8 Issues Frequently Faced by YU Yureka Users

yu smartphone logoMicromax’s sister company – YU has received a decent sales start for its first smartphone offering – the Yureka. The phone which runs Cyanogen OS offers a really amazing hardware at a budgeted price making it one of the serious competitors for best value for money smartphones. However, all is not well for the users who have already purchased the phone as there are a number of issues with the smartphone and on top of that the service and support provided by YU is non-existent. Let’s look at some of the most common issues with Yureka.

1. Excessive Heating

Excessive heating of the Yureka is one issue that nearly every Yureka user is unhappy about. While this was expected considering the phone packs a powerful Snapdragon 615 processor in a pretty slim design, the users aren’t liking it. With that much of power, the phone generates a lot of heat especially when playing games and the heat can be felt quickly as the chassis of the phone starts heating up in minutes when a game is running.

Only advisable solution to heating (which works) is reducing the clock speed of the processor, but then a question arises as to why the phone packs a powerful processor if that power cannot be properly utilized.

2. Screen going blank during calls

Next comes an issue with the proximity sensor of nearly every Yureka whereby the screen fails to wake up when the phone is pulled away from the ear while making or receiving calls. This makes accessing the in-call menu and disconnecting an active call a troublesome task. This is most commonly faced in situation where there is low lighting and a long duration call was placed.

Users need to either wait for the other party to end the call or press the power key to wake up the screen and then access the in-call menu. An update was pushed to Yureka devices which was supposed to fix the issues with proximity sensor, but that barely improved the situation.

3. Random Restarts

Not sure what causes it, but the phone sometimes does restart on its own at random intervals. Sometimes while it is being used and at other times just while it was sleeping. It could be related to the excessive heating of the phone causing the CPU to force a shut down, but there can be other reasons as well such as a Bug in an app or the OS itself.

4. Charging, Battery Drain & Poor Calibration

Another one of most reported issues, the battery of Yureka is already small when we look at the screen size and the power-hungry processor. Then there are serious battery drain or calibration issues related to the phone. The phone’s battery sometimes drops considerable levels while the phone was not even in use. It would sometimes rise up after a while, but at other times it wouldn’t, making the phone a pretty risky investment as it can die at any moment.

Charging the phone seems to be a problematic task as well. The phone takes a really long time to move from 99% to 100%. The 1% wouldn’t bother many, but a lot of users who like unplugging their phones only when they reach 100% get frustrated. It takes hours to reach that 100% charging mark.

YU Yureka Front & Back

5. Poor Camera

The phone boasts of a 13MP camera with a CMOS sensor from Sony, but that’s only on paper. The quality of images captured by the camera barely compares to 8MP shots taken by a good camera phone. No idea if it is an issue with the software that processes the images or the key hardware, but there’s something missing making the camera a shame for the 13MP tag. We’re not claiming here that other smartphones at this price come with decent shooters, just that the 13MP seems like an exaggerated number for the quality of images it captures.

6. Back Cover Fades Away

The back cover on the Yureka is much talked about for its unique-ish texture called the moonstone finish. However, users have reported that the texture starts fading especially if the phone is often used with wet hands. This puts the manufacturing process of the back cover in question. It seems that the texture was applied over the back covers rather than them inheriting it.

Best bet is to buy a case for the phone to extend the life of the phone’s original cover.

7. Poor Loudspeaker, Okay-ish Mic

If you’re a music lover, the loudspeaker on the Yureka wouldn’t please you at all. The loudspeaker outputs a seriously low volume and that too starts getting distorted when raised to full. Similarly, the Mic wouldn’t get any praises. It just works out, but the people using their phone in crowded places or riding a bike will have a hard time making the other party understand.

Users have also reported that the loudspeaker stops working at times and requires a restart before any audio would come out of them again. A bunch of users are also having issues with their phones where the earpiece speaker stops working and they are forced to take calls on loudspeaker or headphones.

8. Nearly Zero Service & Support

When users face issues, they start looking for support. However, contacting YU support was barely a satisfactory experience for the Yureka users. The support line generally stays busy and when it connects, there’s nobody to answer the call. In rare circumstances where a call is connected to a support representative the representative fails to provide a satisfactory response. The support staff is not only untrained, they also don’t show the willingness of helping the users. Those trying to contact them via email need to wait for weeks to get a reply the initial reply.

A few lucky ones who managed to register their complains with the YU support are waiting for weeks to get a follow-up from YU regarding the issues being faced by them. Don’t know how these issues will be solved without a support team which has the knowledge and patience to deal with them.

Yureka just isn’t for everybody

As announced during the introduction of YU brand and the launch of Yureka, the brand is targeting the geeky population which loves taking risks and tries to sort out issues themselves. Hence, YU is probably targeting the wrong audience by making it available to everybody or else they just failed to do it right with their first smartphone. The phone faces a lot of issues, some of which are software related and geeky minds would love solving them out themselves, but the non tech-savvy population is only going to wait for YU to sort them out which might be too much of expectation from them. The other hardware related ones aren’t easy to sort out without proper support from YU, which isn’t happening as of now.


It is not just the company’s fault when users expect too much for a product which is already too good for the price paid. Problems related to the Battery Backup and Heating of the phone aren’t something which even the company can solve. The phone comes with a smaller battery as compared to its needs so it is expected to deplete faster, similarly for the heating, the phone will heat up because of a powerful processor resting in a thin chassis. The above two issues come in a huge number and probably frustrate the support staff resulting in an unsatisfactory experience for the users who genuinely need support for serious issues such as hardware breakdown. Thus 3 of these issues could be avoided if perspective buyers sum up their needs and compare them with what the phone offers instead of just buying it because it is selling like hotcakes.

Feeling like this post is exaggerated? Read the comments here and you might want to rethink. Feel free to leave your opinion below, whether related to the phone or this post, positive or negative.

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  • Sir,
    The 8 point line up is exact, the opinion makes me tempt to write this comment, i supported this mobile by buying a made in india product, every product has its own problem & solution. A PRODUCT WILL NOT SURVIVE OR EXIST WITH PROBLEM & WITHOUT ANY SOLUTION.

    • Hi Kumar, while I do understand your opinion, mine is different. By the way, Yureka was not made in India. It was a rip-off of a Chinese smartphone, rebranded, imported and sold in India.

  • if i have to recommand about a good phone … i will never recommend this mobile… worst worst…..mobile is yureka…..i had that worst mobile ,,and suddenly one day it starting behaving like an idiot ….i.e ,,restarting and no opening the screen..
    and then i had to format my all pics and do many things ,,,,…
    but seriously it was very worst mobile///// please never buy this

  • Got some headphone jack port issues with my 6-7 months old Yureka Note, contacted the Service center and they were like “THIS ISN’T OUR PROBLEM”. Had a nasty argument that if the Jack port comes fitted with the phone then whom should I contacy for issues? He was like “I don’t know. But this isn’t our issue.”
    Really fed up of YU SERVICE.
    I will discourage everyone from using Yu Products.

  • I am using Eureka5510 for last 18 months. I got replacement of the phone once in th 9th month. Uptill now it was working ok subject to all the above defects. But last 4-5 days out of 2 Simcards one of BSNL gets disappeared & the phone switch over all the functions like Dat Connection, SMS from Bsnl Sim to other Vodafone Sim which I have inserted about a fortnight ago.I have to either Reboot the phone or switch off Power & restart after 2-3 minutes.This disappearance disturbs Date ,Time settings too.Can any one suggest any remedy? Simplest will be to take off second Vodafone Sim card & see the result. I think the phone may get switched off, so not tried.
    CA.Daga H.P.

  • Hi to all y(o)u disgruntled guys an gals!
    I have been using this phone for the past 1½ years at least. Sure it had(?) problems. But thanks to a geek I have for a son, he has maintained my phone to be running and beating almost whatever has been produced in the market to date.
    So, to be fair, the phone’s good, but tweaks are necessary here and there…And you were warned of its linage (cyanogen)..That it is a developers phone , so don’t crib. Be inquisitive, work up the net, find answers to your problems. Suddenly you all will be more savvy than all the other blokes who use plain Jane mobiles!

    • I understand your opinion. But it wasn’t targeted as a “developer’s phone”, instead a phone for ‘digital natives’ aka Geeks. Those who like to customize, to make changes, to play around. But that does not mean you’ll bundle a software which has so many issues. If that’s expecting too much, then they should sell the phone with a warning on the product page that it comes with issues which you need to sort on your own.
      Anyways, the proximity sensor issue is a hardware related one. The battery wearing out too soon is again a hardware thing. Same goes for the non functioning Mic, speaker and what not. You probably are one of those lucky guys who got a good unit which not many issues.

