-xxx). Then finally proceed to Programming> Recovery. Select the fimware and press Start.

      Hopefully this will help you. If NCS fails as well, your last resort will be Nokia/Microsoft Care Center.

  • O melhor artigo, meu windows phone lumia 630 não é reconhecido de forma alguma pelo software da Microsoft (Windows Phone Recovery Tool). Então a solução é utilizar o software da Nokia (Nokia Software Update for Retail) e colocar o celular em modo boot para ser detectado. Para colocar ele nesse modo, primeiro conecte o cabo usb, depois abra o software da nokia e clique na opção “Meu telefone não inicializa ou não responde…” e depois clique em continuar.
    Pronto agora o software vai tentar achar o seu aparelho, como ele está conectado via Usb faça o seguinte, desligue o aparelho pressionando o botão desligar. Antes de inicializar (o que vai ocorrer pois você está com o celular via usb, segure volume para baixo e o botão desligar, segure até que o telefone reinicie e você sinta uma vibração. No momento da vibração pode soltar as teclas, o telefone entrará em um modo diferente e será detectado pelo software). Daí em diante é só seguir as indicações e baixar a ROM de instalação que o programa fará o resto. Fiz o downgrade do Windows 8.1 para o Windows 8.0
    Espero ter ajudado!

  • my nokia lumia 520’s firmware software is deleted and my phone has stopped working, and its still not starting.

  • Hi,
    Im trying to recover my phone’s (NOKIA ASHA 501 ) software, however, the installation got stuck at 10%.
    I have had my phone disconnected and reconnected as per the directions but it ain’t working!!

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Bhai mera nokia xl.hang krta hai bhut jyada uske liye upaye batao yha pass me care centre bhi nhi hai so plss pura solution batao ki thik ho jaye badhiya se

    • u should connect your phone to pc through datacable and then u hav to download the recovery tools then u can change your phone to 8.1\

  • Hi.. Sir
    im did same procedure for phone 2690 but i remove the USB cable when installation time so now phone is not on /not starting.
    And now also recovery tool not detecting my phone
    how to correct this

  • My phone doesn’t vibrate whn I hold down the power nd the volume down key for software 🙁 it is not working 🙁 wat shuld I do now 🙁 m using nokia xl

  • will it be work on Windows 7 32bit OS. because iam facing a problem, it showing an error while installing LSRT
    “the hash value not found”. Plz reply.

  • i hv deleted al the certificates and nw its not downloang whats app? wen i download it shows chck date n time though its crt.its not concting to internet.its showng secure ur connection.wile downloading its showng creating a secure connection,cnt load chck tym date.pls help me out ?


  • i own nokia lumia 1320 i got some issue when i update and i use recovery tool to fix it put firmware install got stuck and my phone turn off and it wont turn on or give some other respond . sorry my bad english .

  • I am using nokia xl and I updated the software version now I want to reinstall or reverse the software version how can I do that.

    • If the update is available for your product code, yes. Else you need to wait for the update to be released 🙂

  • i have an asha 500 dual sim. i accidentally clicked cancel when i was trying to update my phone. after that, it wont turn on. i tried lumia recovery tool. but it said that my phone is not supported.

  • hi there can you assist
    i have a nokia lumia520 i installed the software but it fails to boot even when i boot manually

  • My Lumia 720 is in flight mode. How do i remove it from this state. I try to switch the flight mode off but it still gets on

  • May i know the latest updated software version for Nokia asha 502, also where to find best apps & game other then Nokia store..

  • my nokia x2 does not show the update. it is giving the answer that your phone is upto date. it is in the version of 2.0. is nokia software recovery tool help me to update to 2.1 version. the product of it was 059V781. PLEASE HELP ME TO UPDATE

    • hmm.. is available for the product code 059V781. But I’d advice you to use Nokia Care Suite to do the update as Recovery Tool has bricked a few X2s in the past. Seems it is not fully supported.
      PS: Updating will delete all data on your phone. So do backup beforehand.

  • my nokia x2 does not show the update. it is giving the answer that your phone is upto date. it is in the version of 2.0. is nokia software recovery tool help me to update to 2.1 version

    • Can you please mention the product code of your pone? It should be printed on the label under the battery starting with 059.
      I’ll see if update is available for that product code or not. In case it is actually not available publicly, you’d be needed to visit a Nokia Care Center.

  • hey i tried using the nokia software recovery tool 1.5.0 for nokia x2-01 but it got stuck on 80% and now my phone is dead. when i turn it on white screen comes and goes off again. what should i do help me out….please

  • my nokia xl is off and now its not on i try to connect a system or laptop but its not connected so plz tell me somebody how to on my phoe or connect to system

  • my nokia XL is not working at all … anybody plz help me… its not turning on coz i have used a local charger for it…

  • hi. my lumia 520 does not respond… when i was installing windows 8.1 on my lumia 520 in my home suddenly power cut… my pc turn off & installing incomplete…. then my phone does not start up & respond… pls help me…

    • You don’t need to search on other websites. Download the one for your product code (on the sticker under battery) from the Nokia Servers using Navifirm and I guess the Download Firmware option in Phoenix would still work too 🙂

  • zup man im back. the nokia software recovery tool didn’t work for me would be the flashing using phoenix software will 100 work for me?

    • Phoenix should work because that was what Nokia Care Centers used before it was discontinued and Nokia Care Suite was built. So it should be able to flash your phone.
      However, I’m unsure if flashing will solve your problem or not. If it is a software issue, it will. If hardware, flashing can’t do anything.

  • if this wont work then any idea how to fix it? hard reset using the Caps shift Space bar Delete button On button didnt work 🙁

    • As it is a pretty old device, I guess it will only be flashed using the old Phoenix software. I checked the latest Nokia Care Suite and it didn’t support it.
      Do check with Recovery Tool as maybe you’re lucky 😀

    • I don’t think it will work as it seems that it can only recover dead Lumia phones.
      But there’s no harm in trying (provided you have available data and time) 🙂

  • i tried to flash my L520 and install the Cyan update but failed to install the firmware at 10%, now my phone is in Red screen (flash mode) and tried again to install the firmware but it start to download firmware again….

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