  • I am a new yureka owner,love the phone,hate what micromax has done with the software,,
    I am trying to fix the problems myself
    About excessive heating-custom rom and custom kernel ,,and aslo if you can change the resolution to 720p
    Proximity sensor,-It works fine,,but somehow they havent screwed this tight and it seems to be a bit misaligned- to fix open the back cover place a small piece of paper over the proximity sensor location(b/w three screws on the top)-make sure that it will get a little bit pressure when closing down,,this seems to help
    random restarts-caused by weak ram management, again custom os
    Poor camera..Custom rom (camera sensor is actually good)
    Hope i helps

  • My phone YU yuraka getting switch off when some one calling me .
    And it rebot it self so i don’t know why this is happining so please give me a solusation

  • I am facing problem with Yureka(model no AO5510). Sometime i am not able to listen other side voice and some other side is not able to listen my voice. Resetting the phone is not solving the problem.

  • When my phone is getting heat then screen get blank for one sec then start.then again unlock my phone then again blank and lock.i don’t know why my mobile working like this

  • After update Yureka , person who calling me (i call) is unable to hear my voice same issue in speaker & headset also.

    pepole can’t hear my voice in earphone & speaker mode.

  • Please tell me that what the problem occur on my phone because the phone not been started and battery charging properly. when I power on my phone that continue with the process and then after not been started

  • This is the worst cell manufacturer of the century.I tried this shitty Yureka YU,first five months were okay,amd then one after another it started showing how cheap my choise was.Seriously,even all my friends who got this fuckall YU products,reported the same issues with battery.network,charging,fuckall customer service and many more.
    All I will recommend is do not even think of Buying any micromax and YU shit and save yourself from troubles.

  • post is right, I bought yureka/ Micromax in feb, 2013. This phone is only good on paper.

    i have bought first version of yureka phone and facing some serious issue apart form the issues which are mentioned above

    1. menu option disappear
    2. some time sim not get network at all unless restart
    3. it is not 4g volte phone as claimed by yureka
    4. Distortion in audio output; not able to hear anything.
    5. Screen change in tint color, some time its blue sometime its bit warmer (orange and red shade).
    6. for all the problem yu service online centre has one solution ; RESET THE PHONE.

    I will strongly recommend not to buy any yureka product and i am not thinking to buy any micromax product too.


  • I have issue during the incoming calls and unable to pick the phone and screen blank. but as per the instruction given the YU team i have tried both of this. but still not resolve the issue. kindly suggest how can i resolve the issue without going to service center.

    • It might be an issue with your device’s proximity sensor. I’m afraid but visiting the YU service center would be the best way out.

  • My Yureka Phone is dead now, its resting in peace. Tried charging in different adapters but it is still not charging., What should be the problem I dont know, I guess the battery life is over. The Phone is just about 9 months old. All the issues mentioned in your site is 100 percent Correct. I too have faced the same issue and many more. Like the camera getting hanged up, battery drains fast while using camera, Battery charges very slowly, Majority of the problems with the Battery and Heating issue is also a major problem. I would not recommend this mobile to even my enemies.

    • I am also facing the same issues….battery not charging …. drains out immediately. Restarting when talking, not able to attend important calls. ITS REALLY VERY FRUSTRATING PHONE ……. DONT EVER BUY YU YUREKA PHONES . THEY ARE REAL CHEATERS.

  • my phone battery is not charging although the battery icon on the top right corner is moving round n round normaly.Plz guide

  • My yureka’s power key not working and I think it is broken from inner side so how to repair it as I cannot restart my mobile after it is shutdown

  • I can not connect it with my desktop computers, I try it with windows xp, windows 7 and windows 10. so I can not access data from phone memory to hard disc.

  • hy… I am also facing the same problm as you…. sometimes when I dial any no. from my Yureka, it gets switch off…. why is this happening plz tell me na…

  • my yureka does’t charge and it displace 0% charging after 1 to 3 hrs. if i start my phone that is shutting down immediatly. how to solve my problem.

  • I have an issue with the battery.. It took long time to get charge(almost18-20 hours to get full) and short time(Max 2 hours) to discharge. Please advice.

  • siriously poor camera is poor , heating problem, shutdown problem on call (its very serious problem) there are so many problem in yureka company phones. please don;t buy the phone of yureka

  • The device micromax yu yureka model no AO5510 is most of the time is hanged, when I want to call someone the device is restarted most of the time. please help me to fix this problems.

  • Recently i updated my mobile.. after the updation the screen is not opening. what s a problem in that?
    In other piece overheating
    can u give some suggestion to thta problem

    • i am lso facing screen hibernation after mobile kept for 4-5 hours without touching it. i think there are software bugs

  • Yureka sucks big time
    I registered my complaint after so much time for my phone problem but yureka customer support took weeks to reply then finally mail came that v are sending you the replacement but nothing after that .all fake emails didn’t respond to my several calls then I got tired n had to sell the phone at a dirt cheap price of rs 1500 to the buyer as my fone headset was faulty no flashlight working poor battery back up
    So one thing I hve learned brands like Samsung Sony iphone HTC are the best

  • Recently i updated my mobile.. after the updation the screen is not opening. what s a problem in that?
    can u give some suggestion to thta problem

  • I am also facing same problem. When ever updated cyanogen mod12.1. This update is changed the performance of phone. So many lags. Camera faults. Worst in service. Not the good response for cares. I refactored my phone two after that also its working by these faults. What is the problem. Give the update of cm 13.0.

  • i am facing with a problem that is sim card detection(sim card not sensing) problem, i submitted my mobile at service center but they did not rectify the problem an returned back to me

  • Yureka! No service center fantastic or I wil knock my cell phone on them……..I m thinking to sell my cell n don’t think will get a buyer also, if he known the problem that I m facing ….bullsh!t new update …screen getting blackout every 5 to 10mins have to wait couple of mins….slow very charging 5 to 6hr to get full…camera quality worst buggy photu always ……giv an update fast or at least a solution…. I hope someone is reading this ,the maker of this cell I talking

  • Hi,
    Myself vidhya
    i have bought a yureka cell phone from amozon in sep 2015 in the begining it was very nice very fast and camera also very gud compare to other cell phone but now i am facing a problem in the phone like system update was available but it was not getting install to the mobile, the 2nd issue is camera the camera was not working properly if photos taken means it was showing full blur image, im not able to take a photos in phone, and third issue is phone will get hang while doing mesage r a call it will get hang for a 10 minutes after reboot only we can work oderwise it wont get work , pls g9ive me a best solution for these 3 issues


  • Its a worst ever phone i have ever used..my phone randomly restarts five six times in a day.. that is also 30-45 minutes at a stretch..its a serious issue if u have any emergency during that time..please give me a solution..

  • One of the worst smartfone I ever buy. It is Jst wasting of money.. YU developers are bloody shit persons. I will do case on them if they don’t give the solutions of the e problems..

  • Hi
    I’m facing apps problem
    Android 4.4.4 kitkat
    I don’t wnt to update
    But my games and apps are automatically stopping
    If any one have solution please reply immediately
    And get help from me little bit

    • Hey buddy! Don’t update to Lollipop version! Its a good one with Kitkat! If you apdate it to Lollipop 5.0.1 or 5.1.1. You gona be mad! And need to throw it to a dustbin!

  • Seriously the above said problems are common and increasing after update… yureka has to release a bug fix general for all via update .. if you cannot fix these bugs , then what is the use of cyanogen mode… please do update the bug fix or else you have to change the brand name , for future sales … as advertising is by word of mouth

  • A big head ache. They make all bluffs about the charger that it communicates with the mobile device and hence the device would receive more power from the charger to speed up charging, etc. But the thing is reverse and to be frank, worst. Instead of getting charged, it is getting drained. Even I tried charging earlier at 35% also. No use. Wonder how I m going to manage such problems. Log list we have to delete 1 by 1 else, delete all. No multiple selection option.!? Device was supplied with just 2 ring tones. Same way, finding & setting touch pad sound would put you in a mad state of mind.! About the Head Phones….Alas!.. There comes the other problem. If I need put to use my head phone, I need to switch my mobile off then plug in the head phone and on. Then only the head phone is showing on the screen top and is usable. same way to remove it I need to switch off and re start. Probably, I m talking about some hell?

  • I’ve updated to 5.1.1 from 5.0.2 and so many restart problem and so many settings like automatic brightness, am pm settings,battery percentage missing and about 10-15 settings were missing…..plz anyone tell me the solution


  • Those who sadi there phone goes black nd locks the screen nd chanhes the wallpaper i too had the same problem! I had many the.es installed nd many launchers ths caused it! When i uninstalled everything there has been no such actions aftr tat uninstallation!

  • Bloody fuckkers one of the worst phones i have used waste of money… Screen goes black oftenly and the scrern gets locked automatically!! Any solution to this fuckking problem?? Can’t use my phone more than 5minutes at a stretch!!!! Disappointed after buying this piece of SHIT…. YU developers hope yu read this message!!! >.<


  • I’m update my YU mobile cyanogen ver12.1 after continues auto reboot/restart problem how to solve this problem please help me

    • hi am also facing the same problems of phone not getting charged and now the pharging indicator is on but the phone is not getting switched on

  • my mobile could not charge it will conect charging whole night then also not charged
    pls if any solution for that pls informed

  • my yureka has several issues:
    1. Doesn’t reboot.
    2. Phone can’t be charged.
    3. I can’t update my phone.
    please give some solutions to these problems.

  • Hello, I m using yureka plus .I have updated the lollipop version ,cyg12.1smthg,while using any program ,my phone goes off & then restarts automatically & wallpaper changes into system default.Any solution.It is becoming very hetic for me.

    • Same here…
      Besides the battery related issue…
      And the service is really in a sorry state…
      If there’s a solution, let me know….
      Or else I might as well replace this device with Lenovo K4 Note…

    • ya brother its true I am also suffering from same problem but now I am able to resolve.
      1.Just reset your phone ones, without loosing your data dont worry about that
      2.Just go on settings-security-device administrators-only select cyanogen device manager.
      and also make pointer speed in the mid

      especially open your back cover of phone you can see 2 wholes right of camera put a piece of paper on that and
      close the cover

      here is that procedure which I followed
      if any problem contact me harsh.nanu2@gmail.com

  • The Lollipop 5.1.1 has an issue of compatibility with Google Play Services update ! Does anybody in Micromax aware of this ! Who the hell is the CEO of this bloddy brand of Yu Yureka ! Just want to make myself clear of who is actually ‘Playing God’ ! Where in Bihar is the bloody Yureka service centre ?

  • I’m update my YU mobile cyanogen ver12.1 after continues auto reboot/restart problem how to solve this problem please help me

  • My Yurekas phone speaker went bad, the customer care at delhi replaced it. Now my wifi isn’t working. It was working after the speaker got replaced, but now it is not working at all. It is showing no mac address available. what could be possible wrong

  • Hello,

    I am using yu yureka plus and the system(android) keeps updating in the background and tends to use my complete data package, which is not acceptable to me, please help me stop this background processing on GPRS; i ownt mind if the update is done on Wi-Fi.

    How do i set it that it updates only on Wi-Fi

    Need help urgently on this matter.

  • Issues found after update to 5.1.1

    Sim not found reboot the system to continue

    Battery taking 12 hours to charge and draining fast very quickly

  • after updation of Android screen locks automatically and When i use internet phone getting restart..without internet i can use anyrestart

    Pls resolve this issuue

  • After updation of Android 5.1.1 screen locks auto matically, wall paper which we fixed not stands, automatically goes to defualt, phone is hanging,


  • I had problem with screen going black , I fixed it with proximity sensor calibration code .
    Then phone heating , I fixed with an app called greenify .
    Now I HV restarting problem ,now I m serchong for a fix , lol .
    First of all it all hapend wen I updated to lollipop. So I suggest don’t update to lollipop.

  • While i use what’s app /IMO calling nothing is audible while using micro speaker.. Video call doesn’t have a speaker option either…
    Is any fix.?

  • My cyanogen recently updated. Now the problems are
    1. At the time of usage phone will automatically screen locks. This will repeats every 2-5 mints once. I restored phone bt this problem still persists.
    2. Phone will be tooo heated at the time of usage.
    3. In gallery some photos automatically hiddend and deleted. I loss most important photos. No virus in my phone and memory card.

    Other than phone will be Good.

  • Don’t buy the Yureka mobile, it is a worst mobile, Please share this information to your nearest person and say to him that he tell other person, whereby no one buy the mobile.

  • I have recently updated my yu phone to cynogen 12. 1 yog4pas3jm &
    Android version 5. 1. 1
    after updating the phone is charging very very slowly and after 5-6 hrs contineous charging it shows only 65% ,,

    any body can guide what to do

  • A lot off issue in yureka..
    1>notification light is not working.
    2>while connecting with charger showing charging but battery charge percent remain same.
    4>fast discharging.
    5>don’t expect any support from yureka..

    Really totally wasting of money.. don’t know why I bought this phone.. frustrated..

  • “my new yu yureka mobile is automatically restarting and also become heat … plsss give an appropriate solution for this complaint s”

  • When I m using what’s app calling and IMO calling I am not able to hear something from the other side when I pluged airphone is also not working
    But when I put it to loudspeaker I can here and talk too
    Is any other setting where I can talk with normal ear piece or headphones

  • After updating my yureka I have problem with slow charging and fast discharging. It takes 3to 4 hr for 50 percent and it discharging too fast what to do pls help

  • my camera is not opening,when ever i open camera its giving me caution that unfortunately camera is stopped. I am reportedly sending reports but no use. Please help me

  • I’m using yureka plus of 5.0.2 version with same version of kernal ROM without changing it. While I’m playing games like subway’s surfer , temple run and other games the plus gets heated and hang’s at playing games. Is there any solution for yureka plus hanging and heating problem.

  • i accidently turned the brightness to lowest level and now the screen is totally blank. i have restarted it several times but to no avail.

  • There was a problem while playing videos in my YouTube app. before and after updation of my app give me any suggestion to solve it.

  • My charger stop working on the next day when I bought yureka , I don’t know why
    & really Im facing the same problems as other yureka byuers

    & the gallery & MX player doesn’t supports videos or pics of my external SD card ,, Can anyone help me ?


    I dropped my phone from barely a hight of 2-feet & the so called gorilla glass got smashed.
    As it was a physical damage case & with no other option left , I agreed to pay them Rs.3000 to the co. for swapping my phone with a refurnished one.
    They picked my phone on the 24th of Sep & till today I haven’t got my device back.

    The Support Executives keeps telling me to wait for a little while & that they are sorry for inconvenience caused.

    earlier they told that the whole swapping process takes around 7-10 working Day…. but in my case more than 25-day has already passed away & still I don’t have any idea when will I get my device back.

    guys its a cheep quality device more over their support service is even worse…….

    Yureka your company , your devices , your support services all Sucks……

    • I know the quality of service is pathetic, but you really shouldn’t be complaining about the broken glass. In many cases, smartphones from good brands failed to bear a fall as short as 0.5-ft. It all depends on the angle at which the phone fells and what part hits the ground first. Gorilla glass is still a glass (a bit toughened) and hence very prone to shattering just like a normal glass.

  • Yu is not a good phone.the screen goes black while trying to make a call or i received a call unable to pick up calls when i rectified all the things using callibration setting now its sensor always remains blinking and charging time is more than discharging time ……

      • i’m facing the same problem when i update it to 5.1.1

        1>when i save 1 wallpaper it’ll change automatically after few min or some sec. & show the default wallpaper.
        2>lock automatically after few min & blank means flickering max tm .

        how to solve it , plz give me some solution

    • This issue is becoz u put u glass screen guard on top of it , so that the proximity senser is playing while calls are coming , u just HV to re calibrate the sender no big issue . less than 15 sec to fix dis .

  • Hi,my kid used to play with my yureka mobile often and now i noticed that my MENU button is missing and got lost, how to restore it back without resetting or rebooting my phone,can anyone gimme a solution quickly pls

  • I am also the user of the worst ever seen mobile yu yureka . It gets heated even when it is not in use, take more time to charge (ex; 7 to 8 hours) and discharge within an hour. I am also get the problem of reboot when playing games and low loudspeaker, sensor not working good

  • My phone is not working there are many problems automatically my phone is switch off and all apps are depleted and contact number also deleted plz tell me how to improve this problem

  • Hi guys don’t buy YU phones. It’s a fake product.I am facing so many problems till date. The worst thing is customer support, they won’t bother about the customers. I tried one month to book this bullshit.

  • There is a charging problem with my new yureka plus. It can be charged only when switched off. When ON, when power adaptor is attached charging icon comes ON. But charge % reduces and properties show Not Charging. Kindly give immediate advice, else i can return it .. Please….

  • Yureka+ , When i start phone for first time it shows setting is unfortunetly stopped….i setup phone again..its done..heats up like a hell…hangs again n again… Battery life is poor even if phone is on standby..

  • I am also one of the frustrated user of YU Yureka, its not at all good in any way, i have lot of issue, when where i get calls always voice break from other end, this is same when i make call to .

    Battery drys soon, take 8 hours to complete change
    it get hung sometime not able to receive or dial call, need to restart always
    sometime camera take 2 photos for one tap
    no supports locally
    screen goes blank some time

    worst phone i ever seen…

  • I have bought a new phone yu yureka plus but my mobile data is not working…I tried many times but it’s unable to work. Please give me any solution.

  • I appreciate the build quality from the manufacturer and overall phone is good but the only problem is its 2600mah battery which takes nearly 4 hours to charge and lasts no longer a dayyyy…..

    • I have the same problem. I have talk with yu customer care. They are saying wifi direct is not working on yu yureka plus and it is an os issue. New update(12.1) will come in few days, probably within 7 days. ……

      Hope this issue will be fixed in new update. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I brought new YU yureka plus ,but it has some problem can’t open my contacts and dailer.they says unfortunately phone dailer will stops.how to recovery my problem

    • Go to Setting —– Apps —— All ——- Audio Fx —— Clear cache , clear data, force stop and do reboot it will clears ur issue

  • Dear Friends, Please DONT Buy This Phone. I am frustrated like anything
    I strongly recommend Govt to ban this company
    Very very Very FRAUD Comapny
    YU is always WORST EVER

    This is basically use and throw phony as per company guideline. They wil not provide support even if it in warranty period. They will ask you to pay the same amount for issue a new device.

  • Recently purchased this mobile.., facing problems like screen going blank while receiving calls and making calls. Cant even answer a call. Battery takes hours to charge and discharges within few hours.

    • IF you are still facing the issue, you can calibrate the Proximity sensor in this way:
      1. Open the DialPad on your Yureka
      2. Dial *#*#7769#*#*
      3. In the proximity calibration screen, tap on Start
      4. Wait a few seconds till it reads Calibration Good (in green)
      5. Tap Exit and you’re good to go.

      In case you see Calibration failed after step 3, it means your proximity sensor has hardware problem which you need to replace. Otherwise your black screen issue will get resolved if it id “Good”.

      I am another Yureka user like you and faced same issues which got resolved by following above steps.

  • My phne gets switch off several times while operating.
    My phone’s os also crashed once.
    Camera facing many problems.
    Rear camera isn’t working.
    N main problem is there isn’t service available nearby.

  • YU yureka is not a good mobile ,many people have bought this mobile ,but after some it started hanging issue heat ,sensor is not good very bad customer care I think government should ban in YU yureka company soon

  • Hi,

    The review is well stated but you forgot one fact, this is best best performance phone at this price bracket.

    I really did not like the battery part and In Gurgaon I am using LTE full day it barely lasts for 4 hours max, however given at this price 9000 I just love this phone otherwise just for reading phone lasts upto 1.5 days without any issue. I have bought 15000 mah battery bank to counter this issue @ 1500RS.

    Screen is exceptionally good, nearest competitor K3note does not come with snapdragon and does not have Gorilla Glass, Better camera, Cyanogen (Loved by people who love to hack), USB OTG, such small features does make it best deal.


    • May I suggest everyone to buy another phone if u want to make phone calls . whatever you do like calibrating getting into recovery mode doesnt work micromax better call back this set

  • Screen light dont go off while charging. Even with the power button therefore taking 6-7 hours to charge full. Pls help me out.

  • My problem is if any call comes the screen become s blank n we won’t get to known who has called so plz help me wit this problem… N it gets hanged many times

  • Basically phn is good but now I m facing problems like downloaded and saved images isn’t visible in gallery and songs list are also not seen in mp3 player.plz help

  • Hi Everyone,

    I bought yureka 1 month ago. Suddenly touch stopped working. Called Coustmer care no reply. Please help..

  • Yureka is good but lolipop version have some issues, my mobile not show the some download & what’s up images, second one is no options for dd card mounting & un mounting, pls help me

  • Yeah..the phone is good.
    Just inappropriate settings… Are fixable.
    Petty design problems… Can ignore them for budget concerns…

  • Hi All those who are facing problem for 2. Screen going blank during calls, just follow the steps bellow

    1. Dial *#*#7769#*#*
    2. click Start then wait for few seconds
    3. it should display Calibration Good (in green)
    4. Then Exit

    It worked for me.
    Enjoy the nice phone… its a worth buying for 10k.

    Refered to : https://www.techmesto.com/fix-yureka-call-blank-screen/


  • this all is fake yu yureka is a great phone believe me must buy if your budget is under 10000 best phone in durablity too lenovo k3 note also get beat by it

  • I rebooted my phone one fine evening as the internet had stopped responding. It showed the message CYANOGEN on switching on, and thats all. It doesn’t turn on. I tried charging it as well. Any help, please?

  • My pro. Is that my YU is dead when I I was use my what’s up ..and till now my phone is blank … Plz help what I do

  • Boys…. I am using YU yureka mobile….is good performance but your problems are simply reason for settings. My problem is automatically rebooted my phone per day once….

  • there is a blank screen when i switched on a phone. and it doesnt showing anything except black screen.. plzzz help how cn i sort out this problem

  • Please dial this code: *#*#7769#*#*, and after that click on start. It will automatically resolve the issue of blank screen.

  • I m also upset on d performance. Of my yu ….pls help me if anybody can!!!!… When I call my friend.. I can hear his voce clearly… But my friend gets a my voice with a humming or loud speaker type voice.. Which z not clear…….is it mike prblm? But d same while using head phone!… I don’t know what t do…pls help m if anybody can???

  • When I get YU yureka…..I’m happy….but after 1 week it gets app problem …..stopping….I like this post because I faced these all 8 points……..now I’m getting one new problem that is “brightness problem” when I’m decreasing brightness it gets completely off…..fully black……plz add one more problem brightness

  • I got phone on 21 march and phone hanged next day ! really bad experience even it comes with 2 GB ram and octacore

  • When I try to call message comes as ” unfortunately your dialer has been stopped’. Then I hv to Reboot phone & can dial.
    In emergency it is very difficult to reboot phone.

    pls give solution

  • I am unable to view the names when someone calls. It shows unkown. Though the number is saved on my cell phone. Please provide the solution on priority.

  • Yu yureka!! Really worst and the worst phone.. They have changed my transrecivers four times but the phone still doesn’t work properly it will start on and off for every call only good can solve this and trouble-shoot the errors.. Yu team is dead weight and no use.

  • My yureka cell is dead from 10 days ,I told my problem to customer till I didn’t get any response from the customer services.

  • Sometimes the phone suddenly gets stopped and showing the message that “unfortunetly your android OS is stopped”.what is the reason behind this?I’m upgraded the OS into lollipop version.if their is any problem with OS?

  • In my experience, what ever my friend mentined about are absolutely right..very low speaker volume, very bad mic and utterly poor service….i m not in a position to use this stupid device..

    I don’t want to pollute my surrounding by throwing it…so still in my room somewhere

  • My 1 month yu is dead tody.. i was chaation on watsap suddnly there was blank screen n phon hanged n phower button was not working so i takeout battry n agn place it bt phon is not switching on ..
    plzz help

      • Guys i guess u have kept ur brightness control through scrool bar
        after dis jst increase ur brightness as u do by going lft to right at the top of ur mob near scroll bar

    • Just take out the battery ….
      Again plugin,
      Long press the power button so as u r switching on your phone wait a few minutes probably 5 minutes…..
      Again press the power button as u r making your screen on if u don’t have any password or pattern to open the lock u r really lucky….
      Slide as if u r unlocking the phone…
      Go to top of the screen touch and then slide from left to right!!!!
      95% chances you will see your screen on : ) …
      Reply if resolved…

  • Play music play in some songs, than sound is normal but the cruiser to move reviding sound is increase so pls how the problems solve

  • I have been using yureka for a few months now, and i have sony z ultra and samsung note3 neo…why i mention this is because i can give you comparison.
    1. The camera works great for me, and it clicks much much better pics than my ultra or neo3
    2. heating is obviously there during games because of the reason mentioned above, there are various apps on the playstore that you can use to regulate the cpu clocking, of course switching off the phone for a few min after continuous game for long can help
    3. proximity sensor issue is resolved once you do caliberation, though i wish the makers took better care when they roll out updates
    4. at 9k, there is no phone which comes even close to what yureka offers, so guys plz dont just pull down a phone, i have used some very good handsets and trust me, no phone as long as its android is bug free ….. (remember, android is a free and open operating system which allows develop to modify system stuffs pretty easily, so most issues that you face would be caused by some or the other app, so my suggestion, keep an eye on when you install an app..and if u feel something weird happening post install, remove that one app which eats away your overall experience)
    5. notification issue is also resolved in multiple posts online……if you have greenify, remove that and see if ur notifications are working fine or not?…..

    for the price i paid, i am fully satisfied with the phone……

    For all those who face various issues you can try searching for resolution as xda developers website 🙂


    • 1. after connecting USB cable, you will automatically see an option displayed on screen “Connected in Charging Mode” touch it you will get options there you can select PC connection option.

      2 go to Theme settings, reset it to default & then try changing wallpaper

      3 even I have not found, This option is not available after updating lollipop

  • For screen blank on incoming or outgoing calls: You have to calibrate the proximity sensor anf for that dial *#*#7769#*#* and then tap calibrate and follow onscreen instruction, it will calibrate the sensor. Here is some guide for some noobs who does not understand a bit technical, after dialing the number given above it will ask you bring your finger near the sensor and then move away only twice(though you can do as much as you want!).. And it will calibrate the sensor, below will be written good on the screen, you can exit after that.

  • Hey frndzz please help me …..just after purchasing i started mobile n found that i have click 5 times to open ny folder…n i m not able to go in nother page …plse help

  • I have YU yureka phone I m facing a problem when I connect the OTG pendrive phone is continuously restarted. Please tell me the solution

  • I purchased yureka one month ago.there r some problems. Camera quality is not up to the mark. And after update screen blackout when calling or receiving call.yesterday i went to service center. They told me because of phone fell down thats why problem occurred. So warranty is over& light cencer has to change. Now ihave tried *#*#7769#*#* and its works

  • I got the phone about a month ago and I am not facing the problems mentioned above… I am a little unhappy only with the camera zoom in which completely pixelated the images. the phone doesn’t randomly restart, takes only 5 to 10 minutes to reach 100 from 99. I think most problems here are a bit blown up… it’s a decent phone and made all my friends jealous…. every person I know who wants to buy a phone is going to get a yureka…

  • First time i called the yu care and i got my complaint no and they registered my complaint yes they are untrained but well it kinda worked for me and about tht replacement thing ,two of my friends have already replaced there’s so i m sure its gonna work for me too .(btw some happy customers have to raise thier voice so tht ppl can see the complete picture ,the fact -its a perfect value for money phone !!!end of story!!! 😛 😛 😛

  • OK so i m going to be honest now from the day i bought my yureka i never faced the proximity sensor issue battery not reaching 100% bug etc etc ,even the loud speaker is average if u disable the audio fx app in loudspeaker mode (but yeah the sound is a bit low).Camera quality (in my opinion ) is descent for a tag of 13mp.Everything is working fine in my yureka no excessive heating n stuff u mentioned in ur blog (maybe thts y i m happy with the phone ) but yesterday i found out an issue tht isnt mentioned in ur blog .Whenever i connect the otg cable to my phone it just freezes n reboots again n again unless i remove the otg .I googled abt the issue but couldn’t find a fix however i read some comments on some random yureka youtube videos where users complaint about this issue so yeah i m not alone .The unskilled yu care executive (i agree with you ,the customer support service is pretty lame) told me to upgrade my phone to lolipop to fix the issue and if it doesn’t work out they ll replace it .So ok i was being biased its a electronic gadget it has its own set of bugs but i still believe at this price point its not a bad deal at all (and yes narendra gaming is my thing lol but not the only thing 🙂 )

    • Each of us tend to have our own opinion and it isn’t unknown that only unsatisfied customers make notice while the satisfied ones stay calm and enjoy! LOL
      I don’t know about the 13MP tag bro, but all I know is that my Nokia Lumia with 6.7 captured similar if not better images to the Yureka and my new Zenfone 2 with 13MP captures much better images than my Lumia and Yureka. So, would’ve been really nice if it was tagged 8MP. It really is taking images no better than 8MP of a reputed company. Sure the price difference, but better be honest instead of over-rating 😛
      Customer service is a serious frustration. You upgrade to lollipop, contact them again and they will tell you that a level 2 tech will call you who never does actually. They really aren’t interested in offering service to the customers and lets be honest, the replacement model doesn’t seem inclined to a low budget phone that Yureka is 😛
      Bugs and issues, your best bet is to flash the Stock ROM. OTA did work fine for me though. The issues mentioned in the post were the ones I received here in BULK hehe Loudspeaker, I did try disabling that AudioFX and that was barely helpful. VLC Player however is able to throw a lot of audio at full, but super distorted 🙁

  • Power off your device
    Press Vol+ & Vol- and Power button altogether.
    You can see few options – choose wipe cache partition
    Do a factory reset after the lolipop update.
    You are now on!

  • You are being totally biased .I guess u r a yureka hater .I have my samsung mega duos (costed me 25000) and my yu yureka (8900) and trust me yureka iss way better than mega in gaming ,its snapier ,faster and it doesnt even hangs like the mega so Shut up dude i love my phone stop wining .Look at the price tag and dont tell us what others users said tell us what u know exactly about the phone use it urself for a week or two u ll know the reality …

    • I’ve used it and I’ve added the reference of other users because else somebody like you would come up and call me biased (but you still did). I agree on the price vs performance point, but that is not enough. If YU wants to sell me a Use and Throw product (no matter for a cheaper price), I am not willing to accept that. I know many customers have expanded their budget just to buy a BETTER phone which YU claims to offer, but they’re largely dissatisfied with the product. It is phone which has a poor proximity sensor, poor mic and speaker, heats up too much and has ZERO service. Look at the price tag and what they offer. Would it be too unfair if they write already that it is a 5MP camera instead of wining of that 13MP? Would it be if they used a slightly better mic and speaker (because it is A PHONE)? Too much if I expect a functional Proximity Sensor (why is it there? To keep screen OFF all the time?)? My bad if I want them to quote the true capacity of the battery (it is over-rated. The world knows!)? And is it too much if I ask them to stop the DOORSTEP SERVICE GIMMICK and open up some service centers? Come on bro!
      You might be happy with the phone and that’s good (maybe because gaming is your only thing?). You should also consider looking up at the opinion called up in the post and if you scroll through this blog or my social feeds, Samsung is already one company that I hate. Because they have stupid design and aren’t a value for money thing.

  • i buyed from amazon, very bad service , my phone restarting while watching videos, opening galleries, connecting otg cable

    previoursly I used micromax canvas a110 its best than yeuraka, even camer of canvas is best than yeruka , Plzzzz DONT BUY YERUKA


  • Most of below listed is non review YU most newly come and i think some people like to avoid his goodness i have phone and i havnt any problem 0% bug its depends on user only i think YU is only for aggresive users and rooters not for fools hahahaha… Need bttry bkup… He has problem with all phone even is 70,000rs or 8,999rs…here is see price point not compere with 18,990rs phone.
    Start taking review from XDA Devloper…keep Right…

  • voice not clear in call , other person cant hear . Poor. No call fwd option . bad phone.. I have same 8 prob in my yureca phone..its only 1week old

  • I update my micromax Yureka to CM12 and i had this unnamed folder with gallery and dialer in it , I had initially kept it locked but i felt like unlocking the dialer so i clicked the cross button beside it , i couldnt find the dialer anymore . I thought its showing me only the locked apps so i croosed the gallery app too , now both have vanished and i cant find them anymore …. What should i do , gallery app i may get from the playstore but what about the dialer ? Pls reply with an email

  • I have got the phone before one week. I have faced lots of problem in yu yureka. Since i have updated to lolllipop 5.0 & CN12.But still the phone micromax Yureka mobile some error Kindly support this error unnecessary show image file 60000 above unfortunately ,the process android.process.media has stopped

  • I have got the phone before one week. I have faced lots of problem in yu yureka. Since i have updated to lolllipop 5.0 & CN12.But still the phone automatically restarts for every 5min.
    2.The screen gets off while i making a call or receiving a call from anyone.

    I am fedup with the calling problem. i cannot recieve any call as screen goes blank

  • GUYS Try it for your screen gets off while making a call or receiving a call *#*#7769#*#* IT REALLY WORKS NOW IM VERY HAPPY.

  • I have got the phone before one week. I have faced lots of problem in yu yureka. Since i have updated to lolllipop 5.0 & CN12.But still the phone automatically restarts for every 5min.
    2.The screen gets off while i making a call or receiving a call from anyone.
    3.Heating problem.
    when you will fix these problems, (or) give any solution to fix this issue.Since we are planned to order 4 more yu yureka but the problem is still continuing. Until these problem is fixed we are not going to order.
    So my kind request is to fix these problem soon.we are waiting for your help.Im expecting for your replay.
    Thank you

  • Hello guys I was thinking about purchasing of yu yureka but after the comments above I have to rethink. Please help me should I buy yu yureka or not. Help me picking up another phone in 10k segment.

  • Give me solutions…mostly sometimes i try to call someone then dual sim option dont show and when i close dual sim option… Then i touch that number i want to call but its not working…im tired to do rebooting again again again ..then its work fine for few minutes only…..dialer problem………..finally..its a very baaaad jerk phone …i ever never seen before…dont u dare try to buy this wtf jerk useless worst phone….u jerk company

  • Hi guys I just fed up of this yureka cell I tried everything for rebooting problem but it still reboot
    I even tried that illogical solution from yureka of clearing data from Recovery’s mode
    Please help me with this constant rebooting problem

  • Guys don’t worry those who getting screen blank calibrate ur phone by dialing *#*#7769#*#* u may resolve ur prblm

  • havng camera problem ,… ” camera could not connect … ” and battry draining .. problm … 🙁

  • Yureka mmobile me mic Ki problem. Plz koi or mt purchase krna kyoki is ka koi service centre bhi nh h. Mne mobile ko bheje Hua 14 din ho gy h. Ab tk koi sms ya call nh aaya h. Or na hi mobile. Aaya h….

  • I mean to say that hotspot is not-visible till it is in on conditions,when I search in a other device to connect with my hotspot then my hotspot is not showing on that device…just help me out

  • i bouth yureka before 1 month ago now my yureka is not vibrating i dont know how.please solve my issue its not vibrate

  • Guys I was considering the purchase of Yuphoria from Yu but after reading the comments above I really dont know if thats a good idea.

    Any suggestions if I should buy Yuphoria? if not then can anyone suggest an alternate brand phone under 10K INR which could offer Snapdragon, 2 SIM slots atleast 1 with 4G capability, 16GB ROM + Expandable memory slot.

    • Do look at Huawei Honor 4x. It seems like a good package. Otherwise, the Lenovo series. Having physical service centers is a big plus over having Snapdragon.

  • Micromax Yureka color are faded . As any color like the Red , its actually don’t look like original reg color . . its like faded red color.

  • My YU phone restarts when a call is just initiated, or when in the middle of a call. It’s highly annoying and also highly undesirable for any phone user. When we need to communicate urgently, if it re starts, we would not be able to contact for the next few minutes at least 15 min, as the phone is rebooting. It’s highly frustrating. No customer support is available in Bangalore. Seriously considering to discard the phone as I am not sure of its stability to work as a basic communication device.

  • My some aaps are not responding and GTA SA is not running properly it opens and close down after 1 min but in my Samsung s3 it is running smoothly with just 1 GB Ram … Pls help me

  • Taking call and receiving call is a problem /when call comes the mike get activated and other side can’t hear my voice but u can here otherside voice. Calibrating the proximity sensor is not solving . to get the call thru you have to lock the phone to continue the call , voice and heating problem is solved

  • Ofter updation to android lollipop I faced proximity sensor problem solved by using this number *#*#7769#*#* and ring tones sound not coming solved by factory resetting. but only thing is phone getting heat with in 10 minits (due to thinner phone) or may be hardware failure needs YU support

  • Bought this freeky thing only about a week ago
    Display is out of order. Its not a gud phone to buy.

  • Am facing proximity sensor issue and phone over heating battery back up very poor as compared to other brand these are the major fault please resolve these problem through phone system updates

  • Who are produced this phone ?don’t update new Cyanogen gnynt1s1ko system .than updated this phone is not working .so I am crying last. Same price another mobile super results. west my money

  • M regretting for buying yureka phone.. When I call it takes so much time to connect n front person can’t hear me. I would suggest plz don’t buy this handset because no service centre.. Very poor performance.

  • Friends, if you are facing screen related issue i.e. Screen going blank during calls just do one think. dial *#*#7769#*#* & dial the no. then push start button & stop button. your problem will be solve.

  • My display sometimes won’t work then after few hrs automatically it works. I am fed up.This is happing after use of 3 months.

  • yu yureka is phone is a total waste. Never ever purchase this product. Phone display turned black along with flickering issue. Customer support is worst.No service center in a top tier city like Chennai.

  • yu yureka is not working properly. do not go for purchasing. so many other phones are available for the same price

  • I have updated the new version 5.0 But after updating i am faceing many problem like eoring slow, hanging, heating…… Ab kya karu yrrr phale he shai tha bina update kiya huaa ;( ;(

    • Friend,
      I’m also facing this problem just like you. Whenever your problem resolve please please tell me what is the solution.

  • i bought yu yureka for my bro 30 days ago, till now i hav not updated to lollipop after reading reviews, but battery drain issue is also in kitkat, phone heating like hell in simple tasks also. nd one more thing camera, when i compared camera wid moto e, pic was just marginally better in yureka, it doesnt seems like 13mp its like 6mp of others not even 8mp, plz dont waste your money,

  • I got the solution for restart problem….. very simple just go to settings and change the sleep time to 30 seconds or more…… I promise u all this will work for sure ….. share it to all Yureka users if it worked for u

  • After taking screenshot a message statung -“cant take screenshot bcoz of limited storage space or it isn’t allowed by the app on your organisation ” but storage space is available

  • After taking screenshot a message statung -“cant take screenshot bcoz of limited storage space or it isn’t allowed by the app on your organisation ” but storage space is available …

  • Really a very good piece of work
    Facing problems of charging mobile.
    Updated to Yureka but after that mobile is displaying charging option but the mobile isnt plugged

  • vaav…. I’ve faced many of the above expressed problems after purchasing the product but, somehow, these problems were automatically solved by themselves after some days. One of the problems is, the screen going off while trying to make or receive a call. I know that, this has something to do with the proximity sensor but, couldn’t solve it as this control is not given in the normal control settings.

    But, the problem reoccurred after getting the Lollypop update and I got frustrated with the phone for the last 20 days. No, help is offered from the customer care and that no. is always busy. I wonder whether that no. is active or not.

    But just now, I got through your site and got solved the problem by adjusting the proximity sensor as per your steps. Thank u very much and kudos to your team for helping out.

    B.V.Ramana Prasad, Hyderabad, Telangana.

  • In my YU yureka I have facing a problem with calling feature because it disconnected while calling And I can’t receive any call because screen going blank .. Worst phone..never buy this..

  • I Have Purchase Yureka Mobile last month.Now i am facing some critical problems in this phone.
    Problems Are :-
    1) Mic Not Working at all.
    2) Wifi Not Working .
    3) Charger not connected some times.
    4) Heating Issue.
    5) Fast Battery Draining Issue.
    6) Random Restart Many Times.
    7)Black Screen During Incoming & Outgoing call

    I Tried To Contact Yu Support Team From Last 5-6 Days.But They Are Too Busy To Other Customers
    I Have Mail Yureka Support But They Still Not Replied of my mail.
    after i have sent mail again one of yureka customer care has call on my number.
    I Received The Call Of Customer Care .
    I Told Customer Care To My Problem And i told To Replace My Handset .
    Yu Supporter told me to troubleshooting of this problem. they told me to hard reset or factory reset of my mobile with earphones or without earphones .Then I told the customer care . i have tried both of these troubleshooting steps recently of yureka after that customer care has end of my call without any answer of my question .Now My Phone Is Waste. If Anyone have Solution Of my Problem please contact my email .
    Contact Details Are:-
    Name : Nitin Soni
    Email : nitin.soni1995@gmail.com

    Sorry For My Bad English

  • Hi,

    I bye micromax yureka before 2 days , i am fedup from this produck.

    I am going to return this product.it realy sucks…

  • Actually guys its not all the problems occurred is bcz off cells hardware,the lollipop has many bugs with it those who have kitkat they are happy,so avoid lollipop updation

  • Ashi first go to settings then sim cards then press on calls option in sim card then select always ask

  • I have updated the new version 5.0 But after updating i am not able to view contact name in received Message. (SMS)

    Please help me to solve this problem.

  • after updating to lolipop Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
    and some other apps not working plz suggest me the solution… 8050831007

  • My Yu Yureka phone starts rebooting in during every call. I am not able to complete any call. Second problem is its oversensitivity. As and when my year touches the screen either aeroplane mode is activated or the call is put on hold.

  • I have a YU yureka mobile in this mobile camera problem .
    so YU yureka support totally bad ………no any positive response ……don’t purchase its phone

  • My phone is not getting charged , after 2-3 minutes charging gets stopped automatically and even sometime I m not able to make calls coz its does not show the option of selecting SIM .
    This phone is really troubling me and all this had started after upgrading to lollipop.
    Please let me know if someone could provide me a solution.

    • Ashi first go to settings then sim cards then press on calls option in sim cards then select always ask

    • Ashi I dontvhave the exact solution but you keep the battery of the phone outside the phone for 2-3 hours then keep battery in phone and try to charge if your problem can be solved try it

  • *#*#7769#*#*
    Shreyansh….pls do the calibration suggested…it worked …well for me.

    Tks techmesto team.

  • I am facing the problem of screen going blank in call…(audio & video calls both). Please help to fix this issue

  • In my yu yureka my card storge data is not show in phone gallery …….but my card storage data is show in other my friend’s yu yureka ……. My card work properly …… What shoud i do. this this new Sand disk 16 gb class 4 card……

  • helo Digvijay .. follow my instructions

    Settings——>Storage……> three dots on the top right…select and then select USB COMPUTER CONNCETION option…

  • I have updated the new version 5.0 But after updating i am not able to connect my phone through USB Cable to my Computer. Kindly help me out.


  • I have updated the new version 5.0 But after updating i am not able to send and receive Message. (SMS)

    Please help me to solve this problem.


  • hi,

    recently purchased yu yureka… my problem is even after charging at 80% or 90% battery, if we remove the battery and put it again, it shows 1% charge only…. how to set it right….

  • i have problem with my yureka battery, when ever i connect the phone to charger, it shows charging and blue indicator blinks but battery not even charge one single percent
    all this happens after lollipop update
    please help me sirji.

  • My yureka mobile after updating message service stop…..
    How can start to send / rceive msg plzz help miiii

    i also work “*#*#7769#*#*” but not change

  • Hello, i have updated my yu yureka to lollipop, when i turn on the data my phone restarts like hell! It works very well when the data is off but data is basic need for a smart phone. Please help me, someone please tell me the solution. I want to fix my phone badly

  • hi ,

    I have a prob in my yureka device..Its charger is not working in my phone bt its see connected when i plug my charger other phone then phone is charged.In same if I connect my phone to other charger then phone is charged but very very slow.
    Please help me i m very irritated.

    my no.-9899238120

  • Respected Sir, Resently i purchese new YUREKA phone,

    But while i am talking to some one there is noise problem(other side-like i am talking with him from very FAR AWAY). So how can we solve this proble?



  • My YU yureka mobile is too heating when plugged to charge and by playing games and used for one hour it too heated and hurting me

  • i have problem with my yureka battery, when ever i connect the phone to charger, it shows charging and blue indicator blinks but battery not even charge one single percent
    all this happens after lollipop update
    please help me sirji.

  • i updated to 5.0.2 and my dial pad shows only 3 numbers . i am not able to dial any number … lots of bugs ..how to rectify it …no response from yu yureka.. pls help me..

  • After update my Gmail App not working the screens showing the msg “unknown with google play service”…how to i solve this problem.

    • I tried the”#*; #” but incoming call not displayed the same black screen appears .Brother plzz give the solution

  • This calibaretion help me today, I donot know how long it will last , if this problem is there then arrange to sen updates .

  • I can’t thank you enough guys. My problem is fixed with this *#*#7769#*#*” solution. Thank you so much once again.

  • Hi,
    I bought these phone two days back and it does not detect the headphones when it is plugged in…. It works fine when i reboot the phone… Does anyone have a permanent solution ? Plzz do reply if u have been through this issue….

  • service is not available so its is kind attention to all that never purchase it is totally hummer creation about phone

  • I had upgraded to lollipop and then tried to fix the issue by dialing “*#*#7769#*#*” and then calibrating. It works.
    Many thanks for the solution.

  • Hello Anshul,

    Your Phone’s Proximity sensor needs to be re calibrated.
    Try to dial “*#*#7769#*#*”. Calibration interface will come up.
    Hit start button to re calibrate.
    Your issue will get resolved.

  • Same issue, i placed a cancellation order via amazon,,, that only what we can do…. worst phone … just hype and nothing ….

    • Hello Prashanth,

      Your Phone’s Proximity sensor needs to be re calibrated.
      Try to dial “*#*#7769#*#*”. Calibration interface will come up.
      Hit start button to re calibrate.
      Your issue will get resolved.

    • Hello Ashul or Prashanth

      Your solution is here…..


      Please go on above link and do as per instruction

      or you can follow below instruction

      Open the DialPad on your Yureka
      Dial *#*#7769#*#*
      In the proximity calibration screen, tap on StartStart Calibration Yureka Cyanogen 12
      Wait a few seconds till it reads Calibration Good (in green)calibration good yureka cyanogen 12
      Tap Exit and you’re good to go.
      That’s it. Most likely you won’t face the issue on the next call that you receive. If you still face it, make sure that there is no dust or screen protector covering the Proximity Sensor. Then restart your phone and consider repeating the steps again.

      Don’t forget to leave your response in the comments section below. We’d like to know if this solved the problem for you or not.Open the DialPad on your Yureka
      Dial *#*#7769#*#*
      In the proximity calibration screen, tap on StartStart Calibration Yureka Cyanogen 12
      Wait a few seconds till it reads Calibration Good (in green)calibration good yureka cyanogen 12
      Tap Exit and you’re good to go.
      That’s it. Most likely you won’t face the issue on the next call that you receive. If you still face it, make sure that there is no dust or screen protector covering the Proximity Sensor. Then restart your phone and consider repeating the steps again.

      Don’t forget to leave your response in the comments section below. We’d like to know if this solved the problem for you or not.

    • Guys it is an epic phone. These guys have exaggerated it’s problems too much. I did face the screen blackout during call problem. I called the YU customer support which responded and willingly solved my problem.
      I will give u guys the solution to the screen blackout problem.
      Dial *#*#7769#*#*
      Proximity sensor caliveration will begin
      Then press start calibration
      Wait for 15secs
      Then click on exit
      Problem solved
      100% works
      I guarantee it.
      It solved my problem

      • The post simply comes out of the experience of real users. I knew some would find it exaggerated and for that there’s a link to the comments.
        As about the screen blackout, we’ve posted the solution here already. You just need to understand that the solution only works in Lollipop and the post was published a good time before Lollipop was released.

  • I have updated my yureka to lolipop , the heating issue was not that dominant with kitkat but I am facing a dominant heating issue with lollipop….

  • I love this phone…but my earpiece speaker is not working … What should i do now.. I can afford buying a new phone ..but this 1 i just love… Help me out if u guys hv any solution..

  • Is there any soft copy of download available please share the link & if yes how to update the yu by computer download copy or any other yu mobile

  • Dear Developers,

    List of major defects or bugs:

    If you are facing blank screen on calling a number on Yureka / one plus one Cyanogen Mod 12 or 11 os then dial the code *#*#7769#*#* ; you will see a proximity calibration screen, press start and wait untill the values are populated, press exit. Try calling a number again, your problem should be resolved by now.

    List of unresolved bugs:

    1. Contacts List does not give an option to display contacts ONLY FROM PHONE memory. It displays all phone memory contacts PLUS useless contacts from gmail account and other accounts etc etc making it difficult to navigate to desired name and number to call a person. Please note CM11 had an option to display contacts ONLY from phone but this option is missing in CM12.

    2. There is no option to Display Sim contacts in contact list. This option was neither available in CM11 nor its available in CM12. This option is available in stock android lollipop.

    3. The 12 hour time format doesn’t display AM or PM beside the time in status bar nor in the clock widget.
    Major bug in CM11 as well as CM12.


    Best Regards,

  • Hi friends,
    I have a solution for screen goes black while call
    please dial


    and after that click start, your problem will solved

  • I am using Micromax Yu Yureka.My call is disconnected frequently either it’s incoming or outgoing and during the call the screen gets blank.
    Can someone guide me to resolve the problem.

  • OMG!! I too face similar problems as mentioned above lik phone rebooting when i switch on wifi, heating issues, sometimes earphone port is not responding ….nd all….above all i’m waiting for lollipop…upgrade..

  • While taking shots, the screen flickered several times and went off. Screen returned only after 15 minutes. The mobile get heated evenwhile taking photos. Memory card and OTG are not recognized

  • Agreed with you brother, software is kinda incomplete, follow up on updates were screwed, promises were broken but more or less service was way too bogus or said way too horrible. Looks like some one didn’t know what they were getting into while starting the company (@Rahul.S). My recommendation don’t buy the phone now, just wait for company to establish properly, then buy its phone.

    • Agreed. When they started, I thought they’ll get some success just like how Xiaomi did. Yu got the sales, but they don’t know how to manage that, how to provide support and with every mobile device facing the proximity sensor issue, they didn’t even complete the basic quality testing and control on their phones.
      Xiaomi has expanded, improved and is doing pretty well now with abundance of accessories, service centers, spares and customer satisfaction. Maybe its just the difference of leadership. Short term vision vs long term.

  • Well I have faced just two problems that too for the first time though …its just 2 and half days old after keeping my phone for the first time on silent mode when I switched again to normal mode the speakers stopped responding and after rebooting its working fine now …..the yes just now I faced the restart for the first time after I downloaded and installed a music player from Google play and then but before the restart my Google music play app had stopped responding but after restart its working fine again please help

  • My phone is getting random rebooted when connected to WiFi ,my WiFi works maximum for 4 hours then WiFi stops and my phone reboots.I am observing this problem when I firstly setup my phone and connected to WiFi.Sometimes it also gets reboot even in 5 minutes when connected to WiFi.I have also tried Factory reset and then rebooting the phone in safe mode but the same problem is appearing again and again.I am frustrated by the phone till the first use due to this problem,except this everything is fine.
    I request you to please help me for this issue as it is becoming unbearable to me.

  • I got my yu yuerka mobile on 17th February 2015. When it is used continously for more than half an hour it use to get heated. But in the last week it almost stopped its funtioning. When switched on only the emblems ‘YU ‘ is coming.It goes on restarting again and again. The mobile gets so heated that we cannot take the set by hand.

    Now I have kept the set aside, and using my old phone.

  • I recently bought the phone and returned it now. Major issue I face is related to random restart and after analysis we found that it gets resets on WiFi and that too on company WiFi mostly.
    In my company almost everyone faces the same issue with Yureka.

    Second issue is poor quality of speakers.

    Thanks to Amazon I got my money back.

  • From last few days My phone was randomly restarting….I have done some research & found that whenever I try to connect to WiFi, it restarts.
    Second issue is with headphones, if call is going on and I try to connect or remove headphones, speaker gets on outomatically sometimes headphones never get connected till you restart the phone.

  • mic of the handset is really pathetic
    other person on ph alwys complaint abt voice drop

    my earlier ph was also of micromax
    n i thought company is coming with new collaboration
    n d ph will be gud bt micromax disappointed as always

    company worked hard on design bt not on basic features

    • Not even the design as it is just a rebranded device made by other OEM. I’d recommend selling it already while there is still some buzz about this phone.

  • Yah am facing some of the same probs… My mobile is just one week older the battery charge going down without using the phone. Within one hour 80 percentage of the battery charge was down..its really disappointed me any solutions frnds…

  • True.. Same issues in my mobile. Vibration not working on incoming call, speakers volume very low, camera quality like Samsungs 5MP camera, battery not good, operator signal capturing issue, accessories not working after 2 month from buy this mobile and i call on YU’s helpline number but after 1 minute call disconnected automatically.
    I am not happy with YU Yureka coz i know all about mobiles and who say “no issues in yureka” ?
    My suggestion for him please buy Toy mobile and play with him and than say ” I REALLY PLAY GOD”

  • hi guys! Please help me!!!
    I had recently purchased the yu yureka through the last flash sale in amazon on 26th march. got it delivered on the 31st. The charge was only 3 % when i switched it on in the evening at around 5:30 so put the phone on the charger given along with the box. The phone was heating up like hell while charging but i dint know what to do about it so left it at that.Went out for the evening and when i returned home i checked to see it was still charging and in 99%. Was pissed :/. Waited for some half and hour and then checked then it was charged till 100%. So i went on to insert my sim in the phone so again switched it off and removed the battery and all. Aft inserting and when i switched on the phone. The charge was oly 3 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was about to cry :’(. Then left the phone and went on with my work and aft few mins saw the phone charge to be 15%. Man was i confused .. from then on the charge started “growing” and it went on to grow to 88 % aft which it started behaving normally i.e. discharging.
    This is my third day with the phone . it hasn’t happened again till now.
    My main dilemma here is whether to keep this phone or ask for a replacement from amazon.?
    I have until april 11th to go for the return option with amazon
    Pls suggest what should be done guys i really confused whether to keep this phone or go for the replacement option
    And i also have a doubt whether we can use a 2 amp output charger for yu yureka coz charging it with the given 1 amp o/p charger takes a hell lot of time( 3 to 3 n half hours!!!). i have my redmi note charger of 2 amp output . but have a doubt to use it coz in the back of the yu yureka battery its given “use yu specific charger”. So want to know what is best .
    Thank you in advance guys 

    • well karishma when it comes to charging, yureka is damn slow. Qualcomm has introduced their new charging method for the phones having Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets including Snapdragon 615 (Which Yureka has). So, why don’t you check that, I think you’ll be the first to do that with Yureka! And its about 5 Amps, it will be a huge step forward if yureka supports a 5 Amps charger. What you think?

      I think if we can use Superchargers (2A above ) with Yureka, it surely is a great thing. When it comes to your dilemma of keeping the phone or asking for replacement, i think you should use the phone for few more days and if any serious problem arises and you are not satisfied with the overall experience with the yureka then go for a replacement.

      I hope i have answered your questions….thanks 🙂

    • Hey Kashmira
      Over here in the comments, I have seen quite many people having the same issue, but IDK what happened to their devices because barely anybody follows up after leaving comments. That said, some tech guys do call it a battery calibration bug which CAN BE fixed via a software update. As about whether or not to go for a refund/replacement, I’d leave that to you. If the issue is confusing you and ruining your sleep, I’d recommend going for a replacement as you shouldn’t be owning something that doesn’t give you peace of mind. And knowing that the service offered by Yureka is seriously not at par, I’d recommend going for a replacement as well. It doesn’t cost you anything, just a few days more of waiting and you’ll probably get a faultless devices which lives for at least an year.
      As about charger, every manufacturer advises to only use the original; charger supplied by them, but using another branded one would barely hurt. Besides the general saying that a high AMP charger reduces the overall life span of the battery cells, I don’t see any other reason why you shouldn’t charge it with the 2amp (branded) charger. I used to charge mine (until I sold it) with a 2Amp charger as well because the original is too slow. Charged fine for the time I owned it.

      • Hey Narender, Thanks for your valuable reviews and answers. I really appreciate you.
        I also bought YU YUREKA and start facing random reboot problems, heating issue and proximity sensor issue. from the very first day.
        I already raise a query for replacement. should i baught another YUREKA piece or go for another brand, Like moto and ASUS.
        Reply soon.. Thanks in advance.

        • All I’d say is that I’ve sold my Yureka and am waiting for the Zenfone 2. That said, I just always keep on switching to newer devices, so that doesn’t really apply entirely to the issues with Yureka.
          That said, I love devices which give me peace of mind and I’ll just dump the others. Proximity sensor issue is more likely a hardware issue and they might be able to increase its sensitivity via an update, but I don’t think that’ll be enough to cure a hardware issue.

      • Use 3 Amp. Charger it will take just 30 min to charge your YU from 0% to 100%. And don’t worry it is safe also. YU supports (quick charge 2.0)

    • Why would they provide update to just 1 person? Don’t make enough sense. But lets keep our fingers crossed :))

      • Plllsss anyone suggest me the earphone problem solution my earpiece speaker stops working…what should i do?

  • Bewakoof bane ka Kaam hai is week me lollipops hojayega to problems solved hojayega check karke nahen dete hai kiya do mobile return karchoka ek me hitting problems or sensor calling time khatam wapas bhi nahen hoga yureka bekar 3 magao to sahi Nikallta hai dus din number lagao to milpata uske bad problems hi problem

  • I didn’t face any of the above issue other then loudspeaker. loudspeaker is not quite good and proximity sensor is also little bit irritating at some point, phone was heating and the battery was draining fast in the first week i purchased yureka but now its fine everything is good now

  • hi all,
    i am facing some issue on my Yureka mobile from last few days. As i tried to call the customer care also but the phone number is not working it seems. As suddenly while chatting in whats-up my mobile phone was restarted twice to thrice time automatically this is issue. And one more major issue when i am taking to some one and i want to disconnect the call from sleep mode.For that i press the power button untill i wont get the screen its remain black. how to solve this problem. As i just took this phone on last month 24 feb.. from amazon. Should i return this phone to amazon as there is no replacement for this phone.

  • I bought the phone,

    The phone replacement for the Pirated software is very slow and the customer service is also very weak, unknowledgeable people..

    Waste of buying the phone, irritated.

  • Please if u didn’t used it don’t put all this shit…!!! It is all false… IT IS THE BEST MOBILE I RECOMMEND … I HAVE USED S5 NOTE 3 all gets a bit heat… Use it and talk …!! The heating is due to octacore processor which get heated when background process are running!!!!

    • I have used it and I agree on most of those points. You gotta read that I did mention it having a powerful processor and hence will generate heat. However, because users complain about it in huge numbers, I was needed to include it as a valid issue.

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